How the mixer in the bathroom changes

Installation of the mixer in the bathroom: device and installation guide

Sometimes it seems that the installation of the mixer in the bathroom is only possible for professionals. Especially if this question appeared before the inexperienced owner. Everything looks complicated, incomprehensible and from this even more frightening. But you can cope with this task on your own, only having sorted out a little with the subtleties of the process.

We will tell you how not to make a mistake in choosing a mixer, what parameters to pay attention to when buying the device, as well as provide instructions for installing it.

We complemented all the stages of assembly and installation with detailed schemes and visual photos. For a better understanding of the process, video tolls are given with a crane installation briefing.

Subtleties of choosing a bathroom mixer

The need for the installation of the mixer in the bathroom can occur for various reasons. due to full.scale repair, breakdown of the old familiar unit or simply wanted to change the boring model.

If this is one of the last two options, then it will be quite easy to cope with the question. The main thing, calmly deal with the device, installation features and the most common errors.

When installing a new mixer with a shower watering can on the wall, you need to focus on the convenience of the owner. The height of the mount for the watering can depends on the individual needs of a particular person

The first thing to do is choose a new mixer or, as users often call it, the crane. After all, now almost no one puts a separately for cold and separately. for hot water.

It is convenient for the consumer to use the mixer. this is practical and beautiful. Thanks to the variety of offers in the market, you can choose a model of any style for different interiors.

Mixers: They are so different.

Manufacturers offer a variety of models, radically differing in their price. First you have to decide which model is needed.

Depending on how the mixer will be installed, all of them are divided into three types:

mixer, bathroom, changes
  • with a horizontal installation, when the installation on the horizontal surface is ahead;
  • with vertical. when the installation occurs in a vertical plane;
  • when all parts are mounted in the wall.

Horizontally oriented mixers are supposed to be mounted on board the bath or sink. Vertical. on the wall. a satisfied rare phenomenon for our consumers. It is difficult, very expensive, impractical for standard apartments and requires the participation of professionals.

If the dimensions of the room allow, then it is convenient to install a sink for washing, installing a crane separately on it

Often at least two cranes are used in the bathroom. separately for bathing and for the washbasin. Here you have to choose the option that is suitable for a specific room. If a full.scale repairs with redevelopment are not planned, then it remains to buy a new crane of the same type as the installed old.

Depending on the internal device, the mixers are divided into the following types:

The most beloved version of many customers is two.wound. Perhaps it is difficult to find an adult who does not understand what is at stake. This type of mixers has two valves that, respectively, for hot and cold water, are responsible. As seals, they use rubber gaskets or ceramic discs.

The second option is more preferable. it has a longer service life. But when hard water flows from the pipes with a large number of impurities, and individual cleaning filters in an apartment or house are not installed, it is more advisable to choose an option with rubber gaskets.

It is better to choose two.wound models with ceramic discs. This will significantly extend the service life without repair

A lever.type mixer has only one tool for adjusting the water temperature. lever. The process of mixing water occurs by turning the lever in one or the other side.

Due to the convenience of using such models and moderate cost, the demand for them is invariably growing-manufacturers offer a wide selection of single-leaf mixers. As for the installation, it also does not differ in particular complexity.

A tap that controls the temperature with one lever is more convenient than a valve. No need to twist the valves for a long time and stubbornly. I turned it slightly to the side and everything managed to adjust

A more expensive option is a mixer-teremostat. It does not require the constant participation of a person in adjustment and configuration. It is enough to once set the desired water temperature.

This type of crane is strictly not suitable if hot water is often turned off in the house or area. the thermostat will block the supply of cold water. So, having come from work in the evening and wanting to wash your hands, you can get a lot of unpleasant emotions and spent a lot of obscene expressions.

Changing bath shower mixer taps, nightmare plumbing!

Although this is a very convenient option for bathing. when sharp changes in water temperature and you need to constantly adjust the necessary, the thermostat will become a real find.

Termostat mixers are convenient if the family has a curious child-you can not worry that he will accidentally burn with hot water

The contactless type of mixer is most often chosen for installation in public places. For home use, it is taken in rare cases-when this is the embodiment of original design thoughts or is simply interesting to try something new in your bathroom.

Materials of the manufacture of cranes

If you focus on the price range, then the cheapest models made from aluminum and silicon alloy are Silhumin. They are much easier in weight and have a short warranty life. It rarely happens that such a mixer will be used much longer than this period.

expensive options are made from a multicomponent copper alloy. brass. They are immediately given an impressive look and weight, which significantly exceeds the weight of their brothers from Silumin.

Choosing a mixer for yourself, it is better to avoid those models in the coating of which nickel was used. This can cause health problems. It is good to choose options with chrome spraying. over, they favorably differ in colors and imitation of various metals.

How to replace the mixer in the bathroom or in the kitchen (crane)

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It’s time to update the mixer? If it just dripping from it, then rubber seals usually go under the replacement. Well, if you decide to change absolutely everything, then it’s okay. This process is quite simple, especially if you have all the necessary tools.

Look at your sink. Check how many holes there are, and at what distance from each other they are located. You can also see below. Fluckers for the bathroom, especially with two handles, can be in the form of a single block along with a nose or can be located at a distance from it. You need to know this in order to correctly replace it.

  • for this type of product vary greatly, from 700 to 17,000 and above. Read the description and decide for yourself how much you are ready to pay for quality, and how much for the brand and style.

View the instructions that are included with the mixer. It may contain detailed, useful information, or it can be just a dummy. If there are doubts, then postpone this instruction until you find something else, suitable.

Think about the purchase of a special divorce wrench, at a price less than 700. This tool is designed so that it is easy to put it behind the sink, with it the nuts are unscrewed, with which the mixer is attached to the sink. This tool will easily help you out if you cannot unscrew the nuts with your hand or with any other tools.

Cross the water supply to the mixer. Under the sink you will see two water supply lines, hot and cold, which eventually connect to the mixer. Each of them should have a valve. To block the water supply, turn the valve clockwise until it stops.

  • When replacing the mixer, it will not prevent the replacement of the water supply lines, unless of course they have worn out, especially if they are flexible. If your water supply system consists of ordinary solid pipes, then there is no need to replace. If you do not change the pipes, then just block the water. A woven hose made of reinforced stainless steel practically excludes the likelihood of a flood from the gap site.

Remove the large nuts that attach the mixer. This is just the very moment when you may need a special divorce wrench. The mixer can be fixed by one, two or even three nuts. This is perhaps the most difficult part of the entire replacement process, since the threads on the bolts are most often quite long and damaged by corrosion, which complicates the movement of the nut. Hold on! Then it will be easier.

Now carefully study the hoses. If they have damage somewhere, then disconnect them from the mixer and take one of them as a sample with you to the store where you buy exactly the same new.

Before installing a new crane, carefully clean the place where the old one was installed. You will have to clean the surface of solid (calcium, salt) deposits. To do this, you can use vinegar or a cleaning agent on an acidic basis.

Slot materials for plumbing carving

For sealing threads when connecting plumbing, 4 types of seals are used. In this case, the seal is required only for the thread of the eccentric or adapter.

Flax and sealing pasta

Len with paste is still popular among plumbers. Sealing paste does not allow flax to dry on hot pipes and rot at cold water supply.

  • The lowest cost of consumables.
  • Suitable for winding for contaminated and wet pipes.
  • Suitable for large diameter pipes.
  • The ability to weaken the connection up to 45 ° without loss of tightness.

note! When working with flax, it is necessary to observe accuracy, especially when winding on plastic and thin.walled fittings.

The fluoroplastic tape is suitable for winding on thin.walled connecting elements, plastic, wet and small threads. The main advantage of using this sealant is the speed and purity of work. The disadvantages include an increase in the cost of execution of the compound, so the use of FUM tapes on large diameter pipes is economically impractical.

Advice! When choosing a winding, you need to check its elasticity. If the tape stretches, it is of high quality, and the connection will last a long time.

Advantages of using a thread to compile a connection:

mixer, bathroom, changes
  • The ability to adjust the connection up to 90 ° to unscrewing.
  • Suitable for winding for wet, cold and hot pipes, dirty thread.
  • Microfibers that make up the threads provide high tightness of the connection during vibration loads, temperature fluctuations and minor subjugation of the thread.

Advice! The thread is considered an ideal option if you need to quickly perform a large number of compounds.

When choosing a type of sealant, you need to take into account the possibility or need to dismantle equipment. For promoted and non.indifferent compounds, various types of anaerobic sealant are used.

From the advantages, the compound adjustment, speed of work, as well as the fact that the need to delay the thread is disappeared, which is especially convenient in places is distinguished. Of the shortcomings, the high cost and the need to degrease fittings is noted.

Important! Anaerobic sealant is used in assembling new systems, as it is suitable for applying only on a clean thread.

How to change old 2 taps to a single mixer

The considered instructions are of a general advisory nature, since when dismantling the old crane, especially the Soviet model, various nuances often occur, which is impossible to provide for. And when installing a new mixer, it is necessary to be guided by the recommendations of the manufacturer, since each model can differ from the previous one even in one trademark.

Dismantling of the old structure

Before installing a new crane, you need to get rid of the old. To do this, it needs to be dismantled. Removal is carried out through several simple steps.

  • You need to block the water in the riser.
  • On the bottom of the bath to lay any unnecessary matter. This is done in order not to damage the enamel of an accidental part or tool in the process. Do not forget to cover the bathtub drain. Small details often fly there.
  • Using a gas key, unscrew the mixer. If the replacement of plumbing has not been produced for a dozen years, you will have to apply a lot of effort. After all, during this time, lime and salt deposits intended in the places of fasteners. During the dismantling of the old mixer, try to remove it carefully. Perhaps some of its components will be useful to you.

Dismantling the old mixer

VD-40 half of work behind. The next step will be the installation of a new bathroom crane, which will also be done with your own hands. Do not forget to purchase a new mixer model.

Attention! When buying a crane, focus on the quality of the goods, customer reviews and the rating of firms. As a rule, a good mixer is expensive, but a guarantee from the manufacturer extends to it. Cheap analogues do not last long, and their quality corresponds to the price.

How to replace the mixer: dismantling the “refuser” and installing a new device

Fluckers are irreplaceable plumbing devices that relate to the most frequently used equipment in kitchens and bathrooms. Daily work almost without rest leads to the fact that sooner or later malfunctions arise in them. The worst option is a breakdown that can no longer be fixed. In this case, some owners call plumbing, and those who do not want to wait for the arrival of a specialist and do without amenities do otherwise. They are interested in how to replace the mixer on their own in order to avoid additional expenses. This work cannot be called impossible, but to get acquainted with the intricacies of the operation, as well as with all its stages, it is still necessary.

A sudden breakdown of this device can be equated with a home.scale catastrophe, since it is used daily and constantly. How to replace the mixer? Experts are not very good about amateur performances, since the owners take their jobs, and besides, there is always a risk of flooding neighbors. However, this operation is not too complicated, and the decision to save on the services of pros is also quite logical. This is the only way out if the emergency occurred at the wrong time of the day.

What the owners need to do? Buy a new product, dismantle the old device, and then not its place to install a “follower”. Work will not require any special tools: they are the necessary set in almost any house. However, first you need to find out in which situations you can avoid the complete replacement of the mixer.

Varieties of devices

All plumbing devices are divided into 3 large groups:

  • Two.cream devices. These are the oldest designs in which there are two taps designed to mix hot and cold water. Their main working elements are crane bouxes. The main drawback of the valve mixers is the need to use two hands when adjusting the flow.
  • Single.legged, or joystick. These models are more convenient, since changing the pressure and water temperature is very easy, turning one handle. Cartridge is installed in these mixers. It can be disk, with ceramic plates, or ball, where a sphere with three holes is responsible for adjusting the flow and temperature.
  • Automatic, or sensory (contactless). induction, infrared, models with piezoelectric element. Such miracle devices have a temperature control and allow you to program water pressure. Power sources in sensory devices. lithium batteries located in the housing. These are the most complex mixers, which the amateur master cannot be repaired.

In case of faults of the first two “assistants”, the need to replace the mixer may not be. In simple valve devices, worn gaskets or a crane-bokes are changed. In one.sided replacement devices require cartridges, which are relatively easy to get.

When buying a new mixer is a need?

Codes need replacement? The first case is major repairs, after which the old plumbing device is simply not able to fit into the interior of the transformed room. The situation includes the same category when the owners decide to replace the owners with a modern, more spectacular and comfortable mixer. However, the replacement becomes not a “whim”, but by necessity in the following cases:

  • If the device is cracked. often such emergencies happen if it is not the most reliable model made of zinc alloy (TsAM), which is mistakenly called silumin.
  • When the mixer is interfering with the flawless operation of the mixer or plaque, which covered the parts inside the case.
  • If the “elderly” long.suffering device is already striking.
mixer, bathroom, changes

There is a third option that requires the replacement of the mixer: when a nut burst, which the device joins the water supply, it also cannot be repaired. The torn thread will also not make it possible to correct the situation. The reasons for these troubles may be incorrect installation or careless handling of plumbing equipment.

How to replace the mixer yourself?

Before you go to the store for a new model, you need to pay attention to the method of connecting the old mixer. The best option for buying is a device that has a similar connection method, since the pipes are wiring in this case do not have to change. When installing a crane to another place after the repair, you can choose a model of any type.

Mixers: their materials and types

Before buying the device, the hosts usually choose a model for a long time. And in this case it is better to overpay. Quality are those devices that are made of brass, bronze or stainless steel, since these materials are distinguished by corrosion resistance. The disadvantage of such products can be called a higher price, but if you take into account their “longevity”, the benefit is obvious.

Determining quality products is quite easy. Mixels made of stainless steel or strong alloys have a rather tangible weight. Not so long ago, more original products appeared, for example, ceramic. In this case, the main material also remains metal. Ceramics plays a different role: this coating is both decorating and protecting the elements of mixers.

Products from TsAM (which are mistaken for silumin) is not the best choice, since the alloy of aluminum, zinc and copper is less durable. As a rule, such “assistants” do not serve for a long time, since water is destructively acting (especially hot). Classins very quickly appear on these mixers, the worst consequences of “undercuting”. cracks in the case. Replacing such products is easier than repairing, since during the repair a thread is often damaged. Differences of “TsAM” devices are lighter weight and inexpensive price.

If we consider the performance of devices, that is, three varieties:

  • Desktop. high and low. They are installed on the sides of the baths and shells, as well as on the countertops. often installation is made in the landing hole of the device, less often it is drilled in the countertop. Convenient flexible hoses are used to connect water pipes.
  • Wall. The range of these mixers is also wide. They can have both short spouts and long husaks. As a rule, wall.mounted devices are more often bought by the owners of the apartments, since they make it possible to use one mixer for a sink and bath.

The most unusual look is flooring. These are the latest devices: such faucets have a high rack, so they are bathroom accessories. often spectacular floor devices (with or without shower) are considered as an additional decorative element. The main difference between stylish devices and small “colleagues” is a very high price.

Tools and materials

In addition to the new mixer, the master will need to collect tools and materials that will be required to work.

Plumbing “gentlemanly” set

  • set of screwdrivers and pliers;
  • seal for sealing compounds;
  • gaskets made of rubber or silicone;
  • Keys: wretched, gas, divorce, end tubular;
  • Level. to check the correctness of the installation of wall models.

To clean the output holes of the pipes will need a metal brush with not very hard bristles. To dismantle the old product, you may need kerosene, brake fluid or WD-40. If the replacement is made in the kitchen, the list should include a flashlight, since in this case the main work takes place in darkened conditions. Exception. shells that can be removed.

To dismantle the old device, a container (pelvis, bucket) and rags to collect liquid will be required. In order not to damage chrome elements, you need to prepare reinforced plumbing adhesive tape, isolet or suitable (nonsense) fabric. Experienced amateur masters recommend using skin or dense rubber.

Potential materials for sealing

It makes sense to stop on sealing materials to consider them in more detail. Among the possible options for sealing threaded joints:

To use the first “duet”, the master needs experience, since “overbid and unnecessarily” is equally dangerous. The lack of material will provoke a leak, its excess can cause another serious trouble. the nut will burst after a while.

FUM-love is also not devoid of flaws. It is not recommended to use hot water supply pipes, since the material is contraindicated in temperature changes. In addition, the FUM can not save if there are defects on the thread. In this case, the connection will sooner or later give a leak.

Tangit UNI-Lock thread is a material that both specialists and amateurs praise. It is as convenient and simple as possible in work, not so demanding: when winding a slightly larger number of “tragedies” it does not happen. Minus of the material is a high price that can be justified by its quality and universality.

Dismantling of the “elderly” crane

Before replacing the mixer, the owner will have to get rid of the old device. It is removed in this way:

Dismantling of the old structure

Before installing a new crane, you need to get rid of the old. To do this, it needs to be dismantled. Removal is carried out through several simple steps.

  • You need to block the water in the riser.
  • On the bottom of the bath to lay any unnecessary matter. This is done in order not to damage the enamel of an accidental part or tool in the process. Do not forget to cover the bathtub drain. Small details often fly there.
  • Using a gas key, unscrew the mixer. If the replacement of plumbing has not been produced for a dozen years, you will have to apply a lot of effort. After all, during this time, lime and salt deposits intended in the places of fasteners. During the dismantling of the old mixer, try to remove it carefully. Perhaps some of its components will be useful to you.

Half work behind. The next step will be the installation of a new bathroom crane, which will also be done with your own hands. Do not forget to purchase a new mixer model.

Attention! When buying a crane, focus on the quality of the goods, customer reviews and the rating of firms. As a rule, a good mixer is expensive, but a guarantee from the manufacturer extends to it. Cheap analogues do not last long, and their quality corresponds to the price.

Mixer installation: instructions

The installation of a crane can carry out in three most popular ways:

Installation on the wall

The convenience of the design is that the mixer installed in the wall can be used simultaneously above the bathroom and sink.

  • After dismantling the old crane, pay attention to the eccentric. For those who are unfamiliar with this concept, eccentrics are like adapters used in plumbing work. If they are in good condition, then their replacement does not need to be made.


Installation in the bath housing

An interesting option that can be used if there is a flexible eyeliner. All the attributes of the crane will be located directly on the surface of the bath. It is important to choose the right location of the mixer. It should be available for plumbing and repair work.

  • Coronet cutter installed on the drill, make a hole in the bath.
  • The next stage is the installation of the mixer.

Advice. Use gaskets, they will prevent leakage.

Fluckers on a separate rack

Very stylish version of mixers. Perfect for the bathroom with a large area. The faucets on a separate rack are also called floor.

  • The main hooking installation will be bringing pipes to the floor. But if the repair is fully completed, then only one option remains. breeding pipes to a corner and masking with drywall.
  • The next steps of installation are not much different from the installation of mixers on the wall.

It is worth noting that the floor faucets have a very high cost, but it is compensated by the originality of the design in the bathroom.

Installation of the mixer. simple work. The main thing in this matter is accuracy and attentiveness. The quality of the materials used and the selected crane also play an important role. But if you clearly follow the instructions, then the result will undoubtedly delight you. After all, any homework performed by yourself looks much better and is valued above than the help of specialists. And if the question arises, how to change the mixer in the bathroom with your own hands, answer: “Easy and simply!””

How to install a mixer in the bathroom correctly

When installing a new mixer, you need to carefully operate with tools so as not to scratch the instructions for the installation:

  • Eccentrics are used to align the position of the mixer in the horizontal plane. Therefore, before the main installation, you must first put the crane to the eccentrics without twisting the nuts, and check its position. If it turned out a little bit in one direction, then you should twist the eccentric to level the position. To steal, you can use a divorce key or pliers.
  • Fasten new decorative cups.
  • Wound the fum tape on the thread of eccentrics.
  • Insert the gaskets into the nuts.
  • Put the mixer and tighten the nuts manually, slightly.
  • Check the position of the crane. If it stands crookedly, then you need to unscrew the nuts and decorative cups, align the eccentric.
  • Put the mixer and tighten the nuts, first with your hands, then with a key.
  • Connect the watering can (shower) with a hose, inserting the gasket.
  • At the other end of the hose, also insert the gasket and fasten it to the mixer.
  • Screw the husak, not forgetting about the gasket.
  • Remove a rag from the bath, turn on the water and check the operation of the mixer.

After installation, the first time you need to follow whether the water flows. If there is a small stream, then you can twist the nuts a little.

Reasons for the failure of the mixer

If the need to replace the mixer arose as a result of a breakdown of the device, then it is necessary to determine the cause of the current situation. In some cases, the mixer is unusable due to the use of poor water or irregular replacement of the clogged cartridge in the filter. When replacing the cartridge, it is important to prevent damage to the mixer.

The most common breakdown of the mixer of the following type:

  • Water Sunses with a completely closed tap. The reason for the formation of such a defect is damage to the mixer with small elements of the cartridge.
  • Break off the threaded connection.
  • The formation of foci of corrosion. Mistraines made of brass alloy are most often susceptible to this.

It is worth saying that the Chinese.made devices most often become unusable, in the manufacture of which in most cases the brass alloy is used. This makes the products cheaper compared to European mixers, but also less durable. As for European.made mixers, the main material for their manufacture is high.quality stainless steel.

Sometimes visual analysis allows us to conclude that the inappropriateness of repair work is inexpressive, in which case it is required to change the crane in the bathroom. It is important to understand that the mixer in the bathroom is equipped with elements for adjusting the supply of hot and cold water, as well as a water supply system to the watering can or into the bathtub crane. For this reason, the replacement of equipment is significantly complicated.

How to choose a new model of a bathroom mixer

Replacing the crane in the bathroom involves dismantling the failed equipment and installing a new model on this place. Before proceeding with the analysis of the non.working element, you need to determine which device will be installed in its place.

When choosing a new mixer, it is necessary to take into account several points:

  • At the place of fixation, mixers are distinguished for several types: built into the wall, fixed on the wall or on the side of the bath.
  • The design of the valve and ball type mixers are released.

Ball mixers have a significant advantage. Firstly, the temperature of the water and the pressure is regulated by only one pen, secondly, they have a more attractive appearance, thirdly, they differ in convenience and practicality.

If the water system is equipped with a filter for water purification, then you can reduce the risk of clogging of the ball mixer with small particles. As for the valve, it works flawlessly, even if the water has a high level of stiffness. Therefore, the problem of how to remove the crane in the bathroom arises much less often.

In order to independently solve the problem of how to change the crane in the bathroom, you need to prepare a set of tools to perform installation work. This will focus precisely on the installation of the mixer, without being distracted by various trifles. It should be noted that the tools prepared and laid out directly at the workplace also allow you to complete the installation process faster.

To replace the mixer in the bathroom, experienced plumbing take the following:

The listed tools are always at hand with a good master, if necessary, they can be purchased in any specialized store.

Types of mixing devices for the kitchen

The reasons for changing the device can be different, starting from reducing its functionality due to the wear of individual parts, and ending with replacement with the aim of adjusting the mixer for the overall interior of the kitchen.

Regardless of the reason for the replacement, the process of dismantling and the subsequent installation of almost monotonous. And the owner of the kitchen, first of all, needs to choose the right mixer.

Design form. a choice at the personal discretion of the owner of the kitchen, but at the same time, when going to change the device, it is advisable not to move away from the overall picture of the kitchen interior. The configuration of the mixer must correspond to the installation method.

Recall that two methods of installation of kitchen mixers are common:

As a rule, table faucets are used in the kitchen designed for location on the panel of a household sink or sink side. Wall.mounted gradually go out of fashion or practice in the composition of elite interiors of the kitchen.

For installation in the kitchen, mixers with two separate taps of regulation of water flow or devices with a lever.type mechanism are mainly used. The latest designs are considered more convenient and quickly gain popularity

Also, the owner of the kitchen, who decided to change the plumbing, is given the opportunity to choose from two types of devices according to the method of control of the water flow. One species is a design with two cranes (Christmas tree) and another type. a single.leaf.type design where water mixing is carried out in one lever.

The material for the manufacture of mixing plumbing devices is usually silumers, brass, bronze, ceramics. Silhumin.based devices are less durable than brass and others.

You can distinguish silumin mixers by weight and market price (they are lighter and cheaper). It is more practical to choose brass, bronze, ceramic products. Their price is more expensive, but they will last much longer, therefore, in the long run, such products look more economical.

Instructions for replacing the mixer

A detailed description of actions to reinstall mixing equipment will help avoid mistakes if you decide to replace the first time.

Tool and installation kit

Dismantling and installing a traditional kitchen sink accessory is performed using such plumbing tools:

  • Divorce key. gas key first number;
  • wounds (1012, 1314);
  • end key with deep lodges (1012, 1314);
  • A wire non.loaded brush,
  • fluoroplastic tape. PTFE.

When solving the problem of how to replace or repair the mixer in the kitchen, the installer must have a full installation kit under his hand. This is a set of all the necessary elements: gaskets, connecting hoses, nuts, screws, washers, etc.P., which are usually sold with the device.

The manufacturer supplements any kit of the kitchen mixer with instructions where the installation sequence of such a device is signed.

To dismantle or mount the mixer in the kitchen, a small set of plumbing tools will be required. Every owner in the house should have such a set. It will come in handy not only for installation, but also in the process of servicing plumbing

In addition to the installation tool, housekeeping accessories will be required: rags, bucket or pelvis. Thanks to these items, it is possible to reduce the spread of water remaining in the pipelines when the dismantling process is performed.

It is advisable to have a miniature flashlight, since usually replacing a desktop kitchen mixer is accompanied by work in darkened conditions. under the sink, under the sink.

Dismantling of the kitchen mixer

First of all, the supply of water (cold, hot) to the mixer stops. linear cranes are closed on centralized feed pipes. After overlapping the highways you need to open the valves of the mixer and make sure that the water does not arrive. If there is a flow of water, this indicates the wear of the linear cranes.

In this case, first you have to replace the taps on the water supply lines and only then continue to work in the kitchen.

Before starting work on dismantling/installing plumbing in the kitchen, it is necessary to block the supply of water on hot and cold lines. After blocking the cranes, check the reliability of the lock, opening the taps on the old mixer

In the absence of water flow, dismantling work can be continued. Under the sink are connecting flexible hoses (40-60 cm long), which must be removed.

The flexible eyeliner is attached to the centralized line with unit nuts. It is convenient to unscrew them with a divorce (gas) key. Flexible hoses are attached with tubular fittings on the mixer body. Here, to turn the fittings, you need a wrench 1314 or 1012, depending on the modification.

After flexible hoses are disconnected, there is a queue of dismantling directly the device-mixer. It holds on the sink thanks to two hexagonal nuts and a special clamping puck.

Nuts are driven into two long studs about 50-60 mm long. Therefore, when replacing, it is most convenient to use a trumpet key. The mounting unit is located in the lower area of ​​the mixer, so that work under the sink is ordinary practice in most cases.

When the screws are taken, the support washer is removed from the hairpins, after which the mixer is easily removed.

It is possible to dismantle the water mixing device from the kitchen sink only after a special fastening is removed at the bottom of the device. It is or a larger.sized clamping puck or two studs

Wall models in kitchens are rarely installed, but this replacement option is also not excluded. Unlike the desktop method, there is no flexible eyeliner here. The device is strictly mounted directly on the dumps from the centralized line.

The pipes, in turn, are walled up in the wall, and only the end parts with carvings are left for the connection. To dismantle and replace the wall kitchen mixer, you need to unscrew two nuts, and then remove the device.

Checking a new device

A new device bought to replace the old mixer in the kitchen is extracted from packaging. It is necessary to carefully examine the structure for the presence of defects, damage.

Branded plumbing stores, as a rule, accept and exchange defective goods, repair or return money. The main thing is to have a commodity check in hand.

On the mixer you need to carefully check the mechanical parts and performance:

How to renew bath taps to shower mixer taps. Giving you a free shower.

Depending on the model of the device, the rotation of the cranes or the movement of the lever should be accompanied by a light smooth move. The presence of even small defects in the places of connecting threads is excluded, otherwise at the time of installation, when wrapping the nuts, the risk of damage to the entire connecting unit increases.

Nickelized coating of the mixer should be even, uniform (without swelling), without scratches and dents. Protective metal casing of flexible hoses should not have damage.

The new device must be removed from the package and carefully check it for the integrity of all sections. You also need to check the mechanical functionality and quality of threaded joints

Cranial installation technology

Prior to the installation of the mixer, the output internal holes of water pipes from scale and rust should be cleaned, as well as clean the thread on the pipes from the remnants of the sealing material.

It is convenient to do such work with a non.carbonating metal brush. The place of landing of the mixer on the sink should also be cleaned of scale and oxides, but already without a brush. with the help of a rag. If the sink is easily removed from the base, it is recommended to remove these kitchen accessories for ease of installation of the device.

Two flexible armored hoses should be fastened to the mixer. one for hot, the other for cold water. Before screwing the hoses to the tubular fittings, you need to put on rubber gaskets, which are also provided for the supply.

Differences in the installation of cranes for the bathroom and for the sink

Women are no worse than men cope with the replacement of plumbing equipment. The only hitch can be a lack of physical strength. Before deciding on the installation of the mixer, a woman needs:

  • Really evaluate your chances of a positive outcome of the event. Carefully inspect the location of the old unit and its fastening. Perhaps the equipment has been installed for so long that she simply will not be able to dismantle it.
  • Carefully study the instructions and, if possible, consult with more experienced people in this matter.
  • Prepare all tools and equipment in advance, calculating options for unforeseen difficulties.

Useful video

Watch a detailed video instruction to replace the old mixer in the bathroom with a new.

After the installation of the product is completed, you must definitely check it for water leakage.

To do this, it is necessary to resume the supply of water to the apartment, opening the valves on water pipes, and turn the valves on the mixer.

Initially, it is recommended to check the work with small pressure, gradually increasing it. If everything works without problems, a shower water supply system is necessarily checked, by switching the jet from pour to the shower hose.

In case of leakage, it is necessary to block the water again and re.dismantle and install the mixer.

Important! With repeated installation of the fabric mixer (FUM-toe), it is re-applied to the thread.

During installation, it is necessary to check each of the details for damage. Damage can occur with excessive pressure and careless handling of spare parts.

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