How to assemble a meat grinder electric scarlett

Detailed assembly instructions for manual and electric meat grinders

Before starting the assembly of the device to grind various products, you need to find out what parts it consists of. The following structural elements are included in the set of manual meat grinders:

  • a solid case made of metal alloy;
  • The meat receiver into which the processed product is loaded;
  • a screw shaft, bringing the product to the output of a meat grinder;
  • disk or impeller knives that crush products that fall into the meat receiver;
  • a lattice affecting the degree of grinding of finished products;
  • a clamping nut that fixes the lattices and knives on the main shaft;
  • pen attached by a special screw, which drives the mechanism into action.

If we consider an electrome.grinder, then it is similar to its mechanical predecessor, but has some improvements. The first thing that catches the eye is a case that differs both forms and the material of manufacture. The electric device does not have a hand drive in the form of a handle. The operation of the device is provided by an electric motor mounted in the case of the meat grinder.

Varieties and functionality

On the window you can find many different types of meat grinders. from simple in shape to the most intricate. Each of the models will belong to one of the two categories. mechanical or electrical. The mechanical is different called manual, but it does not change the essence.

Regardless of how exactly the meat grinder is set in motion. through physical effort or by electricity, it perfectly performs its main function. crushes food, turning it into stuffing. It does not have to be meat: with its help you can grind almost anything, for example, zuccats or nuts.

What are the meat grinders

Manufacturers offer a large selection of models, however, there are only two: electric and mechanical.

  • Small size.
  • The amount of portioned product is small.
  • Made of cast iron, tin or stainless steel coating.
  • Simplicity and accessibility in operation.
  • Manual management.
  • Low cost.
  • It consists of: body, meat receiver, screw shaft, special knife, grate, clamping nut, handle, fastening screw. Instructions on how to assemble a hand.made meat can be found on the Internet.
  • Grinding hard parts of raw meat.
  • High speed allows you to grind a large amount of product in a short time.
  • They have various settings. You can choose any format of minced meat.
  • The lattices are made of stainless steel, the presence of a knife with four blades makes the work highly efficient and productive.

Unboxing SCARLETT Meat grinder SC MG45M13

The fundamental difference between a mechanical and electrical device in the control method. In a mechanical meat grinder, control using a handle. It is she who sets all the details in motion. In an electric shock, this function is performed by an electric engine.

General principle of operation: in the upper part of the device there is a reservoir for loading pieces of meat, a boot bunker. From this funnel, the meat is lowered into the screw compartment. Rotating, the torque pushes the product through the shaft to the knives. The final grinding occurs by a knife and a lattice. The texture of the finished product, its granularity depends on the holes in the grill.

Three directions of the devices are distinguished by functionality: traditional (grinds only meat products), universal (in addition to meat products, it can grind and cut vegetables, squeeze juices, etc.D.), kitchen combines (have many functions, but low.power).

The assembly procedure for the electromyas.grinder

The electrical meat is distinguished by the assembly. It includes: housing, electric mechanism, meat receiver, snack, knife, grate, clamping nut. According to the principle of grinding the product, there are screws (a screw in a meat grinder pushes meat to knives) and kutter (works on the principle of a blender).

To rationally use the machine, you need to know how to put a knife in it and stick to a certain algorithm step by step. It is more difficult to fold an electric meat grinder than a manual version.

  • We insert a screw into the niche on the engine housing. We fix the movement “counterclockwise” to a characteristic click.
  • We put the knife on the free part of the screw, then the grill is wound. Check the correctness of planting threads and holes.
  • The components are pressed by a nut.
  • Installation of the meat supply tray.

It is important to correctly insert a knife into a meat grinder. Negligence at this stage leads to the fact that the minced meat will not work, and subsequently a breakdown of the unit.

The main details of the device

The manual type of meat grinder has the following structural elements:

  • a case equipped with a clamp;
  • a screw.shaped screw that promotes the promotion of the product to knives;
  • protracted ring;
  • a pen;
  • knife;
  • lattice.

The case is most often made of steel, although you can find products from cast iron. The knife is made on one side with a convex surface. The second side is flat, has cutting edges. To ensure reliable fastening, the central hole has a shape similar to the tip of the screw, on which a knife is put on. This is usually a square. The lattice easily occupies the right position, thanks to the side slot, which is included in the form of a ledge on the inside of the case.

How to choose a knife for a meat grinder

First of all, pay attention to the material of manufacture. Most grinders are made of stainless steel. Due to the solid alloy, they are able to work for a long time without sharpening. Such elements have high strength qualities. A more expensive acquisition will be knives with a special coating (often by stellite), which increases their wear resistance. The main components of the alloy include chrome with cobalt, to which molybdenum, tungsten are added. Thanks to this coating, you can get a knife that does not need sharpening for a long time.

Pay attention to the configuration. There are often grinders with four blades, but there are models with 2 or 6 cutting elements. Knives with a curved form are considered very convenient to operate. If you compare them with straight lines, then such grinders are able to prevent wrapping the veins from meat to the shaft, accelerating the operation and protecting the device from possible breakdowns. The knives, the edge of which is shifted from the vertical axis forward, are ineffective, but they move the product well to the grille.

Assembly and operation of an electric meat grinder

If the user has encountered the assembly of a manual model, he will understand without any problems with an electric household device.

How to assemble an electric meat grinder correctly

The assembly scheme of the meat grinder is as follows:

  • We connect a plastic gearbox with a metal crown of a screw, the grooves of parts should be combined. Turn the gearbox against the movement of the clockwise until the appearance of a characteristic click. When the parts are incorrectly connected, the engine will not be able to crank the screw.
  • The inside of the screw should definitely coincide with the outlines of the hole on the body.
  • On the output part of the screw we put on a sharp knife, install the grill. Holes and protrusions must match. During such work, it is necessary to correctly put a knife.
  • Twist the clamping nut and install the loading hopper in the upper part of the device housing.

Now that we know how to assemble an electrical meat grinder get acquainted with other nuances of this process.

How to insert a knife into an electric shock correctly

During the installation of the part, the cutting part of the knife should come into contact with the lattice, which will contribute to thoroughly grinding the supplied products. After installing the knife, fix the lattice, fixing it in a special groove, then tighten the nut. If the cutting element is incorrectly installed, the meat will be clogged and will remain inside the device.

How to use an electric yard

At the initial stage of work, the processed products are cut into small pieces, they should fit into the hole of the reception hopper. Turn on the device in the outlet, press the start button and begin to push the product using a pusher to the screw. Once on the shaft, raw materials will move and gets on the knife. Here the product is crushed and goes out into the reception bowl.

With the engine running, the processing process is constantly. If the screw is clogged, it is enough for the user to turn on the reverse and extract the remaining products. Later they can also be launched along with a new portion of meat.

There are several simple rules for using Eloctromyas. You can not throw bones with meat into the boot bunker. Before serving, any product is cut into small pieces. After the work, it is necessary to disassemble the household device, thoroughly wash and dry all the details.

How to disassemble an electrician.grinder

Earlier we learned how to assemble an electric shock. this is a simple job for each user. Dismantling of the household device is in the reverse order. First you need to unscrew the clamping nut, extract a metal lattice and knife. Then rotate and pull the screw along with the gearbox. At the final stage of work, the loading capacity is removed. All removable parts must be cleaned of the remains and washed in water, then they are wiped with a soft, damp cloth.

SCARLETT SC-149 meat grinder. review

I write about assistants in the kitchen again. This time it is an electric grinder “Scarlett SC-149”.

During my childhood, so 20-25 years ago, the meat grinders were mechanical. Those that were attached to the table or any other plane. To twist the meat, twist the handle. During work, it was necessary to keep the table or press it against the wall so that it did not “jump” in our small kitchen. Almost always we had for some reason for some reason. If the meat was not completely thawed, this process was facilitated, the minced meat turned out faster. Here keep the table and there was my task. Both funny and inconvenient at the same time. Mechanical meat grinders have some in our days, many since those ancient times, but more and more often they have been replaced by electric.

This meat grinder first appeared with my mother (my husband and I lived with her then). Was purchased with a big discount on the principle “I do not know why, but I really need”. She used her several times. After we moved away from my mother, this meat grinder became our. I did not immediately appreciate its advantages.

  • Performance. one.2 kg/min
  • Power 1000 watts
  • The maximum time of continuous operation is 10 minutes
  • Engine protection from overload
  • Width 340 mm
  • Height 295 mm
  • Depth 155 mm
  • Weight 3.2 kg

For a long time she just dusted in the closet. And one fine day a large piece of meat for several kg was bought, some of which was required to be processed in minced meat. It was then that I remembered this meat grinder. All this time she was stored in her box. The box has minimal data on the device: power, what nozzles included

From it I found out why this or that nozzle, where to start work with a meat grinder, how to collect and disassemble, clean and store.

The case of the meat grinder itself is made of plastic, a little heavy-on-but. There is a convenient handle for carrying

4 rubberized legs do not allow her to slide on any surface. I put it on both the kitchen and on the glass table, it stands firmly.

How to assemble electric meat grinder

The first button switches speed with Roman numbers

Reverse. the reverse course of the shaft, which allows you to solve the problem of winding the veins on the screw. His task is not to miss the veins as far as they wrap up on the knife. To do this, in return, the contents of the shaft are returned to a certain distance back. After this, the device is given a second chance to cope with an unavailable piece of meat.

T.e. reverse is needed so that the screw begins to spin in the opposite direction.

The instructions have a description of each part of the meat grinder. All details, except for a pusher and nozzles for Kubbe and home sausage, metal.

Ring nut, a screw, a knife and the most commonly used nozzle for cooking minced meat-medium.

Nozzles for cooking “kubbe” and home sausage.

The instructions write in detail how to apply these nozzles. But I never used them.

Cubbe nozzle is used to obtain hollow sausages (tubes). which are then stuffed and fried.

How to assemble a meat grinder, Moulinex meat grinder

The assembly scheme of the meat grinder is also in the instructions.

If you need to make minced meat, I put a nozzle with the desired holes. I most often use with average.

Repair SCARLETT meat grinders with your own hands

Details: Repair of SCARLETT meat grinders with your own hands from a real master for

During scrolling meat, medium.sized bone accidentally got into the meat grinder, after which it began to buzz, but stopped rotating.

You can disassemble the meat grinder easily and simply, for this, in the lower part of the case, you need to unscrew the four screws with the usual cross blast, after which it is very easy to remove the casing. After that, remove the large gears, picking up and taking off to these seamless fixing washers.

Когда осмотрел шетеренку заметил что многие пластиковые зубья сточены. I had to change it, t.I did not want to pay for a new gear 500, I printed it on a 3D printer. Gathered in the reverse order everything works

Altra Meat Grinder(AZ-MG090) Unboxing| How to Assemble

After the crackers were put in a meat grinder, she began to crack and after some time stopped twisting, she had to analyze her aquarright in order to identify and eliminate the malfunction.

The disassembly is quite simple, first, we remove the front gray panel of the latch from the bottom, then unscrew the five screws and share the halves. Now it’s good to see the engine and gearbox body

Unscrew the four self.tapping screws on the gearbox and open it. We see the largest gear broken teeth. It was not possible to find them on sale, so they were borrowed from the Vitek meat grinder, though I had to slightly undermine the hexagon axis and the Schnek has a landing place.

Мясорубка вроде бы работает, но при этом издает посторонний шум и иногда трещит, раньше таких звуков не было.

In order to repair the meat grinder, it will be necessary to determine the source of the problem and disassembly of an electric meat grinder, first the queue of the screws are scinable, which are marked below red arrows.

Now we disconnect our object of disassembly into two prospects and see that it consists of two main nodes: a gearbox in which plastic gears are installed, and an electric motor, thanks to which rotational movements are carried out.

Now you can disassemble the gearbox to check the gears and engine.

After that, remove the gearbox cover. Plastic gears are installed each on its own rod. Remember the location of the gears, or even better, bake them if they differ from our image.

After dismantling the gears from the rods and their examination, I found on the smallest of them the breaks of plastic teeth. The breakdown is unpleasant, t.K for repair of a meat grinder, you will need to replace the gear, but it will not be so simple to find it, t.To you will need to find either exactly the same killed device, or order its manufacture from a familiar machine. You can still try to order different sets with similar elements from China, but not the fact that you will get.

In many models of the coupling, it is a calculated weak link, which should break the first when jaming the mechanism, so that the gear of the gearbox and the electric motor remains whole. This sleeve is torn only with a sufficiently stiff jamming. Such protection is relevant for meat grinders of almost all companies in which gearboxes are made of plastic. When overloading in some models, the teeth of the gearbox can break. This will entail a more expensive repair. And in this case, you can change a special sleeve with your own hands, which is usually in stock.

It is easy to guess: inside the meat grinder is an electric motor supplemented by a rotation speed control circuit. If you discard the cases when it is required to replace the protective sleeve, coupling, repair of meat grinders with your own hands concerns knowledge of the theory, practice of alternating current engines. In electric motors, collector structures are more often used by household electronics, asynchronous ones dominate in industry. Beginners will ask where the authors got the information where. We answer: according to the service of the Ariston service, since the 90s of the last century, collector engines have expanded asynchronous engines in the household segment. Today the percentage of the former reaches 85 total number. On this rainbow note, we will begin the consideration of electrical currents of alternating current and control methods.

Often you have to hear the statement: collector engines work equally well from alternating and direct current. Let’s say more: alternating current loses part of the power, passing the chokes of the stator and rotor, the inductance tries to delay the frequency. 50 Hz is too much for a simple wire coil with lacquer insulation. Often, the stator windings take each separately, how much is. You can power one. Power suffers, losses are reduced, reaching the minimum size.

How easier to regulate an asynchronous engine. Two methods used by meat grinders were found:

It is clear that the first method requires the inclusion of additional elements in the diagram. I wanted to notice about this! I had a chance to read on the forum about the domestic regulator of the speed of rotation of the asynchronous engine, as if there are only resistors. The author hinted at the presence of a resistive voltage divider. However! When the active element works in linear mode. most regulators are built by thyristors. resistance far from infinity or short circuit. Put radiators, protecting semiconductor keys, touches the topics below. We want to bring the reader: there will always be losses.

You can’t do with little blood. The device of the meat grinder contains an engine with two windings, a start.up capacitor, the rotor is represented by a drum, we see a 100% asynchronous engine with a short.closed rotor type “squirrel”. We will meet a scheme with switching switches. As follows. One coil is wound around the periphery, turned on through the capacitor, providing the desired phase shift. The second is wound at an angle of 45 degrees around the circle, the phase shift is deprived of. One is divided by two unequal windings. Each can be turned on separately, in parallel (together). Gives three speeds.

Add the topic of asynchronous engines. Instructions for repairing a meat grinder will forget to mention a trifle: inside the windings, a is often placed, designed for 135 degrees. Foreign elements often decorate the letter F, the figure has little to do with Fahrenheit. Unlike Elenberg transformers, where the braid honestly writes: inside the, asynchronous engines are often deprived. Call the windings: one suffers a gap, patiently lead an inspection for different elements hidden between wire. It’s not easy to do, believe me. The first glance shows only copper, the second. copper, the third. an element of protection is noticed.

A meat grinder broke? Replacing the gear of the gearbox (for all Chinese meat grinders like Elenberg, Scarlett, Braun, and T.P.)

I understand that in the kitchen it is better to have a good meat grinder like Kitchen AID (or at worst Bosh), but I have a meat grinder in the kitchen only Scarlett since I use it 5 times a year, I have enough cheap meat grinder. Well, or enough, until at one point the screw was blocked by some kind of trowel, and with the screech of the wounded beast a metal worm on the rotor rotor cut off several plastic teeth of the gear of the gearbox

Well, let’s try to establish. We will remove the measurements and look for such a gear on Aliexpress. In fairness, it should be noted that these gears are usually available in local SCs and cost 500, but I did not want to go anywhere, and the repair was not urgent. Therefore, I decided to order it on Ali.

I found the gear quickly, but the diameter of the large part was almost 47 mm, against 45 me measured. This is normal, because I measured the diameter on the old gear, on which there was already wear. The teeth are hidden and the diameter decreased. The package came quickly, and the time has come to change the gear gear in a meat grinder like this: windows (through which white gears are visible). for lubrication. Protrusions in shape. I. For attaching to the case, the meat grinder should noted that this is a very common gearbox that stands in all Chinese meat grinders (such as Elenberg, Scarlett, Braun, etc. They differ only only the part where the funnel with the screw is attached. The very shape of the gearbox and its contents in all such meat grinds are the same. And if the gearbox in your meat grinder looks the same, be sure that the gears will be compatible. There are only three of them in the gearbox: 1. marshmallow. diameter 46.7 mm, the same as in the review. It fails most often, since it is driven by a metal worm? which gradually grinds the teeth. And if the screw is blocked, then the teeth grind almost instantly 2. Large with a metal rod, diameter 81.7mm. The end of the rod serves as the drive of the screw (it ends either with a square or a hexagon). But in any case, the rod is removable, and you can change only the plastic part, and leave the native rod 3. Big. diameter of 80 mm proceed to replacement. We disassemble the gearbox (6 screws) and install our new gear, lubricating it abundantly with grease (which, as a rule, is already in the gearbox).

I must say that lubricants are enough in the gearbox, but over time it accumulates somewhere below. It is necessary to return it to the gear, and if the lubricants are not enough, then you are ready to add. We collect a meat grinder and use!

Electric meat grinder Scarlett SC-MG45M14. review

After my torment with a meat grinder, the rotor, which I recently wrote about, I began to more seriously approach the choice of equipment for the kitchen. Having sorted out several options and carefully read a few reviews, I eventually opted for the Chinese meat grinder “Scarlett” (since I have a vacuum cleaner of this brand, which has been working regularly for three or four years) with a rather modest one, compared to “The rotor »Complexation.

In the box, which, by the way, is very small,

Not a couple of the aforementioned crust of the “rotor”, there were: a case, a nozzle-ruler, a nozzle-veil with a grater and a shinkling, a nozzle for a kebble that I don’t have such a thing, two pushers for the aforementioned nozzles and, of course, instructions.​​​​

Washed the graters and nozzles. Easily installed in the case.

On top of the case there is a button-block, press it on it, and the nozzle is easily inserted and fixed, in the same way, that is, by pressing the blocker, a meat grinder or a child is unscrewed, and you do not need to attach any effort.

The meat grinder has suction cups, but for some reason, there are only two of them.

The idea would be good if all four were present. And so, the meat grinder “jumps”. As a result, she took them off. Now everything is fine.

Power of Scarlett is average 400 watts., Although on the site “Mvideo”, 300 watts are written., But I looked into the instructions and doubled, yes, it was 400 watts., Nevertheless, she copes with the meat of the chicken, she grinds shelter in less than half a minute.

I used a vegetable engine for rubbing carrots and potatoes for pancakes, and a bus for cutting a cucumber and radishes.

If you have to rub a large number of carrots, then the case of the meat grinder heats up, not much, but significantly. Among other things, periodically, you have to turn off the meat grinder and pick out carrots from the grater, since for some reason it itself is in no hurry to actively fall into the dishes, but strives to fly apart, so you have to hold the case so that it falls as intended for its intended purpose. It’s easier with meat, I don’t grind it in such a large volume, so it does not have time to heat up, and the meat does not get stuck.

In Shinkovka, as I already understood from experience with a last, more powerful meat grinder, it makes no sense to overshadow cabbage, I don’t even want to try. an empty waste of time, cut it faster with my hands. But the cucumber, radishes, the same carrots, if it is necessary that it be cut into circles, you can safely trust the shinkling, the main thing is to arrange them correctly, and not randomly.

In no case should you wash the metal case in the dishwasher, but only a tool for washing dishes and quite sparing, since I once “killed” the corps of another meat grinder, in the stupidity of the “work” in the dishwasher. Gratings and knife, it is better to wash and wipe it right away, at least the lattices darkened and went stains like rust, after I washed them and put them dry. Washed again the spots disappeared, but it is better to wipe it right away.

In general, I’m satisfied with a meat grinder. Let’s say, she pulls on the four and is suitable for my needs.

Electromyas-Rousse SCARLETT SC-4348. review

Once I had a mother-in-law Bzik that she urgently needed a slow cooker. Under this noise and together with the action 50% on the second product, we bought a meat grinder Scarlett. When buying, I did not participate, but the main condition was a grater for pancakes.


Power: 1 600 W

Productivity: 1.5 kg/min

Reverse: Yes

Overload protection: yes

Nozzles in the kit

Molding wheels: 3

The diameter of the holes

molding disks: 3 mm, 5 mm, 7 mm

Kebbe nozzle: Yes

Nozzle for home sausage: yes

Sokyvymnik universal: no

Juicer for citrus fruits: no

Lomerzka: Yes

Terkers: (x2)

Coffee grinder: No

Additional nozzles: no

Shinkovka disks: no

Country Manufacturer: China.

Kebbe from Arabic literally translates as a “dome” and includes two concepts. The first is the traditional meat dish of oriental cuisine. Kebbe is called meat pies, sausages or cutlets with filling.

It consists of two parts. The first detail that is attached to the head (metal working unit) is a circle with a rounded and long bulge. The first part of the nozzle is put on the second in the form of a wide truncated cone. In the collected form, the nozzle of Kebbe is a hollow tube with thin walls.

Advantages and disadvantages

For some reason, a meat grinder is friends with my husband more and the point here is not in the power attached!))) However, let’s start with a good.

multifunctionality (there are three blades for minced meat, the ability to make home sausage, as well as nozzles for tires and graters for vegetables);

ease of use (we do not store it in the box, the meat grinder stands on our shelf, and all smaller details lie in a special basket nearby. I took out a meat grinder, chose from the basket the details that you need and that’s it. Everything is installed easily and simple, you can say with your eyes closed)

I read reviews on other sites, for the sake of interest. Many praise, but indignant, to put it mildly, is also enough. They say that stupid knives. Perhaps this is the whole thing.

To be honest, the mother-in-law of the mother-in-law (in my opinion Zelmer brand) does everything herself! No need to stand and plow meat or potatoes: put and forgot. I don’t like in Scarlett SC-4348 what you need to be a man to cook a pancake with it! Or I just got into a series of “lucky ones”, which came across terribly stupid knives.

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