How long does the dishwasher take to wash?

A hot topic: does the dishwasher save water or not??

The main purpose of using such equipment is to ease everyday life, providing the opportunity to attend to personal matters instead of washing dishes. People develop new units to save time and effort. As a result, the number of appliances is increasing, and it is often difficult to choose the most necessary. The dishwasher can hold quite a lot of dishes, which depends on its size. No human intervention is needed once the machine is up and running. The unit will do everything on its own: clean the dishes, dry them, turn off when the full cycle is completed.

A man needs only to unload and put in places the dishes at the end of work of the device. But it doesn’t have to, either, t. к. These machines often run with a “delayed start” function. This means that all sets of dishes can be cleared at a later time. So there is no need to empty the machine immediately. It is acceptable to do this when you have free time. The device in this case does not consume electricity, t. к. disabled.

If you wonder whether the machine saves resources (effort and time), you need to understand what work takes the machine. So, if there are no such appliances in the house, then every day you need to wash dishes, which involves an increase in water consumption. In addition, you can’t put the dishes back in place right away. You need to spend time on wiping the dishes, and then place them in their places. And dry plates, glasses and other items will stand on the table until they will dry. No other work is completed during this period, i.e. к. the person is busy washing the dishes.

Under the described conditions, there is no doubt that the purchase of a dishwasher will justify itself.

However, if there are 2-3 people in the family or if one man or woman lives in the house, the question of buying such equipment is more acute, because. к. The number of dishes in these cases is much less. If some members of the family are often absent (at work, on a business trip), have breakfast, lunch or dinner outside the home, then a washing machine for a family of 2 may not be needed.

How to use the dishwasher: instructions for beginners

Buyers, buying large household appliances, don’t always know how to operate them correctly. For example, few people know how to use a dishwasher (hereinafter also. Dishwasher, DPM) and how it cleans dishes from dirt.

Dishwashers are gradually gaining popularity among housewives

Instructions for use of appliances are written in dry technical language that not everyone can understand. Hoping that the automatic dishwasher will take over the task of routine dishwashing, owners encounter difficulties in mastering the technique. This is one of the reasons why the dishwashers have not yet found wide application in Russia and other states of the former USSR.

Many housewives still prefer to waste their time washing dishes by hand

In this article we will try to explain in simple language, how to use automatic dishwasher. You’ll learn why the automatic dishwasher cleans dishes and bowls so much better than using your hands.

Resource consumption per wash cycle

One of the big consumer concerns is the consumption of resources, namely water, in a single wash cycle. Can you really save money?? To answer this question with confidence and accuracy, it is necessary to study the characteristics of the selected dishwasher. Mostly the manufacturer’s instructions give the average consumption for one cycle, but if you try hard, you can find information about what the consumption will be for a certain cycle.

The average water consumption is 10 to 13 liters per cycle. In the process of washing dishes by hand, the water consumption is much higher, because the faucet is not closed when washing the appliances. It turns out that 50% of the resource is wasted for nothing.

The dishwashing appliances do not run out of water until they are finished, they just filter it and pump it clean back up to start rinsing the dishes.

Another issue consumers are concerned about is the consumption of electricity. As mentioned, modern dishwashers consume up to 13 liters per cycle. Electricity consumption is 1 kW per hour. It’s quite economical.

The program of alternate washing includes one-stage washing of dishes, using intensive mode and soaking. These processes are carried out in different baskets. The indicated dishwashing program enables to save approximately 25% of water, but still keep a good quality of washing.

The main function of the Eco (economy) mode in the dishwasher is water and energy saving. When this program is activated, the water is heated to only 40-45 degrees and the water consumption is reduced. According to dishwasher manufacturers, Eco mode is supposed to save 20% of water and energy.

About 7-10 liters per cycle. Full-size and narrow appliances with a capacity of 10 to 14 sets consume 9 to 14 liters. Professional dishwashers, which are used in catering facilities, use up to 25 liters.

Modes and their duration

Let’s also talk about the modes that are most commonly found in dishwashers, and see how long each of them takes. Most dishwashers have 4 basic wash programs:

  • Fast wash. means that the machine washes the dishes at 35 0 C and rinses them twice, which takes about 30 minutes.
  • Normal wash. includes pre-rinse, washing at 65 0 C, triple rinse and drying, this takes about 104 minutes.
  • Economy wash. including pre-rinsing, washing at 50 0 C, double rinse and drying, for 155 minutes.
  • An intensive wash. which includes a pre-rinse, a 70 0 C rinse, four rinse stages and drying, a process that takes 109 minutes.

For your information! These modes are described using the Bosch SRV 46A dishwasher as an example.3. In most cases, the modes in other models of machines differ, but only slightly.

In some dishwashers there are also such programs:

  • “Eat-Load-Run” is the mode that implies loading the dishes directly after the meal, the machine washes the dishes at 65 0 C, rinses and dries them, completing all the steps in just 30 minutes;
  • Delicate. washing objects at 45 0 C, made of such materials as faora, crystal and glass;
  • Autowash. this program detects the level of dirt on the dishes and automatically sets the required amount of water, detergent and cycle time.

In addition, modern dishwashers, such as those from Bosch, have a time-saving feature (Varlo Speed), which, depending on the mode selected, saves from 20 to 50% of the time for washing dishes. But if you reduce the time of washing, the power consumption increases. Here you have to choose: is it more profitable to make long washing for about two hours, but with lower power consumption, or 1 hour, but spend more power.

In the opinion of users, the optimum duration is the quick wash program when it is necessary to wash dishes after a meal, and the intensive program for heavily soiled dishes.

Dishwasher models: duration of modes

Let’s take a look at a few different dishwasher models of various brands and how long they last.

  • Fast wash. time is 30 minutes.
  • Intense. lasts 65-75 minutes.
  • Basic. 100-110 minutes.
  • Economy. 120-130 minutes.
  • Quick wash. 30 minutes duration.
  • Intensive. takes 100-110 minutes.
  • Basic. 89-99 minutes.
  • Bio program. 87-97 minutes.
long, does, dishwasher, wash
  • Quick wash. 40 minutes;
  • Express 60. 1 hour;
  • Gentle wash. 110 minutes;
  • ECO. 165 minutes;
  • The normal time is 155 minutes;
  • Intensive. 130 minutes.
  • Standard wash. 155 minutes;
  • Intensive washing. 130 minutes;
  • Delicate wash. 110 minutes;
  • Economy wash. 165 minutes;
  • Quick wash. 40 minutes;
  • Hot rinse. 60 minutes;
  • Cold rinse. 8 minutes.

So, in general, the duration of the cycle of washing dishes in machines of different brands, such as Bosch, Siemens, Hansa, etc. practically the same. You can check how long the dishwasher takes by selecting a program on the display or in the equipment manual. No matter how long it takes, you can go about your business in peace of mind.


Good evening, Bosch sps40x92 pmm, set Eco mode, then pressed 12. It took her more than two hours to wash the dishes. I don’t think in terms of time it’s half the program? In what order do you press the buttons on start-up, mode 12 or 1/2?

Vladimir, you follow the correct sequence. Half the wash only means that half the water, rinse aid and corresponding electricity are used and the wash duration remains the same. It is recommended to run this mode when there are only a few dishes. In general, it should be described in the manual, read it. ) Your CEP

Saving water and electricity

Dishwasher‘s water-saving feature is not unimportant. If the manual wash consumes about 70 liters, the machine will only consume 10 liters for a similar set of dirty dishes. It’s not an easy comparison in terms of electricity consumption. The device heats the water, but the energy consumption depends largely on its temperature at the time of filling. The average consumption is 0.78 kWh. Naturally, no electric power is needed for handwashing. But, at the same time, it is preferable to include additional lighting to wash more thoroughly.

Before buying such a machine, it is worth checking the dimensions of the appliance on offer, and how long the dishwasher takes. Larger units are more profitable, on the basis of one set, but if you consider the frequent incomplete loading. it will increase the cost of washing several times. Even if you set the incomplete loading mode, only 40% less water will be used, and it makes no sense to wash especially dirty pans in this mode.

If you study the instructions for proper loading, it will allow you to wash the maximum number of dishes at once, and get clean plates, without streaks and dried-on food.You should not deny yourself the purchase of such a machine. Not only does it save you extra time, it also saves your nerves and allows you to devote more time to your family or hobbies. Considering all expenses, the dishwasher is able to pay for itself in about 4-5 years.

Four main wash programs

Wash and dry cycles from 0.5 to 2.5 hours. During this time, several sets of cutlery will be washed. You can also wash pots and pans in them. It is true that you will have to spend your time cleaning the dishes from large food scraps, but the rest of the time that would be needed to wash the plates will be freed up. The duration of the dishwasher cycle depends on the program set, which can include:

  • Pre-soaking dirty dishes;
  • direct washing;
  • Rinsing with or without conditioner;
  • drying.

The cycle in which the dishes are washed lasts on average 15 to 25 minutes, and the rinse cycle lasts the same amount of time. At the end, at the set program, the machine dries the washed dishes. This takes about 20 minutes more.

Often the machines have 4 wash modes, that is, 4 programs:

  • Fast wash. without prewash, the program time is 30 minutes. In several models, this mode is called rinse.
  • 70 degree mode. long mode. 2 hours 20 minutes, shortened. (Bosch machines have a time-saving function (Vario Speed). 1 hour 30 minutes).
  • Eco 50 degrees. the most optimal mode, long mode. 2 hours, shortened (Vario Speed). 1 hour 20 minutes.
  • Auto. 45-65 degrees. 2 hours 40 minutes.

Bosch dishwasher programs.

The fastest program has a low temperature (about 35 degrees). Its duration does not exceed 30 minutes. A normal wash takes 1.5 hours, and water is heated to 65 degrees. The triple rinse and drying program is included at this time.

An economical program consists of pre-soaking the cutlery, rinsing at 50 degrees, rinsing with a double change of water and final drying. This program takes around 2.5 hours to complete.

Program duration (washing time) by the example of the Hotpoint-Ariston LTF 11M121 dishwasher.

Automatic intensive washing mode should be used for the dirtiest dishes. The dishes are soaked and then washed at 70 degrees. After that, the dishes are rinsed four times, and at the end of the mode the dishes are dried. The duration of such a program is a little over 2.5 hours.

Some machines, for example, of the Bosch company, have other modes:

  • Fast wash right after a meal. Runs for 30 minutes.
  • Delicate washing of cutlery made of crystal, faora or glass at 45 degrees.
  • Automatic washing, whereby the machine itself determines the degree of soiling of the dishes, calculates the consumption of water and detergent and programs the cycle time.
  • Time-saving function that reduces time by up to half, but consumes more energy.
  • The express-mode supposes an incomplete loading of the machine, in which the drying is not provided. The whole washing process takes 15-20 minutes.
  • For example: At 65 degrees in a Bosch SPS 40E42 machine, drying and washing takes exactly 1.5 hours.

It is especially important to have a dishwasher after celebrations and large feasts. The housewife does not have to stay up late into the night washing dirty dishes. Just load the dishes on the machine’s shelves and in the morning you can take them out clean and shiny. including pots, pans and baking trays.

Additional functions of automatic machines

Dishwashers can be equipped with additional functions alongside the washing modes. Almost all machines have a leakage-free function. If there is a small child in the family, it is essential that the machine has a control panel or door lock function.

One of the most convenient features is the ability to add unloaded dishes after the machine has been turned on. expensive models have built-in loading sensors. Here the dishwasher selects the required volume of water and time to be washed per cycle by itself.

Some models are equipped with such additional elements, as cleanliness and water hardness control sensors. There is a sensor for controlling the purity of water will not let the machine finish rinsing dishes until the liquid is perfectly clean. If the water is very hard, the machine determines by itself the necessary amount of softening salt to be added.

For a built-in dishwasher, the manufacturer installs an indicator light that projects a red beam onto the floor. At the end of washing mode the ray will become lighter or green.

long, does, dishwasher, wash

How long does the automatic dishwasher take?

It depends on the mode selected. The program may include the following steps:

If you load dishes with dried-on food residues, select “Soak” or “Pre-rinse. But then the time will increase by 15-20 minutes. The manuals for most models have tables or charts with recommendations. which mode to choose depending on the soiling.

The heating temperature also affects the time. Selected a program with a temperature of 70 degrees? The water heating time may increase by 15-20 minutes.

On short cycles, the plates may not dry, and if you set the standard mode, drying will take as long as soaking.

Typically, dishwasher wash times range from 30 to 180 minutes. Make and model of the dishwasher must be taken into account.

Consider the duration of the programs found in each dishwasher. Basic washing modes that no user can do without:

  • Intensive. Suitable for very dirty appliances. High-pressure jets at 70°C. How long does the cycle last?? 1 hour. At the beginning and end begins the rinse, then the main wash with detergent intake, drying.
  • Normal. The final rinse. water jets at 65 ° C will help clean the dishes. Drying process is completed. Duration 1.4 hours.
  • Fast. For light dirt. Wash at 35°C for only 30 minutes.
  • Eco (economic). This is supposed to help conserve resources. Its duration is 2 hours at 50 degrees. Tools are rinsed first, then washed, then rinsed twice and dried. A shorter version of Vario Speed lasts minutes.

Dishwashers often have extra functions:

  • Machine. Automatic program selection. Automatic dishwasher detects the degree of loading, amount of detergent and cycle time. Average minutes at 45-65°C.
  • Delicate. Suitable for delicate products (crystal, glass, faora). Passing at 45°C for 110 minutes.
  • Eat, run, run. If you load your dishes right after dinner, the master will clean them at 65°C in 30 minutes. During this time the appliance is washed, rinsed and dried.

Cut water and electricity consumption by 30% with the half-load feature. It doesn’t affect the time, but if you don’t have a lot of dirty dishes, it saves resources.

But the Varlo Speed (Time Saving) function in Siemens dishwashers (Bosch) is exactly the opposite. Time is reduced by 20-50%, but energy consumption is significantly higher in the short-cycle wash.

How long are the modes of different equipment manufacturers? Let’s see.

Model Washing (in minutes)
Quickly Intensive Main Economic Delicate Express 60
ELECTROLUX ESF 9451 LOW thirty 65-75 100-110 120-130
Hansa ZWM 4677 IEH 40 130 155 165 110 60
Gorenje GS52214W(X) 40 130 155 165 110

Tips from a Tech: Dishwashers Express wash vs Regular wash

As you can see, the terms of the programs from different manufacturers are almost the same. In the instructions on the last pages there are parameters of the main modes: speed, water and electricity consumption.

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