How to assemble a vertical vacuum cleaner Bosch

Bosch manual vacuum cleaners rating: TOP-7 models recommendations to customers of compact equipment

Manual vacuum cleaners. compact and comfortable cleaning equipment. Hand Stick.type units differ from their analogues in small dimensions, but at the same time they can compete with them in terms of cleaning quality. Especially if the manufacturer used the quality components in the manufacture.

If you do not want to waste your money, a good choice will be the purchase of Bosch brand technology. But to make it easier for you to decide on the option, within the framework of our article, consider the best Bosch manual vacuum cleaners presented on the market. Let’s talk about the power and functionality of popular models and other working characteristics.

TOP-7 Bosch manual vacuum cleaners

The German company is one of the leading and most respected suppliers of the most diverse household appliances.

The Bosch assortment contains washing machines, water heaters, dishwashers, plates, vacuum cleaners of all types, drying machines and much more. In this case, the equipment is of high quality and rich functionality.

When compiling a rating of compact cleaning equipment, criteria such as the type of device (manual or 2 in 1), capacity and type of battery, autonomy (working time on one charge), maximum noise, setting, set, weight and weight were taken into account. Also power.

7th place. Bosch Pas 18 Li Set

The rating is opened by the manual model Bosch Pas 18 Li Set. The device is supplied in a green box made of dense cardboard. The packaging is decorated in the same style as all other devices of this brand relating to an amateur series.

  • type of cleaning. dry;
  • battery capacity. 2,500 mAh;
  • The maximum charge time is 1.5 hours;
  • Type of container for garbage and dust. cyclone filter with a capacity of 0.65 l;
  • Air flow. 1.4 m 3 in one minute;
  • The weight of the device is 1.3 kg.

The presented vacuum cleaner has an oblong body with rounded faces.

After unpacking, you will find the following kit for cleaning:

  • brushes for cracks and upholstered furniture;
  • standard nozzle, without turbo mode;
  • an extension tube;
  • charger for recharging the battery;
  • battery;
  • plastic lock for convenient storage of all nozzles together. The device is divided in half: the first part is a vacuum cleaner, and the second is the engine along with the battery and control buttons.

The main advantage of Bosch Pas 18 Li Set is its power and the presence of a cyclone filter. Thanks to the latter, the cleaning process will be more convenient and pleasant.

As for the shortcomings, for cleaning equipment of this class and with such characteristics, this is too high the price tag.

6th place. Bosch BHN 20110

If you are going to use a vacuum cleaner mainly in a car, then pay attention to Bosch BHN 20110.

It will help without unnecessary worries to maintain order in the cabin. For this, the device has everything. a spacious vacuumboard, a good battery and acceptable absorption power.

  • type of cleaning. dry;
  • The operating time from the battery is about 16 minutes;
  • the maximum charge time is 960 minutes;
  • Type of container for garbage and dust. a cyclone filter;
  • The weight of the device is 1.4 kg.

This vacuum cleaner has a modest dimensions. (GKHHHV) 36.80x11x13.80 cm. A brush for cracks is supplied with the device. Bosch BHN 20110 with a great choice for a car and only for it. After all, for cleaning the house, the device is unlikely to fit.

The presented manual vacuum cleaner has a rather weak suction force. Also, from the manufacturer, it was a bad idea to use nickel batteries. After all, because of them, the charge time reaches 16 hours. At the same time, the operating time is only 16 minutes.

5th place-Bosch Gas 18V-1

Fifth place is occupied by a convenient and small manual vacuum cleaner Bosch Gas 18V-1. It is intended for cleaning dry non.hazardous materials. He also does not have a bag. The role of the vacuumber is played by a cyclone filter. This makes the device more convenient.

  • type of cleaning. dry;
  • The working hours from one charge are 20 minutes;
  • Type of container for garbage and dust. a cyclone filter, the capacity of which is 0.7 l;
  • vacuum. 6 kPa;
  • Air flow. 600 liters in one minute;
  • The weight of the device is 1.3 kg.

Together with the device comes: slit and floor brushes; A pair of dust pipe; Flexible extension cord.

A rather significant drawback of the model is the absence of a battery in the kit and charger for it. You will have to buy them separately for a rather tangible amount.

For its money, Bosch Gas 18V-1 shows good power and autonomy. At the same time, it is rather maneuverable and light. But due to the high cost of batteries and their absence in the starting set, the model was placed in the 5th rating line 5.

4th place. Bosch BBH 216RB3

Simplicity of use, ease of storage and high absorption power. that’s why Bosch BBH 216RB3 has become so popular. This is a good option for cleaning equipment not only for a car, but also for an apartment with two or three rooms.

The presented model can cope even with a carpet with a middle pile. He will collect all the dust into the cyclone filter, returning clean and fresh air to the room.

  • type of cleaning. dry;
  • Working time from the battery. about 32 minutes;
  • maximum charging time. 16 hours;
  • Type of container for garbage and dust. cyclone filter with a capacity of 0.3 l;
  • device weight. 3 kg.

I am glad that Bosch BBH 216RB3 is a vacuum cleaner like “2 in 1”. That is, it is manual and vertical at the same time. Therefore, it can be used for cleaning in the cabin and to clean any floor coverings.

Among the shortcomings of the presented technique should be allocated for a long time charging. Also, a mass of inconvenience is delivered by a modest vacuumber in volume.

3rd place. Bosch BBH 21622

The three leaders are opened by the vertical.handed German vacuum cleaner BSCH BBH 21622. This is a more modern model than the one that was considered above. The device is convenient, characterized by maneuverability and sufficient performance.

  • type of cleaning. dry;
  • Working time from the battery. about 32 minutes;
  • maximum charging time. 16 hours;
  • Type of container for garbage and dust. cyclone filter with a capacity of 0.3 l;
  • The weight of the device is 2.86 kg.

The main difference between the presented vacuum cleaner and its analogue is lightness, greater absorption power and lower cost. But, like its competitor, Bosch BBH 21622 is charged for a long time, and its container for dust has a volume of only 0.3 liters.

Bosch Serie 8 ProSilence Review (BGL8SIL5) by vacuumtester

2nd place. Bosch BCH 6ath25

In second place in the rating is a convenient, maneuverable and powerful vacuum cleaner of type 2 in 1. Bosch BCH 6ath25 also attracts users with their stylish design and sufficient configuration. So, along with the device in the box, an electrical brigade for the carpet is supplied, but the slit nozzle, according to the owners, can not always be found.

The operational capabilities of the wireless vacuum cleaner Bosch Athlet Bch6ath25

This model is equipped with an Allfloor HighPower robotic brush. This component makes up to 5000 rpm. Such operational characteristics allow you to remove dirt from all types of flooring without problems without problems. The course of the lower head is quite convenient. Her dimensions allow you to penetrate almost all angles. Well, if you decide to buy a Bosch Athlet Bch6ath25 vacuum cleaner with a K index, then cleaning will turn into pleasure at all (due to the presence of interchangeable nozzles).

Important helpers of hostesses can be two indicators that are located in the center of the device. The upper indicator shows the degree of readiness of the apparatus for work. To be more precise, it signals whether there is a place in the vacuum cleaner. When there is enough space, the indicator glows blue. When the amount of garbage collected reaches a critical mark, red light lights up. The lower LED has three departments. It shows the degree of battery charge. With general cleaning of 3 rooms, only one indicator division usually rotates.

A pleasant addition to the vertical vacuum cleaner Bosch Athlet Bch6ath25 is the Sensorbagless system that provides automatic filter cleaning. The result of clogging of the filter is a drop in performance. When this happens, the upper indicator lights up red, and the vacuum cleaner turns off. After that, of a membrane filter is activated. After restoring the performance level, you can continue cleaning.

Autonomy of the Bosch Athlet Bch6ath25 vacuum cleaner

The model under consideration is equipped with a lithium-ion battery for 25.2 in. It provides a vacuum cleaner with a power equal to 100th watts. But you do not need to think that this is not enough. In its capabilities, the model is equated with vacuum cleaners having a power of 400 watts.

Now more about autonomy. According to the developers, the Bosch Athlet Bch6ath25 vacuum cleaner is able to work without recharging for about 60 minutes. Tests showed that this autonomous period is relevant only when using the Turbo mode. If the device will work at a maximum at the second speed, one charge is enough for two general cleaning of a apartment.

Another important property of the battery is the presence of 3 degrees of protection:

According to the instructions, about 6 hours are required to fully replenish energy.

Bosch battery design design

As we all know, they do not argue about tastes. In our opinion, the new Bosch Unlimited Pro Power battery has several futuristic design, but the main emphasis is on pragmatism.

No extra delights, buttons or sides distract from the main task of a wireless vacuum cleaner.

If you look at the power unit, you will see that the handle is located directly on the engine. This gives a feeling of comfort when holding a vacuum cleaner.

In the upper part there is a small LED indicator that flashes when charging or lights up when the vacuum cleaner is operational to tell you that the battery is still full.

However, now the display would be more modern in this place.

Is it possible to block the power button?

To activate Bosch Pro Power, you need to press a trigger similar to a pistol. It is convenient that the button is immediately blocked, and you do not need to hold it pressed to vacuum.

The same thing happens with the turbo button. To switch to turbojet, you must shortly press the button on the upper part, and the mode is activated. The button also does not need to be held.

This provides convenience during cleaning.

Energy for everyone

Another feature of the design. Bosch Unlimited Pro Power Bosch Bosch. With a simple click of the button, you can remove the disclosed battery and install a new.

Bosch was one of the first manufacturers to do this possible, and since then many followed his example.

Today the highlight is no longer a change of battery. Today, the highlight is that the same battery can be used for many other Bosch devices. But more on this later.

How big and heavy Bosch series 8?

Bosch unlimited length from the brush to the handle is 130 cm.

This makes it comparable to most other batteries in the market.

This size allows most people to vacuum it comfortably.

However, the weight should be a more decisive factor when buying! It depends on how heavy the wireless vacuum cleaner is whether it is convenient to vacuum.

With a weight of 3.2 kg of Bosch is somewhat worse than competitors.

Although when cleaning the floor by a vertical vacuum cleaner, this is less problematic, but when cleaning furniture in manual mode, prolonged work is a little tiring.

Power supply size (depends on the attachment equipment)

What accessories are included in the package of wireless vacuum cleaners Bosch Series 8?

Accessories supplied with a vertical battery vacuum cleaner significantly expand or narrow the range of its use. Therefore, the delivered accessories are also an important criterion when making a purchase.

Producer models are usually characterized by configuration. It happens that you pay much more for a model of the same series, although a set of accessories differs from other models with only one additional gadget.

What about Bosch Unlimited Series 8?

The Bosch Unlimited Pro Power BSS81Pow1 battery has a well.thought.out arsenal of various practical devices. Nothing important is missed.

Here we would like to note several special accessories.

Automatic electric brush Bosch: high power brush

The brush rotates automatically thanks to its own drive and thus better transports dirt into a suction pipe.

During our testing, we found that she copes very well with her task on solid floors (laminate and t.D.).

On the floors with the carpet, the brush was more often clogged and did not show high results.

Another weak spot is that the brush reacts with a slight delay. That is, we press the power button, and the brush starts only after two seconds. We are used to a faster reaction in other devices.

Flexible slit nozzle

This is an exceptionally long slit nozzle that can be bent. We found that this is very important when cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, as it allows you to penetrate into each gap and crack.

Practical Multitool (multifunctional nozzle)

With multitool (multifunctional nozzle) we are already familiar with other manufacturers.

The fact is that it is extremely practical.

If you want to clean sensitive objects, use this brush. However, to remove persistent pollution on insensitive surfaces, the brush can be taken back and cleaned with a hard end.

Colder for accessories on a suction tube

The pipe holder is also a useful addition. It can be easily attached to a suction tube, and then attached to it, for example, a slit nozzle. Thus, you will always have the necessary accessories at hand.

Wall bracket

The wall holder allows you to store the vacuum cleaner in an upright position. Thus, he does not take up much space.

It’s nice that here you can attach a charger so that the vacuum cleaner is loaded directly when it is on the mount.

What other differences exist between two models?

In addition to the price, the main difference between the two models BBS1U224 and BSS81Pow1 Series 8 Bosch Unlimited are included accessories.

While BSS81Pow1 is equipped with a 5.0-ion-ion battery, BBS1U224 has a 6.0 lithium-ion battery. This allows BBS1U224 to work 5 minutes longer. However, the charging process also takes one hour more time (manufacturer specifications).

So what model to choose?

At the moment, we recommend Bosch Unlimited Pro Power BSS81Pow1.

We believe that the additional time of autonomous work does not outweigh the advantages of 3 accessories from BSS81Pow1:

Additional Council: Carefully study the offers before buying. Manufacturers sometimes change accessories for accessories for no apparent reason.

TOP-5 Bosch battery vacuum cleaners

The main advantage of wireless vacuum cleaners is the absence of a power cable connected to the outlet and interfering with the movement around the room. Devices operating on the battery have an extended range of action, not limited by the length of the cord.

Three types of wireless vacuum cleaners are produced under the Bosch brand. vertical, manual and combined. The former are equipped with a long floor for cleaning the floor, the latter are designed to clean a car interior, upholstered furniture, curtains, third universal.

Ergonomic vertical models with a comfortable handle can be used in rooms without sockets and even taken out of housing. Some of them are quickly transformed into manual

We picked up popular models that collect the most positive reviews, and made up the top 5 Bosch wireless vacuum cleaners-reliable, convenient and safe.

1st place. Bosch BCH 6ath18

The vacuum cleaner belongs to the Athlet series, which is considered the most productive. Cleaning time takes up to 40 minutes. This is a good performance indicator, given that the average operation of the battery models is 20-30 minutes.

Such an advantage arose thanks to a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh. The device copes with the cleaning of a 2-room apartment with an area of ​​55-60 m², the charge still remains.

A distinctive feature of the model is the ability to work in 3 modes:

  • The most quiet, at low speed. Suitable for cleaning delicate items, for example, books on open shelves, outerwear in the closet.
  • loud and powerful. Used to clean smooth solid surfaces, upholstered furniture, textiles with a low pile.
  • Turbo-mode, the most loud and effective. With the help of it, it is good to vacuum carpets, joints in skirting boards, corners, especially contaminated sections of the floor.

A relatively large volume of a vacuum cleaner. 0.9 liters, no need to shake off dust often. It is convenient to clean and wash the plastic parts, the filters can be rinsed under a stream of water and even wash in a washing machine.

  • Type. vertical;
  • vacuumber. cyclone filter, 0.9 l;
  • Type of cleaning. dry;
  • battery-Li-Ion, 2000 mAh;
  • charging. 6 hours;
  • Opening hours. 40 minutes;
  • power levels. 3;
  • Weight. 3.4 kg.

According to reviews, the vacuum cleaner is not inferior to ordinary models with a power cord in the quality of the carpet quality and laminate. However, there are also disadvantages: a handle with a brush is heavier than a familiar plastic pipe, the brush adjoins too low to the surface. it is difficult to remove large garbage, the filter needs frequent cleaning.

However, the quality of cleaning is one of the best, if we compare the work of vertical vacuum cleaners. We recommend that you purchase mobility, compactness and convenient storage to those who need mobility.

2nd place. Bosch BBH 21630

The vacuum cleaner represents a universal battery technique that is designed to clean various zones and surfaces. The main advantage of the model is composite design. The vertical model is quickly transformed manually, for this it is enough to disconnect the portable part from the handle.

The working hours declared by the manufacturer are up to 36 minutes, but users noted less time. Nickel-metallological battery, not the most capacious and in all parameters losing lithium-ionic, but charging is enough to clean a 1-2-room apartment with an area of ​​up to 45 m². The charge level displays the indicator.

Bosch Flexxo Serie 4 BCH3ALL21 Cordless handstick vacuum cleaner. Repair

  • Type. vertical/manual;
  • Vacuum.breaker. cycle. filter;
  • Type of cleaning. dry;
  • battery. nimh;
  • charging. 16 hours;
  • Opening hours. 36 minutes;
  • power levels. 2;
  • Weight. 2.9 kg.

Users positively estimated the weight of the device. about 2.9 kg, the technology of easy cleaning of the hard and soft surfaces of Easy Clean.

Many people like the stylish design and red tint of the case. But most enthusiastic reviews about a removable portable mini-vacuum cleaner that can be used outside of housing-for example, to clean the car seat.

However, the model was not effective enough when cleaning apartments in which animals live. The brush does not pick up the wool, especially from carpets and textiles.

A small volume of the container and prolonged charging. as many as 16 hours. are not suitable for frequent housing cleaning with a large number of living.

3rd place. Bosch BCH 6ath25

The third position is occupied by another representative of the Athlet series, which was loved for capacitive batteries. 2400 mAh is enough for a complete charge of the battery to carry out 2-3 cleaning a small 2-room apartment, given the cleaning of upholstered furniture.

Unlike the READYY’Y series devices, the model is charged only 6 hours, while in the first 3 hours charging reaches 75-80 %.

On the handle there is a “runner”, with which you can adjust the power level. As the filter is piled, the indicator lights up, which is also convenient. you do not need to monitor the changed sound or suction force. Filters can be cleaned with a soft brush and rinse with water.

  • Type. vertical;
  • Vacuum.breaker. cycle. filter, 0.9 l;
  • Type of cleaning. dry;
  • battery-Li-Ion, 2400 mAh;
  • charging. 6 hours;
  • Opening hours. 60 minutes;
  • power levels. 2;
  • Weight. 3.6 kg.

Users claim that the vacuum cleaner cleans well thanks to a convenient and thoughtful brush, the working details of which rotate at a speed of 5000 rpm. Two additional nozzles. slit and furniture. facilitate the cleaning process.

Some buyers are not satisfied with the great weight, the slowness of the device. Others do not like the need for frequent filter cleaning, due to the pollution of which the power drops sharply. But the listed disadvantages can be attributed to all models with a good battery and a large dust reservoir.

4th place. Bosch Easyvac 12

One of the first positions of the top was occupied by a manual model, the main advantages of which are two characteristics: fast charging and lightness. Both qualities are important if you need to quickly clean the sofa stored in the cabinet of a coat or car interior.

Criteria for an unmistakable choice of model

Before buying a wireless model, you should find out whether it really meets the requirements. It is also advisable to determine how vacuum cleaners similar in appearance and functions differ in order to choose the best option.

We recommend that the top models are considered as samples, but not forget that new series with improved characteristics and additional options regularly appear in the home equipment market

What to pay attention to first of all? Be sure to make sure that the battery will withstand long work without recharging.

It is better to give preference to models with lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 2000 mAh and above-work for half an hour or more is guaranteed. NIMH batteries hold the charge less, earlier fail, more often require replacement.

It is also necessary to take into account the characteristics on which the functionality of the device and the convenience of maintenance depends.

The Readyy’y series differs from the rest with universality and collapsible design “2 in 1”: the central part located on the handle quickly turns into an independent compact vacuum cleaner

The plastic tank is much more convenient for paper bags that are constantly required to clean or buy. The removable container-stupor is easily cleaned and washed, does not require replacement

assemble, vertical, vacuum, cleaner

The main brush floor/carpet should be easily removed and cleaned. It is convenient if there is a set of additional nozzles in the kit. usually these are two options, for furniture and slit

It is better when all control buttons are in the reach of the hand. This is usually the power button and power regulator. Convenient addition. indication of filling the vacuumber, if it is opaque

Bosch Unlimited Serie 8 BCS1all Instruction

Handstick Bosch Unlimited Serie 8 BCS1all Factory data guarantees 8 modes of work dry cleaning.

Bosch Moveon Hepa Allergy 2400 BGL35MOV27 Factory data warranty 1 year Germany Service 5 years of work modes Drying and power consumption power consumption 2400 W network cord 7 m Power adjustment on the housing and output filter Smooth filter and clip class H13 network Cord Automatic cord wiring yes.

Instructions ProHygienic Bosch BWD420HYG

ProHygienic Bosch BWD420HYG Factory data warranty 1 year Country Poland 5 years Series Model AquaWashClean Modes of AquawashClean Modes of operation dry cleaning and wet cleaning and a smooth start of engine and function Wet cleaning and absorption of liquid and purification area during filling. reserve. up to 56 sq. m. Using a detergent medium and a radius of action 12.

Bosch BGN21800 Factory data service life 5 years Dry cleaning and power consumption of power 1800 W length of the network cord 5 m Power adjustment on the housing and engine Motor Standard noise level Maximum noise level 82 dB System for collecting and mud volume of the container for dust 1.4 l work with a vacuumber and indication.

Series of the model

BOSCH BGL252103 Factory data Service 5 years DREAM DREAM DREAM CLEASE and SUMMENTARY LOOD OF THE Engine and Power Power consumption of 2100 W network cord 5 m Power adjustment on the housing and engine Motor Standard Filter Motor Filter and Dust Collection and Dust Military Dust 3.5 liter work with a vacuumber yes.

Handstick Bosch Unlimited Serie 6 BCS612KA2 Factory Guarantee 1 year Germany Service Explorer 5 years Series Model series Unlimited Serie | 6 operating modes dry cleaning and smooth starting of the engine and number of operating modes 2 turbojet and power supply battery capacity of 2500 mAh battery time 4 hours Work from the battery 30 minutes system.

Instruction Bosch BGS2UPWER3

Bosch BGS2UPWER3 Factory data Service Service 5 years Dry cleaning and Smooth engine starting and power consumption of 2500 W network cord 7 m Power Power adjustment on the housing and engine Motor Motor Noise Maximum Filter Filter Filter Filter Filter Filter Filter Filter Smart Filter Similar Yes, the filter class H13 system.

Handstick Bosch Athlet Runtimeplus BCH65RT25K Factory data guarantee Dust container volume 0.9 L filter.

Features and characteristics of the Bosch Athlet series

With the advent of household appliances on the market, buyers increasingly began to give preference to battery vacuum cleaners.

Which are distinguished by the following advantages:

  • lack of wires that no longer limit the movement around the room;
  • small dimensions and weight, so that such a technique can be easily transported and stored;
  • spacious container for collected garbage.

At the same time, they had significant disadvantages: a low battery capacity and low power. Because of this, wireless vacuum cleaners could not be used for long-term sidelines of highly contaminated rooms.

But, everything has changed when Bosch announced an Athlet series of batteries. An introductory short review can be viewed in the video:

Any Bosch Athlet unit is distinguished by the same engine power as the technique feeding on the network. Working time without a battery has increased significantly.

  • high battery capacity;
  • durable case with a rubberized handle;
  • modern touch panel;
  • engine with significant power;
  • The presence of a cyclone filter.

detailed characteristics should be considered with examples of the most popular models of this series.

Model. Bosch BCH 7ath32k

This model is distinguished by high performance and a rather impressive cost. A set of lithium-ion batteries is able to ensure continuous operation of the vacuum cleaner up to 75 minutes.

assemble, vertical, vacuum, cleaner

The kit has a charger that fully charges the battery in 6 hours. There is a fast charge mode: up to 80% of the container in just 3 hours. The indicator backlight on the corresponding panel indicates the state of discharge and charging the battery.

Stylish, light, compact and powerful, battery vacuum cleaner Bosch ATLET will fit perfectly into the interior of any dwelling

Of the key features in the design, the Hispin engine should be highlighted. It has a sufficient power for harvesting any pollution.

There is the possibility of power adjustment, as well as three modes of operation:

  • “Quick”. In this mode, the vacuum cleaner operates at full capacity, which can be cleaned by the very clogged sections of the room.
  • “Average”. Mode, which is universal for all rooms and types of coating with significant contamination.
  • “Ordinary”. The lowest mode, which is suitable for cleaning smooth surfaces, for example, or regular preventive cleaning.

The SmartSensor Control system includes all the instrument indicators and the sensory control system. All control authorities are on one device panel.

Rotation Clean System prevents the accumulation of an excessive amount of garbage in a container. This allows you to remove it as quickly as possible from the container, about the filling of which the corresponding signal will be given. The volume of the container is 0.7 liters.

It is also worth paying attention to the universal brush Allfloor HighPower which is suitable for cleaning any coatings. If its functionality becomes not enough, then there are other nozzles in the kit that allow the most efficient cleaning.

The sensory panel of the device informs users about the intensity of the air flow, and when it is deviated from the norm, the indicator lights up in red

  • filter cartridge with a softened Pure Air membrane;
  • a hygienic filter that cleanses the air at the output of the vacuum cleaner;
  • filter barrier that is needed for the most durable engine operation.

The following accessories are also included: an adjustable shoulder strap for carrying a vacuum cleaner, an adapter tube, nozzles for cleaning upholstered furniture and cracks.

The weight of the vacuum cleaner in the form prepared for work is 4.6 kg. The weight of the device in the package is 6.2 kg. People who bought this model identify a number of positive moments in its use.

  • The ability to adjust the absorption power modes.
  • Convenient storage in an upright position.
  • Cleaning large rooms for only one battery charge. about 80 m 2. Depending on the degree of pollution.
  • The presence of many useful indicators.
  • Rubbed handle.
  • The presence of a roller on the nozzle, which is designed to wool and hair.
  • Air purity after cleaning.
  • You can remove the car, garden furniture, other items, without linking to electricity.

Of the shortcomings, only work from the battery is distinguished, or rather, the need to charge it.

Model. Bosch BCH 6ath18

This vacuum cleaner has a significant engine power of 2.4 kW. It is regulated by choosing one of three existing modes. The longest mode of operation is 40 minutes. This time is enough for ordinary cleaning.

If you need to remove serious pollution, then you should choose a turbo mode. The engine will operate at full capacity, due to which you can remove almost any small garbage, except for the construction.

A distinctive feature of vertical vacuum cleaners is that they do not need a lot of space for their storage. They can be placed in any of the corners of the apartment

The battery block consists of Li-Ion elements. They are charged from a power supply of 18 in. In 6 hours, the device is fully charged, and in 3 hours. by 80%. This is enough to prepare for cleaning the premises or car as soon as possible.

Thanks to a small weight of 3 kg, even a child will cope with cleaning. The handle is made with rubberized inserts, which contributes to convenient use of the device.

Bosch Athlet Charging Fix

Comparison with competitive models

Among the many vertical models in terms of technical characteristics, cost and ease of use, according to owners, only three significant competitors can be distinguished for the Bosch athlete. Next, consider them closer.

Competitor #1. Xiaomi RoidMi F8

The folding battery vacuum cleaner of this model has a low level of noise during operation. The power consumption is only 415 watts, which makes it more economical, unlike Bosch units. But, at the same time, the scope of its application is significantly reduced.

Cyclone filter is used with a capacity of 0.4 liters. Batteries are capable of operating up to 55 minutes with minimum engine power and up to 10 minutes. at maximum.

Also in the kit there are magnetic mounts on the wall, angular and slit nozzles. You can carry out certain settings of the vacuum cleaner on your smartphone using the Mi-Home application, although, according to users, this is not so important. Additionally, you can buy other nozzles.

Competitor #2-Dyson V7 Cord-Free

Very light vacuum cleaner weighing only 2.3 kg. Attracts buyers with a fairly low level of noise. It is easy for him to find a place in the house, as he is extremely small in collected form.

The manufacturer equips the equipment with special mounts on the wall. The engine operates only to 30 minutes from the battery. And the engine is able to give out the absorption power of only 100 watts.

Therefore, it can only be used for cleaning smooth surfaces, carpets with short pile and furniture. The design provides for the necessary indicators and a button for switching operating modes.

Competitor #3. Philips FC6168 PowerPro Duo

The wireless vacuum cleaner of this model has more impressive characteristics. True and his weight is more significant. 2.9 kg. 18 V battery can operate up to 40 minutes at the first power mode.

The filter has a three.layer shell, which allows you to delay at least 90% of the air from the air on it. The cyclone filter is easily cleaned by one click on the button, and its capacity is 0.6 liters.

What the presented models cannot do is wash the floor. If you look for a vertical detergent vacuum cleaner, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the best representatives of this category, more in this article.

Description of vacuum cleaners Bosch BTH6ITH25 and BTH6ATH25K

Both models are delivered to the market in white and at first glance indistinguishable. But the first option is suitable for caring for an apartment. In the expanded configuration of the second there is a belt, various nozzles and hose. The tool becomes multifunctional and figurative. White flowers with black accents are classic, it looks exquisite.

The vertical design is divided into zones:

  • ALLFloor HighPower’s rolling head with a roller roller with a roller roller up to 5000 rpm lower;
  • vacuum cleaner, battery compartment, charge level indicators and vacuum filling. average;
  • handle with a button on and control of the modes. upper.

The Sensorbagless system provides a filter cleaning when the apparatus productivity falls. Cleaning the brush from wrapped fibrous garbage is carried out by EasyClean. It is important that 60 minutes of work on one charge are considered in the “turbo” mode, the most energy.intensive. Battery recharging takes up to 6 hours. But you can not wait for the full discharge. It is best to add energy to the battery after each work cycle.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Bosch Bch6ath25 vacuum cleaner

There are no artificially created perfect instruments. There is always a choice of priorities of advantages and reconciliation with the disadvantages of the device. Vertical vacuum cleaner is no exception.

  • High power. Three.level regulation regime is possible.
  • Easy care. The flask is simply removed, there is an indication of filling. The function of of a thin filter was applied. The roller in the turbo engine is removed for cleaning and installed in place in one motion.
  • Lithium-ion battery. Light weight, large capacity and long.term work cycle. Indication and electronic unit, protecting the container to the point of not returning. Fast restoration of the container.
  • The low noise of the device.
  • The BSH6ath25K vacuum cleaner model is multifunctional, due to additional accessories.

The disadvantages of the vertical vacuum cleaner of the athlete series. Manufacturers warn, on the first inclusions, the smell of burning plastic is possible. there is a grind of conjugated parts.

The weight of the device is 3 kg and the rotating head is burdensome for hands. Perhaps the head is backlash, and it changes the direction of movement. It happens, it brings electronics, and then the indicators give errors.

Lithium-ion battery-consumable material that the manufacturer’s guarantee does not apply to. But it is this block that provides the operation of the Bosch Athlet Bch6ath25 vacuum cleaner. In the third year, the device will begin to work with interruptions, the battery capacity is lost. The new branded block assembly is comparable at the price of the vacuum cleaner.

Diagnosis of malfunctions

Most often in a vacuum cleaner of any brand, Bosch, no exception, disassembly is needed if the engine refused. Signs of motor malfunction:

  • Noise intensified, a cloud of dust appears.
  • The absorption force decreased. At the same time, an inner knock appeared, periodically disappearing.
  • The vacuum cleaner works, but is very noisy.

First of all, you need to make an external inspection of the components. The absorption power is violated if the corrugated hofroshlang is clogged or cracked, filters on air labyrinths have not been cleaned for a long time. The vacuum cleaner may turn off if the contacts of the network cord are broken, the outlet is faulty, there are scuffs with bare wires.

Bosch Flexxo Serie 4 BCH3ALL21 Cordless handstick vacuum cleaner. Repair

Dismantling of a vacuum cleaner and repair

Only after making sure that there are no external malfunctions, you can start disassembling the Bosch vacuum cleaner. At the same time, each operation is better to photograph or record. Open the latches carefully, avoiding breakdowns of conjugated parts.

  • Remove the lid, raise a negloven, find the joints with self.tapping screws and remove the fasteners.
  • In the compartment with the bag, remove the filter, bag and remove the basket.
  • Divide the case, opening the latches, gain access to the engine. control and coil with cord.
  • Remove the frame with seals, fix its correct installation in the photo, since collect the Bosch vacuum cleaner for sure, otherwise there will be no traction.
  • Remove control fees.
  • Disassemble the motor and examine its condition.
  • After eliminating the malfunction, all actions are carried out in the reverse order.

If you need repair of the motor, you need to establish the cause of the breakdown. It can be a closure of the rotor windings, replacement of bearings or other damage. The motor in the Bosch vacuum cleaner is in the casing, it is necessary to continue disassembly. The casing is removed in place with a screwdriver, ruler, tapping. It is important to remove a tightly driven part without damage.

The impeller is installed on a threaded connection with a fixed glue. It is necessary to use the solvent. Having removed the fan, you need to unscrew 4 screws, finally freeing the motor. Only now a complete diagnosis and engine repair is possible.

All other problems of the household tool Bosch can be eliminated as disassembly. Often the cause of the malfunction is the refusal of the reckoning device of the Bosch vacuum cleaner cord. To find a malfunction, the coil is removed after dismemberment of the case.

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