How much space is needed for a washing machine

Washing machine under the sink. All the nuances of choosing a model, connection and accommodation

Small squares of bathrooms in most apartments do not give the owners a choice in the placement of equipment. In many cases, one single option to put a washing machine in the bathroom is to place it under the washbasin. There are all opportunities for this today. Manufacturers, following the needs of consumers, produce special shells for installation over the washing machine.

People who decided to purchase a sink for installation over a washing machine are primarily interested in the advantages of such plumbing cunning and its minuses. But most of all they are interested in the reviews of the owners about the advantages of the machine, as the main component of such a design. Let’s start with the shortcomings.

The disadvantages of the washing machine for the sink are:

  • Limited movements during stay in the bathroom, since the sharp corners of the machine protrude due to the shells and there is a likelihood of easy injury. In terms of security, experts recommend buying a washing machine up to 45 cm under the sink;
  • Inconvenience in the use of a machine, as the approach to it can be cluttered;
  • The need to purchase a special siphon for such a design, since the necessary devices are not included in standard sets;
  • The problem of selection of height and width of the machine. Often, the technique of acceptable size cannot be found in stores. For example, standard 85 cm cars in height and 36 cm in depth solve the optimization of space, but have a huge minus. The sink is lifted to a height of up to 100 cm. It will be extremely inconvenient for a child or a small stature to a child or a small stature.

The advantages of such a united installation are:

What height should there be a drain hose of the washing machine

In the process of connecting the water discharge system, you certainly need to observe such an indicator as the height, regardless of which the model is acquired: “Bosch” (Bosch), “Indesit”, “Samsung”, “Electroilux”.

At what height is the drain for the washing machine required to do:

  • The pumping pump is limited in power, that is, the drain hose should be located at a maximum height of 800 mm directly near the washing machine;
  • Near the sewer pipe, the drain should be at a height of 600 mm;
  • The lowest section of the hose is located at a height of 500 mm. If the indicated minimum distance is not observed, during the installation of the drain structure, the opposite effect will be created without a siphon. At the same time, an unpleasant aroma from the sewer will be felt all the time.

Sewage height for washing machine

If the height of the drain for the washing machine into the sewer is less than this minimum level, then the washing pump will quickly break. Many manufacturers of equipment do not advise lengthening hoses more than 2 m. Also, poor quality materials should not be used, since the pumping pump will slowly work or fail.

One end of the drain, which is located at a height of 600 mm from the floor, must be connected to the sewer. Then it should be fixed with a cuff with a size of 3.5×4.5 cm overlap with it. During the installation process, the drain should not be located in the water.

much, space, needed, washing

Sometimes the sewer discharge has no protective valve. With a S-shaped connection of this effect, they achieve through the air gap.

When choosing an installation of the height of the outlet for the washing machine, you need to take into account two factors.

First. The height recommended by specialists is 700 mm from the floor. The second is the size of the existing machine, especially if it is planned to put a branch behind its body.

Washing machine height: Standard for countertop

Most use devices with front loading. And therefore, manufacturers, setting the standard in height, decided to make washing machines convenient for the highest number of users.

To do this, they took into account the parameters of typical furniture, since the equipment should harmoniously combine with the situation. In the production of the same tables, they usually make a height of 85 centimeters.

This corresponds to the average person’s height, regardless of gender. 170 centimeters.

People who have about such growth are convenient to sit at a similar table. After all, the level of such allows you to work or study in an ergonomic pose, so hands, back, neck are less tired.

That is why manufacturers of washing machines began to make a standard in height, focusing on the average countertop. And such automatic machines can also be called ergonomic, because their height is familiar to most adults.

Of course, if the device is located in the bathroom, this is not so important. But for some reason, some prefer to keep washing machines in the kitchen. Or in other places.

Perhaps in order to free the already small bathroom. And in this case, the height of washing equipment, of course, will play a significant role. Including for the perception of the interior.

It is important to consider that the machine machine can spoil the entire interior with its appearance if it is too large or too small. Especially in the first case.

In addition, the majority of white washing machines. And if the height of the washing unit is too large, it will be too much to catch your eye.

This will lead to the fact that the washing machine will be perceived as the central element of the interior of the room. Of course, this is not bad in some cases, if so it was conceived.

The only room where this location is appropriate is perhaps the bathroom. In other places, such a solution is ridiculous.

In addition, a too high car can touch the shelves and other items in the room. And this is unacceptable. If the device hurts any object, then vibration will be transmitted from it, and the same regiment will begin to shatter.

At the same time, the car will not vibrate as it is designed according to the norms of engineers. And theoretically, this will reduce the life and lead to incorrect work.

Installation options in various conditions

Before the installation, you need to consider in what conditions and mode the machine will work. On the basis of this, measures are taken that relieve problems in operation in the future.

Installation of a car in a private house

The circuit of electric cables and wiring pipes must be considered at the stage of construction or repair.

How to Use a Washing Machine (Clean My Space)

Dry basement of a private house. The best place to install washing and drying equipment. Residents of the house in this case do not feel noise, smells and damp.

Installation of technology in the kitchen and in the corridor

Washing is not in the best way combined with the preparation and eating. However, very often the car is installed in the kitchen, as its design fits perfectly into the interior.

Less often it can be seen in the corridor. For such an installation, it is difficult to choose a place and you will have to solve issues on laying communications on the floor or walls. It will also be necessary to hide the car behind the curtain, place it in the built.In closet or under the countertop.

Placement on a laminate or wooden floor

The ideal surface for the washing machine is hard and hard concrete. The wooden floor enhances the vibrations that destroy the surrounding objects and the unit itself.

The floor can be strengthened in several ways:

  • Concreting a small foundation;
  • Arranging a strong podium on steel pipes;
  • Using an anti.Vibration rug.

The listed methods will help reduce unpleasant vibrations, but they are not compared with a concrete screed.

Features of the installation of a built.In machine

The built.In model is an ideal option that will fit into any interior. Hoses and wires hide behind the cabinet, and its facade door is identical to the headset.

This type of technique is more expensive than usual, so many are interested in whether it is possible to install or integrate the machine into the closet.

The task solved is performed in several ways:

  • By installing under the countertop;
  • Placing a compact model in a finished cabinet;
  • Installation in a specially made cabinet, with or without a door.

So that neighboring cabinets do not experience vibrations, the base should be solid.

Installation of the car over the toilet

Owners of small toilets The idea of ​​installing a machine over the toilet may seem strange. But there are enthusiasts who can solve even such a difficult task.

When planning the installation, pay attention to the following points:

  • If the quality of the walls is in doubt, a steel design is made, based on the floor.
  • A suspension shelf is made from a durable metal profile.
  • The regiment is equipped with a safety side so that under the influence of vibration the car does not crawl from it.
  • The sliding shelf will not give linen taken out of the car, fall into the toilet.
  • The fastening height is made such that the drain digging of the toilet remains in the access zone.
  • It is more convenient to place the car not over the toilet, but after it.
  • It is more advisable to choose a model with a small depth.

In order for the unit to resist the weight and at the most inopportune moment does not fall on the head, it is necessary to adhere to safety precautions.

It should be remembered that if the repair is needed, the heavy car will have to be lowered to the floor and then return to the place.

How to place a washing machine in the bathroom correctly?

It is necessary to carefully consider the space of the bathroom. Consider the size and layout of the bathroom, imagine where it will be most convenient for you to install a washing machine. Choose a place? Check the presence of nearby sockets, water connection points and electricity accessibility.

Before buying, measure the dimensions of the washing machine itself and determine whether it is suitable for you or not.

There are two types of washing machines: with front loading and vertical. The choice depends on where you want to install it, so that nothing hurts you when using it.

Sometimes the most successful place for placement is a kitchen or corridor. But if your bathroom allows you to install a washing machine or other option, then you must take into account several factors before installing.

Most often, the mixer on such shells is located on the side so that the siphon does not interfere with the installation of the washing machine under the sink.

With this placement of the washing machine, there are minuses. There is no way to install a product of large dimensions, respectively, the capacity of the washing machine will be minimal. And you only use front loading machines.

In a small bathroom, you can install a shower instead of a bath. So you will free the space that can be used to install a washing machine and various cabinets and shelves.

Design of the bottom of the kitchen for washing machine

I suggest you talk about the main moments related to the features of the kitchen set in this article, which should be built in the washing room.

In the passport to it (in the event that it is built.In), the size of the opening is given in which this technique should be installed, and and under this opening, you only need to calculate the facade, which, by the way, is then attached to the “typewriter” itself.

This option (with a facade), we will consider.

So, before how to start calculating the bottom of the kitchen set, you need to know the dimensions of the washing machine, which should be built into it.

And the first thing that is for is to determine the height of the lower kitchen base.

Since any washer has a certain height, it, of course, should be placed under the countertop (moreover, it is better. When there will still be hull strips, allowing you to accurately withstand the size of the width, at least at the top).

Therefore, knowing the height of the built.In technology, you can immediately calculate the total height of the bottom of the kitchen, and proceed to subsequent calculations.

much, space, needed, washing

The location of the washing machine relative to the drain into the sewer is important.

The best is the option when it is located near the plum, and, therefore, the plum angle is the maximum.

Usually, if the kitchen set of corner, then one box standing in the corner belongs to the sink, and the second that joins with it belongs to the washer.

Well, now, let’s move on, directly, to the calculations themselves.

The optimal height (clearance) from our technology to (in our case) upper hull planks is 15-20 (mm).

It must be taken into account that the machine, perhaps, will also need to be “adjusted” by level, and some of its sides may rise.

Now consider the size of the opening in depth.

In the classic version (when the countertop of a standard depth of 600mm, and the depth of the lower boxes. 460mm), the distance from the front edge of the gorbs to the wall is 560mm.

Let, in this case, the overall depth of the washer. 500mm.

But, the depth itself is hull (excluding the depth of the hatch, which is located in the center of the device). Less by 35mm

Under the washing room you do not need to design any boxes.

It is enough to calculate the width of the hull planks (which, as mentioned above, withstand the size of the width between the neighboring boxes, to which they are attached), and the lower partition, which is needed to fix the bottom of the swing facades, which covers the opening, and the width that is equal to the width hull planks.

much, space, needed, washing

For size in depth, you still need to know the depth of this lower partition.

For example, if its depth (as in our case) will be 60mm, then the total size in depth will be:

If we take into account that this part is located at a distance of 100mm from the floor (that is, it is not in the Luke of the washing room, but is where its depth is less than the overall 35mm), then, with this depth of this bar, this technique can be accommodated In the niche.

In our case, the gap from this bar to the device can be 10mm.

One nuance: the depth of this technique must be measured, given the sizes of adapters to which corrugers and hoses are attached from the back (taking into account these corrugations and hoses).

And the last thing to do is to calculate the size of the opening (the distance between neighboring boxes) by width.

For open installation, you can give 10-15mm to the gap (on each side), and insert the washer into your niche.

In the niche formed between the boxes, the loops for the facades will be attached, which will take part of the space.

much, space, needed, washing

Ask LG. How much space do I need around my washing machine?

Usually, gaps in this case (on loops) are given 25-30 mm.

In this case, there may be two options for a built.In washing machine:

  • Когда она глубокая, и глубина нижней перегородки меньше, чем в нашем случае (60мм), или, например, когда перегородку вообще, нужно устанавливать вертикально (получив, таким образом, глубину, равную толщине Древесно-стружечная плита), чтобы эта стиралка вместилась в The formed opening. In this case, it will not work to adjust the facades (with the installed washing machine). It will be necessary, every time, pull it out of the niche.
  • When it is not so deep, and the distance from it to the facades is 60mm and more. In this case, you can adjust the loops on the facades without pulling it out.

And one should not forget that the lower partition (the depth of which, in our case, is 60mm) so that it can be quickly removed (in the case when you need to pull out the washer out), must be attached to the neighboring boxes or on corners, or better. On minifixes.

Here are the general points regarding the calculations made during the design of the kitchen bottom, which must be built into the usual washing machine.

What needs to be taken into account when placing?

The dimensions of the machines automata include: height, width and depth. If the first machines of the machine were standard dimensions of 85x60x60, now the household appliance market is filled with different models. From standard to narrowest.

For the possibility of embedding the unit under the sink, placing it on stands, with maximum savings in space, there are compact models, all the dimensions of which are much less than standard.

The amount of linen, which can be painfully washed in one working cycle of a machine gun, depends on the width, height and depth of the washer

To minimize the area, cars with vertical loading are increasingly used. Narrow unit in width, only 40 cm wide with linen loading through the window on the upper panel, makes such a universal machine if possible placement.

Indicator. Height of technology

Almost all units with vertical and front loading have a height of 85 cm. Due to the adjustable screw legs, these models, if necessary, can reach values ​​of 90 cm. And if rubber stands are used to stabilize vibration, then the unit becomes even higher.

Some compact models, for installation under the sink, have a maximum height of 70 cm. This is necessary so that you can fix a special cup-throat with a marginal drain on top, and this design was flush with the rest of the furniture in the bathroom.

The height of built-in models of cars varies between 81-85 cm. Using adjustable legs, it is necessary to ensure that the gap between the top of the machine and the countertop is 2-4 cm

Household models with front loading 85-90 cm high should be installed with a margin of space above them, since the cover of the loading hatch opens upstairs.

The standard dimensions of the vertical vertical covers are 40-45 cm, therefore, for the convenience of loading and excavation of linen, it is necessary to leave 45 cm above it.

If for the user a machine machine is not too significant for a machine, then above it and spare space you can install a shelf for washing powder and other household products.

Indicator. Vehicle width

Most often, cars with the front window have a width of 60 cm. There are more narrow models, 55-59 cm wide. This is important if the room where the unit is very small, and every centimeter is taken into account.

Built-in models practically do not differ in width, since for proper placement, the gap between the walls of the machine and the walls of the countertop should be 2-4 cm.

In vertical machines there is an option for belie. This innovation appeared with the advent of the Addwash series with an additional boot window

If a too narrow corner is allotted in the bathroom, corridor or kitchen for washing, or it should be placed between furniture and plumbing devices, it is better to purchase a model with vertical filling, since these devices width does not exceed 45 cm.

Indicator. Washing depth

The depth of the machine is an important indicator, since living in an apartment where the bathroom is combined or small in area, the full.Size equipment will have nowhere to place and you will have to buy a narrower model.

Standard models of 60 cm wide can be placed in a boiler room, specially designated room in a private house, or in the bathroom, if its area allows you to install such an unit, and it is necessary due to a significant capacity of things.

Often, narrowed or narrow models are purchased for united bathrooms, since when installed by the machine there are communications, sockets, which occupies an additional place and a full.Size unit can be simply inappropriate.

When choosing a place for washing with front loading, it is necessary to take into account the availability of free space in front of the unit, in order to open the hatch for loading and nothing linen. When placing a machine in the corridor, it is necessary to remember the need for a water supply and sewage system, which will take 10-15 cm of additional space behind the machine. Therefore, the unit should be significantly already than the place allotted for him in the room.

If the bathtub area does not allow you to place both the machine and the sink, they can be combined. To do this, consider compact models that are built under a narrow sink with a marginal drain.

The depth of built-in models for the kitchen varies between 54-60 cm, so you can find the unit for any configuration of the kitchen and install it, leaving a standard 2-4 cm gap.

Installation of the washbasin over the washing machine

The installation of the sink above the washing machine is standard. All the difference is to mark the height of the washing machine, then select the place of mounting the brackets for installing the sink so that the bottom of the sink is in the right place. How much to raise the bracket is written in the product passport. This is a variable that each model has its own and it also depends on the type of bracket. So you have to count on your own.

After installing the brackets, you can make an fitting: hang the washbasin and make sure that it is at the required height. After which you can install the mixer and siphon. Siphon, as you remember, should be special, the output of which immediately turns back. A corrugated hose is connected to the plastic pipe, which is fixed to the wall (you can with plastic clamps).

Siphon for washing over the washing machine has a special design

Next, install the sink on the bracket. Some of them provide fixation using bolts. First and do not fully tighten, leave about 5 mm. Then we apply a layer of silicone sealant on the back of the washbasin along the upper edge. It will prevent water from entering the gap between the sink and the wall. After that, you can tighten the bolts.

Next. Connection to the water supply and sewage system, after which it is necessary to immediately check the working capacity of the washbasin. If everything is fine, you can connect the machine and push it into place.

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