How many tweezers should be in an epilator

How to choose?

In order for the Philips epilator to be able to fully cope with its tasks, you need to pay due attention to its choice. The company’s range is pretty big, so picking out a specific model can sometimes be tricky.

First of all, it is worth to understand what kind of device you are planning to buy. tweezers or disk. The first option features a unique drum-shaped head that includes multiple tweezers. When the epilator works, the tweezers grab the hair and remove it. Depending on the Philips models there can be up to 40 tweezers on the device. The number matters, because the more tweezers, the less pain the girl will feel. The essence of how the disc variants work is the same, except here there are discs instead of tweezers. They rotate, clamp the hair and pull it out.

The preferred option is epilators, which are equipped with tweezers. They can remove every hair separately, which makes epilation more painless. The only drawback of such a procedure is that it takes quite a long time, but it is almost the only way to remove hair in sensitive areas. To choose the most effective Philips epilator, you should pay attention to the number of tweezers or discs. For removing a small amount of fine hair, 20 tweezers will be enough, but for too thick hair, it is better to give preference to a model that is equipped with 30-40 tweezers.

When choosing a Philips epilator, you need to consider what material the tweezers are made of. They can be steel or ceramic. The best would be the second option. it is durable and easy to use. However, the cost of such devices is much higher than epilators with metal tweezers. The second point worth paying attention to is the method of anesthesia.

It should be noted that epilation is not a pleasant procedure, so this factor is worth paying special attention.

To make the process as painless as possible, Philips equips its devices with various anesthesia systems.

  • Cooling. Pain relief is achieved by applying cold to the skin. One of the most popular options is the use of a glove with a special filler bag enclosed in it. Before the procedure, you will need to put the bag in the refrigerator, and once the gel has frozen, place it in a glove and apply it to your skin. This creates an effect of anesthesia. The ideal solution today is not Philips models with mitts, but devices that feature cold blowing. The peculiarity of this kind of epilator is that it delivers cold air during operation, which greatly reduces the level of discomfort.
  • Wet epilation. helps reduce pain with warm water. The heat of using an epilator in the bath or shower produces endoins, which are considered the perfect anesthetic. Philips pays a lot of attention to the safety of these devices, which is why they are equipped with a special waterproof case.
  • Skin tension, which is also a great way to reduce the amount of pain. Philips epilators come with special attachments to pull your skin tighter, thereby reducing the discomfort.
  • Vibromassage. designed to give you the most comfortable hair removal experience by stimulating your skin. In order to carry out anesthesia, you need to pick up an epilator with a special nozzle, which will create vibration. It promotes complete relaxation of the skin and reduces pain.

When choosing the best Philips epilator you must also pay attention to the power source. The Dutch company offers several options.


  • Working from the network. They plug into a regular outlet and are great for home use. When choosing, be sure to pay attention to the length of the cord, which should not be less than 2 meters. Otherwise it is not possible to ensure comfortable use. This length is long enough to allow freedom of movement.
  • From the battery. This model is a great solution when traveling, as it provides mobility. When choosing, be sure to pay attention to the autonomy of operation, which can be up to 1 hour.
  • Combination. The main advantage of such devices is that they can operate from both the usual network, and from the built-in battery. That’s why they are the perfect solution for both home and travel hair removal.

The number of speeds is also important. Simple models usually boast only one mode of operation, but more modern devices include two or three speeds. The first is used to give gentle epilation, but the second is necessary for effective and delicate removal of fine hair.

many, tweezers, epilator

The more comfortable epilators are those that have two speeds. If you buy such a device, it can be adjusted depending on the situation. It’s really useful if you want to get rid of hair quickly, or if you want to work on sensitive areas slowly.

many, tweezers, epilator

The speed of hair removal depends on the intensity of the tweezers.

Additional options are also important. For example, Philips epilator models can be equipped with different attachments. These can be nozzles for exfoliation, face, perfect skin contact and others. All of them are designed not only to simplify the process of using an epilator, but also to improve its effectiveness. By far the most popular is the nozzle for sensitive skin, which allows you to get rid of hair almost without pain. Other options to focus on when choosing a device include:

  • Backlight. allows you to see the light and fine hairs, which positively affects the quality of epilation;
  • the presence of a floating head, which perfectly adapts to the contours of the body, so with its help you can get rid of hair in the most inaccessible places;
  • Grass trimmer. allows you to eliminate long hairs and is considered the best solution for treating delicate areas.

How to choose the right female epilator: the best inexpensive models of 2021

To remove vegetation from the legs is a long process and sometimes painful. Let’s see how to make it less painful with longer-lasting results. Our author, a girl with a lot of experience in hair pulling, understood modern epilators and their features.

Which features are critical, and which are not, and you don’t have to pay extra for them? What type of epilator to choose, is it worth splurging on the photo and laser epilators, what model is the best on the market now on the price/quality ratio.

Operating principle and construction of epilators

Epilation is different from depilation by the fact that the hairs are not just removed from the surface of the skin, and pulled from the bulbs with the roots. Accordingly, the device should be able to grasp them tightly and pull them out entirely, like tweezers. It hurts, but the appearance of new hair is delayed for weeks.

Any electromechanical epilator has a rotating drum with numerous moving sponges of tweezers or discs. They are located very close to each other, which allows tightly grasp each hair when you rotate the shaft metal parts lock together. Having made a half-turn and pulled the stub from the bulb, grippers open again about a millimeter to catch the next round of the rod.

It happens very quickly. the drum makes in a minute about 300 full turns, managing during this time to remove unwanted vegetation no small area of the skin. It is driven by a motor built into the body. Also, any epilator has an on/off button, and many models have controls for speed and tightness of grip.

When we choose an epilator for home, an important criterion for the purchase is often the power source. No wonder, because it’s what makes the epilator mobile and lets you use it for the amount of time you need. Modern manufacturers offer users three types of device operation:

  • Plugged into a regular outlet, they are ideal for use at home. If you want to choose such a model, you should specify the length of its cord. It is better that it is not less than 1.82 meters. It’ll give you more freedom of movement and won’t leave you hanging out at the socket for awkward positions.
  • Battery powered is a good choice for travel. This epilator can be taken on vacation or business trips and use it anywhere you are. To make the right choice, ask about battery life when buying. In different models it can be from 15 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Combined function on both the mains and the battery. They are convenient for epilation at home and for removing hair while traveling, but they have one drawback: they are more expensive than network or battery-operated devices.

How to choose an epilator

Hair removal epilator. one of the most effective methods of combating unwanted body hair. But the effect will depend on the model chosen. We’ll show you how to choose an epilator so you’ll feel less discomfort, and your skin will be flawlessly smooth.

HOW TO EPILATE USING THE BRAUN EPILATOR | Body hair removal. is it worth it?

What is better: tweezers or disc epilator

Tweezers and disc epilators. They’re both great at removing hairs, but each in their own way. Let’s consider them in detail.

Forceps epilators

The devices use micro tweezers (from 20 to 40), which instantly pull hairs. Advantages of such epilators:

Convenient in the work on a small area of the body.

Disc epilators

They use discs that are pressed tightly together. They grab more hairs than the tweezer models, which makes it a little more painful. But with such a device procedure is much faster.

There is also a special kind of epilators. photoepilator. It allows you to get rid of hair permanently. But the effectiveness of home photoepilators lower than salon. But at home you can configure the device “by yourself” and use it at any convenient time.

How to choose an epilator according to technical characteristics

In addition to the gripping system it is important to look at the material of discs or tweezers. They can be metal or ceramic. The first option is cheaper, but there is a chance that the metal nozzle will break hairs as it wears out.

Ceramic wins by the fact that it almost does not break the rod, works with the same efficiency over its lifetime.

For comfortable procedure it is necessary to look at the following parameters.

Number of tweezers/discs

There can be from 20 to 40. The more tweezers or discs, the faster the procedure. But the painfulness will also be higher. If you have not previously conducted hair removal (including waxing, etc.), it is necessary to look at the following parameters.), it is necessary to start with a small number of tweezers.

Often epilators have a nozzle for delicate areas, which has fewer tweezers. It can also be used at the beginning of the learning curve.

Up close epilator

Anesthesia system

Additional options in epilators reduce the pain to the level of plucking eyebrows. Many models use a massager for this. It irritates the skin receptors and those are distracted from the pain.

advanced devices have a cooling system. This is done using a mitten or nozzle, which must be cooled in the refrigerator before the procedure.

Number of tips

Most models have multiple attachments. The kit can come with:

The grass trimmer attachment, which trims hair to a certain length.

Limiter attachment that covers part of the tweezers, reducing the treatment area.

The shaving attachment allows you to use your epilator like a traditional electric razor.

The nozzle for epilation of delicate areas for bikini zone and underarms. It has fewer blades, so it pulls fewer hairs.

Facial tips for exfoliating, massaging and cleansing.

Wet shaving and cleaning capability

The water-resistant casing makes it safe to keep in the bathtub and epilate under the shower. Procedure is less painful on wet skin.

If there is a wet cleaning, it makes it noticeably easier to take care of. When dry cleaning, the hairs fly around and are harder to get out. Cleaning is much easier with water.


Often the light bulbs used in the bathroom are not the highest wattage. It makes waxing more difficult. If the device has a built-in light, all hairs will be visible, so you won’t miss a patch.

Number of speeds

Usually has 3 speeds. Low speed for fine, short hairs, medium/high speed for longer hairs. Also high speeds are used with the razor nozzle.

Type of power

Networked devices are convenient because they do not run out of power at the wrong time. There is no time limit.

Battery-powered models are self-contained. Can work without recharging from 15 to 120 minutes. Ideal for those who travel a lot or hair removal during the water treatment.

The battery-powered models are low-powered devices that are designed only for thin hairs.

The manufacturers

Epilators are produced by companies that produce various grooming devices (hair dryers and blow dryers, stylers, razors). The best known are Braun, Rowenta, Philips. Their products regularly rank high in ratings, indicating their high quality and efficiency.

It is necessary to epilate once a week. The hairs don’t grow back evenly and new ones will appear every few days. But if you don’t let them grow back and remove them right away, they’ll grow out easily and painlessly.

Types of epilators and attachments

Epilators are used to remove facial and body hair. With their help, you can properly and accurately epilate pits, remove hair on the legs, arms, bikini zone. In the process of operation the devices extract the hair together with the hair follicle, so the smoothness of the treated areas is maintained for a long time.

Considering how to properly epilate, we note that based on the method of exposure to the hair, the devices are tweezers and disk. Tweezers help to gently pull hair out by means of miniature tweezers. The first procedure with their use may bring discomfort, but after a few sessions, hair removal begins to be painless. Number of tweezers in epilators varies from 20 to 40. The more of them, the more effective will be the removal of hair.

Disc epilators work similarly to tweezers, but use ceramic or metal discs for epilation. The devices can grab several hairs at once, so they’re ideal for treating arms or legs. These models cause more pain than the tweezers and are not recommended for beginners.

Before figuring out how to properly use an electroepilator at home, it should be mentioned that together with the device you can use attachments for different areas, which will greatly facilitate the procedure:

  • For beginners are used when epilating for the first time or after a long break.
  • Cold tweezers are great for sensitive skin and help avoid irritation with their cold pressure.
  • Pinpoint pulls out individual hairs. Its head is equipped with only a few tweezers, which is good for removing hair on the chest or face.
  • For shaving allows you to shave hairs in places where pulling them out is difficult.
  • For delicate areas provides thorough hair removal with an epilator in the groin and underarms.
  • For exfoliation cleanses the skin of ingrown hairs and removes dead epidermal cells.
  • It is convenient for use in the bikini area, because it reduces the area of the body treatment.
  • For eyebrows, it helps to properly shape the scythe line in the brow arches.

In our online store you can buy quality epilators and attachments made by the German manufacturer Braun. Instruments from the brand will make the procedure completely painless and provide smooth skin for up to 4 weeks. Many models are equipped with the SensoSmart technology which informs about the pressure on the skin and allows you to remove more hair with each movement. Using an epilator Braun, you can remove even the shortest hairs (up to 0,5 mm), with which do not cope wax or shugaring.

  • The working part should be treated with antiseptic before use.
  • Tweezers should be cleaned of hair after use. If the instructions allow it, it is better to wash the head with soap and water and dry it.
  • Nozzles are also washed after each use.
  • Do not leave the device in places with high humidity.
  • It is recommended to store in a special case. If it is not available, any clean bag will do.
  • From time to time it is worth wiping the body with a cloth soaked in antiseptic.

Features and advantages of disc epilator

At the heart of the construction of disk epilators are rotating discs that, when close grasp the hair and pull them out at the root. The efficiency of these models depends largely on the number of discs. On average, standard disc devices have up to 2030 rotating elements that can pluck up to 32 hairs in one stroke.

One of the main advantages of epilators with discs their affordable price. Disc devices are cheaper than tweezers, so they are popular with many girls. In addition to the affordable price, the devices have a number of additional advantages:

  • The preservation of the obtained results up to 3 weeks;
  • The short time of the procedure;
  • Safety of use with minimal risk of skin damage.

Along with the pros, disc epilators also have some disadvantages. When using them, there are often ingrown hairs, and the procedure, especially in the first sessions, can bring pain and discomfort.

Features of tweezers epilators

A beautiful body with smooth skin is every woman’s dream. Removal of unwanted hair with an epilator is not pleasant, but the results are amazing. This procedure is the most effective of those performed at home. Choosing the right device is the key to success. Forceps epilators are most often used because of their affordability.

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