How many courses of laser hair removal

Is it necessary to shave before laser hair removal??

About a month before exposure to the laser, you should not pluck, bleach or wax your skin. There is no need to shave immediately before the procedure itself, but it should be done 2-3 days before it. Thanks to this hair growth will intensify, and it will be possible to achieve excellent results. The best effect can be achieved if the length of hair for laser hair removal will be equal to 3-4 mm, but if they grow much longer, then hair removal can become more painful.

How many sessions of laser hair removal for different parts of the body are needed??

Laser hair removal schedule is made by the beautician. The number and frequency of procedures depends on the individual characteristics of customers, hair color and hardness, the area of exposure.

Women and men, trying to quickly get rid of excessive vegetation on the face, bikini zone, legs and other parts of the body, recorded for sessions to the beautician often. But in order not to harm your own health, it is important to understand how often you need laser hair removal.

To remove a major volume of hair in the bikini zone will require 6-12 treatments. Vegetation in this area is increased and the skin is sensitive, so the beautician uses shallow laser beams.

Laser can help to remove the hateful mustache, fuzz from cheeks area and forget about shaving and plucking. Usually you do not need more than 2-3 treatments, but in some cases you will need a longer exposure.

How often must go to laser hair removal for those who want perfectly smooth armpits? Cosmetologists say that with the right approach to the sessions, only 4-5 procedures are enough.

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Smooth silky leg skin after the first laser hair removal procedure. a reality. But to achieve the maximum result no less than 6 procedures are required. Some women wish to get rid of hair only in the leg area up to the knee. Treatments take less time, but the number of sessions remains the same.

The treatment of the back and abdomen from the hairs is required less often, but the number of sessions is more. Women remove hair for 6-8 treatments, men sometimes need 10-12 visits to the beautician. The break between laser hair removal procedures is established individually, but not less than 4 weeks. That is why some customers achieve the full result only after a year.

When asking how often you need to do laser hair removal, it is important to consider the type of equipment:

  • Alexandrite laser. The 755 nm pulse length, removes most of the ingrown hairs in one sessionThe beams of the device are absorbed by the melanin contained in the hairs. They are heated, destroyed and fall out. Approximate number of sessions. 6-8.
  • Diode laser. Pulse length of 800 nm, the device provides complete destruction of the hair follicle. Effective against ingrown hairs. Number of treatments reduced to 6.
  • Neodymium. The laser manages to get rid of even blond hairs for women and men, but the course of cosmetology is increased up to 8-10 procedures. During treatment, not only the hair follicle is affected, but also the nearby vessels that feed the bulbs.

Specialists use combined laser devices that allow you to adjust the power, pulse length depending on the type of skin, the hardness of the hairs.

Laser hair removal. No more secrets

The idea of visiting a medical beauty center was in my mind for a long time. When it came to the possibility of going on vacation soon, I realized that I had to make this idea a reality. However, there are so many medical centers on the cosmetology market that it is quite difficult for a layman to find his way around.

In newspapers and magazines every now and then are full of advertisements of this or that center, where they promise to make you beautiful. But as a journalist, I know very well that unconditional belief in any information is extremely unwise. Not in vain the Russian wisdom says “Trust, but verify”. The easiest way to check in my opinion is to address directly to the doctor for a consultation. Which is exactly what I did.

Because the laser causes the root of the hair to die. The laser acts on the hair follicles, its irradiation is directed only to the melanin, so the skin is not damaged. Melanin absorbs light energy from the laser beam, heats up and is destroyed along with the growth zone and the vessel that feeds the hair follicle. After this effect, hair simply falls out, because the root can not recover.

The laser action has a healing effect on the skin: reduces inflammation, has antiseptic properties, copes with ingrown hairs, painless and safe.

It’s Dangerous?

It is dangerous if you have contraindications.


  • immune diseases;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • acute forms of herpes;
  • infectious diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • Open wounds and burns;
  • keloid scars;
  • neurological disorders;
  • gray and fluffy hair;
  • hormonal diseases
  • Varicose veins in the epilation area.

Patients under 18 years of age require written parental permission.

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How often to do hair removal?

Laser has the greatest effect on the hair follicle when it is in the active stage of growth. Such “mature” body hairs 5-20%, all of them fall out after the first session. Destroyed follicles are not viable, but other hairs appear. That is why it is impossible to get rid of all hairs in one session.

All hair grows in phases, and they do not coincide. At the same time, some hairs are in the growth phase, while other hairs are in the sleeping phase. Only one session removes active hair, dormant hairs remain. The sleep phase does not last the same for different areas of the body, so each area will require a different number of sessions. And, of course, the thickness, color and quantity of hair plays a role. Result after the course. smooth and attractive skin.

Average number of sessions:

  • bikini. 8 sessions
  • Back and stomach. 10 sessions
  • hands and legs. 5 sessions
  • armpits. 10 sessions
  • face. 4 sessions

Time intervals between sessions 1-1.5 months. The required number of treatments will be determined by the beautician at the first session.

How long the effect lasts?

After a course of procedures, the hair will stop growing. But that doesn’t mean you’ll never be bothered by a single hair again in your life. For a perfect effect, it is necessary to have a maintenance treatment once a year. How much new hair may grow depends on the hormonal background of the body.

Preparation for the procedure

The day before the expected shave the hair removal area, the procedure is carried out on a smooth skin without visible hair, including laser hair removal for men. Observe the important rules, without which the procedure is impossible, it simply will not be effective:

  • You should not go to the solarium, the sun beach 15 days before and 4-7 days after hair removal.
  • You can’t sign up for a procedure after a course of tetracycline and fluoroquinolone group antibiotics, only after 2 weeks.
  • No waxing, shugaring, tweezing hair 3 weeks before the procedure, only shaving.
  • It is prohibited to use any cosmetics, tonics, creams, gels on the hair removal area 3 days before and after the procedure.

Avoid sunlight and use products with SPF protection after the treatment. If necessary, use “Bepanten” cream 5% at night. Refuse to go to the bath, sauna, bath for 5-7 days. Replace them with a shower.

How to prepare for bikini waxing?

Laser hair removal of the intimate zone raises a lot of questions among patients, because it is quite intimate. Its preparation is classic: the pubis and crotch should be thoroughly shaved 1 day before the procedure or the day before. Take into account that the sessions do not coincide with the beginning and the end of menstruation. On these days women have a lower pain threshold than on other days.

Important! Between sessions, only use a razor to remove hair. And it’s better not to touch them at all, not to irritate the follicles, so as not to provoke growth. After completing the course, you will not need any depilation methods.

Why shave before waxing??

This is due to the principle of the laser. The device only affects hairs 3. 5 cm long. The hair that we see on the skin surface is not its entire length, but there is also a part hidden under the skin.

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In three days

How many laser hair removal courses should be undergone?

How many sessions do you need, and what is the interval between them?? This question is asked by almost everyone who is interested in laser hair removal.We will try to answer this question more fully and give you the information you need.

One session is not enough to obtain an effective result.It is a fact! Which they periodically try to argue, but against the advertising tricks there are peculiarities of our body.

How does the procedure go?Before the first session must pass time after depilation or shugaring procedures.Between treatments, be sure to take a break, so that during this time has had time to grow hairs that have not been removed in previous sessions. As with each subsequent procedure hair growth slows down, the interval between them each time increases. After the first session the second one should be appointed not earlier than in 4 weeks.

Thus, the intervals between the sessions on the diode laser will be as follows:✨ between the first and second treatment. 4 weeks✨ between the second and third. 6 weeks✨ between the third and fourth. 8 weeks, and so on, adding to the previous break of 2 weeks.To obtain and maintain effective results the area is treated regularly at regular intervals.

Why multiple sessions are required?

No matter how tempting the promises to get rid of hair forever in 1-2 procedures, no one can do it. no one changes the nature of hair growth. And so, as a rule, a full course for the body is six to eight sessions, for the face. ten to twelve. The interval between sessions is one month. At the end of the course, 1-2 maintenance treatments per year are recommended to remove the regenerating follicles. These procedures allow the results to be maintained.After the first treatment session about 20% of the hair can be removed. Up to 90% of the unwanted hairs are removed in a complete course of treatment sessions. Laser hair removal can not get rid of unwanted hair completely at once for the reason that the laser works only on the follicles, which are in the active growth phase. It does not destroy the bulbs that are in a quiescent state Since hair growth is cyclic, in a certain period, some of them are in the phase of growth, others. in a state of rest. Laser hair removal is most effective only on the third or fifth stage (there are six stages altogether). Each stage takes at least 42 days. This factor also determines the necessary time interval between treatments.

The recommended schedule depends primarily on the laser. Thus, on the diode laser the intervals will be as follows: between the first and second session. 4 weeks, between the second and third session. 6 weeks, between the third and fourth. 8 weeks and so on, adding to the previous interval 2 weeks. With a Alexandrite laser, the recommended schedule will vary depending on the area to be treated. On the face area, the breaks will be 1 month, on the bikini and armpits 1.5 months, on the body area (arms, legs, back, shoulders) 2 months.

To answer this question, we first have to go a little deeper into physiology.

The laser works ONLY on hair which is in the ACTIVE stage of growth. Such hairs on our body. about 30%. The rest of the hair is in the sleeping phase. and the laser CANNOT work on them. That is why in order to get rid of all unwanted hair, you need to undergo a full course of laser hair removal. During this time, almost all hair will go from the sleep phase to the growth phase. and they can be treated with the laser.

The pigment in the hair absorbs the light and heats up. The laser beam destroys the hair follicle and the vessel that feeds it. But the hair will remain in the skin for some time and may even continue to grow. And only after 2-3 weeks as a result of metabolic processes the hair is gradually pushed to the surface, from where it is easily removed.

After a while, the very hairs that were in the sleeping phase, begin to wake up. And they can be treated with the laser. That is why it is important to observe the recommended intervals between treatments! This is how the epilation session will be MOST effective!

How many sessions are required for various body areas?

You need to attend several sessions to calculate approximately how long laser hair removal will last the next time. The repeated epilation is recommended to do not earlier than 1,5-2 months after the first time in the salon. During this time, the skin has time to recover all the lost hair. It can be considered as prevention of adverse reactions.

It is necessary to consider that it is impossible to determine the number of sessions at once. This should be helped by the beautician himself after a thorough examination.

Also the number of flashes depends on the type of laser, its power, area. Everything is usually stipulated by the doctor at the first consultation, which is very convenient. The whole course, how long the laser hair removal lasts, is built individually. There can be as many as 2 or 10 flashes at a time. Ideally about 40-60 flashes are needed.

How often should you go for the treatment?? On average, after the first session should be about a couple of months (6 to 8 weeks). If it didn’t go well the first time, the procedure is repeated in 4 weeks. But it is rare.

After visiting the salon, you should look at your feelings, adverse reactions on the body. Especially after laser hair removal of deep bikini, which lasts a little longer than usual, it is recommended to watch the behavior of your body.

Number of treatments depending on skin color and hair color

The ideal client for laser hair removal is someone with white skin and dark, stiff hair. People with such appearance can achieve satisfactory results much faster than swarthy and fair-haired people. The tanning can decrease the efficiency of the treatment, which is a contraindication for some types of lasers.

Until recently, owners of downy hair, as well as gray and blond, almost devoid of pigment laser therapists had nothing to offer. The laser units that were in use until recently “didn’t take” blond and fine hairs. Still many people believe that laser hair removal is contraindicated for dark-skinned people as well. However now there are devices which can be used for removal of any skin hair of any phototype from I up to VI. Most likely the owners of light hair and dark skin will have to do more procedures. To find out how long the course of laser hair removal will last, you can ask your laser therapist individually.

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