How to assemble a water vacuum cleaner Intex

Vacuum cleaner for the intex pool

The Intex pool vacuum cleaner is necessary to remove raids from the walls, eliminate dust and garbage. It is advisable to give preference to devices that can clean hard.To.Reach places. High.Quality cleaning will allow you to keep a reservoir for a long time in good condition, that is, it will extend its operation.

To remove Intex pools, the manufacturer recommends using vacuum cleaners of the same brand. They are several types.


Frame and inflatable products are cleaned with this tool. Vacuum cleaners are suitable for a volume of not more than 49 kV. M. A telescopic holder and 2 nozzles are included with underwater models of a manual device:

For cleaning, the nozzle with a hose is attached to the tap and a stream washed off the plaque. In this case, dirty water is placed in a special compartment, cleaned and returned back. The garbage remains in the basket, and when its compartment is overwhelmed, it is thrown away.

During cleaning with a manual apparatus, electric systems are located above the water, so it is quite safe.


Such vacuum cleaners have a brush with a more complex design and the ability to adjust the pressure of water. Semi.Automatic devices are randomly move along the bottom, holding on the suction cups. They remove one part of the pool and move to the next until they remove all the pollution. To clean the water, the device is connected to a filter or skimmer. In some models there is a cumulative bag and valve to adjust the operation of the device.

Using semi.Automatic vacuum cleaners, you can clean the walls, corners and steps of the pool.


This is a robot vacuum cleaner that is cleaned with volumetric, deep and built-in pools. They differ in efficiency and performance and practically do not require human intervention. Therefore, cleaning with this device is considered the easiest.

Such vacuum cleaners are equipped with sensors to determine contaminated areas and a built.In filtration system for cleaning. Filters are easily cleaned and suitable for reusable use. You need to connect the vacuum cleaner to the transformer, as it consumes a current with low voltage. It is included with the device.

The purification of pools of the standard form is carried out automatically, as the device is programmed for this. Owners of non.Standard reservoirs can control the cleaning using the remote control.

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Automatic vacuum cleaner: Personal experience of using

All pool users want to see the water in them clean and transparent, whether it be the Intex pool or any other. Especially if this does not need to make efforts. Unfortunately, the water itself will not be cleansed, but for this people have already come up with many devices and auxiliary accessories. Now a little of my story.

I began to use a round frame pool with a small diameter of 305 cm, then 366, 475 and now, finally, 549! The child grew up, and the pools grew with him and the pools. Already at 366 diameter, I began to feel the lack of a filter pump, which is included from the manufacturer Intex. Of course, I also faced the problem of cleaning the bottom and walls of the pool. Without thinking twice, I purchased a sand filter pump and an automatic vacuum cleaner Intex (Article 28001), in the hope that he will save me from manual cleaning the bottom with a brush. Agree, not the most pleasant activity under the summer scorching sun. By connecting the filter pump according to the instructions and testing it in different modes, I decided to connect the vacuum cleaner without opening the instructions, and guided by the motto “Logic above all!”. Solemn start of the pump filter and. The joy of the solemn launch of the vacuum cleaner that broke on a beautiful evening turned into sadness. He lay dead at the bottom of my little sea.

The pump worked as usual, filtering water, but the vacuum cleaner lay motionless. But I decided not to give up. As is customary among the people: if some technique does not work, the first rule is to turn off and turn it on again! I did so. But a miracle did not happen. I climbed into the pool, pushed it, drove along the bottom in the hope that he would feel my efforts and “revive”, but here I was disappointed with disappointment. On such a sad note, my weekend ended. Monday has come and it was time to return to the city to work.

Looking back and recalling the events of that time, I still do not understand what stopped me from a call to the store where a “non.Working” vacuum cleaner sold me, which did not give me rest for more than one working day. In the end, I got out of work on Friday and rushed to the country to solve the problem.

Here I decided to apply the second rule of non.Working equipment: if the first rule did not help, read the instructions and follow it.

I took out a treasured book, looked at the pictures, everything is clear: here is a vacuum cleaner, here is a hose, here is a filter pump. I connect, click on the power button. Lies at the bottom, does not want to go. I get the instructions again. Now I don’t just look at the pictures, but I also read what is written, after which I am covered by joy, despite the smashed logic: the hose had to be connected not to the entrance to the pump-filter, but to the exit, t.E. To the hole where the flow of water comes from! Now I collect everything and connect according to the instructions. Start! The filter pump, without slowing down, drove a stream of water, and the vacuum cleaner crawled like a sea turtle, along the bottom of my pool, fulfilling its direct purpose and changing the direction of its movement.

But how so? He is a vacuum cleaner and should absorb, so I connected it to the entrance to the filter pump all this time. Everything is simple: in the vacuum cleaner there is a primitive system that changes the direction of the flow of water, opening one or the other valve one or the other (water turns the gears that open the valve). By the way, the gears are plastic, which means that they will last a long time, t.To. Do not rust.

I will tell you a little more about the very mechanism of the “independent” vacuum vacuum cleaner. The arriving water into the vacuum cleaner under pressure comes out of it, forcing to move in one of the directions. As soon as the gear makes a full circle, the opposite valve opens, and the vacuum cleaner moves the other way. Keep in mind that at the same time it may not get to the basin wall! There is a hole in the lower cover of the vacuum cleaner in which the grid stands. The stream of water, breaking out of the vacuum cleaner, pulls the garbage from the bottom of the pool and captures it with a net. At the same time, the stream is stirring up water in the pool, which enters the filter pump and is cleaned: you do not need to follow all this-everything works automatically! The only thing I advise you to disable the skimmer filter for garbage if it is. About once every 30 minutes I turn off the cleaning system, take out the vacuum cleaner, clean the net and again turn it on. Cleaning time depends on many factors, my process takes about 4 hours. A very interesting moment occurred when the diameter of the pool increased, and tubercles appeared at the bottom, since the platform under the pool led a little, and the vacuum cleaner began to get stuck, which caused inconvenience, since he had to periodically collide it from the place where he “threw the anchor” ”. I decided to lighten a vacuum cleaner a little and inserted a plastic ball inside it, which is used in children’s game rooms. Due to it, it became easier and could overcome obstacles without any problems, the problem with the stuck was solved.

It became interesting to me: what will happen if you use a weaker pump, but at the same time put these balls inside? Inspired by the genius of my experiment, I took the vacuum cleaner and went to my neighbor. He had a 3000l filter pump. Everything worked! True, in some areas the vacuum cleaner popped to the surface, but it was even fun!

Enjoy clean water in the pool without much effort and always read the instructions! Pleasant rest!

Models and features

The manufacturer of Intex recommends to use the pools of this brand vacuum cleaner Intex. This is due to the fact that the equipment has a well.Thought.Out design adapted to the features of artificial reservoirs. It is also worth using the index filter by selecting the device with optimal parameters. In any case, the process of cleaning the pool includes several stages of work, and a high.Quality brush and vacuum cleaner for the Intex pool will provide the owner with an easy cleaning process.

A reliable filter is an important element for any artificial reservoir. A vacuum cleaner for water purification is also needed, and the manufacturer Intex releases models with the following operating modes:

The simplest device for cleaning water from dirt and garbage is a manual vacuum cleaner for the Intex basin. Such a device is optimal for containers up to 40 cubic meters. To work with such a vacuum cleaner, the nozzle is attached to the tap, and for this a hose is used. The stream of water washes off dirt from the walls, and this volume of water enters a special container. In the process, all electric parts are at the top. The complex includes a hose, a telescopic holder, a skimmer, and a brush is also provided.

The semi.Automatic vacuum cleaner Index has a more thoughtful and effective design than a manual version. In this case, the brush allows you to adjust the pressure of water for cleaning. The device moves along the walls of the bowl with the help of suction cups, but randomly chooses the direction. To clean the water to the index device, the filter is connected, and it is also possible to connect with the skimmer. The speed in the process is easy to adjust, using the valve for washing.

Volumetric and deep variants of Intex basins are best subjected to cleaning the automatic vacuum cleaner. The design of such a device includes a system of sensors, a filter, a cable and other necessary details, for example, a nozzle and a brush. The procedure for cleaning the pool with a device of this type is automated and does not require significant labor costs. Each vacuum nozzle, brush or hose have a thought.Out and reliable design. The manufacturer Intex also produces a vacuum version of the vacuum cleaner, which has high characteristics.

Any pool must be cleaned regularly. The optimal solution for such work is a high.Quality vacuum cleaner of intex. A variety of Intex models, for example, manual for water purification, have a reliable design, which certainly includes the brush, skimmer and hose. Easy control, high characteristics and efficiency allow you to make a procedure for cleaning water or walls of the bowl easily and simple.

When choosing any index vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to take into account the features of operation, parameters and purpose. A simple manual version allows you to easily clean a small inflatable pool, and frame or more voluminous structures require a thorough approach. Automatic vacuum type is very effective for processing a large area, but such a device has a high cost. Therefore, purchasing a vacuum automatic vacuum cleaner for a single.Axial inflatable reservoir is unprofitable. Thus, it is necessary to take into account the features and intensity of operation of the bathing zone, parameters and design of the device for water purification.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the pool

The pool cleaning is a completely simple process that will not take much time from you if you are concerned with the purchase of the necessary accessories and you will regularly monitor the state of water. The circulation and filtration of water is provided by the filter pump, the chlorgenerator or soluble products in water is responsible for disinfection, but what to do with heavy particles of garbage and sand that settled at the bottom? In this situation, a vacuum cleaner for the pool is better possible. And how to choose it correctly. We will tell you now.

There are several models of such devices represented by the Intex brand brand. Let’s figure out how they differ, what pros and cons are, and most importantly. Which of them is best for your case.

Its other names are an underwater or bottom robot vacuum cleaner. This is a fully automatic device that will free your hands and time! With the help of hoses that are included in the kit, you attach it to the output that supplies clean water from the filter pump into the pool-the flow of water provides the vacuum cleaner from the bottom of the pool and it begins to move, “crawling” along the bottom and changing direction after contact from wall. During movement inside its body, a reverse traction is created, thanks to which all the garbage is sucked into the device, which has settled on the bottom of the bowl. About how to properly assemble and connect the entire structure, we talk from the first person in this article.

  • After connection, it works automatically and without the participation of a person. You can leave it overnight and in the morning enjoy swimming in pure water!
  • The device is completely mechanical and works without batteries and power supply. This is an extremely simple design in which there is nothing to break. Inside is a container for collecting garbage, if necessary, it must be empty and put in place.
  • During its operation, a filter pump should be turned on with a water supply speed of at least 4000 l/hour. It doesn’t matter whether you will use a cartridge or sand filter. With a lower power of the pump, a sufficiently strong water flow will not be provided, which sets in motion your cleaning device.
  • The set includes the connected hoses with a total length of as much as 7 meters. If necessary, you can use their length not completely, adapting the entire design precisely to your basin size.

This option is perfect for owners of medium and large pools equipped with a fairly powerful filter pump for water purification.

Innovation device, represented by Intex in 2016, is designed to facilitate the care of pools of all sizes, including not equipped with filter pumps! The secret of a manual vacuum cleaner is that it works from a powerful nickel-metallogid battery-that is, you do not need to connect it to something, you are not limited by a long hose and you can clean absolutely any pool-up to an ordinary dug up.

Features of underwater battery vacuum cleaner:

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  • You will not need electricity at the time of operation-powerful Ni-MH batteries are charged from a conventional USB in just 50 minutes and provide sufficient water absorption of water.
  • Approaches the pools of any size and shape. Does not require connection to the filter pump.
  • It is attached to a telescopic holder up to 239 cm long (included in the kit). There is a special adapter for connecting to longer Intex holders up to 279 cm.
  • With this vacuum cleaner, you can clean not only the bottom, but also the walls of the pool. The kit includes two comfortable nozzles-shifts.
  • The vacuum cleaner has an automatic protection system. It turns off when you get it out of the water, and also if you drop it into the pool and do not raise it for a long time. This significantly saves battery charge and increases the safety of work.
  • The device is very convenient and mobile, the weight of the entire construction does not exceed 2.5 kg.

This model is suitable for any pool, and it doesn’t matter what diameter it is, do you have a filter pump or not. Fast recharging batteries, light weight, comfortable telescopic handle. Everything is done in order to remove garbage from the water, you can quickly and simply.

This kit includes not only a manual vacuum cleaner, but all the necessary accessories for cleaning. A cloak for collecting garbage from the surface of the water, a brush for walls and bottom, a telescopic holder up to 279 cm long. A great solution for those who do not want to buy accessories individually and prefer to immediately get a complete finished set. In this case, the nozzle is attached to the aluminum holder and is connected using a hose to the inner hole, which supplies water to the filter pump. Large particles of garbage are delayed in a special flask, which is attached to the base of the nozzle, and small dirt enters the filter and settles in it.

Features of a manual vacuum cleaner in the Deluxe set:

Intex Filter Pump Setup & Review

  • The hose coming from the nozzle is connected from the inside of the pool to the inlet that takes the water into the filter pump-it does not matter, sand or cartridge. Mandatory condition: the power of the filter pump should be at least 3028 l/hour.
  • First, the flask is attached to the telescopic holder to delay large garbage, after it the nozzle itself is attached. Thus, your filter pump will not clog and only small garbage and sand will fall into it.
  • You can clean both the bottom and the walls of the pool with this device. And using a brush and a net in addition. Easily remove all the garbage from the water.

Stages of connecting and disconnecting the vacuum cleaner to the filter system

Connecting a hand vacuum cleaner to the pool filter occurs simply. One side of the hose is connected to the skimmer using a special adapter, and the second is attached to the vacuum cleaner. How to start vacuuming. Consider in more detail.

  • Run the filter in the “filtering” mode;
  • Fix the rod of the vacuum cleaner in a convenient position;
  • The nozzle of the vacuum cleaner falls to the depths (for this they are called “bottom” vacuum cleaners);
  • The vacuum cleaner hose is filled with water;
  • If the skimmer is built.In, then the lid is removed;
  • The rest of the skimmers are closed with plugs;
  • Using a special nozzle, the vacuum cleaner hose is hermetically attached to the working skimmer.

Когда насос начинает работать, то весь мусор сразу направляется в скиммер либо сразу в канализацию.

  • After cleaning, it is necessary to disconnect the hose from Skimmer, and remove the vacuum cleaner.
  • Disable the pumping system.
  • Rinse the skimmer basket.
  • Put the filter on the reverse flushing and start the pump. When the water in the observation window becomes transparent, the pump can be turned off.
  • Then the pump system in the “flushing” mode for one minute is launched.
  • After cleaning, the filter system operates in normal mode.
  • It is important to know that before each change of mode, the pumping system must be turned off!

IMPORTANT! It is impossible to allow air through the “vacuum cleaner” into the filter housing. If this happened, then delete it, including the filter in the modes of “reverse flushing” (“Back Wash”) and “Rinse” (“Rinse”).

Together, vacuum cleaners and sand filters for pools (including frame) carry out perfect cleansing work. The main thing is the correct care of the units. The vacuum cleaner is properly operated, and rinse and change the filter if necessary.

Over, the direct interaction of the filter happens only with three types of vacuum cleaner: manual, vacuum and semi.Automatic. If we take an automatic model, then a special filter is already built into it, which holds all the garbage.

The principle of operation of the underwater vacuum cleaner

The underwater vacuum cleaner is a simple device and in some models even primitive, therefore, the principle of operation differs from the model to the model not much. Different functions and opportunities for improving the quality of cleaning are simply added to the mechanism.

Intex Automatic Pool Vacuum Review || Don’t Make This Mistake!!

The simplest models are a device from a brush that collects dirt from the bottom, telescopic handle and hose, which connects to the picking nozzle or skimmer. When cleaning the tank with such a vacuum cleaner, the water takes from the bottom the main pump of the pool through the brush and enters your filter. After cleaning, the water returns to the tank.

Other vacuum cleaners can have their own filter for primary cleaning. It facilitates the work of your main filter and, as a result, purification is better.

And the most expensive models have their own water fence, which is nourished by a built.In battery, and its filtering. Such devices are completely autonomous and do not depend on other systems.

Deluxe pool to clean the nozzle set. How to connect?

The set includes: a vacuum cleaner, a curved brush and a net. With the help of a nozzle, it is convenient to collect pollution from the bottom. It connects to a filter pump with a capacity of at least 3000 l/h. Water is delayed through the nozzle, then it is cleaned in the filter itself. The curved brush is perfect for cleaning the walls of dirt and plaque, and with the help of a net it is easy to assemble large garbage from the surface.

This set is not an independent kit for cleaning, for its use should be purchased:

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Customer reviews

As you can see, are “dancing” in a fairly wide range, therefore, in order not to acquire an expensive thing that will be completely useless, it is important, making a purchase, paying attention to the following moments:

  • Decide which garbage is more accumulated in your pool;
  • Evaluate the volume. For small sizes of inflatables, a manual model will quite cope, and for a large one, a semiautomatic device is suitable;
  • Consider the shape of your reservoir, because the choice depends on this: not all semi.Automatic vacuum cleaners can qualitatively clean the walls of a complex configuration. Perhaps only the robot will cope with them.

Battery vacuum cleaner for the Intex 28620 pool. Reviews

Before purchasing a pool cleaning device, it is necessary to decide which type of cleaning equipment is suitable in a particular case. The advice of specialists and reviews will help to make the right choice. Here information is collected only about the Intex vacuum cleaner, the battery apparatus Article 28620.

They often write in the reviews, at first the tool works perfectly, over time, the vacuum becomes less or is completely lost. The vacuum cleaner for the Intex 2862 basin is designed to filter small garbage fractions. If there are pieces of plastic film in the water or at the bottom, the leaves, the sieve will not let water at the desired speed, the vacuum will decrease, the filter speed will disappear.

In the forums, specialists for questions about the refusals of the manual water vacuum cleaner Intex 28620 will advise the owners. They always emphasize, the cleaning of the pool seems to be a comprehensive event. In the home tank, before launching the Intel 28620 vacuum cleaner, you need to collect visible garbage with a clock. This is the answer to the question of the author of Andrey’s review, in which the vacuum cleaner works well only the first 10-15 minutes. But Andrei gives other users useful advice. To pull out the vacuum cleaner vertically so that the garbage does not get into the water again.

There are reviews, which are claimed, the working resource of a manual battery vacuum cleaner Intex 82620 is not 50, but much less than minutes and working hours are constantly reduced. It should be taken into account here, nickel-metallogid battery can be charged after complete discharge. If you do not comply with the requirements of charging for a full cycle, the container is lost due to the “memory effect”.

Experts say a vacuum cleaner for the pool. Intex 82620 is carried out reliably, the assembly is excellent. However, any technique over time becomes unusable. This is due to wear and improper operation. Problems should not be described in reviews, but contact the service center. Sometimes not eliminated trifle breaks leads to expensive repairs.

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