How much energy does the refrigerator spend per month

How much real electricity does the refrigerator consume for an hour, day, month and year

How much electricity does the refrigerator consume? How many kilowatts rains per day, month and year? Is it possible to save on it? You still want to overpay or, maybe it is better to save?

In this article we will tell you what the consumption of electricity to the refrigerator depends on. You will learn how to calculate how much your refrigerator really consumes. For your convenience, we also made an online calculator. At the end of the article you will find useful tips on how to reduce electricity consumption by a refrigerator.

Power of household refrigerators and what it depends on

The power of the household refrigerator is the amount of electric energy that it consumes during operation. It is measured in watts (W).

  • From the volume of the refrigerator;
  • The volume of the freezer;
  • The amount and capacity of the compressor (equipment with one compressor is more economical than two.Compressor);
  • Additional components (heaters, fans, backlights, etc.);
  • Additional functions in technology, for example, No Frost;
  • The quality of the sealant;
  • Environmental temperatures (in warm times, more electricity is consumed).

Power also depends on the proper use of the refrigerator. With frequent opening of the door, more energy is consumed. Increases its amount of ice in the freezer, overloading food, temperature placed in the refrigerator.

The instructions for the technique indicate the average (nominal) power. In the region of 250 watts. In fact, the indicator may exceed 500 watts. A significant share in energy consumption is the compressor power. The power consumption of the refrigerator indicates the sticker that is located on the door or inside the unit.

To get the average power indicator, they set how much electricity in kilowatts consumes a refrigerator per day. Multimeter is used for measurements. They measure the chain readings during the operation of the refrigerator motor. The resulting value is multiplied by 220 volts (the size of the network voltage). Since when the compressor is launched along the circuit, a current passes, which is 2-3 times higher than the nominal value, the obtained readings are multiplied by three.

The leadership, in addition to the average rated power, indicate the maximum power of the refrigerator in kW. How much kW takes a refrigerator per hour according to standards? Values ​​for maximum power. 0.3 kW/h, for medium. From 0.1 to 0.2 kW/h.

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Freezing power is measured on kg/day. In the operating manual and on the sticker, this parameter is marked with a “x” sign or three stars of freezing varies from models of refrigerators. So, for example, Atlant and Bosch are able to cope with 20-22 kg of products in 24 hours, LG-from 17 kg, and Indesit-C 30 kg.

What affects the consumption of the refrigerator

There are three main factors on which it depends on how much your refrigerator will eat electricity:

In addition to them, energy consumption has a slight influence:

  • Season;
  • The correct installation;
  • Type of cooling, Direct Cool or No Frost;
  • The quality of the wall insulation;
  • The frequency of self.Breaking;
  • Temperature in a regular and freezer;
  • Frequency of use;
  • The temperature in the room.

Types of freezers

One of the main factors determining the characteristics of the freezer is the average power of the compressor. The device responsible for the production of frost. It is determined by the number of products frozen within a day before the temperature inside the camera itself.

So, a regular freezer built into the refrigerator can cope with a freezing of 5-15 kilograms of products. Cameras are capable of developing the temperature from.6 before.32 degrees Celsius. There are several types of freezers in total.

Frost cabinets

This type of freezer is very reminiscent of ordinary refrigerators. The sections are separated by plastic partitions, since plastic is largely isolated smells. Most freezer cabinets have the No Frost system, thanks to which the walls are not covered with ice, and you will not have to defrost the camera from time to time. They are quite compact, so they will not take up much space.

Separate wardrobes are not very popular, but built.In are considered one of the best both in compactness and the effectiveness of freezing. However, No Frost technology requires additional electricity costs, so the efficiency in this case is the main minus of the freezer cabinet.


Such equipment can be found both in stores and in houses. Freak.Free stall is considered one of the oldest types of freezers. In its volume, it is much more standard cabinets. All products are stored in special trays. Most of the likes are not equipped with the No Frost system, so ice will settle on their walls, because of which the stall will have to periodically defrost. However, at the same time, the freezer camp is able to accommodate a fairly large amount of products. At the same time, the equipment is quite economical in terms of placement and in terms of electricity consumption. For this reason, Lary to this day is very popular.

Freezing showcase

Such devices can hardly be found in houses. Most often they are used in stores, laying out products for public display. Their power is not very large, but the conditions for storing meat and milk products do not require frost.

Shine. Most often used in stores

Annual energy consumption of the refrigerator

A similar technique works year after year and for a day absorbing expensive kilowatt for a day. The larger and more functional the technique, the more electricity it consumes.

To calculate the annual consumption, it is necessary to clarify the power of the device or the peak current of the load. All data of this kind should be indicated in the operating manual or brief specification, which is presented on the box.

If the documentation is not preserved, then you can knock out an approximate expense with an eye on the energy conservation class:

To calculate the expenses for electricity, it is necessary to multiply these indicators by relevant tariffs for your region. For example, having a class A refrigerator in a Moscow apartment, you will have to give 807 per year: 150 kW 5.38 while for the technique of category B will need to be paid about 2000: 400 kW 5.38 = 2152.

You can also calculate the annual consumption, knowing the load current. We calculate the power (volta ampers) and, given the average compressor operating time per day (about 6 hours), we get an approximate value in kWh. For example, 1.2 A 220 B = 264 W = 0.26 kW. Further, 6 hours 0.26 = 1.56 kW per day. We multiply the received figure by the number of days a year, and then by the tariff (in our case, 5.38 in the capital). Total, you need to give 3063 rubles per year: 365 D 1.56 kW = 569.4 kW 5.38 = 3063.

What depends on the electricity consumption

Factors affecting the economy of the refrigerator include:

  • The temperature in the room. At a higher temperature, the refrigerator has to spend more energy to maintain the working regime in the cells. The results of the studies showed that, with an increase in temperature from 16 to 30 c, the electricity consumption doubles.
  • The quality of the seals and thermal insulation, as well as the type of material (metal or plastic) of the case and its color.
  • From the frequency of opening the doors and because how much time they remain open, it directly depends on how much watt consumes your refrigerator. After each opening, the aggregate will have to take additional energy to cool the incoming warm air.
  • The presence of additional functions. For example, ice preparation or additional shelves. Without even using them, the electricity will have to pay the functions.
  • The number of compressors and what power is for each.
  • How filled the cameras, especially the freezer.
  • The presence of an automatic defrosting system of No Frost, for the functioning of which two fans are needed.
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Where and how to install the refrigerator correctly

The refrigerator is installed at a distance of at least 50 cm from the walls and other items. And also should be located so that the distance between the wall of the room and the rear wall of the refrigerator is at least 10 cm for optimal air circulation.

Installation of the refrigerator on an uneven surface can lead to deformation of fasteners and other consequences associated with improper use of the mechanism.

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If possible, observe the sizes of the niche for installing the refrigerator indicated in the refrigerator passport or on its packaging. It is also recommended to first familiarize yourself with the information specified in the passport about how to correctly install and connect the refrigerator.

How to reduce your power consumption on your Fridge

The refrigerator should be located so that access to switches, burners and electricity remains unhindered.

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Make sure that the refrigerator is installed in compliance with all grounding conditions and electrical safety. When installing the refrigerator in the niche of the wall, it should only be connected to the outlet, in which the fork is included in the kit.

If the refrigerator is not equipped with a fork, use an extension cord that is suitable for connecting the refrigerator. The refrigerator should be connected to the network with the voltage corresponding to the marking.

After installing the refrigerator, it is necessary to check all its compounds for the presence of mechanical damage.

If the refrigerator works incorrectly, check the correctness of connecting sockets to power supply. Do not connect the refrigerator to sockets that do not meet the norms if you are not sure that they are suitable for this purpose.

Note! In the process of installing the refrigerator, make sure that sockets, wires and wires, which go to them are not damaged. The installation of the refrigerator must perform a qualified technical specialist.

If damage to the fork, cord or equipment itself is detected during the installation, immediately contact the supplier.

To provide proper installation and make it possible to connect the refrigerator to power supply, the corresponding holes should be provided in the wall.

We consider electricity

The average electricity consumption by the refrigerator is from 300 to 380 kilowatts per year. But there are more economical models where consumption per year is from 230 to 300 kW per year. There are also powerful refrigerators that consume from 400 to 600 kilowatts per year.

To calculate electricity costs, we will take the average value of energy consumption of modern refrigerators.Then we get the electricity consumption in different intervals of the time as follows:

  • For 1 year, the refrigerator will spend 340 kilowatts or 340,000 watts
  • For 1 month, expenses will be 340/12 months = 28.3 kW
  • In 1 day, the refrigerator will spend 0.8-0.9 kW of electricity
  • For 1 hour. 33.3 watts ~ 0.033 kW

We will calculate how much it will come out in rubles, if the cost of 1 kilowatts take 4 rubles.

We brought all the calculations approximate, as we are repelled from theoretical data indicated in the technical characteristics, the values ​​may differ from your but not much. In general, this will depend on the frequency of opening the refrigerator door and the number of cooled products.

Calculate how much your refrigerator consumes electricity and send calculations in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, it will be interesting to compare the results of different calculations

In the following articles we will consider how much electricity consumes other devices, such as a TV, washing machine or computer. Stay with us. And now a couple of tips on how to save on electricity.

How to save electricity

In the conclusion of the article, we will give you 5 tips that will help reduce electricity consumption by the refrigerator:

  • Do not open the doors just and do not hold them open.
  • Do not put hot foods for cooling. This will increase the temperature inside the camera.
  • Periodically clean the capacitor. The grille on the rear wall of the refrigerator, if it is open
  • If you have a regular, and not built.In device, do not install it dense to the wall and do not cover it with anything. The installation should provide good heat transfer.
  • Nofrost models do not require defrosting, but the apparatus of the old.Style require. Regularly defrost them.

Now you know how to calculate the consumption of electricity by a refrigerator and how much light this type of household appliances shall be washed. We hope the advice provided helped you to understand the issue!

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