How to assemble glass without a vacuum cleaner

assemble, glass, vacuum, cleaner

Glass broke. How to collect small fragments in the apartment

People say that broken glass dishes are for good luck. Perhaps this is the case, but in the case when the fragments are scattered throughout the room, you first need to think about security, especially if the house has small children. If such a nuisance has already occurred, immediately you need to remove from the premises of the child and pets and not to be allowed until all the consequences are eliminated. Before you start cleaning, you need to put on rubber slippers (then it is easier to wash them).

First of all, you need to very accurately collect large glasses of glass with your hands, doing it slowly and carefully so as not to cut. You should not use a broom for cleaning glass, since it will not be able to penetrate deep into the surface of the carpet and remove all small fragments. In this case, a vacuum cleaner will be indispensable, which need to go thoroughly on the surface. It is advisable to vacuum not only the carpet, but also the surrounding area, because small fragments can fly over a long distance. If it is possible to take the carpet out into the street, then you need to gently turn it with an envelope, and then knock it out on both sides to remove the smallest glass from the pile.

assemble, glass, vacuum, cleaner

In a situation where there is no vacuum cleaner at hand, you can use a wide tape. Cutting it into small strips, wind it on hand so that the sticky side is outside. And then gently collect fragments. For safety reasons, so as not to injure your hands, you can first put on gloves. When cleaning fragments, tape should not press the hand into the carpet, as the glass can pierce the adhesive tape and injure the palm.

It is worth noting that a carpet with a low pile or at all bases (Palace) can be cleaned in all of the listed methods, and if the pile is thick and high on the carpet, then the most effective way will be cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and knocking out on the street.

Vacuum cleaner

You collected a broom to the maximum, everything that could. Now the queue of the vacuum cleaner. Many take off the usual nozzle and immediately begin to collect glasses with a pipe or a vertical nozzle. You should not do this. First, walk on the floor with a regular nozzle, but for corners and skirting boards you can use a vertical nozzle or even do without it. It is also worth cleaning the carpet with the usual nozzle if he was lying nearby. Do not worry about the unit itself: modern vacuum cleaners easily swallow fragments, sending them to the container. You just have to empty it directly into the bag, and then throw it into the garbage chute. It immediately makes sense to take out a garbage bag.

Tip: We only have a cleaning in gloves. Dense, such as garden.

How to remove small fragments of glass from the skin?

From an extended wound, you should try to carefully remove the fragment with tweezers at the same angle at which he stuck. After the glass is extracted, the wound must be treated with hydrogen peroxide, and its edges are greased with green or iodine. If the wound is small, it is enough to seal it with an antiseptic layer.

The idea to collect small fragments with a vacuum cleaner can be very attractive, but not worth. Glass is able to seriously damage the vacuum cleaner from the inside. Use a broom and a scoop to collect fragments.

The smallest remnants

Those who chose to remove pieces with the ground, 4 steps are no longer needed. After the vacuum cleaner, most likely, the grains of glass remained. You can remove them using ordinary plasticine or Bukhankaa! Both that, and another need to be crushed to the area where the glass is broken or the plastic is crushed, roll and rub so that the piece collects all the smallest particles. But the easiest way to remove the fragments is from the site using Lizun or Slime. The fragments themselves stick to them.

How to remove dust under glass?

➭ Cut off the tape from the skein a piece 30-40 cm long and glue it on top of our glass or film. All dust will go to adhesive tape, and the sticky side of the protective coating will be clean. We stick a film or glass back on the phone, making sure that air bubbles do not form and new dust dust dust.

Can! If you are looking for information on how to glue the protective glass again, then you are faced with an unpleasant situation, when for some reason the glass has peelled off, it is not stuck correctly or you can’t stick it well.

How to remove glass fragments from carpet

Broken glass. Not a reason to send a carpet to dry cleaning or call a team of specialists home. You can easily cope with the problem if you know how to remove the glass from the carpet. Collect large pieces with your hands, putting on a safety cloth gloves. The main problem is small pieces hiding in a thick pile.

You can remove sharp fragments in several ways:

  • Using a vacuum cleaner. Only a powerful vacuum cleaner will cope with the task. To increase its effectiveness, you need to vacuum the carpet without using nozzles. Strong air vacuum is able to drag pieces of broken dishes. You need to thoroughly vacuum the product, repeating the procedure several times. For complete safety, after the carpet, the entire room should. It is most effective to use a vacuum cleaner in combination with other cleaning methods.
  • Knock a carpet on the street. This method is suitable for small products, which are easy to fold a “envelope” or turn into a roll and take it out of the house. Knock out the carpet with strong blows from the wrong side. In this case, the glasses are easier to knock out of the pile and do not get into the eyes.
  • Remove the fragments with tape. A wide stationery adhesive tape is suitable for this purpose, pieces of which need to be wound into hand so that the sticky side is outside. In order not to hurt the fragments, you need to first put on gloves and do not press your hands much to the carpet. Otherwise, glass will be pierced with gloves and screaming into the skin. So you can clean the short.Term carpet in the bedroom or in the kitchen.
  • Bukhankaya crumb. The loaf of the black pulp in its consistency is reminiscent of plasticine. With its help, you can effectively extract fragments from piles. Unlike real plasticine, the loaf does not stain the carpet and it is easy to remove its crumbs with a vacuum cleaner or a broom. Instead of a crumb, you can use the dough. Plasticine is not recommended to use fragments. He will definitely stick to the pile. After that it will be very difficult to clean.

Venik and vacuum cleaner

First of all, they immediately remove large fragments, having previously put on gloves to protect your hands. Glass can be put in a tight package of paper or wrapped in newspapers. This will help to avoid random cuts when taken to the trash.

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Then the visible fragments are swept with a broom. It happens that glasses of glass fly over a radius of several meters, especially if the light bursts. Therefore, it makes sense to carefully examine all hard.To.Reach places and look in the corners, near the skirting boards, under the bed, table, sofa or other furniture. So that fragments do not remain on the broom, they sprinkle the floor with either a childish puffing or soda.

assemble, glass, vacuum, cleaner

After cleaning the broom, the smallest fragments will help assemble a vacuum cleaner. The entire floor is vacuumed with a regular brush, and for hard.To.Reach places they use a vertical brush or a flexible hose. If there is a risk of glass from upholstered furniture, it should also be lit. You should not worry about the unit itself, the glasses will not hurt it, but immediately after cleaning the garbage from the container or bag needs to be removed.

Necessary trifle: collect from the floor in 2 minutes

You need to remove the nozzle from the vacuum cleaner and put sock on the pipe instead.

We fix the edge of the sock with an elastic band for money. “s” tie into the tube.

Now you can collect anything in it.

By the way, this method can be used to search for something small on a long-haired carpet. For example, a ring or earrings.

assemble, glass, vacuum, cleaner

The main thing is not to turn off the vacuum cleaner until you turn the pipe vertically. Otherwise, everything will spill on the floor again.

If there are many items, you can use the golf or Kapron stocking.

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With a sticky roller

A sticky video for cleaning clothes will help to collect a small number of small objects from carpet or floor. We just spend it in the place where a trifle scattered.

And clean the stupid knife into the bowl. It turns out very quickly.

Adhesive tape or sticky tape

If the “place of tragedy” is not very extensive, for example, we are talking about a kitchen countertop, then you can use adhesive tape or adhesive tape, walking along the surface and joints with the wall. It is advisable to pre.Shift the glass with a brush for cleaning crumbs from the table into the scenes. It will not be superfluous to glue the adhesive tape to the skirting boards. The floor (even if the cup crashed on the table), and then just tear it off, carefully combine and throw it away. Some use a regular roller with sticky tape to remove small fragments that clean clothes. The choice is yours.

As for ordinary towels, it should be those that you do not feel sorry to throw it out later. Or use old rags. They should be wetted and decomposed in the epicenter of “explosion”. Let them lie down for ten minutes so that the glass stuck, and then the towels need to be carefully assembled and, curling up, throw it into a bucket. You need to do this with other rags and with paper towels.

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