How much salt to put in the Bosch dishwasher

Why do we need it??

The harder the water in your pipes, the more salt you have to add. Do we need salt where the water is soft?? No, you don’t. For a radical solution, you could, for example, put a special ionized resin filter in the inlet. It’ll soften the water.

In regions with low water hardness, you can use special tablets. their composition already includes salt granules. If you have a high water hardness reading. and a softener test strip will tell you, you need to buy special water softener that’s loaded into the washer-dryer separately from the detergent.

How much salt to put in the container

When starting the dishwasher for the first time, how much salt to add is determined by the design of the machine and the rules laid down in the user manual. It is usually about one kilogram of salt. In the future, as the need arises, the dishwasher is refilled with about the same amount of salt.

Will simple salt work??

In terms of chemical composition, dishwasher salt is, of course, different from common table salt. Its two main differences:

These two factors alone make the salt a completely different product, although in composition it is still the same sodium chloride. Ordinary salt contains a lot of impurities that promote scale formation and damage the internal elements of the machine. In addition, the smallest grains of ordinary salt can clog the filter and it will stop working at all.

The savings in this measure are incommensurate with the cost of repairing the machine. In addition, the special salt is less expensive and economical.

How to refill the salt correctly

The salt is always filled before starting the machine. this is necessary for protection against corrosion. During the work cycle, the salt solution overflowing from the compartment is immediately washed away, which means rust will not appear.

Before using the dishwasher for the first time, the salt is poured as follows:

  • Unscrew the screw cap of the salt reservoir counterclockwise.
  • Pour 0.5 to 1 liter of water into the reservoir (for the first time only)!).
  • Then add the salt reservoir: the liquid will be forced out and will be drained into the drain. Some models of the automatic washer-dryer come with a special funnel, which makes filling the funnel more convenient.
  • Wipe the edges dry and remove any spilled particles. Screw the lid on tightly and evenly, check for misalignment.

How to add Salt to a Bosch Dishwasher to prevent Limescale build up

On a side note: Dishwasher manufacturers recommend using regenerating salt in the form of crystals, not in tablets.

How to set the hardness?

Most machines have seven levels, from 0 to 7. “0”. very soft, “7”. very hard water. When setting the level estimate:

  • Data by region.
  • Use special test strips.
  • There is a domestic method. wash your hands with laundry soap. If you have to flush the foam for a long time, then the softness is high. If the foam flushes out quickly. high hardness.

If you use 3-in-1 tablets, the salt sensor can be turned off and the hardness level can be set to zero. But keep in mind if the level is “0” and the water goes through the ion exchanger. does not bypass it, the latter can get clogged, then the liquid stops flowing into the machine at all. You have either to change the ion exchanger or buy another automatic dishwasher.

How much salt is in the dishwasher?

After loading a kilo of salt at the initial start, you stop thinking about it. Don’t relax. just like a rinse aid, it needs to be added regularly. This simple action keeps the softener in working order and helps your helper to wash dishes properly. Learn where, how much and how often you should put salt in the dishwasher in this article.

How much to use?

In order not to waste the product and get the desired effect, you need to know how much salt product. powder or tablets, to load into a specially allocated compartment. The first thing to do is to read the information on the packaging. Usually it is written there that the designated container is filled completely. The capacity of these containers varies in different models of the washing machine, therefore the task of the owner is simply to fill them up. How long the poured into the hopper is enough. another question.

In most models, the container for the salt solution holds 2/3 of a 1.5kg pack. If the salt product is in tablets, then the compartment is also filled to capacity.

What is dishwasher salt

In the departments of household chemicals sold a large number of different salts from low, medium and high price categories. How they differ and which one to choose? Here is a short review of the leading brands.


Owners of a washing machine or dishwasher are no strangers to this manufacturer. The brand produces a variety of rinses, powders and tablets in the type of “3 in 1”. It has the advantage of excellent performance at an affordable price. A 1.5 kg pack costs 200-300, which is enough for long-term use (up to 3 months). Main features:

  • Makes the water softer, prevents the formation of limescale on the heater;
  • Improves the quality of washing;
  • It prevents unsightly smudges.

Judging by customer reviews, Finish is one of the most effective products on the market. Read a detailed review of “Finish” salts.

Magic Power

A product of low price category with excellent performance indicators. For 1.5 kg you will give about 150. Economical due to large crystal size.

Please note: How long this product lasts also depends on the water hardness: the higher the water hardness, the higher the consumption.

The substance softens the water, improves the quality of the washing process, prevents the heating element from scaling. This brand also produces detergent tablets which are used for the same purpose. The most important thing is that your washing machine model is provided with a possibility to use the “3 in 1” detergents.


Regenerating agent with clarified and evaporated table salt, without unnecessary components. This environmental friendliness can turn out to be a significant deterioration in the quality of washing. Packed in 2kg packs, the economical use allows for a year of use, considering the hardness of your water supply.

Important! Products labelled “ECO” and “BIO” are often overrated, as the composition is still the usual NaCl.


Rare but worthwhile brand. Cost-effective 4kg packs cost no more than 500. The composition allows the product to safely fight against hard water and prevents dripping.

Sold as a complete set with everything you need when you start using them. It includes small packs of products for several dishwashing cycles:

The starter kit is convenient for inexperienced users. A tablet kit with 16 pcs. lasts about 2 weeks, and with 1kg powder for a month. You certainly won’t forget to load anything, and you’ll be pleased with the first results.

there are more advanced (and more expensive) kits: with first starters, cleaners, fragrances.

Is the purchase of the starter kit justified?? You’ll pay 10-20% more for convenience than if you bought everything separately. Maybe it makes sense to assemble it yourself?

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