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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 1c robots

Finally came to me for a test a robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi. And not some simple there, but rather sophisticated and with a wet cleaning function. And it was so blessed that recently they sent me Ecovacs Deebot 900 at a price of 35,000 (although in m.For some reason, the video is sometimes sold for 26 thousand).

Accordingly, after the release of thematic reviews, I will make a small text-comparison of an expensive robot and simpler. I must say right away that we will talk about various little things, since both vacuum cleaners are good in terms of cleaning.

Type of control Appendix on the smartphone
Type of cleaning Dry wet cleaning with controlled water supply
Half power 2 500 PA (40 W)
Dust collection system V-shaped floating turbo engine 1 side brush
Cleaning speed: 22 km.M in 25 minutes
Battery Li-Ion 2400 mA/h
Autonomous time / charging time 60 minutes, 2 hours full charging
The volume of the vacuum cleaner 600 ml.
Water container volume 200 ml.
The maximum obstacle height 2 cm
Orientation in space (sensors) Laser/Infrak.Sensors/Optical.Sensors
Other sensors Obstacle sensor, steps determination
Filters Hepa output filter
Orientation Drawing up a plan of premises
Other functions Creation of virtual walls and forbidden territories Protection from falls from the stairs. Distribution schedule building manual control (remote control with arrows in a smartphone) smart with


The robot vacuum cleaner came in such a box:

I immediately note that Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Mop 2 is a Chinese version, respectively, all documentation in Chinese. Perhaps the global version under a different name will be released in the future.

  • Base for charging.
  • Food adapter with an adapter for a European.Style socket.
  • Wet cleaning nozzle with a microfiber napkin.
  • Spare side brush.
  • Spare napkin.
  • Documentation.
  • Robot cleaning tool.

We see that Xiaomi robots began to be better equipped. They would also add a spare HEPA filter to the package, it would be generally cool. But thank you.

Vertical wireless vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. Review

I have long thought about a light and maneuverable wireless vacuum cleaner for express harvesting, but my thoughts would have remained with thoughts if a rather obsessive advertisement for the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner with a discount from the online store of ozone.

I thought. Now or never! Ordered and did not lose.

Hero of the review. Xiaomi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.

Place of purchase. Ozone online store, direct link.

At the moment, vacuum cleaners have been sold out the link, but there are other pages on the ozone, where they are available, for example, here and here.

For this model on ozone now vary from 14 to 19 thousand.

I paid 9573: I bought at a discount for 10500 and also used bonuses thanks from Sberbank:

much, xiaomi, vacuum, cleaner

Unfortunately with 15.Ten.20 ozone no longer cooperates with the bonus system thank you ((. Sadness!

Free yourself from long wires, clean the light and comfortable with the Xiaomi wireless vacuum cleaner.30 minutes of autonomous work Xiaomi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner works on a lithium-ion battery-no dependence on sockets and interfering wires.

The five.Level filtration system, including the HEPA barrier, delays 99.9% of the dust, including small.Dispersed particles of 0.3 μm size.

Xiaomi as a brand that has a professional experience in the production of air purifiers, in the process of creating a vacuum cleaner filtration system, made an Accent on reliable air protection from repeated emissions of dust and other particles.

Tue power consumption: 350

Suction power, Tue: 90 accumulator: 2500 MAH work on one charge: 30 minutes. (standard mode), 6 min. (turbo mode) charging time: 3.5 hours.

Type of cleaning: dry

Number of nozzles: 4.Stomachness of the vacuum cleaner: 0.5 lofilter: non.Level noise, dB: 79 (max) weight: 1.4 kg. (no nozzles), 2.5 kg. (with a turbo engine)

As soon as a message came from ozone that the goods were received. I ran to the discharge point without waiting for my husband from work. I had to regret it quickly: the weight of the packaging is 5.5 kg about what I did not find out in advance, it was hard to carry: it was hard to carry:

Vacuum cleaner-station power supply-turbine-checke through a furnitelinated-shaped for bed linema

Four nozzles for different types of cleaning are attached to the vacuum cleaner. I actively use three of them, but one. Almost not in demand.

The main nozzle of the vacuum cleaner is designed for flooring. Has a built.In electric drive, thanks to this, the soft roller rotates rapidly, the absorption becomes more powerful.

The turbo-machine works great on the floor, laminate, linoleum, tiles. But on the carpet, according to my observations, it begins to slip. I have no carpets, only a rug in the bathroom, and in the hallway at the front door. The brush stops on them, it sees. You can understand this by diagonal stripes (drawing on the roller) if you see them. The roller is motionless, do not see. The roller spins, the strips merge.

Due to the presence of an electric drive, the roller cannot be washed. A turbo-test can be promoted, the plastic parts are washed, but if you soak the roller. This can lead to a breakdown of the brush, which is not a warranty case.

I usually after cleaning manually remove dust fur from the nozzle:

A narrow nozzle for pulling dust from hard.To.Reach places. I usually pass throughout the apartment after cleaning with the main brush: the edges of furniture, corners, under batteries. I have a vacuuming with it and a laptop)). Especially effective in maximum turbo mode, but I rarely use it. Quickly settles a vacuum cleaner.

This nozzle can be used both with a hose and attached directly to Xiaomi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, making a manual vacuum cleaner (for example, for cleaning in a car salon).

Bed linen nozzle:

Designed to care for bedding, curtains, any textile. Very convenient for sofas, beds, mattresses and other upholstered furniture! The dead particles of the skin, which are especially many in places where we sleep, feed dust mites, which, in turn, can cause allergies this nozzle deeply cleanses the sleeping place, a lot of the smallest, fine dust literally draws out of nowhere.

The function is the same as the previous nozzle, but it seems less convenient to me, so I practically do not use it.

How to install the base correctly?

The charger should be installed flush with the wall next to the outlet. On each side of the docking station, there should be a free space of at least 1 meter. There should not be any obstacles in front of a radius of 2 meters. Also make sure that there are no mirrors or other reflective surfaces within the floor near the floor. If any, cover them. Finally, place the robot base in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight.


In this section, we will analyze and study the vacuum cleaner from all sides. Read the signatures to the photos. In general, I only note that the gadget has an excellent build quality. Tactilely pleasant matte dense plastic. Beaten phrase, but here is clearly what is called a stylish design. From afar, the mini-vacuum cleaner resembles some kind of smart bottle or a thermos with a teas a tint.

Set and box of mini-sprayers. Two nozzles, Type-C cable, adapter, instruction. Compact mini-vacuum cleaner, conveniently lies in the hand. Two nozzles. In advertising they say that it is convenient to vacuum the bookcases with a brush with a brush. Charging through Type-C. Nozzle. A hePA filter is visible in a transparent garbage collection compartment.

There is a metal handle to extract a Hepa filter.

Xiaomi Mini Handheld Vacuum. Full Walkthrough review [Xiaomify]

However, it is not necessary to constantly pull out the Hepa filter. The vacuumber can be opened on the other side. Typical Hepa filter, from time to time you can shake.

Pay attention to the switch on the Hepa filter.

Before shaking the filter, you should remove the metal cap.

Long nozzle.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner robot. Review

With the birth of a child, we wanted to facilitate everyday chores as much as possible, t.To. The cleaning time has become catastrophically enough. The Xiaomi Mi Robot robot vertebrae was chosen as an assistant. What are the pros and cons of I can allocate after 2 years of use, and whether he is worth his money?

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleanergabarits: 34.50 x 34.50 x 9.60 cm.Weight: 3.8 kg.Type of cleaning: dry in online stores

We bought this vacuum cleaner thanks to positive reviews on the Internet and the manufacturer. We already have a Xiaomi technique (humidifier and fitness bracelet) at home, which we are extremely satisfied with.

The first impression of the use of the robot was contradictory. It seemed that it is quite noisy, cleaned for a long time and is folded in management. But now 2 years have passed since he “lives” at our place, and I can’t imagine how we would live without him. I turn it on, going for a walk with a child, and upon arrival on the floor there are no crumbs or dust.

The vacuum cleaner looks concise and organically looks in the interior.

There are 2 buttons on the case: “Start/Stop” and “Home”. Under the lid is hidden a dust drive that easily gets and shakes off.

If you turn the vacuum cleaner, we will see the side brushes and the main central brush, which I will talk about below separately.

In time, cleaning the apartment is 80 m2 (clean space for a vacuum cleaner ~ 60 m2) takes about 70 minutes. This is a lot, but this time can be reduced by clearing the space as much as possible. Full charge of the vacuum cleaner is enough for about 2.5 hours of continuous work. After the cleaning ends, the vacuum cleaner itself returns to the docking station, joins with it and turns off.

Over time, I am lazy to use different cleaning functions and just turn on the vacuum cleaner with the Start button on the case, after which the robot vacuums the entire apartment once.

Through the special application “Mi Home”, which can be downloaded in the AppStore or Playmarket, you can use many additional functions:

Choice of power and noise level (from quiet to turbo); cleaning a particular room or point; installing a timer for delayed cleaning; voice setting; checking wear of the vacuum cleaner parts (brushes, sensors, filter). The application will notify if the details are time to update; the history of the harvest.

Huge plus and at the same time huge minus. Building a map of the room. After the first use, the vacuum cleaner draws a map of the apartment/house in the application, after which it can be directed for cleaning in a particular place of the apartment. This would be very convenient if the card had not constantly been dropped from the rebooting of the phone or stirring the vacuum cleaner in the wilds of the house. As a result, when you need to send the robot for cleaning, to for example, the kitchen, in the application you can find a void instead of a map, and a vacuum cleaner will have to manually drag into the kitchen and close the door so that in the process it does not leave to plow the expanses of the house. It is bad that the application does not have the function of saving the card.

Many sensors are built into the robot, so it does not crash into obstacles and carefully approaches the walls. All signals are given by a pleasant female voice in English.

Before acquiring a robot, we thought we always had clean floors. What was our surprise when, in the first time after cleaning, we found a filter full of dust and crumbs.

Washing floors without preliminary use of the robot and after its use is very different. In the second case, there is a feeling that you are washing a clean floor, a feeling of cleanliness in the apartment appears. If you do not turn on the vacuum cleaner for a couple of days and then wash the floors, then you begin to be horrified by the amount of dirt.

In addition to the disappearing card in the application, there are several more annoying moments:

The reasons why the robot chooses a particular cleaning path is unnecessary. He can spin out of the blue for a long time without obvious reasons for this. Or start vacuuming one room, and then turn sharply and leave for another. Ultimately, he will get out everywhere, but it will spend much more time for this than if his movements were more logical.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential G1 robot. Review

Hello. We bought a robot permissive for Aliexpress for the New Year. Tired of the daily cleaning of the child’s cookies from the carpet.

In the evening you can’t turn on an ordinary vacuum cleaner, it is very noisy, and the robot can be turned on at least when;)

There are no additional components, everything is in one copy. At the moment, we still use original, I have not even ordered new ones. In use 2 months. (Wear of only 5-10 % in total is enough for a long time)

    There were no problems, downloaded the “Mi Home” application. I stuck the dock in the outlet, connect the phone and robot through the instructions in the application via Wi-Fi.

    Launch from the button on the robot (standard cleaning mode). As a robot chooses the trajectory of movement, I am not very clear to me, always different routes are obtained. And dulls on the carpet due to black stripes, can travel along them on duty.

Questions that may arise:

  • Wet cleaning only with water, you can not add any means, you can damage the container (corrosion) or filters.Over, with daily cleaning, just water is enough, if there are strong contaminants, it is better to remove them manually.
  • The filter cannot be washed, only shaken, otherwise it will not fulfill its function.

In general, I am satisfied with the robot, I think when we move to my house, where only linoleum will be on the floor and no carpets, and a normal place for a docking station, then the robot will be less stupid and not drive 5 times each place.

Collects garbage and hair perfectly, with wet cleaning is also happy when laziness or once washed the floors.

There is even a silent mode, but I have mainly always on the standard (also not noisy).

Charging is always enough to clean the entire two.Room apartment and still remains.

If you have not written something important that you would like to know, ask a question in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев;)

I complement the review 14.06.2021. I ran into a problem, did not enter the rag (not a drop), the robot began to make a buzzing sound when trying to give water. And voiced a mistake. Not enough water, although the tank is complete.

They wanted to make out a vacuum cleaner, but we were afraid that then we won’t collect, and not get to these tubes. Although almost dismantled.

I found a video on YouTube and thanks to him solved the problem.

What did they do (briefly): pumped water “manually” to break through the blockage. They stuck in the hole (in which the water from the reservoir should enter) the heat shrink is suitable in size (so that it is imprisoned), in it an enema with water, and thus crushed the water inside. After a few attempts, water went from the holes, now the robot works regularly again.

If it is incomprehensibly explained, ask, I will clarify.

Turn to all kinds of services for a long time, so they tried to eliminate the malfunction themselves and this was succeeded.

Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Vacuum Cleaner 1c robot (aka Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop). Large review.

A whole avalanche of various robots-percleshots fell on the market. One Xiaomi with its sub.Brands Mijia, Roborock, Viomi, Dreame, Xiaowa produces several dozen models. How to figure out all this how they differ from each other, what should you pay attention to when choosing? Let’s try to figure out this review. It will be about choosing a smart, but budget robot, the benefit of the price of such devices slowly but surely went down. We will not dwell on the question of a quality thing vs rattle. I think everyone understands that if the robot really needs help in cleaning the house, then the divisions of unknown manufacturers such as “super-mini-econ; 4 in 1; with an ultraviolet lamp and other light music ”the size of a plate and a price of a couple of thousand for the purchase should not be seriously considered. What should you pay attention to? Firstly, on the navigation system used by the vacuum cleaner to orientation in the room. The first blankets-percussions were equipped with a random navigation system (from English. Random. Random). The vacuum cleaner randomly drove around the room, hit the obstacles, unfolded and rode the other way until the battery charge ended. It makes no sense to buy this today. The next round of development in the evolution of ribotes-perclescouss is navigation by algorithms. For her, robots require sensors for determining distances to obstacles. The simplest are infrared sensors. With their help, the robot understands the surrounding environment and is cleaned in accordance with the inherent algorithms: movement parallel to the wall or bypass of obstacles. Such vacuum cleaners do not know how to build a map of the room and do not remember where they have already removed, and where they are not yet. They also find the charger on the IR sensors and do not know where it stands until they stumble upon it. This option makes sense to buy for rooms a very simple configuration, for example, a studio apartment, and even if you get very cheap. A more advanced and most popular system in the budget segment is SLAM navigation. Slam (English. Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. Simultaneous localization and construction of a card) is a method used in mobile autonomous means to build a card in an unknown space or to update a map in a pre.Known space while monitoring the current location and the passed path. Such vacuum cleaners with the help of the same IR sensors build a map of the premises, know where the charger station is located on the map, remember the cleaned territory and interact with the user in the application, performing his commands for zonal cleaning or to ban the cleaning in certain parts of the card. The more accurate navigation subsystem is called vslam. In addition to infrared sensors, she also uses the camera. The camera located in the upper part of the smart vertebra is directed at an angle of 45 degrees in two directions: forward and up. Vslam technology simultaneously determines the location of the robot and builds a map. Analyzing the pictures taken by the camera, the software clarifies the boundaries of objects. Remembering their position, the robot will further monitor all changes. The last word today in navigation systems of robot percussion is SLAM navigation based on laser LDS sensors. This system allows you to most accurately and quickly build a map of the room. You can distinguish such models by a laser rangefinder tower (lidar) on the vacuum cleaner case. But this system also has a drawback due to the technology of the laser. Black walls and mirrors prevent the laser from determining the distance. Therefore, the best option for navigation is a combination of sensors: laser, optical and infrared. What else is worth paying attention to when choosing? 2. The possibility of wet cleaning, if it is necessary. 3. The force of absorption. The more, the better. 4. The battery is a similar principle, the more, the better. 5. The height of the vacuum cleaner-if it is necessary that it stops under some kind of furniture elements. In the market segment of some other important criteria for choosing a vacuum cleaner in an apartment without carpets with an area of ​​50 m², I did not find. Expensive models have functions such as carpet recognition, building a card on several floors, wet cleaning with ultrasound, automatic cleaning with a vacuumboard station and other delights of a chic life. This segment does not interest me, so sorry, I will not go deeper. I considered only one manufacturer. Xiaomi. He has the largest selection of models and, it seems to me, the best price/quality ratio. However, a wide assortment and some kind of manufacturer’s duplication disease complicated the choice. Firstly, it is necessary to decide on the budget of the purchase. In my case, this is ± 15 thousand which immediately cut off most of the models. I decided to collect information about the company’s models included in the budget and systematize it according to the minimum set of requirements that the gadget should meet. The first is the name of the European version, then the Chinese. The difference is only in localization: a Chinese fork, documentation and voice messages (for the model I have chosen, it is treated with a simple update). The only problem with the guarantee remains, but the difference in the price of CN and EU versions sometimes reaches one and a half times, so you can take a chance. Only 5 models got into the table, we cut off the first one at once. This is a stupid robot without building a map. The latter infringes the budget and does not have any fundamentally more significant advantages. 3 models remain: 1G, 1C, 1S. There was 1s on the technical favorite favorite, but the lack of wet cleaning and less absorption were embarrassed. The decisive factor was the height. Because of the lidar, the vacuum cleaner will not be able to call under the facade of my kitchen furniture. Well, the choice between 1G and 1C was simple: SLAM on infrared sensors with a simple pixel card, against VSLAM with a camera, a full.Fledged map and much more accurate navigation. This is important to me, since the apartment is angular and all consists of nooks.

Xiaomi Самый маленький Пылесос. Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini

What caused me to acquire a robot permissive? Of course, we have a regular vacuum cleaner that copes with cleaning in the apartment. However, one of the inhabitants of the dwelling requires daily cleaning. His name is Jacques, this is a dog of a short-haired breed of Jack-Rassel-terrier even his wool and short, but there are a lot of it. And she is not only on the dog, but also on the floor. It is worth dressing dark socks, as they immediately become white from dog wool, I did not want to put it categorically with this outrage, but I did not want to vacuum the apartment every day either. Therefore, it was decided to purchase a robot vacuum cleaner to shift the problem with daily cleaning of the apartment to his shoulders. Let’s move on directly to the review of the goods. The first thing we see when opening the packaging is an adapter from a Chinese fork to a European. The seller carefully inserted it under the handle for carrying the box. The version of the vacuum cleaner is Chinese, so the gift is needed. Chinese version of Xiaomi Mijia 1C is indicated by the article SKV4073CN. The global version has the SKV4093GL article and is called Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop. They differ only in localization: the plug of power cord, instructions and voice communication will be in Chinese. The latter changes in the application after update. The box has a design that is familiar to all Smart devices of the Xiaomi family that this device is related to Xiaomi, can only be understood by the proprietary Mijia Submarine logo in the upper right corner. All inscriptions, as it should be CN versions, in Chinese. Only the name of the 1C and 2500RA model is clear. The force of absorption. On the side there is a warning about dangerous contents. Stylized flammable batteries of transportation, as always in Xiaomi, at a height. All components in their compartments are packed in rubberized bags. Glossy surfaces are glued with a protective film, even the smallest components are packed in bags with Zip Lock with a lock with the front mobile bumper of the vacuum cleaner are damped with two soft transportation gaskets and control buttons are closed by another lining of a transparent silicone, the supply kit consists of two instructions that are useless for a Russian.Speaking user, cord. Power supply, removable water tank with a fabric lining, an adapter for a European fork, a side brush, a tool for cleaning brushes, a charging station, and the actual vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Vacuum Cleaner 1c side brush is plastic, equipped with three rays with white villi villi. Their purpose, rotating the garbage to the central brush under the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. Long, nylon villi. In the center, a small brush with a short black pile. Her appointment is not clear to me. The brush in the groove is installed by planting in an interference adapter for the European fork was unexpectedly good. Thick durable body plastic and reliable contact connection. The fork in it sits monolithic and the instrument for cleaning the brushes is not staggering, it looks like a small comb for a mustache. Inside it has a metal blade for cutting hair that wound on the brush electric cable thick, Chinese fork. Cable length 1.5 meters charger station is small and light. It is placed literally on the palm of the cable plug is located on the right side of the station two spring.Loaded metal contact pins are designed to charge the vacuum cleaner from the bottom of the station has four ribbed rubber lining, due to which the unit for wet cleaning does not slide on the smooth floor. It consists of a thin translucent plastic tank for water with a system of tubes and valves. Due to this design, this detail is very expensive, so it is necessary to handle it carefully. But the water does not leak into the vacuum cleaner, as in other models with tubes in the housing on top of the tank, a microfiber fabric for wet cleaning is attached. In the center, a small plastic wheel to facilitate sliding the structure is thought out. The fabric is attached with Velcro to the tank so as not to suffer with the entry of Velcro on each other, the fabric is previously inserted into the groove of the tank and moved into it. The arrow indicates the direction of movement of the vacuum cleaner body made of white glossy plastic. The design of the device is stylish and at the same time concise. Nothing extra. Hull diameter 35 cm, height 8.15 cm. The manufacturer again resembles only the modest Mijia logo on the top cover is a navigation chamber and two buttons: turning on and home, as the manufacturer claims, this is not just a camera, but a professional machine visitor OV, which uses the neurhythm of the neural network and re.Produces the calculation of the path 50 times per second. The mental center of the vacuum cleaner is a chip with a 4-core Cortex-A7 processor and a dual-core graphic accelerator Mali400. Thanks to the dynamic construction of the route, the vacuum cleaner not only accurately draws up a map of the room, but also quickly adapts to a change in the situation. On the side there is a movable bumper, which softens the blow, if suddenly the robot incorrectly calculates the distance to the obstacle under the black glass of the bumper hidden infrared sensors from the back side, the ventilation grille for blown air is attached on loops on loops. Under it is a container for collecting dust with a volume of 630 ml, by the way, the largest of all the models I have considered, a visual instruction for cleaning the container is made of transparent plastic, is easily removed from the side to the container is an integrated HEPA filter at the place of fitting the container window to the case to the case There is a silicone sealing of an unusual profile from below hidden the mechanical part of the vacuum cleaner, the rotary wheel in front is responsible for the maneuvering of the vacuum cleaner

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