How to assemble a Bissell Proheat detergent vacuum cleaner

Bissell Proheat All Rounder User Manual [ru]

Our company expresses your gratitude to you for the purchase of a Proheat All Surface Big Green vacuum cleaner company Bissell. Everything that we know about the care of the floors are implemented in the design and design of this multifunctional, device for home cleaning.

Your high.quality Bissell vacuum cleaner is accompanied by a guarantee for a period of two years. The service of the vacuum cleaner is provided by qualified and experienced specialists of the technical support service, so if questions arise, you will quickly provide qualified assistance.

Back in 1876. my great.grandfather invented a device for sweeping floors. Today, BISSELL is the world leader in the construction, production and maintenance of high.quality products for your house, similar to your Bissell vacuum cleaner.

We thank you once again for choosing a Bissell vacuum cleaner for yourself.

President and Chief Executive Director of the Company


When using electrical appliances, it is necessary to take general precautions, in particular, the following:

Before using a vacuum cleaner, carefully read the instructions.


In order to avoid fire, electricity lesion or other injury:

■ Use a vacuum cleaner only indoors

■ do not leave the device connected to the mains unattended

■ In case of damage to the network cord, replace it in an authorized service center

■ Do not use a vacuum cleaner if it fell from a height, received mechanical damage, and fell into the water

■ Do not allow the vacuum cleaner to get into the rain, store the vacuum cleaner indoors

■ Do not pull the network cord and do not wear a vacuum cleaner on it, do not use the cord like a handle, do not pinched it with doors, do not pull it around objects with sharp corners or edges. Do not roll the vacuum cleaner on the network cord, do not allow touches the cord of heated surfaces.

■ Do not pull the cord to disconnect the vacuum cleaner from the network. Hold on the plug of the network cord to disconnect the device from the network.

assemble, bissell, proheat, detergent

■ Do not touch the plug of the network cord or the vacuum cleaner with your wet hands

■ Do not put any objects into the holes on the vacuum cleaner housing, do not use it if these holes are closed with something, and do not limit the air flow

■ Do not allow hair to get, freely hanging parts of clothing, fingers or parts of the body in holes or moving nodes

■ do not choose heated or burning items with a vacuum cleaner

■ Do not select easily ignited or combustible materials with a vacuum cleaner (fluid for refueling lighters, gasoline, kerosene, etc. P.), do not use it in the presence of explosive liquids or vapors

■ You can not use a vacuum cleaner in closed rooms, in which there are pairs of oil paints, diluents for them, substances to combat moths, burning dust, other explosive or toxic vapors

■ Before cleaning or maintenance of the vacuum cleaner, disconnect the plug of the network cord from the power outlet socket

■ the vacuum cleaner is not intended for use by persons (including children) with disabilities, sensory or mental capabilities, or insufficient experience and knowledge, unattended or instructing about the use of a vacuum cleaner by the person responsible for their safety

■ make sure that young children do not play with a vacuum cleaner

■ Do not remove toxic substances with a vacuum cleaner (for example, a bleach containing chlorine, ammonia, sewage cleaning products, gasoline, etc. D.).

■ do not use the vacuum cleaner for other purposes; Use it only for the purposes that are indicated in this operation manual

■ Use only the nozzles recommended by the manufacturer

■ Use only Bissell cleaning compositions for this vacuum cleaner to avoid damage to internal parts

■ clean the holes on the vacuum cleaner body from dust, fluff, hair, etc. D.

■ install the vacuum cleaner only on a flat, horizontal surface

■ Before disconnecting the vacuum cleaner from the mains, turn off all its controls

■ Caution when cleaning the steps of stairs

■ With particular caution, use the vacuum cleaner in the immediate vicinity of children

This vacuum cleaner model is intended for use only at home.

Only for operation during power supply 220-240 volts of alternating current with a frequency of 50/60 Hz.

Technical characteristics of Bissell SpotClean Pro

Below you will find the technical characteristics of the product and operating manual Bissell SpotClean Pro.

Frequently asked Questions

You cannot find the answer to your question in the leadership? You can find the answer to your question below, in the section of frequently asked questions about Bissell SpotClean Pro.

The loss of your bissell vacuum cleaner of the absorption power may be due to the following reasons:. Absorption power is not installed on the maximum. A container or a bag for collecting dust is full. Hose, brush or tube clogged

Pure filter is very important for maintaining the power of the vacuum cleaner. In this regard, regularly check it. With a filter clogged, the absorption power decreases, and energy consumption increases.

A common method of solving the problem of the appearance of an unpleasant odor. Pour a little washing powder into a container or dust collecting bag.

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Washing vacuum cleaner Bissell 17132. review

My floors every day, I love wet cleaning, The house has a small child. Always soap floors with hands. I also bought many types of mop, but I didn’t like anything, after them the floors were not the cleanliness that I would like. As a result, I washed my hands again. At one point, I saw a miracle vacuum cleaner and that’s it, I caught fire on the idea of ​​buying. I doubted for a long time, and the price bites. I was afraid that I would buy and would stand in my apartment as a monument. I read a lot of information and reviews about him and finally, I decided to buy it. This is a vertical detergent vacuum cleaner Bissell Crosswave 17132. Here he is, my handsome!

Control radius: 8 meters

How to clean your brush roller in your Bissell pro heat pet

Functions: wet cleaning, dry cleaning and liquid cleaning.

Place of purchase: Ozon, you can also buy in any large stores of household appliances.Weight: approximately 7800 kg.

Packaging: the vacuum cleaner was packed first in the foam, then in the cardboard box. Included to the vacuum cleaner, there was a means of washing the floors.

  • wooden flooring;
  • floor tiles;
  • rubber and polymer coatings;
  • carpets;
  • Furniture upholstery;
  • cork floor.

Bissell vacuum cleaner is 120 cm high in size. Visually looks completely not bulky. It takes a lot of places, I have behind the door.

Bissell Little Green, Pro Heat REVIEW DEMO

There is a special pallet where the vacuum cleaner is put.

The vacuum cleaner has two tanks, one for clean water and detergent.

The floor is washed by a special turbo shift, it is soft in itself, but there are also stiff villi, red. Thanks to hard villi, the vacuum cleaner cleanses the spots, as well as the seams between the tile or laminate.

There are 3 buttons on the handle. One button for the mode of laundry washing. Where is the inscription “Hard Floor”.

Second button for carpet mode. Inscription “Rug”.

Third button for water supply. It is located at the bottom of the handle and it is convenient to press it, just holding the handle.

On the vacuum cleaner where the turbo engine is located, there is a light indicator when you press the water supply button, the indicator lights up.

The vacuum cleaner is very maneuverable, thanks to a hinge fastener, it is easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner in the corners, under furniture. Spin easily in different directions. There is no need to attach some efforts.

For what floor is suitable:

Absolutely for any flooring. I have a laminate in my apartment, tiles in the bathroom and in the nursery have a small carpet.

I am always my floor with a vacuum cleaner tool. I pour the right amount, as shown on the tank. I pour water to the line where the inscription “Water”. Until the next lane, I already pour the floors tool, the inscription “Formula”.

A detergent that came with a little expensive and I bought a shampoo for washing vacuum cleaners. I add it very little, as it foams hard. This also needs to be taken into account.

The vacuum cleaner at the same time removes, washes and dries any floor coverings.We have a laminate throughout the apartment. Floor tiles only in the bathroom. There is not a big carpet in the nursery.I remove the carpet every day with dry cleaning, sometimes I use wet cleaning. Son loves to leave spots on the carpet with watercolor colors. The vacuum cleaner and copes with them perfectly. Before cleaning, I apply cleaners for carpets on the carpet, and then remove the vacuum cleaner.In the hallway at the door we have a rug. Street dirt and dust always accumulate there. The vacuum cleaner copes with excellent. After him, the feeling that the rug washed. In the photo rug is dirty.

In the mode of cleaning carpets with water supply, I vacuum. And he becomes perfectly clean. In addition, after cleaning, it also remains dry.

The laminate vacuum cleaner washes perfectly, there are no divorces. It seems to me that I do not wash the floor like a vacuum cleaner with my hands.

Washing vacuum cleaner Bissell 17132. review

The need to buy it with a move to a new apartment.

Farm assistant or cleaning companies can not afford so often, and from their visit, the situation will not improve much from their visit once a week. Wet cleaning we have about 3 times a week to maintain cleanliness.

↠ a small unit, absolutely Silent. This was my main criterion in choosing a detergent vacuum cleaner. Here Its dimensions do not affect the quality of work (as often happens that the cost of small dimensions is small efficiency).

Easy to care for a vacuum cleaner after cleaning. 200% satisfies my requirements. Small container for dirty water. It is easy to disassemble, remove all that porridge of dust and dirt, wash and put on drying.

Its device is quite simple. A container for clean water from above, from where the liquid is supplied to the brush with a spinning roller, and from there the dirt and excess water are absorbed into the layer water container. The volumes of containers are small, but I have enough to remove 100 with a small square without “refueling”.

A corporate remedy was included, my test did not pass. too much consumption, but several bottles of Gloriks were purchased, somehow with it, it seemed to me, Less divorces.

Just about them. Yes, this happens. We must be adopted.

Advice☝: ✴ If the floor is laid diagonally, then the movement of the vacuum cleaner should be diagonally. I at first randomly drove, observing the geometry of the room, but it turned out that it was Martyshkin work. T.e. Necessarily along the boards of laminate/parquet, right, as my grandmother taught me in childhood))

✴ A lot of cleaning agents. Also evil. A little bit so that there is no stickiness and no foam in the container (with pure water)!

✴ If the state of the floor is too neglected. there will also be stains, since, for me. This is still a remedy for maintaining cleanliness, if you want, like a robot vacuum cleaner. And let him into a cluttered room or after repair work, is a sure sign that you will kill the roller.

✴ If there are a lot of divorces, look at the state of the roller, is it too dirty! In this case, wash with ordinary soap, and all, like a new one)

I met reviews that he only crawls back and forth. The head at the place of attachment of the brush is hinge, it “brings” it in the direction of movement is very good and right and left. So here, I do not agree.

on large, not forced by furniture, spaces. Either before the cleaning start, we move all these stools, pots with flowers and so on, we attach it on the surface higher or bypass, then, of course, the coverage of the territory will be incomplete.

✌ What is washing and how good it is:

Wash all the surfaces of the floor in my house, I only have stone and laminate. I have not tested on carpets yet. Washes perfectly, sucks everything: hairs and dust. Everything will be in the container. The main thing is not to launch, as I already wrote. The same kitchen, for example: a fresh spot on the floor, of course, will better remove than dried up.

Well, where I myself can barely cope, I am expelled with a knife, then there is nothing to lay hopes on the bissel. This, for example, was an old chewing gum, the workers left us so in 2 places, I did not notice on the light floor at the beginning, later I already looked closely, began to tear it off, of course not to manage the vacuum cleaner here!

✌ What is the fact that there is in a container with dirty water: Fu and once again, I did not think that so much can be collected (I try to observe the mode of working with it 3 times a week), but there is a constantly dark slurry.

✌ Carrying after work: the worst. I use for this the remaining water in a clean container. I put the vacuum cleaner on the stand (it goes in the kit), turn it on and pour this water into the water tray, as the manufacturer indicates. A certain of the roller. Very convenient, it will already be half.dry and clean. I disassemble the brush, clean the container with dirty water, put it to dry. ALL! Quietly in the corner awaits my dear and indispensable assistant.

Periodically, I judge by the state of the roller, I wash it: I soap with ordinary soap like household, and that’s all, it is almost like a brand new.

✌Shvabra still remains to live in volume, because under the bed I use only her.

What happiness is it ღღღ. Do not use gloves. Do not sort out a rag in your hands with this dirt, do not change a bucket of water. I used to change water after each room, in the vacuum cleaner I really like that there is a division into dirty and clean liquid. The quality of washing is higher.

✌ The only drawback is significant, but I do not remove the star. Lack of replaceable rollers ☹. If I had several rollers, then I would use one on the laminate. In the rooms, another. on the stone in the kitchen and at the door. But I don’t lose hope. So far, not in, in no other stores I met. I already trust in Aliexpress, maybe I’ll come across. I found only on the Amazon, but with delivery to the USA, if that, I have to order there)

Washing vacuum cleaner with Bissell Aquafilter 1474j. review

I stared at the washing vacuum cleaner for a long time, but all the time something stopped, especially a bunch of negative reviews from the “happy” owners of such luxury. But one day something trembled in me and I decided. I take it. A trip to a couple of shops, and here we are at home with a huge box.

It was very surprised that in almost every store we were stubbornly not recommended a washing vacuum cleaner. Consulting sellers categorically did not advise taking it, showing a bunch of filters, tubes, bags for dust and explaining what a troublesome thing is. have a washing vacuum cleaner.

As a result, they still added that if you take it, then only Bissell, since it does not have consumables, and the main handle also has additional tubes. Plus, simplicity of assembly and disassembly.

I am a stubborn person, so despite all the assurances of sellers and their warnings, I sailed from the store with a purchase. True, not me, but my husband, sarcastically celebrating at every step that I obviously won’t won such a heavy monster on the apartment.

Anyway. Arrived, began to unpack. Mother. How much was there everything. nozzles, detergents, foam. and tiny instructions on a pair of leaves.

She did not take a picture. She looks very shameful. In my opinion, for such a vacuum cleaner it was possible to make pictures better and write in more detail. And there is clean. Dry cleaning. They turned the position of such and such, pressed the button of such and such. Especially touched by barely distinguishable pictures. In general, for the instructions of the Trochochka with a minus.

Well, oh well, I rarely read them anyway, good, even if I scrap sometimes.

As already said. There is a bunch of total. First of all the bag.

Detergents, two microfibers, a vantus, a spare filter.

Now about the vacuum cleaner itself. Collected, turned on. Heavy, of course, compared to ordinary, but not crime. Firstly, it is not necessary to raise it at all (with the exception of solemn skidding after buying to the apartment), and secondly, if lifted, then not all. I explain.

In fact, it looks without any bells and whistles. plastic trough with a pen, weighs. well. kg 4, quite tolerant, at least you can raise, but why is it why?

How to Replace the Belt & Brushroll on Bissell ProHeat 2X Series Carpet Cleaners

On top he has a lid. It is simply placed on top. In the lid. filter.

An ordinary sponge. I think there will be no problems with the change, and you need to change it not so often. At least as I was assured. One such sponge is enough for three years.

One of the acquaintances also has a washing vacuum cleaner, however, another company, in general, it has not changed this filter for five years and nothing. Okay, wait, and then we’ll see.

A hose (all the tubes inside) and a tube with a nozzle join this tank. You can just a hose with a nozzle.

By the way, he drives you like a dog. Well, no problem. maneuverable, comfortable, as if you are walking a dog on a leash. Not Beijes, of course, he looks more like a Rottweiler or a German shepherd.

Well, the absence of any automatic cord valves is madly pleasing.

Personally, I use almost always two for wet cleaning.

Carpet nozzle and upholstered furniture.(below the bristles)

You can attach a microfiber on it (remember those two rags in the photo on top?)

By the way, they can be removed in a container and roll on a vacuum cleaner with you.

As you can see, quite compactly and convenient.

The appearance of the BISSELL 17132 vocabulary

The attractive appearance of the Bissell 17132 springs of Bissell 17132 is due to a stylish and neat design of the model, streamlined in shape and smoothed angles. the device is a washing brush fixed on a long handle made of metal and plastic. The vacuum cleaner nozzle is equipped with an LED indicator, which indicates the remnants of dust and dirt. The vacuumboard is presented in the form of a transparent capacity, and the rotary mechanism on the electric shock provides high maneuverability of the vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaners of this brand are multifunctional devices that are able to provide not only collection of garbage and dust, but also a wet cleaning with gender washing. In addition, the power of the vacuum cleaner allows you to remove the spilled fluid without turning on the detergent mode. The design features make it possible to easily cope with the cleaning of the floor with an area of ​​about 100 m without a change in cleaning liquid.

The first carpet cleaning provides for washing the tank after processing about 25 m.

The device has two containers with water (clean liquid and vacuum cleaner). To control the filling of the latter, it is necessary to focus on the indicators of the plate indicator, since with maximum filling the vacuum cleaner engine will be automatically disconnected. The vacuum cleaner of this model can easily cope not only with dust and water, but also with sticky spots. using the detergent and brush of the roller that works “tag” movements.

Bissell vacuum cleaner equipment

Nozzle (universal electric shock with a removable roller) 1 PC.
Means for removing pollution from various surfaces (volume. 236 ml) 1 PC.
Little trays for roller storage 1 PC.
Vacuum cleaner cleaning/storage trays 1 PC.


View vertical
Type of cleaning Dry, wet
Vacuumber container
The volume of the vacuum cleaner 0.62 l
Source of power net
Volume of the tank for liquid (water/detergent) 0.8 l
The length of the network wire 7.5 m
Filter Aquafilter Neo 13
Dimensions 117x30x23 cm
The weight four.9 kg

Description of filters

Bissell 17132 Open Crosswave vacuum cleaners are equipped with non 13 class a. Being filters of thin cleaning, they allow you to delay 99.9% of dust particles, the size of which does not exceed 0.3 μm. In the process, air and dust are absorbed by the device through a container with water, where the weight of the garbage particles occurs and enlargement. This approach not only provides deep cleaning, but prevents the entry of dust particles back into the air.

Description of the vacuum cleaner

The Bissell 17132 vacuum cleaner does not have a garbage bag, but is an aquafilter, which is dusty with air, and, mixing with water, they settled in a container. At the end of cleaning, the care for the vacuumber is not difficult: it should just be rinse under running water. The capacity of the vacuum cleaner is 0.62 liters.

Functions and versatility of application

Possessing the functions of cleaning and washing floors, the vacuum cleaner of this brand is an indispensable assistant in cleaning the premises. Deep cleaning of dust and the possibility of wet cleaning at a time will help not only effectively clean the room, but also save time.

Working modes

The power level is adjustable using the handle with two modes. Purpose of the buttons on the handle:

Hard Floor mode. allows cleaning solid coatings. At the same time, in order to avoid divorces, it is recommended to follow the structure of the coating (for example, direct the brush along the laminate or parquet).

Rug mode. provides for cleaning carpets with a small pile. It is recommended to use the detergent (its feed can be adjusted by the button on the handle), which will not only carry out deeper purification, but also restore the color and brightness of the product.

Types of cleaned surfaces

Conducting cleaning by a vacuum cleaner of this brand is possible on the following surfaces:

About the brand

The American brand Bissell became known at the end of the 19th century. Its name came from the name of the founders. the Bissell family. At first, this family owned a small bowl shop in which it was necessary to clean up daily. Cleaning the carpet lying on the floor forced to spend a lot of time and effort to guide cleanliness. As a result, Melville Bissell decided to create an unit that would greatly facilitate the work of cleaning the carpet.

Such a unique car very quickly attracted attention and many wanted to get such an assistant. Bissell began to receive multiple orders for the manufacture of vacuum cleaners and soon a company appeared that began to produce devices that simplify cleaning and cleaning, as well as various detergents. As a result, the company continues to facilitate labor and modern housewives.

With bissell vacuum cleaners that differ in small sizes, comfortable functions and various power, cleaning can be easily done every day. Plugging a little more into the history of this brand, you can see how the cleaning equipment has changed over the past 150 years. Today, vacuum cleaners are even able to do wet cleaning, and with minimal expenditure and time from man.

The manufacturer Bisssell has invested many functions into their devices that facilitate the arrangement of home comfort. Removing the house completely from dust is now very simple due to models with various nozzles, filters and other elements. The company produces a variety of models, among which there are both manual and vertical.

They may differ in a number of features and the principle of work, but all of them are united by innovative solutions, designed to collect dust with maximum efficiency.

Bissell trading brand produces various models of detergent vacuum cleaners. However, among them there are separate types. So, devices from this manufacturer can be:

  • with a deep cleaning function, which may differ in power;
  • with a steam generator, which allows high.quality cleaning;
  • with the function of capturing the smallest particles of animal hair, as well as various allergens due to multiple filters.

By design, vacuum cleaners of this brand are divided into several types.

  • Cylindrical, which are most familiar in appearance. Although modern vacuum cleaners do not always have a similar shape, the name is already firmly fixed behind this type. This type is most often used due to its advantages: compactness, reliability, noiselessness. Among the shortcomings, the most striking is the consumption of a large amount of electricity.
  • The vertical type is just beginning to appear on the shelves of our stores. It can more often be seen on TV screens in series or foreign advertising. The main difference between the models is that the vacuum cleaner housing is attached directly to the brush handle, making the device convenient to operate. Of course, it is convenient to remove large areas with such a vacuum cleaner, but it must be borne in mind that it can not penetrate very well into places. Is a very energy.efficient device, but you will have to come to terms with its noise.
  • The manual vacuum cleaner is in fact a subspecies of a vertical vacuum cleaner, only even more compact. Such models work on batteries and are designed to clean small areas. The disadvantages include the need for frequent recharging, which takes a lot of time. Otherwise, the model is very convenient, especially in those places where the rest of the vacuum cleaners are not able to get.

On the principle of operation, vacuum cleaners can also be:

Of course, wireless people allow you to avoid many troubles that may arise with long wires, but it should be borne in mind that they also have their shortcomings. Batteries do not always allow you to work longer than 15 minutes. However, today they began to be in increasing demand, as they perfectly clean the furniture of various contaminants.

The greatest recognition was multifunctional vacuum cleaners that have different filtration steps and a large number of nozzles. They allow you to carry out dry or wet cleaning quickly and most efficiently.

Among the Bissell models during their operation, obvious leaders appeared. They are preferred more often than other devices. Perhaps a more detailed consideration of such devices will reveal why consumers like them so much.

The indisputable leader is Bissell 17132 Crosswave, which is designed for dry and wet cleaning. Especially often it is chosen by those who like to clean the house daily. It represents a vertical type with two containers for clean and dirty water.

over, the volume is selected so that you can put things in order in several rooms at once. Just one movement is enough to collect dust and wash the floor.

It is convenient that a special indicator when filling the container with dirty liquid will immediately report this with its glow. It is convenient to get, rinse and install in place. Managing the operating modes of the device is very easy, since their switching is located directly on the handle. The vacuum cleaner copes well with cleaning the parquet, laminate, tiles, and with carpets and rifs with piles of various heights. There is also a trigger on the handle, designed to simplify the spraying of the detergent solution.

A flexible model allows you to quickly restore order in the corners or under furniture. The number of additional elements to the device is small, but they are all universal. The electric shield allows you to remove large surfaces and there is a backlight on it that does not leave dark places. Various pollution, fluids, spots are easily removed with a microfiber nozzle.

How To Use Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner

Special attention in the model deserves the filtering system. It allows you to collect everything, up to the pollen of plants. over, even the smallest particles remain inside the unit, and only clean air outside. There is no need to change the filter, just rinse it with water.

The vacuum cleaner of this model from the network works, and the required power is 560 watts. The length of the working wire is more than 7 meters, and the weight of the device does not exceed 5 kg. Bissell 17132 Crosswave makes noise 80 dB.

Another advantage of this model is that it does not require special care.

The Bissell 81N7-J vacuum cleaner is also a leader, they love him for well performing dry and wet cleaning. Among its numerous features, it is worth paying attention to the system that is able to warm up the detergent solution. In this case, the heating temperature is adjusted automatically using a thermostat. This allows you to remove even faster and better, since harmful bacteria and various microorganisms are eliminated due to heat treatment. The power of this unit is 330 W, and it consumes only 1.8 kW. Aquafilter is designed for 4 liters. As for the length of the working wire, it slightly exceeds 5 meters. The weight of the device is about 6 kg.

The filtration system, which has three steps, allows you to cope with both large parts and microorganisms invisible to the human eye. This model is especially recommended to allergy sufferers and families with young children. Included with the device are various additional elements. So, a special brush perfectly removes both a hard floor and soft carpets. There is a nozzle that facilitates the cleaning of the floor with water, there is a separate nozzle for washing carpets. For coatings with thick pile, a special turbo engine is provided.

It is convenient to clean various upholstered furniture using a suitable brush for this. There is also a separate brush for things, for cleaning dust from long.haired coatings, a slit nozzle for cleaning in complex places. An unusual addition to the vacuum cleaner is a vantuse that allows you to clean the plumbing. It is very convenient that the model is equipped with a container in which it is convenient to store additional nozzles and brushes.

It is worth noting that bacteria cannot multiply inside the liquid containers in this device. This is due to the fact that it is made of material that contains microban. In operation and storage, the vacuum cleaner is very simple and convenient.

The Bissell 1474J device is also capable of cleaning both in dry mode and in wet. Its configuration has everything necessary for this. It is possible to remove in dry mode with the use of a brush for carpet and floor, a special nozzle for cracks, brushes for different types of furniture. It is easy to clean with water with nozzles that simplify cleaning coatings with pile, upholstered furniture, floors. There is also a separate nozzle that allows you to clean the drains. Control is located on the device handle, as well as a trigger for supplying water, which simplifies work. It is very convenient that the vacuum cleaner itself is able to heat water to 90 degrees. For nozzles entering the kit, a separate shelf is provided. If it is necessary to deeply clean the carpet, then it is best to use a turboratory for this, which is attached to this model.

The Bissell 1474J unit consumes 1.8 kW at a power of 150 watts. The aquafilter is designed for 4 liters, as well as a tank for clean liquid. The working wire can stretch to 6 meters. The weight of the vacuum cleaner is somewhat large and is more than 9 kg.

I consider impressive dimensions and large weight a disadvantage of this model, since it requires a considerable place to store.

Information about the brand

A thorough study of the needs of customers and their lifestyle allows you to introduce innovative solutions into units for dry or wet cleaning from Bissell. The founder of the company is Melville R. Bissel. He invented an unit for cleaning the carpet from sawdust. After receiving a patent, the Bassel Business began to develop rapidly. Over time, the wife of the inventor Anna became the first woman director in America and successfully continued her husband’s work.

Since the late 1890s, Bissell cleaning machines began to be purchased for cleaning at the Buckingham Palace. Bissell developers were the first to use an autonomous water tank that saved to connect the device to the water supply tap. Many people started pets because wool cleaning became light and fast with Bissell devices.

To date, vacuum cleaners for dry and/or humid cleaning of this company have become very affordable in price and people around the world like to use them.


Bissell’s American brand vacuum cleaners are designed exclusively for cleaning household premises. It is not recommended to clean the garage, machine, industrial premises, etc. D. The features of vacuum cleaners of this company for wet and/or dry cleaning include:

  • rubberized wheels. they allow you to easily move the vacuum cleaner on any floor coverings without traces and scratches;
  • Ergonomic handle. greatly facilitates the movement of the vacuum cleaner from the room to the room;
  • The impact.resistant case helps to extend the service life of the electrical appliance;
  • the presence of an automatic shutdown system during overheating increases the safety of the electrical appliance;
  • The rotary mechanism of the handle allows you to clean the most inaccessible places without moving the furniture;
  • Two tanks significantly increase the quality of cleaning: pure water is supplied from the first, in the second is assembled exhausted with dust and dirt (when filling the tank with dirty water, the electrical appliance is automatically turned off);
  • The telescopic metal tube allows you to easily adjust the vacuum cleaner for users with any growth: from a low teenager to an adult basketball player;
  • a set of various brushes for each type of pollution (a special compartment is provided for storage), in t. h. a unique rotating nozzle with a microfiber pad and backlight for vertical models;
  • a set of branded detergents will cope with any type of pollution on all types of flooring and furniture;
  • The cord in double braid significantly increases the safety of wet cleaning;
  • A multi-stage filtration system equally well delayed dust mites, plant pollen and many other allergens, it is enough to wash it with tap water to clean it;
  • The system after each use helps to maintain the unit in cleanliness by one pressing the button, it remains only to remove and dry the bribberry roller (a compact stand is built into the vacuum cleaner so that the roller is not lost).

There is no hose in Bissell vertical models, corrugated in classic models, made of plastic. Bissell line vacuum cleaners are very powerful motors, so they are somewhat noisy.

Spare parts. Bissell Proheat

Not all details are part of each model. Earn bonus points!To give you the right to discounts, discounts and other Bissell benefits.Enter www.Bissell.COM/REWARDS to learn more.

This guarantee gives you certain legal rights, and you can also have other rights that may differ from state to state. If you need additional instructions regarding this guarantee or you have questions regarding what it can cover, contact the Bissell Support by e.mail, phone or ordinary mail, as described below.A limited warranty for one year by exclusion and exclusion as indicated below, after receiving the product Bissell Homecare, Inc. will repair or replace (new or restored components or products), at the discretion of Bissell, free from the date of purchase by the original buyer, for one year, within one year, any defective or faulty part. Cm. Information below in the section “If your Bissell product requires service”. This guarantee applies to a product used for personal, not commercial or rental services. This guarantee does not apply to fans or components of planned maintenance, such as filters, belts or brushes. Damage or malfunctions caused by negligence, incorrect treatment, negligence, unauthorized repairs or any other use that does not correspond to the user’s leadership, are not covered.If your Bissell product needs maintenance: contact Bissell Consumer Services to find an authorized Bissell service center in your region.If you need information about the repair or replacement of parts, or if you have any questions on the warranty, contact the Bissell Support Support.

WebSight or Email: www.Bissell.complete the “Support Service” tab.

Or call the phone: Consumer services Bissell1-800-237-7691 INFORMATION. Friday from 8:10 to XNUMX: XNUMX according to the East European Time Subbot from 9: 8 to XNUMX: XNUMX in Eastern European time

Or write: Bissell Homecare, Inc.PO BOX 3606 Grand-Rapids, Michigan, 49501 Assuming: Consumer Services

Bissell Homecare, Inc. It is not responsible for random or indirect losses of any nature associated with the use of this product. Bissell responsibility does not exceed the price of buying a product.In some states, the exclusion or restriction of random or indirect losses is not allowed, so the above restriction or exclusion may not apply to you. Exceptions and exceptions from the conditions of a limited guarantee, this guarantee is exceptional and replacing any other guarantees, oral or written. Any implied guarantees that may arise under the action of the legislation, including implied guarantees of commercial value and suitability for a specific purpose, are limited to one year from the date of purchase, as described above.

In some states, it is not allowed to limit the validity of the implied warranty, so the above restriction may not apply to you.

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Bissell Proheat user manual. Download [optimized] User Guide Bissell Proheat. Download

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