How to alleviate pain when epilating with an epilator

How to use an epilator without irritation and pain?

Beauty salons. it’s not always a pleasant procedure. Any girl who waxed in a salon, can confirm that the process is quite painful, and in addition, often not cheap.

An epilator helps to save costs for taking care of your own body. Removing unwanted vegetation on their own, it is also possible to reduce the pain. But to do this, you’ll need to know a few basic rules for epilation at home.

5 rules of effective and painless hair removal

Here it is worth mentioning that you probably will not be able to remove completely the pain during epilation, but all unpleasant feelings can be minimized. So, the basic rules of hair removal with an epilator.

  • Hair lengthIf, before buying an epilator, you used a razor blade and used to shave your legs smoothly, then before the first use of electric device is worth to let the skin rest, and leave the hairline alone until the length of the hair will not reach about 0.5 cm. This is necessary because the epilator works on the principle of rotating tweezers, and otherwise, it simply won’t be able to grasp hairs of shorter length. It is also very important to have an even hair growth.
  • Minimal SpeedAfter the blade, hair has a thicker shaft, which isn’t always easy to get rid of. That’s why the first epilation should be done at a low speed to even out the hair. This way, the tweezers can capture more unwanted hairs and make the procedure as effective as possible.
  • A hot bathBefore the procedure, especially if it is the first, it is better to expose the skin to steam. A hot bath will not only relax you and make you feel relaxed, but it will also enlarge your pores and make epilation less painful. This tip is ideal for those whose skin is prone to irritation. No dry shaving for this skin type.
  • Against the growth of hairTo obtain the most effective result it is necessary to epilate strictly against the growth of hair. Even if you’re used to shaving your legs in different directions, get in the habit of using the epilator correctly and remove hair against its own growth. Otherwise, you’ll probably have to go over the same spot several times, which, again, is unfavorable to the skin and can cause quite unpleasant sensations.
  • No pressureNo doubt you might accidentally pinch your eyebrows or catch the skin while you’re tweezing. If this has happened, you know it’s not pleasant. The epilator works in a similar way, so pressing down too hard will have the same effect, but only on your legs. The epilator should be moved smoothly and lightly over your skin and kept at a slight angle for a good grip on all your hairs.

Waxing different parts of your body: What you need to know?

Keep in mind that hair of different body parts is very different, so this scheme is the most effective for the legs. As for the rest of the area?

  • FeetThe most sensitive areas of the skin on the legs are the ankles and the area below the knees. That’s where the skin is most delicate. The rest of the surface gets used to the pain pretty quickly, and within a few minutes of starting the procedure, you will no longer feel the pain so acutely. Because legs are flat, it’s easy to remove hair. But this is a long procedure, which will take at least half an hour. Before starting the procedure, as mentioned above, it is worth steaming your feet, and if possible use a scrub and a firm loofah, which will help remove dead skin and make the procedure less painful. But you don’t want to overdo it, especially if your skin is too sensitive to external stimuli.
  • UnderarmsIn contrast to the legs, the armpit area has a more delicate and sensitive skin, and therefore requires a different approach. For less painful effect, the skin in this area should be slightly stretched. It is worth noting that too long hair can cause more pain, so before the procedure may be worth to cut the hair. After epilation, the skin can be treated with cold cream, baby oil, and even a powder.
  • The bikini has the most sensitive skin, which means that epilation in this area will be the most painful. Before epilation is recommended to pluck a couple of hairs with tweezers, so you set up and yourself and the skin for the upcoming procedure. Also, if tweezing will make you feel too uncomfortable, it is not recommended to start waxing at all.

Many girls before epilation use sprays with a freezing effect or anesthetic creams. But it is not always necessary. it all depends on the sensitivity of the skin itself. After the procedure is recommended to treat the skin with a cold cream, a solution containing a low concentration of alcohol, as well as an oily solution.

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How to reduce the pain of hair removal with an epilator?

To begin with, it should be said that before buying an epilator, choose the model that is equipped with various additions to reduce the pain. Your own psychological state of mind is also important. You should not start the procedure with the expectation of pain.

It is necessary to relax, breathe freely, think about the result and the fact that after several procedures the pain will be less and less.

In addition, the sensitivity and pain threshold can be affected by the phase of the menstrual cycle. It is not necessary to do epilation during menstruation. It is believed that in the first days of the cycle the procedure will be less painful.

pain, epilating, epilator

In addition, there are non-medicinal and medicinal ways to make epilation with an epilator virtually painless. Let’s discuss them in detail.

How to remove irritation after epilation. Advice from a cosmetologist

To prevent redness after laser hair removal don’t use the spray Panthenol and don’t wet the treated skin area during the day. Means containing fats are also not recommended.

After home hair removal, apply a soothing product to relieve razor irritation. This should be done even if there are no side effects.

If you see the first signs of irritation, contact the specialist who performed the procedure. A visit to the doctor is especially indicated for fever in the epilation area, itching, burning, and severe redness.

How to remove irritation after depilation and epilation

If you do not have the opportunity to go to the clinic, you can relieve irritation after waxing and depilation at home. There are several ways to do this:

  • Ice. Wrap the ice with a thin cloth and apply it to the problem area of the skin to relieve inflammation.
  • Aloe. The best type is a natural gel based on the plant’s leaves. It is soothing and speeds up cell regeneration. A few minutes after the treatment you will feel a pleasant coolness. Fresh aloe juice can be used in place of the gel.
  • Herbs. Cuts and redness after laser hair removal can be removed with a chilled infusion of sage or chamomile. Simply soak a cotton pad in the liquid and apply it to the affected area of the skin.
  • Creams. Elfa Pharm panthenol lotion can relieve irritation after waxing your legs, face and torso. You can buy it at a drugstore.

Now you know how to soothe the skin after epilation at home with folk remedies and preparations. If the described methods did not help to remove the side effects, make an appointment for a consultation at the Medical Center “Concilium Medical”.

How to reduce pain?

During your critical days, your body and your body must be at rest all the time. Relieve yourself of both physical and mental strain;

pain, epilating, epilator

You should not eat spicy or salty foods during your period. It is best to eat as much as possible vegetables and fruits, as well as chocolate in moderation;

In addition to all of the above, special exercises will help to improve your condition. Lie down so that your feet and buttocks rest against the wall. Stay in this position for 5 minutes. Get down on your knees and elbows, put your head down. In such a position stand for about 2 minutes;

A good way to relieve menstrual pain is to drink tea with chamomile, sage, lemon balm or other herbs that calm the nervous system and minimize pain;

Universal Pain Relievers

To get ready for epilation with the epilator you can previously go through several procedures:

  • Moisturize your skin regularly with creams and lotions;
  • overnight, make a light scrubbing of the dermis, without causing damage, the procedure will get rid of keratinized skin and allow the hairs to be removed more easily;
  • Take a warm shower 30 minutes prior to epilation to steam your body;
  • use the ice form, which is included with the epilator;
  • If the kit has massage tips, use them to reduce discomfort;
  • Choose devices that can be used in the shower, the water makes the process less painful;
  • Use a special technique: start the procedure at low speed, holding the device at an angle.

Devices that do not have special pressure discs should be used, lightly pulling the skin

Such ways are suitable for those who do not have possibility or do not want to use medicines, which can completely get rid of pain during epilation with the device.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: list and prices

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are widely enough used to suppress inflammation in the body. NSAIDs are available in different forms of release: tablets, capsules, ointments. They have three main properties: antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

The best non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug can pick up only a doctor, based on the individual characteristics of the patient. Self-treatment in this case can be fraught with the development of serious adverse reactions or overdose. Here is a list of medications. Rating is based on price-quality ratio, patient reviews and expert opinion.

The familiar phrase Beauty demands sacrifice, and it is fully applicable to the process of hair removal. How to reduce pain in particularly sensitive areas? There are a number of traditional options for anesthesia hair removal at home:

  • Application of creams;
  • Treatment with freezing cosmetic sprays, ointments and gels;
  • The use of folk remedies;
  • The application or taking of pain-relieving medicines.

When choosing a remedy, should take into account its individual tolerance and the threshold of pain sensitivity.

Preparations for pain relief during epilation

Modern women strive to have velvet, soft and smooth skin and are willing to do almost anything to fulfill their dreams. That’s just the pain during the procedure, one does not really want to endure.

“Beauty requires sacrifice”, say experienced in the removal of unwanted vegetation on the body, as well as, of course, brave women. But is it so?? Maybe progress has reached the point where a girl can be beautiful without sacrificing anything but time?

Cosmetology allows you to enjoy a smooth body after removing hair with shugaring, waxing and using an epilator. There is a range of anesthetics, used both internally and externally.

But time does not stand still, and you can get the maximum effect with a painless method. laser hair removal.

All secrets and drugs used by women for hair removal, can be divided into medical and non-medicinal. In this article, we will talk about both.

The method of using an epilator is of course effective, but it is also very painful. The question arises. what to anesthetize epilator hair removal at home? There are a variety of medications and special nozzles for the defiler. To depilate with pain in the bikini or armpit zone, legs and arms is quite real.

Anesthetic sprays

You can buy such a spray in any drugstore, it is not difficult to find. When buying this spray, pay attention to the country of manufacture. Experts recommend to give preference to products of foreign production, for example, Hungary. This product is considered to be of higher quality and effectiveness.

Spray a generous amount on the area to be waxed and wrap it in cling film for a while. After a couple of hours remove the film and proceed to the procedure.

Lidocaine ampoules

This option of anesthesia can be chosen if there is no possibility to buy and use a spray.

IMPORTANT. Read the instructions for use before using this product. Make sure you are not allergic to the product.

10 tips for Epilating | My Hair Removal Routine

If you have noticed that your skin is sensitive and prone to allergic reactions, it is better to refuse this type of anesthesia. The effect is exactly the same as with a lidocaine spray.

Pain relieving creams

This anesthesia option has exactly the same mode of action as the sprays. The cream may be used on any part of the body for pain relief.

You can buy such a remedy in a pharmacy, it can be a cream “Emla” which includes the same lidocaine and prilocaine.

For the analgesic effect to be more effective, the cream must be used in the same way as the spray.

IMPORTANT. Do not forget to read the instructions for use for the medicine. If possible, consult a doctor.

Analgesic drugs

If none of the above methods of anesthesia does not suit you, you can easily choose over-the-counter drugs on the shelves of pharmacies. Their action is aimed at suppressing painful sensations. They may well be used when performing depilation at home.

INFO. Pain relief drugs include: analgin, nurofen and others of similar effect.

Take the pill must be half an hour before the procedure, it will make the depilation process less painful.

IMPORTANT. Do not experiment, take only those drugs that you are familiar with. Seek medical advice if possible.

Scalding before epilation

In addition to drugs you can also resort to gentle methods of pain relief. To reduce the pain during epilation procedure at home you can pre-take a bath with hot water, you can also steamed in the shower.

Under the influence of steam and water at high temperature opens the pores in the skin, and as a result, it greatly facilitates the process of depilation. Carrying out this procedure at home, take care beforehand about your pores.

IMPORTANT. Do not forget that during the depilation procedure, the skin should be dry. After showering or bathing, wipe your body thoroughly with a towel.

Special attachments for epilator

Epilator makers take care of women. In addition to techniques that allow you to remove unwanted body hair at home, they also offer a variety of convenient and effective nozzles. Through the use of such nozzles, you can achieve a significant reduction in pain. Varieties of nozzles, the following:

  • Cooling. It is filled with water after which it should be put in the freezer. When the water in the nozzle freezes, you can begin the treatment. Thanks to the cooling of the skin in the process of depilation, you will notice a decrease in painful swellings. It is also worth noting that the risk of developing skin irritation after the procedure is significantly reduced.
  • The nozzle with thinned epilating discs. It removes fewer hairs in one stroke, and is therefore less painful.
  • The massage nozzle. Its action is based on vibration. The vibrations interrupt the painful sensation. You can describe its action as rubbing with your hand the place on the body where it hurts.
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