How much banana freezes in the ice cream freezer

Is it possible to freeze bananas and how to do it?

Is it possible to freeze bananas? Of course, you can! There are many ways to do this, but which one is most convenient? Which makes frozen bananas mix or melt faster? We tested 5 popular methods of freezing bananas, tracking the time required for the preparation, freezing and storage of bananas, and then tested them in mixed smoothies and in fast banana cookies. One method turned out to be a clear winner. That’s all we learned in the process.

Each of these methods was tested on a small bunch of bananas. All 5 clusters were bought in one store in one day. After preliminary preparation, all 5 “servings” were frozen simultaneously in a large vertical freezer. After complete freezing for 24 hours, some bananas were added to a simple smoothie, while others were thawed to prepare fast cookies.

No method has changed the taste of the banana, but the cooking time, the convenience of storage and the mixing or defrosting time helped to determine the winner.

Puree and freezing in one layer

About this method. Cleaning bananas and making them for future use is a very common technique in bakery. Mashed potatoes can be measured and frozen in small packages according to certain recipes. All wiping work is performed in advance, and you are ready for frozen banana puree!

results. Despite the fact that we were skeptical of this method, we had to try it. The option is best suited for baking and is not at all suitable for smoothie. Pre.burned bananas could not be measured on one smoothie, and they had a slightly starchy texture (despite the fact that the original bananas were completely ripe).

How to make ice cream from a banana

First of all, we prepare bananas. They should be well.ripened, have a yellow or brown color. The more mature fruit, the more caramelized the taste of ice cream will be.

Green bananas are not suitable, because, subsequently preparation, they will give an unpleasant, tart taste of dessert. Therefore, it is better to leave bananas for 1 day at room temperature, so that they are ripe.

After, clean them from the peel. We break into small pieces. We put in a container or bag and send to the freezer for the night.

The workpiece for making homemade ice cream is ready. We proceed.

We shift the frozen pieces of banana into a blender or combine

Can I Freeze Bananas? ��

  • If you are concerned about the power of the blender, it is better to add 2-3 tablespoons of milk, so the whipping process will be easier and faster (do not overdo it with liquid, otherwise you will get a milk cocktail).
  • If the blender is powerful, specifically designed for the pile of ice, you can beat bananas without milk. This will turn out the mass thicker.

As soon as the mixture becomes homogeneous, ice cream is ready. It can be immediately eaten or sent to the freezer for 30 minutes to get a firm structure of dessert. This will allow you to apply dessert in creamy ice cream with a spoon, getting beautiful balls.

This soft ice cream can be eaten for breakfast or snack. The dessert does not contain fat (cow) cream, sugar, eggs. Suitable for vegan, adherents of proper nutrition (PP), raw foodists and people adhering to a diet.


  • Before cooking ice cream, bananas must be cleaned, broken for pieces and freeze.
  • Then we transfer the fruits to the blender (add milk if desired) and beat the mixture until a flat consistency is obtained. If the mass is stuck, straighten the spoon manually and beat again.

In principle, the dessert is ready. Ice cream can be laid out in creamy, sprinkled with grated black chocolate and eat. Enjoy your meal!

The best part in the preparation of ice cream is to come up with new taste combinations. You can be inspired by any ideas.

Banana and cream ice cream recipe

The sequence of preparing this ice cream is practically no different from the previous recipe. The only difference is that instead of milk, cream with fat content of 20% is used. Thanks to this ingredient, ice cream has a more saturated, creamy taste.

Homemade ice cream is prepared as follows:

  • Bananas (2 pcs.) cut into circles and frozen for 5 hours.
  • Frozen fruits are shifted into a blender bowl and thoroughly chopped. First, a banana baby should turn out, which turns into mashed potatoes as whisking.
  • Lastly, cream (maximum 100 ml), sugar powder and lemon juice to taste are added to the banana mass (1 t. spoon).
  • The finished ice cream is transferred to the mold and sent to the freezer for another 2 hours.
  • Serve ice cream to the table with mint leaves and pieces of fresh banana.

How to make ice cream from yogurt and banana

To prepare a banana ice cream based on yogurt, you will need 2 bananas chopped into pieces and frozen, a tablespoon of powdered sugar, a pinch of cinnamon and 150 ml of natural yogurt. All ingredients are whipped in a stationary blender until a homogeneous consistency. Additionally finished ice cream can be sent to the freezer for 2 hours.

Ice cream with banana and kefir is an excellent alternative to yogurt cold dessert. To prepare it, fruits do not need to be pre.freezed. It is enough to cut the banana into pieces and beat in a blender with kefir (300 ml) and honey (2 st. tablespoons). After that, the mass shimmers into the container and freezes. However, due to the fact that ice crystals are formed on the surface of ice cream, the mass will need to be beaten at least twice, every 2 hours.

For ice.milk products, cherry sauce can be prepared for sour.milk products. To do this, 200 g of berries without bones should be beaten in a blender with a tablespoon of corn starch, and then pour into a stewpan and cook for 20 minutes until thickened. Honey is added to the cooled sauce.

Step 3:

Beat the frozen pieces of banana at the largest power. First a large baby is formed. Add sugar and lemon juice to the blender bowl. Also pour part of milk. Do not pour all milk at once, add it gradually, adjusting the density of the mass to your taste.

Step 6:

Serve the finished homemade banana ice cream in a blender, dipping molds in hot water and removing the mold. Or if ice cream in the container, then use a special spoon for ice cream, which forms balls (it also must first be dipped in hot water).

Making diversity to such a recipe is not difficult: try adding a little black chocolate grated on a fine grater. The dessert will acquire special elegance and will become more refined!

What is this code for?

The basic principle in the preparation of homemade ice cream from banana

Despite the fact that such a dessert as the “creamy” ice cream is loved by everyone, it should be prepared at home in a special household device-assistant in ice cream. But banana ice cream does not require additional equipment and special devices, and consistency and taste, however, are close to the traditional “creamy”, without internally forming ice crystals.

  • In order to make homemade banana ice cream in the freezer, you always need to store two or three bananas.
  • Bananas in ice cream need to buy only ripe, but with a peel of an even yellow color.
  • You should not freeze banana not peeled from the peel. From a banana frozen in the peel, it will not work to tear the skin.
  • Freeze not only banana peeled from the peel, but also thinly cut, folding them into special containers or bags.
  • The smaller the liquid product component add to bananas in the manufacture of ice cream, the richer in its taste gamut.
  • The recipes of banana ice cream attached below are perfect for ice cream. The presence of such a super-woman in the kitchen allows you to make ice cream much more air than without it.

Several recipes for homemade fruit ice cream based on banana

Banana ice cream from milk without cream

This type of ice cream can be prepared both on the basis of fresh, only purchased in the store, ripe fruits, and from pre.frozen bananas.

The grocery set necessary for the preparation of dessert:

  • Ripe bananas. 600 g;
  • milk (fat content of at least 3.2 %). 150 g;
  • honey, “floral” varieties. 60 g;
  • freshly squeezed juice from 2 ripe lemons;
  • chocolate-coconut chips-12 g.
much, banana, freezes, cream, freezer

The sequence of cooking ice cream by steps:

  • Wash and peel bananas.
  • Cut the pulp of the banana into thin mugs. Put them in shape, plate or baking sheet for freezing must be one even layer, leaving small gaps between circles.
  • Put the form with bananas in the freezer for 12 hours.
  • Cool milk before cooking ice cream.
  • Put the bananas into a blender and grind, gradually adding cool milk to them.
  • How the mass thickens and will become homogeneous, put honey and freshly squeezed juice from lemons. Interfere.
  • Transfer the prepared ice cream into a coneiner shape and put in the freezer for 2 hours.
  • Lay the finished ice cream in cups and sprinkle with chocolate and coconut crumbs. You can eat.

Very high.calorie dessert. Rafaello Ice Cream


  • The banana is ripe or miserable, but without a hint of rotten places. to the taste of the one who will cook depending on the number of servings.
  • Small pieces of cookies or coconut crumbs. to the taste of the one who cooks.

How to make ice cream | Homemade Banana Ice cream | Frozen Banana Smoothie| Healthy Breakfast

The main time in the preparation goes to freeze bananas and the already prepared dessert. Cooking itself takes about half an hour.

  • To clean the peel from bananas.
  • Cut bananas in circles, the thickness of which cannot be more than two centimeters.
  • Lay out banana circles in a flat shape for freezing and put in the freezer for 6-12 hours, you can.
  • Plant well frostbitten mugs of bananas into a blender and whip them until they turn into a mass of homogeneous consistency of cream.colored.
  • The resulting mass is transferred to the misk with high walls for an hour.
  • Lay the finished ice cream in cups-cream, forming a ball with a spoon and sprinkled with small pieces of cookies or roll in coconut chips.

Banana dietary ice cream from yogurt (natural and without additives)

Dietary bananovo yogurt ice cream, prepared at home, will help to cope with pain and stress and will not add unwanted weight to the figure.

In order for ice cream, it is necessary to prepare the bananas in advance in the evening: clean, cut into small plates, put in a flat shape and put in the freezer at night

Products-indigress for diet ice cream:

  • Drain the excess fluid from yogurt (you can use a small sieve) and transfer it to a bowing bowl for whipping.
  • In the same bowl, put frozen plates of bananas and fructose or sugar-sand sugar.
  • Beat the prepared products in a blender (at the largest revolutions) from 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Freshly prepared ice cream can be submitted immediately by laying into cups, but it will be soft and will like only those who love softened and air desserts, but it is better to shift it into a form with high sides (for example, from silicone) and send it to the freezer for an hour. For the allotted time, the ice cream will “reach” and will become the same consistency as the purchased.
  • The amount of fructose or brown sugar used can be changed according to your taste-in any direction: more or less.
  • Finished ice cream can be sprinkled with multi.colored coconut chips.

According to a similar technology, you can make banana ice cream from kefir, sour cream, cream and even cottage cheese.

Banana ice cream with the addition of kiwi

The taste of this wonderful dessert is deceptive. it resembles a cream.based ice cream familiar from childhood, but in this recipe the dairy component is missing.

You will need the next grocery set:

  • Peel, cut into thin plates and freeze ripe bananas and kiwi on the eve of the day when it is planned to make delicious and beautiful ice cream. The degree of freezing of bananas with kiwi is very important for ice cream, but it all depends on the power of the blender, which will need to smell them. He must do it easily and not break.
  • Put products in a cup-myskie cup: records of frozen bananas with kiwi.
  • Beat products from 5 to 8 minutes with a blender at its highest speed and power, making small stops for “rest” technology.
  • The prepared dessert is beautifully laid out on special cups-creams or freeze in special molds for the preparation of Eskimo.


much, banana, freezes, cream, freezer

If desired, using this recipe, you can cook banana ice cream with other fruits, replacing kiwi with strawberries or cranberries.

How to Freeze Ripe Bananas | Ice-cream or Nicecream #shorts #shortsyoutube

An interesting recipe for delicious chocolate ice cream with a banana

It is easy and pleasant to cook ice cream according to such a recipe, and the result of labor will surpass all expectations, especially in the sensations of the aftertaste from a wonderful dessert.

Ayurveda look at bananas

Ayurveda is a traditional system of medicine based on the idea that diseases arise due to imbalance of the body, mind and spirit, as well as on the use of food as a medicine.

The healing of the digestive tract and maintaining the health of the intestine is one of the main directions of Ayurveda, since Ayurveda belongs to bananas?

Bananas. (Photo is kindly provided by Buttered VEG)

Although for most people, bananas are probably better than ice cream, there are still some points that may surprise you.

Ayurveda describes the nature of things, and the problem with bananas is that they are heavy and sweet, and the consequences of their use for the body are also severe.

This is not necessarily bad. Banans are most useful for those who lack energy, deficiency or dehydration, and are less useful for those who already have a heavy and watery organism.

Regardless of the individual state of health, it will be useful for most people to use digestive supplements to stimulate metabolism, withstand low (from bananas freezing) temperature and digest the severity.

Digestion supplements

To support digestion (heat and taste), you can add warming spices such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, black pepper or caraway. I advise you to experiment.

Sour taste can also be healthy (and tasty). You can add a little fresh lime juice to banana ice cream.

Mishra Vaidi from SV Ayurveda says that the smaller the banana, the more aroma in it and the less it blocks the channels (due to the opening effect of aromatic substances).

Then you can add aromatic herbs to banana ice cream, for example, fresh mint, basil or lemon balm. Experiment again.

Delicious toppings and additions

  • Add ½ teaspoon of cinnamon or cardamom;
  • fresh blueberries or frozen raspberries;
  • 1-2 tablespoons of almond oil;
  • almonds, nuts or walnut nuts;
  • Chocolate chips.

(Photo is kindly provided by Buttered VEG)

Banana ice cream recipe

Cooking time: 5 minutes 2 servings 114 kcal kitchen tools: high.speed blender

Remove bananas from the freezer and chop them coarsely, put in a blender with almond or rice milk and beat until smooth. Take off the blender cream with a spatula.

Enjoy immediately or store in a container safe for the freezer.

Ice cream will become solid if you store it in the freezer during the night. In this case, let him soften on the table for 20 minutes (or until you can scoop it with a spoon).

Sodium: 82 mg | Calcium: 81 mg | Vitamin C: 10 mg | Vitamin A: 76 IU | Sugar: 14 g | Fiber: 3 g | Potassium: 422mg | Calories: 114 kcal | Mononasized fat: 1 g | Polyanaturated fat: 1 g | Saturated fat: 1 g | Fat: 1 g | Protein: 2 g | Carbohydrates: 27 g | Iron: 1 mg

Andrea Haley-Sankaran is the founder of Buttered VEG, a blog about vegetarian food for conscious eaters.

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How to freeze banana puree

Freezing banana mashed potatoes is very simple. After you cleaned the bananas and crushed them to the desired consistency, all you need to do is put a puree in a safe ziploc package for a freezer or a Tupperware container.

When the bananas freeze, they usually distinguish more moisture than fresh ones, so you do not need to grind the banana before freezing, but simply knead it with a fork.

After defrosting, it, of course, will become softer and easily mixed with any pastries.

If you use a package, squeeze as much air as possible before closing it tightly. If you use the Tupperware container, it is recommended to cover the bananas with a layer of polyethylene film before closing the container with a tight lid.

This will protect bananas from air exposure, on the surface of which ice crystals may form, which is why bananas will become watery when thawed.

If you know in advance what you are going to use the banana mashed potatoes, it will be a great idea to store it in a suitable portion, so that you do not have to worry about measuring partial qualities of frozen banana mashed potatoes, which, to put it mildly, can be unpleasant.

If you need another way to freeze banana puree. Watch this video from Thrifyfun.

How long the bananas will remain fresh in the freezer?

With proper storage, banana can be stored in the freezer up to 6 months. It is always useful to mark your packages or containers with a frozen date so that you know them better before giving recommendations for use.

After about 3 or 4 months, your bananas will begin to lose their taste very slowly, so the sooner you can use them, the tastier your recipe will be.

You can also mark the container marked about how ripe bananas were when you froze them. The more a sobby your banana will be, the sweeter it will be.

If you add a banana to the recipe, this will affect the taste of the final product, so it is useful to make a note when freezing so that you know what you will have to work with when defrosting a banana.

Alternative ways to freeze bananas

Before freezing bananas, it is important to note that when they are placed in the freezer, they stop ripening. The peel will become brown, but the banana itself will remain the same.

If you freeze the green banana, then when it is defrosted, it will be the same starchy and tough as it was when you first placed it in the freezer chamber. It is important to pay attention to this, depending on what you plan to use bananas in the future.

Whole, with a peel

If you have a bunch of bananas that attract fruit flies and make your kitchen smell sweet, the fastest and simplest way to freeze bananas without removing the peel.

You can simply put them in the freezer as it is, and they will freely freeze without additional protective packaging.

In the freezer, the peel will become brown, but the inside of the fetus will remain at the same level of ripeness as during the first freezing, regardless of how the appearance looks like.

When you defrost bananas, the peel will become very soft and a little mucosa, but this is completely normal, and there is nothing to worry about. This will never affect the quality of your bananas, but it can be a dirty process and a little unattractive if you are a squeamish type.

Whole, without peel

If you plan to use baking bananas and prefer to spend a few minutes in advance to save you from the future mucous cleaning of a previous banana, you can freeze bananas without a peel without a peel.

To achieve the best results, wrap each banana individually in a polyethylene film, and then place them all together in a safe ziploc package for the freezer or Tupperware container.

If you do not wrap them separately, they mix with each other and freeze together. They are also more prone to the formation of ice crystals, which will affect the texture and moisture content of your bananas when you are ready to use them.

Try to decompose bananas flat, rather than throwing them at random into the freezer, so as not to crush or break bananas before they freeze.

Small pieces

If you plan to use frozen bananas to make smoothies, ice cream or breakfast flakes, it can be useful to clean bananas and cut them into pieces of a suitable size.

  • So that the pieces do not stick together, start by lining a baking sheet and lay out pieces of banana so that they do not touch each other.
  • Place them in the freezer open for about 30 minutes, until each piece is frozen separately.
  • After that, you can collect all the pieces of the banana and place them in one safe ziploc package for the freezer or a sealed Tupperware container.

Caution: frozen bananas lose their taste

Before you at randomly pack the bananas in the freezer, spend a few minutes on adjusting the contents to make sure that everything that surrounds bananas is packed in a thick, somewhat impenetrable container, preferably from glass, but also good plastic or silicone is acceptable.

How To Cut And Freeze Bananas For Smoothies & Banana Nice cream

If you do not object to your frozen foods, even the weakest, but noticeable banana taste, be especially careful, observing the distance between the frozen loaf, pastries and bananas.

All bananas love to share with each other, but the more a banana, the stronger the aroma is transferred to your other frozen products, so keep this in mind when you add a freezer chamber.

Storage of chopped bananas

This method allows you to easier to measure the required amount of ingredients for the preparation of smoothies or other dishes and drinks. Peel the bananas from the peel. Cut the fruits with slices with a thickness of one to two and a half centimeters. Measure slices with a ruler.

Put the slices of bananas in one layer on a baking sheet lined with parchment or waxed paper. Place it in the freezer for about two hours. After the specified time, check if fruit froze or not. If the slices are still soft, send a baking sheet to the refrigerator’s camera for another hour or two. Put frozen slices into a bag for food storage or container and stick a label with a date on it and remove it to the freezer. Use banana slices as necessary.

Banana ice cream

If you are not sure that you can use thawed fruits to make baking or smoothies, prepare ice cream. Banana ice cream is easy to make from the remnants of fruits that you did not have time to eat in time.

The cooking process will take only twenty to thirty minutes. Clean ripe bananas and cut them in half. Insert Eskimo sticks into cut ends.Dip them into melted chocolate or peanut oil. Then roll the workpiece in chopped nuts or sprinkles. Put the bananas on a baking sheet lined with waxed paper or parchment. Send to the freezer for two hours or until completely hardened. Transfer banana ice cream into containers and stick a label on them with a date. Enjoy delicious treats whenever you have a craving for something sweet. Remember that banana ice cream is not only tasty, but also healthy.

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