How to anesthetize the skin before hair removal with an epilator

How to alleviate hair removal

What is pain when hair removal, absolutely all women and many men know. And if the first, gritting their teeth and wiping tears, continue to fought permanently with excess vegetation, then for the latter unpleasant sensations often become an occasion to bring hair removal in a taboo. According to surveys, that is why many still remove excess hair with old proven shaving and do not even try to try other, more effective, methods.

Some believe that the pain of epilation is too exaggerated myth. Why is this happening?

  • Firstly, the fact is that each of us has a different pain threshold. The same influences for someone is a painful execution, and for some-a relaxing spa procedure.
  • Secondly, in different parts of the body, the pain is felt in different ways. So, if removal of hair on the legs is almost painless, then hair removal in an intimate area where there are many nerve endings, no one passes calmly.
  • Thirdly, over time, the skin gets used to certain manipulations, and even tearing the hairs against wax growth is transferred calmly.

My EPILATOR HAIR REMOVAL technique ! How to epilate ?

Equilation or depilation

We will figure out the terms: hair removal or depilation. What is the difference? Not everyone knows how these methods are different. They both suggest hair removal. During depilation, the visible part of the hair is removed, which is located above the skin. But when hair removal, either hair is removed with the root or the destruction of the hair bulb. This makes it possible to achieve a long result and significantly slow down hair growth in the future.

The depilation includes shaving, as well as the use of chemicals, such as creams, gels and lotions.

PREATION. What is it? It includes the following types of vegetation removal on the body:

  • Laser hair removal
  • Photoepilation
  • Electroepilation
  • Trading (hair removal with thread)
  • Shugaring
  • Waxing

REFERENCE. Wax and shugaring are often referred to depilation, but this is not entirely true. The result after applying such methods is completely different: the hairs become thinner over time, their growth slows down, and the interval between the procedures increases over time.

Choosing what is better. Shaving or hair removal, it is worth focusing on your goals and opportunities. Depilation involves a minimum of costs, but it is necessary to resort to it constantly. If you are looking for ways to remove hair forever, pay attention to hair removal.

How to prepare the skin for the exposure of the epilator

For some, the epilator is a torture tool, for others. A useful gadget. This device pulls out the hairs with the root. And yes, it hurts, no matter what the beauties say in commercials there. The first experience of positive emotions will most likely not bring. But the skin will remain smooth for a long time.

anesthetize, skin, hair, removal, epilator

Over time, with the regular use of the epilator, the hairs will become thinner and weak and will be much easier to remove with the root.

Preparing the skin for the hair removal procedure using the epilator looks like this.

Select the time when the length of the hairs is 5-6 mm. This is the optimal indicator for the home epilator.

Refrain from tanning for several days before hair removal. The effect of ultraviolet radiation is stress for the skin, and tanning is a form of inflammation, which makes the skin more sensitive.

anesthetize, skin, hair, removal, epilator

The day before the procedure (by no means on the day of hair removal), use the scrub, paying special attention to areas of alleged hair removal.

After scrubbing, moisturize the skin well. Most importantly, do not use body oil or oil.Based cream. This will complicate the process of hair removal. Choose light textures (lotion, milk), which are quickly absorbed without leaving the film.

Immediately before hair removal, take a warm bath or at least a shower so that the skin will steam. This will facilitate the process.

Some epilators can be used directly in the water. But more often the skin is still wiped and moistened with light milk without oils in the composition. Shaving gel is not suitable: it will only complicate the capture of the hairs.

Tips to reduce the pain effect

Without a doubt, this is one of the most painful hair removal zones due to a combination of thick and hard vegetation and thin, sensitive skin with an incredible number of sensory receptors.

Laser hair removal: Be prepared with these 5 facts

Unfortunately, a pleasant way to eliminate the cover has not yet been invented, but there is a fairly simple algorithm to maximize this manipulation.

This will increase the elasticity of the dermis, facilitate the removal of hairs and reduce discomfort.

Contrary to the widespread opinion about the favorable effect of alcohol for stress, it is better to deny yourself this pleasure before a visit to a specialist.

The fact is that a glass of wine and like it will have a narrowing effect on the pores, which will become an obstacle to the exit of the rod from the mouth. Of course this will not help you relax.

Say “no” such a beloved cup of coffee before the session for the same reason why we drink it.

It has a stimulating effect on the aforementioned sensitive sensors and multiplies unpleasant impressions. But how nice it is to pamper yourself with a fragrant drink as a reward after a session.

A few days before the event under discussion, begin to scrub the area under discussion.

Why is it necessary? First of all, we free the epidermis from the clutched obsolete scales, which helps to open the entrance to the hair follicle.

And the larger the hole, the easier it is for the “resident” to get out of it.

An additional bonus to leveling the pain will be accelerating the procedure.

That’s not all! The scraping of the dead layer “lengthes” short hairs, and your master will not have to go through the same zone several times.

Smoothly move on to the length of the sprouts. Too short specimens will not capture wax, and excessively long significantly complicate the process, and make the sensations unbearable.

Optimally come to the clinic with vegetation. 0.5 centimeters.

If you have such an opportunity, it is good to soak in a warm bath for 20 minutes just before the campaign.

This will reveal the pores, soften the cover, which will help the cosmetologist cope with the task.

If you have no contraindications, then a pair of aspirin tablets with a glass of water 45 minutes before the start of the susceptibility.

It makes sense to pay attention to the schedule of your menstruation.

The pain threshold is much lower immediately after the period than immediately before. Therefore, the record in the salon correctly guess for 5-10 days to feel less pain.

Maybe you have long postponed watching an interesting video or video of your favorite blogger?

Now is the time to take a smartphone for the procedure and go to the plot “.

It is known that the concentration on impressions has the ability to exacerbate them, and the switching of attention will play the role of painkillers.

Here, it seems, is an absolutely stupid recommendation, but in fact it turns out that at the time of separation of the material, breathing is delayed automatically.

You strain and all impressions are amplified. Consciously deeply inhale and exhale at the time of wax removal.

Another good option is cough. At that very moment, turn your head to the side and cough.

anesthetize, skin, hair, removal, epilator

This will instantly take attention from sensations. Just don’t forget to warn the specialist about your plans, so as not to take him by surprise.

Visit a cosmetologist regularly. Thinned vegetation will be removed with greater ease, which will eventually lead to an almost pleasant pastime.

Carefully choose a person with a light hand, good experience and a verified technique. If you feel any discomfort on the procedure, try to sign up for another specialist.

In our centers for the bikini zone, only shugaring is performed. In terms of terms, it is comparable with vaxing, but it acts more delicately due to contact with only the hairs, and not the skin.

Removal is done manually in small areas, unlike wax strips.

And, which is not unimportant, the bikini zone is most susceptible to the process of hair growing.

The paste is removed during their growth, and not against: the hairs are less violated and do not come off. Therefore, Shugaring stably shows a lower percentage of growing compared to wax depilation.

Medically Written and Reviewed by: Julia Nicholson, Dermatologist, Physiotherapist published: Olesya Smagina, Assistant Director of Epilation Center “The Beauty Universe”

There are several ways to make hair removal less painful

At the end of the foregoing, it can also be added that the more often you do hair removal using methods in which the hair is removed with the root (in particular, sugar and waxing), the simpler and more painless the following sessions will be held, t.To. The hairs become thinner, and the roots of the hair. Everything is weaker. In some cases, the hair can over time and completely stop growing. Read more in our material: how to finally stop hair growth with wax hair removal?

Our administrator will call back and advise you on any issues. Indicate the phone for communication with you.

What to do if you are afraid of pain on the removal procedure

Well, it’s time to get acquainted with the possibilities of pain relief. The article described traditional and non.Traditional methods of getting rid of discomfort. If you have never done hair removal before, perhaps everything is not as scary as it seems at first glance.

First of all, it should be noted that people have different sensitivity. It depends on the nervous organization of each person. In general, you can safely divide people into two groups, depending on their reaction to pain.

These individuals tolerate discomfort worse, and their skin is more prone to adverse reactions. This usually applies to young people (from adolescence to 30 years), and the younger the person, the brighter this trend is expressed.

The most painful zones on the face include eyebrows and area above the upper lip due to the least thickness of the epidermis. Bikini and armpits have the greatest sensitivity on the body. In contrast to the forearm or legs, they may not cause pain at all.

The young skin is also more moisturized and the occurrence of negative reactions (edema and peeling) is associated with this. Thus, the specialist should use lower parameters and less the time of the procedure.

Note that there is no minimum age for electroly. As a rule, a person is subjected to therapy from 15-16 years, and working with the body can even begin with 13-14. Upper age restrictions for this procedure do not exist.

Here, susceptibility to pain is much lower and the skin reacts to therapy better. This group includes people from 50 years and above. The epidermis of this category is thinner and contains much less moisture, therefore, is not so susceptible to thermal reactions.

As a result, a person feels less discomfort, the risk of redness and edema decreases. And some people often do not feel any discomfort.

In our practice, there was one client who flew to Moscow from his hometown for a couple of days only for hair removal. Since it was limited in time, it was recorded immediately for all 12 hours. And slept. Yes, yes, don’t laugh. She slept on the epilation procedure!

And yet, such a division is quite relative. Regardless of your attitude to a certain category, the use of pain relief will strengthen comfort many times.

How Lidocaine works

This type of medication has a clear anesthetic property, acting locally. Its action is aimed at inhibition of the ongoing ability of the nerve fibers, namely their endings. This process occurs under the influence of sodium, which is part of Lidocaine.

It is able to keep the effect for a long time, up to one hour, in some cases the time of action may slightly increase. Specialists compare lidocaine with another drug. Epinephrine, which in turn allows you to stay the effect of pain relief until 2 hours. Epilation with lidocaine can significantly reduce the patient’s sensitivity to pain, and in the future, tactile sensitivity decreases and heat is felt.

Sodium, which is part of the spray, without any problems penetrates the tissues and cells of the human body, while having an analgesic effect. Lidocaine begins its activity from the first minutes of application. Having sucking in the bloodstream, the drug reaches its maximum accumulation after 60 minutes.

It is thanks to its properties that the drug is used in the production of special creams for the procedure for removing unwanted hair. But it is worth remembering that this tool has contraindications: due to intolerance to the drug, it can cause a strong allergic reaction. Therefore, it is advisable to first consult with a specialist and conduct an allergo-test.

How to anesthetize the skin before hair removal?

If during the procedure the word “pain” is constantly spinning in your head, then you should think about how to anesthetize this process. It’s good that today even more painful products have been invented than we need.

With severe pain, with some types of hair removal, it is better to use the medical method of reducing it. This is most effective and long.Term. And use folk secrets as assistants of medications.

Anti.Inflammatory tablets will help to more easily transfer the removal procedure. They have a number of contraindications and side effects, so it is necessary to carefully study the instructions. If you still decide, then for anesthesia, such products as:

  • Indomethacin;
  • Diclofenac;
  • Ketoprofen;
  • Drings;
  • Ibuprofen;
  • Tempalgin (the means is the safest and is released in a pharmacy without a prescription);
  • Lidocaine;
  • Emla.

Women’s common error is the adoption of aspirin before laser processing. Remember that it can bring an unexpected effect in the form of hematomas.

About creams and how to choose a good analgesic cream for hair removal, we will talk in the next section. And now about the most terrible: about injections.

Injections are rarely used, most often their direct use: anesthesia for painful epilation of the bikini zone. A 2% solution of lidocaine of hydrochloride lidocaine is administered under the skin at a distance of 2.5. 3 cm from each other. For one injection, you can administer 0.1. 0.6 mm of the drug.

You should not abuse this tool, since there are many contraindications and side effects. And before the first use, you should check for individual intolerance to the drug.


With each epilization procedure, the number of hairs will be significantly reduced, they will also begin to become thinner and weaker. The more often you do hair removal, the easier it will be for you to endure it even without the use of painkillers.

Employees of the Epil Salon salon are well aware that all people have a different threshold of sensitivity, so we are ready to offer you hair removal both without painkillers and with them. We guarantee that the procedure we performed will not give serious side effects (in some cases, redness may occur, which after a short time pass by themselves).

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