How much to put popcorn in the microwave

Popcorn in the microwave

Today I first tried to cook popcorn in the microwave. Since this technique appeared relatively recently, it is not surprising that I did not even imagine until this moment how to cook popcorn in the microwave. Now I have already cooked and ready to share my thoughts about that with you.

I must say right away that I was preparing a special popcorn, which is designed for cooking in the microwave. It is sold in a special package, in which it is necessary to cook it.

Cooking time: 3.5 minutes difficulty: Easy power: 700 watts

I’ll start right from the very beginning. I bought several packages with popcorn in the store. I came home and turned one of them to cook. The paper bag, in which the grain of corn was scattered, was packed in a plastic bag so that the grains would not spoil. Rectangular paper package. During preparation, this form of the package made it difficult to prepare corn, as all the time I strove to get stuck with one of the angles during scrolling the plate with the microwave mechanism.

If the manufacturer took care of convenience, he would have created a round package shape. It would be more convenient. The package to the microwave must be sent by the inscription “Up” up. Turn on the microwave for 3.5 minutes at full power. The neighbor said that you can turn on the microwave for 2 minutes, then take the package, shake and send it to the microwave again for 1-1.5 minutes. Popcorne cooking time depends not only on the power of the technique. You need to navigate by sound. As soon as the grains begin to burst every 2-3 seconds, you can turn off the microwave. Otherwise, the grains will begin to burn. During the preparation of popcorn, you do not need to move away from the microwave. We listen to corn grains and click “Stop” when “music” begins to slow down.

The finished popcorn is cooled and served to the table. Personally, I liked to cook popcorn in the microwave than in a pan, as I did before. Good film and fun company. Friends delicious popcorn!

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How to fry popcorn

How to fry popcorn in a pan or pan 1. Heat the dishes before falling asleep. 2. Pour oil (100 grams of grain. 30 ml of oil). To prepare popcorn, coconut or corn oil will be the best. Only in extreme cases can sunflower be used. 3. Pour the grain of popcorn. On a 3-liter pan, 100 grams of grain will be optimal. 4. With frying popcorn to grind, without opening the lid. Fry popcorn until the pops of the disclosure of grains end. 5. After the frying, immediately remove the cover from the pan and remove the unsuccessful grains of popcorn.

How to fry popcorn in multicooker 1. Pour the grains of corn into a potted pot and pour in oil. 2. Put a multicooker for “soup” mode. During the preparation of popcorn, corn grain will begin to be linked and burst. 3. As soon as the corn stops bursting, instantly turn off the slow cooker. Otherwise, it will simply burn. 4. Released popcorn season with salt and powdered sugar to taste. Everything, you can include your favorite movie and have fun.

How to fry popcorn in a microwave 1. Take the corn package for the preparation of popcorn, having previously removed the cellophane film from it (do not open the paper bag), put up the microwave in the microwave. 2. Set the preparation mode on maximum power on the microwave, and set the cooking time 2.5 minutes. 3. As soon as corn becomes less likely to burst (about one cotton in 3 seconds), you can stop the cooking mode. 4. Pull out a bag from the microwave and shake. 5. Open a package, pulling it around the edges in different directions, and put it in a plate.

Cooking popcorn without a microwave

Now let’s figure out how to cook popcorn without a microwave. All you need is a stove and a suitable cooking capacity. Of course, with a microwave, cooking takes less effort. But even without it you can easily cope with the task. And the preparation of treats will take the same few minutes.

There are two ways to make a snake on a home stove. You can fry popcorn in a pan or in a large pan. Or cook it in the oven, which will perfectly replace the microwave oven. In addition, this method of heat treatment is much more useful than the effect of microwave radiation.

Fried popcorn, of course, is not the most dietary, healthy dish. But if you want to pamper yourself with a delicious snack, choose the right oil for cooking. Or prepare a dish in the oven. With this method of processing, it will turn out to be more dietary.

much, popcorn, microwave

How to fry popcorn in a pan

To prepare a snack, you need a pan with high sides. Better choose a cast.Iron or other option with a thick bottom.

Well, now we’ll carefully figure out how to fry popcorn.

Pour oil into the pan and put it on a preheated plate. Wait until the oil warms up. Then pour the corn grain in a frying pan so that they cover the bottom of the container with one layer. Remember: there should not be many oils so that the grains do not swim in it.

Cover the pan with a lid and cut the time. 4 minutes will take for cooking. After a while, grains will begin to clap. Follow the process, periodically shaking the pan so that the flakes do not burn.

When the corn opens, remove the pan from the stove. Pour the treats into a plate for serving. Pour oil from above, season to your taste.

How to Make Microwave Popcorn Without a Microwave!

Instead of a pan, you can use a deep pan. The principle of cooking does not change.

How to cook popcorn in the oven

Take a deep container with a lid. A pan, a pan without plastic inserts. Aluminum or glass form for baking is suitable. Instead of a lid, you can use foil. Cover the container with it, make a few punctures with a knife so that excess air comes out through the holes.

Next, act, as when cooking in a microwave oven.

Lubricate the mold with oil, put the grains in one layer into it. Pour the corn oil and salt it. Cover the container with a lid or sheet of foil and send to a well.Heated oven.

Making Popcorn With The Ecolution Micro-Pop Popcorn Microwave Popper

Depending on the power of the oven for cooking, it will take from 4 minutes. When you hear frequent pops, get out the dish. It is better to leave corn for 30 seconds under the lid so that all the grains are opened.

Popcorn in the oven is ready. It remains to season the treat to taste and can be served to the table.

Useful advice: open the lid so that the extra steam comes out. So the snack will turn out more crispy.

Recipes in the microwave

By the way, in the microwave, there are a lot, what can be prepared. I recently found out that you can even make chips in the microwave and not only from potatoes

Well, now I will share a few original recipes. You can post a link to the article on your page in social.Network. So you will not lose the recipe and share with your friends.

In the package

According to this recipe, oil and spices are added after preparing. So you can use the package several times and do not increase the calorie content.

Pour the cucumber nucleus into a paper bag. Fold the upper edge of the bag two or three times so that it remains well closed. Put the timer for 4 minutes at high power.

As soon as the interval between the explosions of the grains increases to 2 seconds, this is a signal that popcorn is ready. Depending on your microwave, you can clap ahead of time. Pour air flakes into a bowl. Put on top with spices or salt, pour oil and mix. Now turn on the movie and enjoy

Without a package

For this cooking option you will need special dishes. Not every container can be used in microwave. Read more about this in the article “Dishes for the microwave“.

much, popcorn, microwave

Pour the nuclei into a large bowl. They should cover the bottom with an even layer, pour oil on top and thoroughly mix the grains.

Cover the bowl on top of the lid and put in the oven. After installing the maximum power, the timer for 3 minutes. Then carefully listen to what is happening inside the unit. Silent shooting (once every 2 seconds). A signal that air flakes are ready.

Pull the dishes from the microwave, let the popcorn cool a little. Then sprinkle with spices on top. Everything is ready: it’s time to convene relatives for eating

Watch more videos of how to cook with sweet caramel

Popcorn preparation process in the microwave

Corn grain in an amount of about 50 g must be mixed with refined vegetable oil (approximately a tablespoon (15 g). You can do it right in a saucepan. There should be so many corn to close the bottom in one layer.

Then you need to put the saucepan in the furnace, cover with a lid, turn on the “popcorn” mode or for maximum power. With a power of 850 W, preparing this portion takes 4-5 minutes. Faster. If you take pre.Processed corn for popcorn in the supermarket, stolen in bags. Then the package (weighing 100 grams, but of the same final volume as 50 g of dry grain) will be switched and prepared in 2-3 minutes. Alas, this pre.Processed corn is also processed by a flavor, which not everyone likes.

Cooking time will be different for each stove and for each batch of grain. Therefore, it is better to set the minimum. After 1-2 minutes from the start of cooking corn will begin to explode. Explosions will first be rare, then frequent, and then rare again. The third stage means it’s time to turn off the stove. Some part of the grains (10-15%) will remain unprincipled, these are the necessary production costs. If there are a lot of undeveloped grains, you can get ready and continue the process with the remaining. After the popcorn is ready, it can be sprinkled with salt or sugar, as well as your favorite spices, and a little shake under the pan cover.


Popcorn is needed to prepare 1 portion of popcorn. 4 minutes

We pour into the heat.Resistant capacity of the grain of corn so that they cover the bottom with an even layer and fill them with oil.

Mix so that each grain receives its own dose of olives.

We put the filled container in the microwave, close it with a special lid with a hole (mandatory, otherwise condensate is formed).

You can cook without a cover, but then you will have to collect the finished popcorn across the stove plus to wash it from the oil.

Turn on the microwave at a power of 800 watts for three minutes. For about a minute, characteristic sounds resembling pops begin to come from the apparatus. This suggests that corn grains are warmed up and begin to open up. As soon as the noise stops, the popcorn in the microwave is ready.

It remains only to season it with salt (or powder of sugar), and you can get comfortable in front of the TV.

Preparation of popcorn.

1 choice of popcorn

First you need to decide with the taste of popcorn. In stores, supermarkets and markets, a huge number of unsolved corn grains are sold for popcorn with various fillers, aromas and taste effects.

After you made your choice and purchased a bag of popcorn, open the package and pull a sealed bag with popcorn out of it. If you purchased popcorn with additives before cooking, shake the paper bag so that the grains are mixed with salt, sugar or spices.

2 Prepare popcorn in the microwave

Calve a bag with popcorn and if your microwave is small, bend the bags of the bag so that during the rotation of the dish they do not hurt the walls of the microwave oven.

Place a bag with grains on a dish, turn on the popcorn function and press the start. If there is no such function on your microwave oven, just install the timer for 3. 4 minutes as indicated on the packing of popcorn, press the start and wait, you will soon enjoy the fragrant white corn delicacy. After 1. 2 minutes you will see as a package, swells and increases in volume by 3 to 4 times.

After the desired time, open the microwave, very carefully helping yourself with a kitchen towel, take out a package with popcorn and transfer it to the table. Then make a small incision in the package corner with a knife and let the pair go out. After the popcorn has cooled, open the package.

Pour fragrant pieces in a large deep bowl. From one small package of popcorn, a large bowl of air yummy is obtained. Enjoy!

3 Prepare popcorn in a pan

The second method of preparing popcorn is a little painstaking and requires your constant presence near the stove and participation in preparation. After you have made a choice of popcorn, open the package. Then take a large boiler or pan with a handle, it is desirable that the container is at least 5 liters, but if there is no one, it is suitable for 3 liters. Turn on the stove at the strongest temperature and put the pan on it with the desired amount of vegetable oil. Speak the fat to the outfit so that steam comes from it. Ideally, it is necessary to heat the pan up to 200 degrees Celsius.

After the popcorn container has hot, place half of corn grains from the bag in it and immediately close the pan with a lid. Corn grains will begin to heat up, but so that they do not burn, remove the pan from the stove, count for 30 seconds and put it on the stove again, during which time the oil will cool down a little. After 1 minute, you will hear pops under the pan, at this moment it is important not to remove the lid otherwise you risk getting a burn from Popcorne flying out of the speed! Shake the pan periodically, holding it with a kitchen towel. When the pops slow down, remove the pan from the stove, helping yourself with a kitchen towel, open the lid, make sure that popcorn is ready and throw it into a deep bowl.

Popcorn is prepared at the speed from about 6 to 8 minutes. In the same way, prepare the second part of the popcorn from the remaining corn grains and tasted forward!

4 Serve popcorn

Popcorn cools quickly and is served coldly laid in a deep bowl. Its feed depends on the choice of taste that you want to get in the end. For example, if you have prepared a regular popcorn without additives, you can season it with melted butter, sugar or salt in any amount of amounting to you. If you have purchased already salty popcorn, you can season it with butter or spices that are designed to prepare meat or vegetable dishes. If you have prepared a sweet popcorn, it can be seasoned with a sweet creamy sauce prepared from melted butter, syrup of any fruit type and sugar. You can, change the taste of this dish as you like more, and enjoy eating it at least every day!

Tips for the recipe

Popcorn (air corn) at home: recipe and typical errors ⁠ ⁠

A huge number of materials on the preparation of popcorn are on the Internet, but the same errors are often made there, and some subtleties, on the contrary, are not enough. Therefore, it was decided to pay close attention to this issue and paint the recipe so that everyone is guaranteed to get the perfect result.

Home popcorn, oddly enough, is no more difficult to do than popcorn for the microwave, but if you fill your hand, then it’s even easier and faster, especially if several servings are needed. Well, as for the taste. Store popcorn, neither ready, nor for the microwave, even nearby I was lying with home. So, let’s get down.

Take the largest pan and put on the fire just above the average. For a stove with 6 divisions, this is approximately 4. It is important to ensure uniform heating, that is, if you have a gas stove, it is advisable to use a pan with a thick bottom.

Pour refined vegetable oil into the pan so that it covers the bottom with a layer of 1-2 mm (part of the oil can be replaced with butter or use unrefined oil). When it warms up well, pour the grains of corn so that they completely cover the bottom of the pan in one layer. Shake slightly so that the grains are covered with oil and evenly distributed along the bottom.

Cover the pan with a frying pan (a grid that does not allow the oil to spray) or a colander so that the exploding grains do not fly away. The fact is that the grains contain a lot of water, thanks to which they explode. If you cover the pan with a lid, the steam will condensate and drip on the popcorn, and the grains hit in the lid will get wet. If there is no cooler, no screen, you need to at least leave the lid slightly ajar. Part of the moisture is still condensed, but this will at least reduce the wet.

Когда интервалы между хлопками станут более 2-3 секунд, снимите кастрюлю с огня и добавьте соль, сахарную пудру, тертый пармезан, растопленный шоколад, карамель, сироп — в общем то, с чем вы любите попкорн. Cover the pan with a lid (if it is wet. Wipe), shake vigorously so that the contents mix well, and immediately remove the lid so that the steam continues to go out.

Slightly shake the pan from side to side, so that the grains are not completely open to the bottom, after which the popcorn is ready to use. Put it to the bowls, turn it on and enjoy it.

Often they say that you need to cook popcorn over high heat. This is not so. The grains will be burned without having time to open, and then the open grains will be burned. With a correctly selected temperature regime (just above the average), nothing will never burn out anything.

Always try to cover the whole bottom of the pots of corn with grains. Thus you get a product with a minimum amount of oil. If you put the grains less, you have to add more oil to ensure that it provides heat transfer. As a result, popcorn will be very fat. So if you need a little pop, take just a smaller pan.

In the pan, cooking popcorn is most convenient, since the ratio of the diameter of the pan and its height is ideal for these purposes. If they close the entire bottom, then the finished popcorn will almost fill the pan. But if you make popcorn in a pan, then the finished popcorn simply does not fit, and if you do a little, then, again, it will turn out too bold.

Popcorn in the microwave

Pour vegetable oil on the bottom of a glass or plastic container for microwave and pour salt. But you can do without oil.

Pour corn for popcorn. Mix. Do not pour a lot of corn, otherwise it can burn. An approximate portion. A fifth of the glass.

With power “600” popcorn in the microwave is prepared for 6-7 minutes.

With a power “800” 3-3.5 minutes is enough.

For the first time, it is necessary to monitor the preparation of popcorn to determine the optimal time.

If necessary, the finished popcorn can be crushed.

Popcorn in the microwave, a disc with a movie in DVD. The evening was a success, thanks

Popcorn in the microwave is better than purchased, super

Nechevo did not work corn did not even become white, she remained as she was

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