How much to pay per month for an electric towel warmer

Calculation of the required power

According to GOST R 51617-2000 for the bathroom, as well as a joint bathroom and toilet during the heating period, the temperature should reach 25°C. In order to heat the air to this temperature, the power consumption of an electric towel radiator must meet the necessary parameters.

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The model is chosen on the basis of the area of the room. For heating, 140 watts per m² and for towel drying only 35 watts per m² is sufficient. If these conditions are met, the energy consumption will be optimal. If you set a lower wattage, the air in the room will not heat up to the set norm and the consumption will be unjustified. You should not install a more powerful device, either. Although due to the built-in thermostat the consumption of electricity will not increase, more frequent switching on and off the regulator relay will reduce the resource of the device.

What power to choose

Typically, bathrooms in high-rise residential buildings are not very large, averaging 3-5 m². In private homes, shared bathrooms can be as large as 9-10 m². Accordingly, the towel dryer on the power should correspond to the area multiplied by 140 watts. Thanks to a wide choice and variety of models to choose the required power can be with high accuracy, although a small deviation of 20-30 watts will not affect the operation of the heater.

If you buy a towel dryer just for drying, you do not have to keep to the above parameter. The main thing is to have enough space to place towels for all family members. In this case, you can focus your choice on devices with a flexible heater. Inside such an electric towel dryer is not a heating element, but a heating cable. With a sufficiently large size, the power of the device is insignificant.

How much an electric towel dryer consumes per month

Electric towel rails. a great alternative to water dryers, especially if those are connected to the central heating system. The heating system works about six months. during the rest of the time the device will not heat the bathroom. Electric bathroom radiators work from the 220V mains and do not depend on the supply of the heating medium in heating and hot water complexes.

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How much does an electric towel radiator consume electricity? The value of consumption depends directly on the electric towel dryer power and its mode of operation. The power of the device is selected when selecting the device.

According to SNiP requirements, the air temperature in the bathroom should be close to or equal to 25 0 C. In order to provide such temperature level, the device power must be selected on the basis of 100-140 W per 1 square meter of the room area.

It should be noted that too low power value of the device will not allow it to cope with its tasks, too much performance will entail a reduction in service life due to frequent on/off switching of the product.

If the apartment owner does not plan to heat the bathroom unnecessarily, and wants to use the towel dryer only for drying towels, the specific power indicator is taken on the basis of 35. 40 W/m 2. Most often cable models of devices are used for simple towel drying. they are more economical.

Electricity consumption of a towel dryer depends on the following factors:

The air temperature in the adjacent rooms;

The value of the set temperature on the thermostat.

The operating time of the device during the day can have different values. The maximum power consumption in terms of duration is noted during the primary heating of the heating medium and during the drying of wet towels. At this time, the appliance operates at nominal power until the air temperature has reached the preset value. The dryer then switches on intermittently to maintain the required temperature.

To estimate the duration of operation of the device, a special value is used. the energy consumption coefficient. It varies from 0.16 to 0.4 and its working time is between 10 and 25 minutes per hour. This correction factor is usually averaged over a range of 0.2 to 0.3.

The calculation of energy consumption for a standard bathroom of a high-rise residential building (about 4 m 2 ) for heating and towel drying needs is as follows:

4 m2 x 120 x 0.25 x 24 = 2880 W or 2.88 kWt/day.

To calculate the monthly load, multiply this value by the number of days: 2.88 x 30 = 86.4 kW.

If you want to put a monetary value on the electric heated towel rail consumption, multiply the result by the price of electricity in the region.

It must be noted that the presented calculation of electricity consumption is not absolutely precise. The power consumption is influenced by the air temperature in the neighboring rooms, the quality of ventilation, the set temperature on the device. But still the presented methodology can be used for an enlarged calculation.

Power Consumption Factor

Determines the amount of total heating and drying time in relation to the active heating time with current consumption. In other words we are talking about the efficiency. As a rule, the manufacturer does not specify in the instruction manual or in the passport of the device the coefficient of energy consumption. This parameter depends on many reasons. A device that retains heat for a long time, consumes less electricity, respectively, has a low power consumption coefficient.

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In the electric towel dryers the figure ranges from 0.4 to 0.16. The exact value depends on the type of design, the principle of operation, the amount of wet linen and its degree of humidity. When calculating the coefficient it is important to take into account the fact to what extent the power of the unit is proportional to the air exchange of the ventilation system of the bathroom up to 25 m³ or a general bathroom up to 50 m³. Attention should also be paid to the humidity and the amount of drying linen.

How much does an electric towel warmer consume

Towel rail. a device that not only provides comfort, but also allows you to comfortably place and quickly dry towels and underwear. It is also an important sanitary device: it prevents the development of fungus on the fabric. Therefore it is difficult to overestimate the value of a construction with heating. It remains to find out its power consumption.

General Information

To save energy choose a model with a thermostat. The device selects the mode of operation for the electric towel dryer, keeps the level of heating at a given temperature (from 30 oÑ to 70 oÑ). You choose the temperature mode according to your wishes. But on sale there are electric models without a regulator.

The choice of electric designs with a low indicator of electricity consumption is based on knowledge

  • about the peculiarities of the internal structure of the towel dryer;
  • On the indicator of its power, and it is spent on heating the entire space of the room.

Finally confirm the correctness of the choice you can calculate in advance, before buying, the total amount of electricity consumed by the device (the calculations are made according to the formula).

How much electricity an electric towel warmer consumes

We found a very interesting article about the electricity consumption of electric towel heaters and after gathering some additional material we want to share it with you.

In the period from June 3 to June 9, 2011 the engineers of the Polish company Terma. a global manufacturer of design radiators, heaters and other heating equipment, conducted a study to find the amount of electricity consumed by an electric radiator and the factors that affect it.

Unfortunately we did not find any data on the room where the experiment was conducted and the ambient temperature.

A Terma POP 552 x 600 heated towel rail and a Terma MOA heating coil of 300 and 600W were used in the experiment. Towel rail looks like on the picture below, has compact size, 16 crosspieces and high heating power, about 530 W.

The Terma electric towel radiator was not filled with water, but with a special Flavex oil. During the day, the room temperature was stable at around 24-25°C. Power consumption was measured by the meter built in the socket MT4011.

Engineers performed two tests of 72 hours each. In the first test, a 300 W heating element was used, in the second. 600 W. For the purity of the experiment, each of the heaters was put into operation at room temperature and both units operated continuously in mode “3” for the entire time, t.е. maintained the temperature of the towel radiator at 45 ° C. Line voltage. 230 V, the meter was reset to zero before the start of the experiment.

Electric heater Terma MOA 300 W Terma MOA 600 W
Meter data at the beginning of the experiment, kW⋅h 0 9,6
Meter data at the end of the experiment, kW⋅h 9,6 16,5
Duration of the experiment, h. 72 72
Power in 72 hours, kW⋅h 9,6 6,9
Average el.power consumption per hour, W 133 96

Contrary to all assumptions, the 600-watt heating element used one-third less electricity than its half-watt counterpart when operating in the same mode. This is due to the fact that the tested towel dryer has a thermal power greater than that of the heating element of 300W. The electric heater in this case worked under a constant heavy load.

Conclusion: it is important to choose the right power of the heating element. This article will help you with that.

How much electricity an electric towel warmer consumes

Electric towel dryers are characterized by a significant heat transfer coefficient and have a relatively low power consumption.

Energy consumption of devices depends on the size, design features and materials used in the product.

Bathrooms should be kept at about 25 o C for comfortable conditions in humid climates. For this the heaters should generate heat energy of about 100 W per 1 m 2 area of the room.

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For a room area of 4m 2 we recommend the use of a towel rack, which can provide about 560 watts of power.

How much energy a towel warmer consumes

Power consumption depends on the design features, dimensions and materials of manufacture of a towel dryer. In general, modern electric units are characterized by relatively low power consumption and have a relatively high heat transfer coefficient.

The comfortable temperature for a room with high humidity is 22-25 degrees Celsius. Celsius. To maintain an optimal temperature regime, the heaters must produce about 100 W of thermal energy per square meter of heated area. Considering the standard sizes of a 4 sq.m. bathroom we assume the following figures. If the radiator size is greater than 560-600 W, we recommend the installation of a coil with a power of about 560-600 W.

Power consumption of the electric towel dryer

An electric towel rail is a good option for providing comfortable conditions in the bathroom. In today’s range you can find many models of different sizes, shapes, designs and technical equipment. If the external appeal and relevance can be appreciated by anyone, then the correct calculation of the functional nuances of the product will not be able to many.

This type of towel warmers has a lot of advantages and certain disadvantages, but the main characteristic of the products. the need to connect to source of electricity. is neither one nor the other. What is the principle of operation of an electric towel dryer and how much energy it consumes in operation. we will consider in this article.

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