How to assemble a geyser coffee maker of a hypofel

How to cook espresso (coffee) in a geyser coffee maker (MOK)?

The geyser coffee maker (aka Moka) conquered the hearts of people around the world with its simplicity, convenience and quality of the finished drink. Thanks to the invention of Signora Alfonso Bialetti, millions of people can cook espresso right at home without buying expensive equipment. However, despite simplicity, each method has its own nuances.

In this article we will tell you how to cook coffee in a geyser coffee maker correctly. Our instructions will be useful for those who have just bought a brand new moka, and those who already know how to use a geyser.type coffee maker. for them we have prepared several very useful tips.

However, before proceeding directly to cooking, we need to pay attention to, what

Device device

How a coffee maker arranges, considered in the instructions for the operation. The device consists of two parts and looks like a kettle for brewing tea on the stove.

  • The lower part is made in the form of a water tank. A safety valve is installed on the side. Emergency release of steam during cooking occurs through it. Inside there is a filter adapter, thanks to which grains of ground grains do not fall into coffee, and the finished drink passes up the metal tube.
  • Upper part. a container with a pipe that continues the pipe from the lower part. The top is intended for a finished drink. Outwardly, it looks like a coffee pot with a handle, a lid and a nose from which it is convenient to pour a drink into a cup.

At the bottom of the upper part, at the junction of the coffee makers compartments, there is a silicone gasket. The upper (larger) department is screwed into the lower.

Checking the car

Before starting cooking in a coffee machine, it is recommended to clean it. This means that you should boil coffee grains three times. So, you will also check the performance of your machine and the discharge valve in it. Throw out the ground grains.

If steam passes during boiling, check how correctly you fixed the lid. Such a disorder may appear if the lid was dirty. If difficulties with fastening, you can contact the master or change the car.

With the constant use of a geyser coffee maker, it must be cleaned of scale and stains.

Scientists advise receiving geyser coffee makers from alloy steel. Aluminum coffee maker will cost you, by comparison with the previous look, by an order of magnitude cheaper, but you will notice the nasty taste of bitterness, which he assigns coffee.

Making coffee

In order to come out to the Americano, it will be necessary to fill the vessel with water until that time until the discharge valve begins. If you are a lover of espresso, use half the water half. When the water level is exceeded, it flows onto the stove.

  • Then, you need to add coffee beans, and rewind them earlier. If you do this without the help of a special car, do not make the grain very small, because they can eventually get to you in coffee.

A huge amount of coffee will not come in handy for you, one and a half teaspoons will be completely enough. Check if you put the grains in the right compartment and make sure that they did not get into the water. Further, tightly close the lid.

assemble, geyser, coffee, maker, hypofel
  • Put your own kettle on low heat. Make sure that the flame does not go out of the strip of coffee makers. This will help you adjust the temperature.

On the stove of a coffee maker should stand until your coffee finishes to run.

Geyser coffee maker-what is it still?

For the manufacture of strong, savory and fragrant coffee, a multifunctional geyser coffee maker is needed. What is it still? This device, in what manufacture of the drink occurs under the influence of steam pressure. She received such an unusual name, since the geyser recalls in the process. After all, since coffee is prepared under pressure, when working from the cover, pair clubs are erupted.

The secret is simple

It turns out that the very principle by which the geyser coffee maker works allows us to ensure the highest quality and delicate processing of raw materials. By the way, it is with the help of this unit that even the most difficult coffee recipes can be implemented and create different drinks.

Geyser coffee maker is a device that uses steam, or rather steam under pressure for the preparation of coffee. The unit has received its name for the process of making a drink that resembles a geyser. Such similarity is understandable, because in the process of preparing coffee under pressure from under the cover cover, puffs of steam appear. Just like a geiser.

amazonbasics 5 Cup Coffee Maker

If an espresso coffee maker appeared in the last century and is considered quite young equipment, then geyser.type devices were developed much earlier. The first geyser.type coffee maker appeared, according to historical certificates, at the beginning of the XIX century. Who invented the first model is not known reliably. But the first beautiful, or rather stylish geyser.type coffee maker was developed by Mr. Bialetti from Italy, who used aluminum as the main material of the body of the device. Even here, Italians who came up with the espresso machine and many other accessories and devices for making coffee, attached their hand.

Today, ceramics and stainless steel are used to produce devices of this type. So from GIPFEL a geyser coffee maker, depending on the model, is presented in different variations. But regardless of the design, all models are made of high.quality and durable stainless steel. Each of the models differs not only externally, but also in cost. But as practice shows, stainless steel models are in great demand, as they are characterized by high functionality and at the same time cost an order of magnitude cheaper.

In fact, from TM GIPFEL, a geyser coffee maker, like any other type of this type, is a metal vessel divided into internal sections. One of the internal sections is designed to accommodate water, the second. for coffee. The device cover is made either from metal or from glass. Recently, models have appeared, the cover of which is made of plastic. True, the plastic is not ordinary, but resistant to heating.

Geyser coffee maker: how to use a device

The device can be used on different types of plates. How to use a geyser coffee maker on an electric stove and on gas, is described in the instructions. Before the first use, it is recommended to boil old coffee beans three times to check how the valve works and clean the device. After boiling, the resulting product is thrown away, the device is well washed. Compliance with the rules set forth in the instructions will help prepare aromatic and delicious coffee. In a certain sequence, actions are performed:

parts of the device are disconnected; Water is poured into the lower compartment (almost to the valve level, if cooked by Americano or slightly below it, if the espresso is boiled); Coffee grains of medium or large grinding are poured into the filter (the edges are cleaned with a napkin from the spilled powder); Close a lid; The upper compartment is carefully connected to the lower; The device is placed on the stove, turning on the minimum fire (the average mode is installed on the electric type plate; if prepared on gas, make sure that the flame of the burner does not go beyond the boundaries of the coffee maker); Cook until the water stops flowing into the upper tank; When the steam begins to enter the nose, a characteristic puff will appear. a signal about the readiness of the drink; The finished coffee must be left for 3-5 minutes, then stir with a spoon and pour into the cups.

It doesn’t matter where the geyser coffee maker is used: on gas or plate of a different type, it is worth remembering that the device works under high pressure, any improper action leads to burns. When heated, you cannot open (in some models. unscrew) the lid

To make a new portion, the cooled coffee maker is thoroughly washed and the procedure is repeated.

How to use an electric model

The difference between tile and electric models is that an electric coffee maker works from a power supply network. To prepare the device for work, perform actions listed above. The collected model must be put on a stand, included in the network and select the necessary cooking mode (one mode is programmed on some models). After the operation, the device automatically turns off.

You can on how a geyser coffee maker is arranged

How to check a coffee maker for performance

In the process of use, it is important to ensure that the device works properly

They pay attention to several points:

  • Water should not flow from under the sealing ring or other places;
  • coffee of nozzles flows with a wide powerful stream;
  • The device does not make extraneous sounds when working. rattle, hiss, whistle;
  • Ten coffee makers warmly warming when included in the electrical network.

Geyser coffee maker Gipfel

Some malfunctions can be eliminated with your own hands by washing filters and seals. If more serious malfunctions are detected (the device does not turn on, does not warm and does not supply water) to contact the service center.

Operating conditions of a geyser coffee maker from TM GIPFEL

There are two types of units operating on the principle of “Geiser”. So today an electric coffee maker is available and ordinary (gas). The gas device is ideal for places in which there is no electricity for one reason or another. To prepare aromatic and exquisite coffee, you need to put a coffee maker on the stove (gas) and you can start the cooking process. If the room has a power supply system, then experts recommend buying a geyser electric coffee maker. From TM GIPFEL, a geyser coffee maker is positioned in the average price segment

Previously, pour clean cold water into the liquid section and fill the ground coffee grains in the raw materials section. In the process of heating the water, steam passes through ground coffee, due to which the process of preparing the drink actually occurs.

There are models in which this process is repeated several times. But if we talk about the products of hyphents, then here the circulation of the steam is carried out once. By the way, a pricing policy that is distinguished by flexibility and democraticity is a distinctive feature of the German brand, known in the world as a manufacturer of dishes and kitchen accessories from stainless steel.

What is a geyser coffee maker?

Important! To determine whether a coffee maker is suitable for use on an induction stove, you should apply to the bottom of the magnet device. if it holds, you can cook a drink without fears.

Additional functions

When creating new models of geyser type devices, manufacturers complement the devices with certain functions that greatly simplify the process of making a drink.

To date, various brands produce advanced devices equipped with functions such as:

  • Timer. leading counting time.
  • Light indicator. informs the user that the device is turned on or off.
  • Sound indicator. notifying that the drink is ready to use.
  • Automatic shutdown of the device.
  • Protection against voltage and short circuit drops.
  • Fortress regulator. necessary for independent regulation of the dosage of ground coffee and the preparation of espresso.
  • Digital timer. allows you to program how much time coffee will be prepared with subsequent automatically shutdown.
  • Heated welded coffee. supports the temperature of the finished drink after the device is turned off from the network.
  • Kapuchinikor for making cream foam. this function is in the Bialettimukka Express model. In all other devices, the cappuccucer is not provided.

Attention! Often, additional functions are present only in electrical devices, because it is impossible to add many functions to the devices for the preparation of coffee on gas stoves.

Additional functions

When creating new models of geyser type devices, manufacturers complement the devices with certain functions that greatly simplify the process of making a drink.

To date, various brands produce advanced devices equipped with functions such as:

  • Timer. leading counting time.
  • Light indicator. informs the user that the device is turned on or off.
  • Sound indicator. notifying that the drink is ready to use.
  • Automatic shutdown of the device.
  • Protection against voltage and short circuit drops.
  • Fortress regulator. necessary for independent regulation of the dosage of ground coffee and the preparation of espresso.
  • Digital timer. allows you to program how much time coffee will be prepared with subsequent automatically shutdown.
  • Heated welded coffee. supports the temperature of the finished drink after the device is turned off from the network.
  • Kapuchinikor for making cream foam. this function is in the Bialettimukka Express model. In all other devices, the cappuccucer is not provided.

Attention! Often, additional functions are present only in electrical devices, because it is impossible to add many functions to the devices for the preparation of coffee on gas stoves.

How to use a device?

Before using the geyser apparatus, it is important to study the detailed instructions for the use of the device, which will help to correctly prepare a delicious and aromatic coffee drink.

Operating Instructions of Tecnora Caffemio Drip Coffee Maker

The process takes no more than five minutes and is carried out in several stages:

  • Separate the upper part of the device from the bottom and remove the filter.
  • Pour cold water into the lower compartment, not exceeding the level of filling.
  • Pour ground coffee into the filter and clean the edges of the filter from powder. If desired, you can add spices.
  • The upper part of the structure should be carefully connected to the lower.
  • Put the device on the stove or connect to the mains (depending on the purchased model).
  • When preparing a drink on the stove, cook coffee on the minimum heat until the water stops draining the upper compartment.
  • Pour the finished drink into cups. To prepare a new portion, wait for a complete cooling of the device, rinse it and repeat the procedure.

Important! With a hot coffee maker should be especially careful, since you can get a strong burn.

In order to pour coffee into cups, you need to take the device by the handle. it does not heat up in the process of making coffee. Touching the metal parts of the apparatus with bare hands is prohibited.

Correct coffee coffee care is able to extend its life and maintain the taste of the drink.

In order for the device to last as long as possible, it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Before turning on the device, check the presence of all parts, tightness and correct assembly.
  • After preparing coffee, let the device cool, then rinse it with warm water.
  • Regularly clean the safety valve. in the case of clogging, the device may explode.
  • Clean the filter with baking soda or dishwasher.
  • Check the condition of the filter and gaskets after each use.
  • Do not wash the details of the apparatus in the dishwasher. Cleaning the coffee maker should only be manually.
  • After washing dry, wipe all the elements of the device with a clean soft cloth.
  • If the coffee maker is designed to make coffee on a gas stove, do not turn on the gas at full capacity.

note! The plaque formed due to the settings of coffee oils on the walls of the device does not need to be cleaned, since it prevents the appearance of an unpleasant taste of boiled drink. It is enough to just rinse the container.


What is curious, the brand’s commodity line is quite large, and the models are found in a variety of design: the highest and low, wide and narrow. Some look very extraordinary (although, it would seem, how can you change the appearance of such an ordinary object). In general, there is something to choose from.

Usually, in each series there are models of geyser coffee houses of hypfeles for 200, 300 and 450/500 ml.

A series of fairly ordinary design, which will fit into at least some interior and style of the kitchen, looks fresh and curious with all this. Plastic handle, so it is important to watch so that it does not touch the flame. A cover with a plastic pen that does not heat up. at least at what point it can be raised to look at the level of the drink. Nothing excessive, looks very dignified and with all this simply.

The model is one hundred percent of stainless steel in a fairly exciting, unusual execution-such the highest and narrow coffee pot is somewhat similar to a thermos, and always attracts attention to itself. There are virtually no such models on the market, so if you are looking for something original, maybe this is exactly such a geyser coffee maker GIPFEL. They are often acquired as a gift to amaze. A non.banal thing for non.standard people who like everything special.

Very positive collection: elements of orange plastic look great in a compartment with matte stainless steel. What you need to wake up and recharge with a good mood and vigor for the whole day. If there are other orange items in the kitchen. excellent, if not, you can purchase calorite cups. The shape is ordinary, but it looks very fresh due to brightness.

In the coffee makers of the Gipfel of the GIPFEL series Isabella, as it were, there is nothing like that, but with all this they look like a retro. Maybe due to the exciting attachment of the cover, which recalls the first models of such devices, or maybe because of the generous a bit of dark color. If for you a hunt for you to feel yourself with an Italian aristocrat who pours morning coffee from a generous grandmother‘s coffee pot for yourself. this same model may be attracted to you. Subtle, representative.

And this is a more traditional option, maybe due to the shape of the handle on the lid. There is something in it that remembers the usual appearance of coffee makers. Straight stripes, a constantly successful combination of dark and matte silver. this is one of the most favorite brand models. Just washed in a dishwasher, does not scratch, a fairly long.term.

All Gipfel geyser coffee makers can be used on all plates, even on induction.

Features of the purchase

Read something about you can find options from 3500.

Maybe the gaterase coffee maker of hypvles is not the most popular product, because there are always shares and discounts. Before making a purchase, we advise you to visit the in the web. As an option, even buying in another region with delivery can be cheaper than purchasing in an ordinary chain store of home appliances.

You can make an order from the official website, or find the branded outlets in your town-there are much many large chain stores in actually sell GIPFEL dishes, so you can go and look at their products live, touch and compare, and later find The most profitable offer specifically to you.

  • Gipfel geyser coffee makers are made by order of the Russian company in China, as an option. the design was developed in Germany. But this is definitely not the same “German quality”, and the company does not apply to Germany (or Belgium).
  • There are several quite different collections in the assortment, so you can find something fascinating and unusual, the design is really successful.
  • are very very different, often there are promotions and huge discounts, before buying it is worth inspecting in the web.
  • Quality, in general, is good, although it differs from party to party.

Geyser coffee maker Gipfel 5319 Wenus 200ml.

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Our qualified scientists will certainly help you.

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How to Make Moka Pot Coffee & Espresso. The BEST Way (Tutorial)

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Dimensions of packaging: Dimensions are not provided

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Is there a strong difference between the metal and Lamine? What successful manufacturers?

The task to cook the dose of espresses in some places is not at home. there is a stove or burner everywhere, and carry a machine with you. J.Clooney is not always comfortable 🙂

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I and Pedrini and Bialetti Bialetti are more excellently made, plus the wear of Pedrini much sooner, the mesh and elastic band.

PS: I am a big fan of geyser, I think this is the best option for home.

Thanks! I felt both that and that, it seemed monotonous. Each company has a little different models, and there are no differences

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Re: Tell me about the geyser coffee makers that are not sticking into the outlet, but on the stove there is a strong difference between the metal and Lamineva? ————————-. The question of faith (some absorb aluminum salts from pots and pans straight to the brain) and design

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Simplicity of use

Despite the apparent simplicity of the design, which is different from TM GIPFEL, a geyser coffee maker, the consumer may have certain difficulties in using it. The easiest way to master the operation of the unit is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions that is attached to the device.

So, in order for the Gipfel geyser coffee maker to cope with the task and allow you to prepare aromatic and exquisite coffee:

  • Pour cold clean water into the lower section (the mark is indicated by the manufacturer). Do not pour the liquid above the valve performing the protective functions, as this will violate the operation of the unit;
  • Pour ground coffee into the upper section of the device. It must be remembered that the amount of raw materials depends on the capacity of the special section. No need to fall asleep ground coffee “with a hill” so that it does not fit in the container. But at the same time, it is desirable to achieve a complete filling of a special filter. An ideal raw material for a geyser.type coffee maker is considered to be medium grinding coffee. It is not necessary to compact raw materials (unlike the process of making coffee in a coffee machine);
  • Turn on the device (or put on gas).

Cons of geyser apparatuses for making coffee

Say that gipfel geyser coffee maker has no shortcomings. It is believed that the weakest place of any geyser coffee maker is the filter and seal. If you regularly change these two elements, then you can be sure, the finished drink will have an exquisite taste and a rich aroma. Filtering elements should also be cleaned regularly to avoid failure of the technique.

Geyser coffee maker REVIEW and OVERVIEW | how to cook CAPPUCCINO at home

For the preparation of coffee at home, you can choose coffee makers of various companies. manufacturers. But still, there is a list of the best companies.


Bialetti Mokka. Bialeti is a founding company of Italian geyser coffee shoes. Currently, original Bialeti produce both in Europe and Asia.

But you can not purchase a geyser coffee maker of this company in all household appliances stores. Geyser coffee makers of this company boil black coffee.

The exception is only Bialettimukkaexpress. This is a unique coffee maker for the preparation of cappuccino.

Pedrini Italy

Pedrini: style and perfection. A distinctive feature of Pedrini products is a low cost, practicality, reliability and durability. Production is only Italian: devices of the highest quality assembly quality.

There are no electric models among coffee machines of this company. All of them are suitable only for gas, electric and ceramic plates. The design of manufactured products is suitable for any interior solutions.

Delonghi Italy

Delong Hi innovative technique combines efficiency and authentic appearance. Products will become a highlight in the kitchen of any buyer.

The company produces coffee makers in two modifications: Alicia EMK 9 and Alicia EMK 6. They differ in the volume of the finished drink: 9 and 6 cups, respectively. The devices are compact, simple control, equipped with the function of maintaining heat.

Delonghi geyser coffee maker.

Ibili Spain

Ibili coffee makers is a combination of modern design and quality. Elegant models are universal: they can be used both on electrical and induction and gas stoves.

Ibili geyser coffee maker for different types of plates.

Berghoff Germany

German quality and solid appearance will not leave indifferent a single coffee lover. Coffee makers can be used on any type of plates.

Berghoff: Germany. that’s the whole characteristic.

The story of a geyser coffee maker

An electric geyser coffee maker of a geyser coffee maker is a relatively new invention, which the world first heard and spoke about the beginning of the 20th century.

Parisian jeweler named Jacques Augustine Gande developed such a design where the water rose up on a special tube during a boil and fell on coffee.

But the modern prototype of the coffee maker invented a little later Nicolas Duran, who placed a filter grid with coffee at the end of the tube, and also improved the percolator.

Mass production of geyser coffee coffee makers began the Englishman Sir Remford. His coffee maker looked like an ordinary metal kettle.

Inside it was a sieve with coffee and a tube that rested on the bottom.

Thus, to cook a delicious drink, it was necessary to pour water into the container and pour the powder into the filter.

After some time, on the basis of all inventions, one, improved model was created.

There were 3 separate sections in it, where there were water, coffee and a finished drink.

With this innovation, every time before cooking, clean water was poured and fresh coffee was poured, which significantly seized the taste characteristics of the drink.

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