How to assemble a floor fan maxwell

Fan Maxwell Floor how to assemble

There are different varieties of fans that are divided by the method of mounting into:

The last two species do not need assembly after they have been purchased. The last type (ceiling) is installed in a specially prepared mounting place.

Views differ from each other with power, dimensions, the number of speeds, various additional functions, etc.D.

The first type of fan is one of the more favorite methods that allow you to cool. The main reasons for such prevalence are the low price, ease of use and mount, low energy consumption, mobility, versatility. The floor fan does not occupy a huge room in the room.

According to the functioning method, floor fans are also divided into:

  • Axial. These are devices that are equipped with an electronic engine and blades. These blades “force” the air flow during rotation.
  • Hostless. This variety is a round frame with a motor. The air flow is initially absorbed, and then pushed out with acceleration.

Ossed floor fans are more than a more prolonged variety. The entire room is not blown, but only a separate place.

The fan does not work

There are 5 circumstances why the device may have malfunctions:

  • The lubricant has dried.
  • The capacitor has dried.
  • Fuse or thermal relay burned out.
  • The windings closed or the wires broke.
  • The shaft of the motor shifted.

The main inconsistent of devices that are inexpensive is incorrect casting blades. As a result of this confusion, an imbalance begins. As a result, the imbalance begins to break the bearings, and the gaps become more.

It is unrealistic to have an effect on this, because the device was first sold with this drawback. Visually he can work normally, in other words spin, but with all this do not blow. The petals are damaged, because the air is not thrown out.

This inconsistent may appear after long operation, when the device was under direct sunlight for a long time. The impeller, heated, over time begins to change its shape.

It may be that the device does not spin. The premise of this is a dried lubricant. The device sharses, loses speed. As a result, this load on the motor becomes larger. The engine, which is wound up with a narrow wire with a width of 0.2 mm, begins to bask, and later the windings burn out.

Usually, the device stops spinning. Starts to buzz, the impeller stops spinning.

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Assembly of the upper part

You need to adhere to the subsequent annotation:

  • The rear grid of the casing is carried out on the drive part. It is seated in grooves and attracted with a nut.
  • The wheel with the blades is planted on the motor axis along the connector.
  • Then the installation and fixing of the front grate of the cover is done.
  • The tube is inserted into the engine block. Fixing the motor on the rack is carried out. For this, a stop screw is used. It is placed in the place where these parts are connected.

The place of landing of the shaft can be without grooves, the impeller in this case is fixed using a screw. In this case, if the motor is not connected to the unit, then it must be connected to the introduction of a screw or bolt.

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Instructions for Maxwell MW-3804 W, MW-3804

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How to assemble a floor fan Tefal

And you knew that there are fans that also protect from mosquitoes? Tefal with a combined system for supplying fresh air and spraying a product from mosquitoes. My salvation in summer heat

Now I wish you to tell you about the floor fan Essential (Mosquito) Protect VF4210 from Tefal.

The floor fan Tefal VF4210F0 will create a cool breeze and will not let the air stagnate.

Three speeds of work will allow you to choose the most comfortable option: from light blowing to a powerful stream (up to 55 cubic meters.M/h). Settings are set by a mechanical swivel regulator.

There is a special slot above the control panel where you can insert any standard bottle of fumigator liquid. Thus, the fan not only refreshes the air, but also sprays the liquid from insects throughout the room.

The fan is packed in a large box of cardboard, which turned out to be quite heavy by weight. You can bring a girl to a girl, but only if carefully.

On the basis of a little information about this fan model. The main characteristics and advantages are painted.

In fact, there is not very much information, but it is provided in several languages ​​at once.

It seemed to me not very convenient that the box is not equipped with any handle.

Inside everything was composed very tightly, so even when turning the box. Did not shake and did not thunder.

Review of the floor fan Tefal VF4210F0

The fan is sold in a disassembled form, so you will have to collect it yourself. Each element is neatly packed in protective material, only the blades were without everything.

The first, and probably the most difficult part. Foot stand.

She was packed in a plastic bag.

Inside which there were additional details for assembly. I liked that all sorts of screws and screws immediately went at the same time with those details where they had to be screwed.

The stand weighs decently, thanks to this the fan is stable even at maximum speed.

At first I did not quite understand why the stand is so dirty. But wiping it with a rag, she found that it was a plastic of such an interesting color in itself.

Outwardly the stand is made of white plastic. External rim. Glossy, and inner circle. Matte.

Next comes the leg. She is firmly packed in cardboard.

Как собрать напольный вентилятор самостоятельно

And also in film, so that nothing gets scratched.

It is not very heavy, although it is made of metal. Visually, it is glossy and smooth. It is sold short, but its length can be adjusted at your discretion. The maximum fan height. 140 cm.

The next is the basis, which, like all other details, is carefully packed in protective material.

Probably, it is stronger than all, since he was at first in cardboard and foam, and then. In the package.

The cord is also wrapped in a film, and inside is still tumored with wire. Its length. 1.5 meters.

The basis, from which, in principle, the fan works is also quite weighty.

Looks like a device for checking the speed of machines.

A head of glossy black plastic is strung on the base.

Behind there is a small sticker with the power of the device and the brand logo.

On the basis there is a compartment, thanks to which this fan model and differs from all others. Antimoscate function.

The cover is very tight, I almost broke a couple of nails for myself until I opened it for the first time. Then I realized that it was better to use fingertips.

You can screw any liquid from insects into the compartment, and click on the button with the inscription Protect when operating the fan, and the air flow will begin to spread the liquid throughout the room.

They are made of durable transparent plastic of blue shade.

They are not very wide, which allows them to spin easily and quickly.

Details of the body protecting the screw were in the same packaging.

There was some incomprehensible and unnecessary piece of paper inside.

The case consists of 2 parts of the same shape. They lie in each other, and there are a couple of paper sheets between them.

The upper half has a logo located on a plastic circle, as well as an external rim.

The back panel is completely metal.

When assembly, the base is quite voluminous.

Air easily passes through a small mesh, but it also protects well from a spinning screw.

As I wrote earlier, the fan is sold in a disassembled state. The assembly is basically easy, it will not take much time if you first study the instructions. I managed in 20 minutes.

The instructions have options for assemblies of several models at once, so look for yours by number. My one that is presented on the left side.

First you need to assemble the lower part of the fan.

assemble, floor, maxwell

Next comes the upper part with a spinning mechanism.

It must be placed in an open part of the stand.

Previously, it is necessary to unscrew the screw inside, otherwise the stick itself will not stand tight and will fly out.

It is removed using a special mechanism.

If desired, you can immediately adjust the height of the finished fan.

From the base, twisting the screws, you will need to unscrew a couple of details.

It is easy to do this, since there are instructions on which direction you need to turn.

They are unscrewed quickly and without problems.

No keys and screwdrivers, everything is done with your hands.

TEFAL Essential fan []

The pin on which it is necessary to string parts of the base and blades appears to us.

Then it is twisted by a little thing, which we unscrewed the second. Make sure that everything is tightly screwed and does not hang out, since you do not want a part of the fan with working blades, God forbid?!

Floor fan Maxwell MW-3545. Reviews

All reviews undergo manual moderation of specialists, we publish both the advantages and disadvantages of the “floor fan Maxwell MW-3545″ so that users can objectively evaluate the pros, cons and the main characteristics before buying.

Fastening the engine cover, on plastic latches too flimsy done. And the unlikely hole where the bolt should be, at first I thought that they lost during delivery)

And so I really liked the device, only the legs will be “not enough”, I’m afraid as if not blown away by draft)


The biggest drawback is very noisy (there is something to measure with, how it works audible in the entire apartment). Small, wind is weak.

I think worthy of my money, little noise, three rotation speeds are tangible. The control panel is simple, you do not need to get up from the couch)

The main minus is soft plastic at the fan blades and after two days of use there was already completely absent wind flow, the blades were even

The remote control does not work at all and toy fan

Not bulky, powerful, there is a sleep mode and a remote control. Easy assembly (on popular video hosting there is a detailed assembly).

The quality of the material can be considered a big minus, but by looking at the price tag you forget about it. You can’t turn off the lights from the buttons. At 3 speeds sometimes crackles.

Good fan. He copes with his work perfectly. There is noise, like most of such fans. At night I can almost hear at 1 speed, but I sleep sensitively. At sleep mode (turns on through the “Mode” button) almost never heard. Many people write about flimsy legs. I did not use anything additional when assembly, it costs calmly and reliably. Perhaps if there is a child or a pet, then when they collide with the fan, he will fail 🙂 He chose for a long time, returned to this option and did not regret it, everything is fine for such a price. I hope it will work for a long time. Recommend!

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Exhaust fan. A device that can more often be seen in the houses of our fellow citizens. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, recently, thanks to a significant reduction in the cost of the production of such devices, almost everyone can afford such a purchase. Secondly, this electrical appliance is certainly a very useful purchase for an apartment and a private house.

The electrical circuit of the household fan and its features

The main task of the exhaust fan is to ensure forced artificial air circulation in those rooms where natural circulation is difficult or not enough. A vivid example of such a room is the bathroom. In apartment buildings, as a rule, this room is far from external load.Bearing walls, and, therefore, air circulation in them is difficult. If you add increased humidity and mold arising from it, it immediately becomes clear that the exhaust fan to the bathroom is not just a tribute to fashion, but a real need.

In order to connect the fan, you need to know a few small nuances. You need to understand that the electrical circuit of the fan connection is largely determined by the place of its installation and the presence of its features in the design.

Connection with a built.In switch. The simplest scheme. The device is brought to the device in 220 in. Turning on and turning off the fan occurs due to a built.In circuit breaker.

Connection via the switch. By applying this circuit, the fan is turned on and off using a special switch. As a rule, it is located in front of the entrance to the room. For such a connection, it is necessary to lay 2 cables. One from the camshaft to the switch, the second. To the device itself.

Connecting a fan with a timer. The peculiarity of these devices is that they do not turn off immediately, but after a certain time. This is carried out due to a special time relay that automatically shut off the device after a pre.Set period of time (usually from one minute to half an hour). With this connection, one wire goes to the switch, and two to the device.

Connection of the fan to the humidity sensor. The electrical circuit of control of the fan may include the presence of a humidity sensor that measures the readings in real time and, consistent with the given program, monitors the operation of the device. It includes it with a humidity and turns it off at the moment when it reaches the optimal values. The connection diagram of the device is similar to the one that is necessary to connect the fan with the timer.

Most fans consists of switching circuits, launch, wraps of an electric motor. The list of elements concerns the repair. Often in household models, a trivial coil is used, wound up copper residential with lacquer insulation. Let us consider today how to repair the fans with your own hands, the inductance has burned down, the wire was torn due to the improving of the operator. To restore the coil, a good old device is used, despite simplicity, you can’t get it in the store. With the help of the mechanism, they wind the inductance using an electric drive, working with handles.

Industrial fans have otherwise, unlike household, more often centrifugal. The winding of the collector, asynchronous engine at home cannot be restored, it will be difficult to do it. Craftsmen repeat the production cycle in their native penalties.

Do.It.Yourself floor fan repair. All reasons why not spin and how to disassemble.

In the hottest summer days, the only salvation from the exhausting heat, is the usual floor fan.

Not everyone can afford a full.Fledged split system or at least a mobile air conditioner.

But unfortunately, this inexpensive and affordable windmill, from time to time breaks. Especially fly like seeds Chinese models.

And there are vast majority in our market. What to do if the fan has stopped rotating and working? What are his main sores and because of which he breaks?

In total, 5 main reasons for the failure of floor fans can be distinguished:

The main problem of cheap models, which for some reason few people pay attention to. Incorrect casting blades. Because of this, an imbalance occurs, bearings are broken, gaps increase.

You can’t influence this in any way, as you already bought a fan with such an initial defect. Sometimes it seems to work, the impeller rotates normally, but does not blow.

That is, there is no cooling air flow from it. Why is it happening?

Due to the wrong corner of the attack of the blades. Its petals are deformed and drive an air flow in a circle, and do not throw it out.

This effect can appear over time, after the fan stood for a long time under the straight rays of the sun and its impeller heated, began to gradually change its shape.

It is treated only by replacing the impeller with a new.

The most common problem is the dried lubrication or its lack. The fan begins to wedge, lose speed and, as a result, the load on the engine increases. Vetrodui no longer works in full force.

The engine wound up with a thin wire of 0.2mm begins to heat up and the windings gradually burn out.

How a similar defect is detected? In this case, the fan ceases to rotate. He is buzzing, but the impeller does not spin.

It also happens that it starts only at 3 speed, and does not react to the first two at all. He just does not have enough power to turn the shaft.

In order to start it, you have to sprout like on old aircraft in an impudent.

By the way, the same symptom may be with damage to the start.Up capacitor. How to find out without devices what reason is to blame for the breakdown?

To do this, at least get to the engine shaft, removing the protective casing and blades. If the shaft by hand will rotate with great difficulty, then blame dirt and dried grease.

And if he spins easily and he has inertia, then most likely a conder was covered. Symptom. Turned on the fan in the outlet, but it does not spin. At the same time, scroll into a impudent motor and it starts.

If you hold the fan blades when working with your hand, it can stop again. The capacitor is checked by a multimeter if it has an appropriate capacity measurement scale.

To replace, select a new conder according to the same parameters that are indicated on the body of the old.

By the way, a dried.Up capacitor has not yet been fully affected, also affects the moment. If you notice that they fell from you and the fan began to spin slower, this is a bell to check it.

The problem of tight rotation is solved by a new lubricant of bearings. Here are used, the so.Called sliding bearings. Someone calls them bushings.

Apply balls in such designs is expensive, and they thunder over time, they be healthy. For repair it is not at all necessary to disassemble the entire engine entirely. It is enough to unscrew a few cogs and spray to the right places with the universal aerosol WD40.

How to get to the bushings without removing the engine? To get started, unscrew the central screw on the back wall of the protective casing.

Another self-tapping screw is hidden in the adjustment button for turning or stopping at the fan head.

After that, the back cover is easily removed from its place. What is under it? Here you can see the gearbox of the rotary mechanism that gives rotation to the whole head.

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