How the rinse is indicated on the washing machine

Signs on the washing machine

Today, most washing machines are created with the expectation that any novice can easily cope with its management. An intuitive system assumes that every granny who has bought a washing machine will understand what to do with it. Unfortunately, in reality it will happen that with the meaning of the characters on the display of the new washing machine can not understand the whole family.

Type of washing

Also divided into several types with their own designations:

  • “Low temperature”. At temperatures up to 30°C, the pattern looks like a basin with one dot inside or a snowflake.
  • “High Temperature”. At temperatures up to 65°C, the image appears as a basin with three dots inside.
  • “No spin.”. A crossed out spiral.
  • “Economy mode”. Denoted by E or the word Eco.

Some models are equipped with a “Drying” function. The icon looks like the outline of the sun with its rays.

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Icons on the washing machine Ariston


This manufacturer cares about the usability of its products, so you will not just see icons on Indesit washing machines. Next to each icon, you can read the name of the program and see its number.

Icons on Indesit brand machines are quite clear to users:

rinse, indicated, washing, machine
  • Washing cotton clothes is indicated by a schematic picture of a blooming cotton box.
  • To indicate the washing of synthetic materials, Indesit machines have a chemical bulb.
  • A picture of a flower indicates a delicate washing mode.
  • Pants picture indicates jeans mode.
  • If you see a picture of a curtain, you will select the mode of washing curtains.
  • The thread reel is shown next to the washing mode for woolen fabrics.
  • The design of the tree indicates economy wash.
  • Picture of an iron indicates a light ironing function.
  • A picture of a dial is the sign of a very fast washing mode.

Correct mode usage

There is nothing complicated about this question. Just turn the knob to the appropriate position for the function to start using. The extra rinse is one of the useful features of modern machines.

Here it’s just as simple. you press one button or use a whole combination of them. But not all programs provide access to an extra rinse.

For example, the function applies in the case of:

But it can not be used for modes:

These features are related to the duration of the cycles. Physically impossible to shorten the washing process, which is already quite time-consuming.

The modern market continues to be flooded with powders that are not of the best quality. That’s why the result is much worse. Such powders do not dissolve well in water. The chemistry enriches the solution, which also negatively affects the result.

rinse, indicated, washing, machine

If some of the granules are not dissolved, then they are further simply absorbed into the fabric, which then begins to suffer from unpleasant odors and other such traces.

No need to completely rewash things if that is the type of powder you have. You can simply run the rinse mode several times in a row. Or a couple of times the secondary rinse function. Cloths can easily be rid of dissolved detergent after the laundry has been put through cold water several times in this mode.

Full rinse is excellent even if low-quality powders problems are encountered with children’s clothes.

What else to consider when operating?

Some machines don’t have a rinse icon as such at all. It is often the case that the inscription is also erased. In this case it is recommended to use the instruction manual.

It will help you locate where you think the image you’re looking for should be. In the next step the program just starts. This is a great way to recognize any programs on the control panel that are just blacked out.

“Extra rinse“. A program that includes a second rinse cycle to freshen the laundry and flush out any detergent residue. “Multiple Rinse“. 3, 4 or 5 times rinse, which leaves not even the smallest traces of detergent on the clean laundry.

  • Press the “No creases” and “Super Rinse” buttons simultaneously for around three seconds.
  • Press the Start/Pause button.
  • Select the desired operating mode and

Washing Machine Rinse Mode (icon)

Most washing machine manufacturers label all modes and functions with inscriptions. The user does not have to think about which button means what. But there are also such machines, on which there is nothing but icons. How then to understand which one stands for rinse, which one for wash, which one for spin. Let us stop our attention on the rinse mode, find out its designation and how to use it correctly.

If some manufacturers have washing modes encrypted on the control panel with symbol icons, LG company signs the programs near the selector, that is why deciphering is not usually required. Nevertheless, in some cases, the user needs help to determine what mode to wash this or that type of laundry.

LG washing machines have the following types of programs:

  • Cotton. used to wash light or colored cotton fabrics, the duration is up to 2.5 hours, depending on the set temperature range, spin speed, extra rinse or other options. This mode allows the drum to rotate at high speed and at high temperatures (up to 90°C) the machine gives a quality and efficient washing even for very dirty items.
  • Cotton fast (Eco). Similar programme, designed for washing laundry with light soiling at 40-60°C. Cycle time. about an hour and a half. This mode saves a considerable amount of energy.
  • Fast 30. Short program for freshening up laundry for 30 minutes at 30°-40°C.
  • Daily wash, Synthetics. For lightly soiled casual clothes made of acrylic, nylon and polyamide. Wash at 40 ° C, which prevents stretching and shedding things. Runs for 70 minutes.
  • Delicate. For lace clothes, silk blouses and shirts, tulle and other fine garments. Runs for one hour at 30 ° C.
  • Hand wash, wool. Mode for wool, cashmere, knitwear, as well as fabrics marked “Hand wash”. The cycle is characterized by a gentle rocking of the drum, without strong revolutions, to avoid damaging the clothes. Washing lasts for almost an hour at 40°C.
  • Down comforter. For bulky items with fillings: down jackets, blankets, jackets. One and a half hours at 40°C.
  • Your baby’s clothes. Wash at a high temperature to remove all bacteria. The rinse should be done with extra water to remove traces of detergent reliably. Runs for 140 minutes.
  • Biohome. For complicated stains (blood, chocolate, etc.).д.) in fabrics that can withstand high temperatures.
  • True Steam Cleaning. Steam treatment removes bacteria and harmful allergens, removes unpleasant smells and smoothes out jams. Running time. 20 minutes.
  • Hypoallergenic. Washing at 60°C with lots of extra rinses to get rid of detergent residue and various allergens.
  • Silent. Used for night work. In its process, there are no spin stages, including intermediate stages. LG machine completes the cycle and stops with water in the tank. User wakes up and starts the spin and drain cycle. Not intended for washing things with heavy soiling.
  • Sporty. Effective for membranous fabrics, ideal for keeping uniforms clean and fresh after sporting activities.
  • Intensive. Use on cotton and blended fabrics. Runs for one hour at 60°C.
  • Dark cloths. For washing dark-coloured fabrics using special detergents. No risk of fading or discolouring clothes thanks to the water temperature of 30°C. Duration. up to 110 minutes.

In addition to washing modes on the control panel there are icons of additional options. rinse, spin (for some models of drying), which can be activated additionally, if necessary.

On expensive LG models, there is a “My Program” or “Load Cycle” option. It allows the user to program the appliances themselves by assigning the duration of the mode, number of rinses, spin speeds, etc.д.

Are the signs on different brands of washing machines the same?

Washing machines of modern models are often equipped with panels with Russian-language text indicating one or another mode.

The design of the models is constantly being improved, new icons are added, which indicate the presence of additional functions. The aim of all these changes is to make the technique easy and comfortable to use for every person. But it is not always possible to understand the different symbols.

There are basic icons that are used in all models, but some brands have their own differences.

Gentle washing in automatic machines from different companies

To avoid confusion in modes, carefully study how delicate washing is indicated on models of washing machines from different manufacturers.


Washing machines of the latest generation. Hotpoint-Ariston have two modes of gentle treatment: “silk / curtains” sparing mode in cold water without a spin, and “wool. In older models may include 3 types of washing: “Delicate fabrics”, “Wool” and “Hand wash”.

Ardo washing machines offer us three options for gentle care:

  • “Delicate wash”. indicated by the image of a feather, lasts longer than the others and includes a minimum spin.
  • “Manual”. shown as a hand wash icon, includes soaking, but lacks a spin.
  • “Wool”. mode is shown as a skein of yarn. Distinguished by the minimum drum speed during processing, a low water temperature of 30 to 40 degrees and the ability to select the spin. from 0 to 800 revolutions.

In Bosch washing machines, gentle care is indicated by two modes: “Thin Linen/Silk” and “Wool”. Both functions are characterized by gentle drum rotation, low water temperature and minimum spin speed.


Electrolux machines have the maximum delicate washing modes. The function is added in 5 variants:

  • “Fine fabrics”. displayed as a flower.
  • “Hand wash”. a picture of hand wash.
  • “Wool”. displayed as a skein of yarn.
  • “Silk”. picture in the form of a butterfly.
  • “Sport”. image of a pair of sneakers (suitable for washing synthetic delicate materials).


All washing programs of Indesit machines are numbered on the scale of selection, and their deciphering is shown on the outer panel of the detergent compartment. Standard functionality includes 2 gentle modes: “Silk” and “Wool”.

Siemens, Samsung, Beko, LG

Models of washing machines of these brands contain complete information about the functionality of the device on the control panel, so the choice of the right program does not cause difficulty.


Zanussi brand devices have 3 gentle care programs each, which have 2 modes of a certain temperature:

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