How to assemble the handle of the lanet of the washing machine Bosch

Repair of the handle of the Washing Machine Luke

Many owners of washing machines are faced with an unpleasant breakdown of the handle on the door. Indeed, the plastic components in this elements are quite fragile, so they break from severe mechanical damage or simply erased over time. Why this breakdown is unpleasant? Everything is simple: it is considered mechanical damage, which means to hand over or contact the service center cannot be handed over. Fortunately, you can cope with a similar problem yourself. today we will tell you how to do it. You can choose details here.

Before you start repairs, you will have to open the door. You can do this in several ways, we recommend that you start with the most harmless:

  • Emergency opening. Many models of washing machines are equipped with an emergency opening lever, you can find it under the lower panel near the filter.
  • Unlock. If you did not find an emergency lever, try to open the top cover (it will be quite difficult to do it) and find a lock with which you can open the door.

If previous methods have not worked (you have not found a lock or you do not have an emergency lever), you can try less soft methods.

  • When the handle partially collapsed, you can pick up the rest of the pliers and open the door with physical effort.
  • If nothing else has worked, you can use the hardest method. To do this, you need to put the rope into the hole between the body and the door, sharply pull it and tear off the door.

Try to dismantle the smallest loss for the washing machine so as not to aggravate the state of the system. If something went wrong, and you damaged the integrity of the washing machine, contact a specialist for timely repair.

Options for solving the problem

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The method that allows you to open most washing machines is shown in the next video.

Dismantling the pen. This is the extreme method to which you can resort to only if the handle of the device is faulty. The fact that it is not subject to repair, you can see by finding mechanical damage during visual examination. Most often, a plastic lock on a washing machine breaks after several years of active operation.

Why is the blocking arise?

Bosch control blocking in machines can occur for one of 2 reasons.

  • If when washing was installed from the children, and after the end of the work, the machine turned out to be turned off, and the lock was not removed.
  • If the self.diagnosis system has revealed a failure in the operation of one or more machine systems. In this case, a code of the corresponding error will appear on the display, and the washing modes will be blocked.

If the machine turned out to be blocked, and the reason for the lock was identified independently, then you can apply several ways to reset the error.

assemble, handle, lanet, washing

In the event that a serious malfunction arises, which is not possible to eliminate independently, or the owner of the machine is not confident in his own abilities, then it will be better to contact the service center or to the trusted household appliances repair.

What to do if the washing machine does not open

Breaking What is the problem The cost of repair
The car does not open, while the handle on the door of the hatch is moving suspiciously freely. The handle on the door of the hatch broke. Unfortunately, small details and accessories wear out quite quickly. Especially if you apply too much physical strength to them. You need to replace the pen. from 700 p.
The handle on the door of the hatch is serviceable, but the washing machine still does not open. Malfunctioning ub. Malfunctioning the hatch lock. In this case, it does not let the door “.

It is necessary to forcefully open the hatch (independently or with the help of a master) and replace the ubble.

BOSCH 9KG washing machine | Advised by me.

As you can see, the reason why the washing machine does not want to give linen after washing can be both physical breakdown and electronics failure. It is definitely possible to understand this only to a professional. Therefore, if your washer does not unlock the hatch, it is best to immediately call a repair specialist who will conduct diagnostics, determine the exact cause of this behavior of your machine and, with your consent, will carry out repair work directly on the spot.

Bosch Service masters go in the shortest possible time, but if time does not tolerate, and you need to urgently get linen from the drum. use our tips.

Disassembly Washing Machine Repair Bosch Maxx 1200 Earth Fault Trip

How to unlock manually the door of the lamp of a washing machine?

The most accurate scheme for unlocking your washing machine is in the instructions. But if the coveted document was lost somewhere on the shelves, try to use the standard scheme:

Bosch iDos Washing Machines Overview

  • Firstly, if you haven’t done this yet, pull out the cord of the washing machine from the network.
  • Secondly, open a small hatch on the front panel (drain filter) and check if there is a hatch of emergency opening in your unit. It usually happens orange in color. If there is a cable, then it must be carefully pulled for this, and the hatch door is unlocked.
  • If the cable was not at the indicated place, then for the forced unlocking the hatch you will have to remove the upper panel, then tilted the car back so that the drum under its weight also moves a little from the front wall and release you a place for the maneuver. Next, you need to reach the lock, find the latch to the touch and take it to the side.

note! If you are not sure that you can unlock the door yourself, trust the master! The blocker is easy to damage, after which it is not subject to restoration and will require a complete replacement!

Replacing the door of the lamp of the washing machine

Damage in one way or another affect the work of technology, which is why now we will list the main signs by which we can recognize it. It:

  • Constant puddle formation in front of a washing machine.
  • Luke’s leakage.
  • Cracks formed on the glass that pass water.
  • Loose closure of the door, the consequence of which are constant leaks.
  • Unstable position of the handle (it staggers).
  • The inability to close the door to the end.
  • Creak or crack when using a handle.

If you have something similar, then you should urgently start repair.

Install a new element

We will sign the algorithm in detail, which will allow you to independently install a new door handle.

  • Start installation from the spring, place it in the right place.
  • Next, go to the latch, install it from the side. Hold the element and enter the pin into one eye of the spring.
  • Install a plastic handle on the latch, and then push the pin to the final state.
  • It remains only to assemble the door: get the glass under the handle, install the upper part on it (do not forget to press the latches). Attach the door to the washing machine.

As you can notice, replacing a broken handle on a washing machine is not the same and a complex operation. Anyone can fulfill it.

Replacing the handle of the Luke of the Bosch Siemens washing machine

To change the handle, you need to buy it at first. To do this, you need to know the e-nr Code of the washing machine. Find the code and call our store, the consultants by the model select the right handle and you can buy the handle of the hatch for the Bosch Siemens washing machine in one of our stores

The most outstanding way to replace the handle of the Bosch Siemens washing machine

Open the door of the Luke of the Bosch Siemens washing machine.Remove the fasteners that are attached to the internal framing of the hatch or unscrew the screws from the body if the hatch is worn out to the body of the washing machine.

Bosch Washing Machine AquaStop Explained

After you removed the hatch of the washing machine, put it with glass up and unscrew the fixing screws connecting the inner and external frame of the hatch.With the help of a knife (dull side), pry the internal framing on the side of the loop and go throughout the framing, so you carefully discharge the framing.

Turn the hatch over and put with glass down, then remove the external frame, and carefully pull the hatch glass. Before you change the handle of the lamp of the washing machine, follow the photo. If you have difficulties, whether you are the right handle of the hatch, you could compare with how the handle was set earlier. With the help of a screwdriver or flat bundles, carefully move the pin from the hinge mechanism, after removing the pin, the handle should be freely versed.

The process of assembling the handle of the lamp of the washing machine, ensure the hook in the frame of the metal pin and fix the spring and inner frame on the one side of which install the hook between the spring and insert the handle of the hatch.And the last step fix it all with a pin becomes it completely.Then you have to check that everything functions correctly.

Now the Luke of the washing machine needs to be assembled together and fixed with self.tapping screws (do not pull them) after assembling the lamp of the washing machine, screw it back and check that everything works correctly.

Congratulations you replaced the handle of the Bosch Siemens washing machine.

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How to open a washing machine if a handle breaks

The handle usually breaks off after the end of washing, at a time when it’s time to get linen. The user comes up starts to open the hatch and then the handle breaks. What to do in such a situation?

After the washing is completed, the door of the washing machine remains for some time blocked, do not try to open it immediately after the end of the program, wait 1-2 minutes. This is one of the frequent reasons for the breakdown of the handle when the user tries to open the blocked door using the force. Also, do not panic and do not turn off the washing machine urgently during washing, let the wash end as usual. nothing will happen.

If your handle has broken off and you don’t know how to open the hatch now, then use some of the following methods:

  • Take advantage of the emergency opening of the door. on some models of washing machines under the lower panel, in the area of ​​the drain filter, there is a special cable or lever that must be pulled to open the door. In order to find it, remove the lower panel and look for the cable.
  • Manually get to the lock. if you do not have a special cable, then you need to get to the lock through the top of the machine. To do this, remove the top cover of the washing machine, and reach the door closing with your hand. Try to open it. So that it turns out that you need dexterity, so we recommend that you contact the Washing Raiser Repair Master.
  • Open using the tool. if the handle broke off, but there is a small piece of it, which is connected to the spring, then you can try to open the door using the tool. Take the pliers and open the hatch of the washing machine.
  • Open the door with a rope. take a rope and pulling it up in the gap between the door and the body of the washing machine from the locking side. Then just pull the rope from the two ends pulling the castle. The door will open. Below on the video, all this is clearly demonstrated.

These methods will help you open the loading hatch of the washing machine, even if the handle is broken. Then you need to replace the handle with a new. If you do not close the door of the washing machine, then the reason for this is not in the handle but in the locking device.

In order to replace the handle of the door of the washing machine, you need to buy a new. To do this, it is best to contact a specialized spare parts store for washing machines, calling the brand of your washing machine. We assume that you already have a new pen and prepare for installation. Let’s start!

Why does the hatch not open?

If you managed to open the hatch, you still need to determine the cause of the blocking. It is possible that electricity just turned off. Another common reason is that water remained in the car, so the hatch is blocked. This is already a problem with the drain, which is described in the article “Why is the Bosch washing washing machine does not drain water?””. It happens that the function “without plum” is included, which individual models have.

  • The handle broke. This can be seen by the fact that the handle moves freely or dangles. This often happens with inaccurate circulation. It will take a replacement of the pen.
  • Blocking devices or electronic module damaged. In the first case, you will need the help of the master to enforce the hatch and replace the device. The signal of the hatch is given an intellectual module. If it is damaged, the specialist is firming the control board or replacing the Bosch washing machine module himself.

How to dismantle

To change the handle, the door from the machine needs to be removed and dismantled the broken part.


Before disassembling the door, it is necessary to remember the location of the bolts, the place of fastening the handle and the side of the glass of glass. Better to photograph it so as not to forget.

It is not difficult to carry out dismantling yourself, without the help of the master. The instruction is very simple:

  • Open the door. Near the canopy, find the attachment places to the body. As a rule, these are self.tapping screws that can be unscrewed with a cross blade.
  • Remove the cover of the bootable hatch, put on the floor. It will need to be disassembled.
  • Spin the fasteners around the circumference of the lid. This will require a regular or cross screwdriver, depending on the type of fasteners.
  • Insert a flat screwdriver into the gap between the inner and outer part, subtract. Disassemble the door into two halves, remove the glass.
  • The handle is fixed with a metal rod. It is required to press on it with an awl or a thin pin, push and hook the rod, then pull out.
  • Get a pen and spring.


The place of fastening the handle is best photographed before dismantling, so as not to get confused during the assembly.

How to install a new pen

The pen should be purchased at the store of household appliances. Going for a purchase, you need to rewrite the model and name of the machine so that the new part is suitable. It is equipped with a spring and a rod necessary for fasteners.

  • Insert the spring. It needs to be put on the same place where the previous. At the same time, it is important to observe attentiveness. The spring should be exactly in place. It’s quite difficult, you need to try.
  • Insert a hook with a handle until it stops.
  • When the part took its position, insert the pin. It needs to be passed through all the holes. While pushing it should be rotated to facilitate entering the hole. You can use the pliers.

Having dealt with the problem, you should check if the pen works correctly. Because of the spring it is a little forth back. If the handle is not repelled by the spring, it is not inserted correctly. It is better to immediately disassemble it and try to insert it again.

Next, you need to place the glass and put the second half of the lid to a characteristic click. Fix the halves with fasteners and install the door on the machine.


If you can’t deal with the replacement of the handle yourself, it is better to call the master so as not to damage the details.

Site I understand the topic of equipment, 10 years of experience in large retail chains. The team of the Technician team is written on the team and expert materials. There are many authors on the site, but I am responsible for the reliability of information in the collections.

Wipe with improvised devices

You can remove ink traces with ordinary hair varnish. In some cases, after its use on the paper canvas, tarry spots may remain, and the material in a processed place may be discolored. Therefore, before washing the spot, you need to test the varnish on a small piece of the same paper.

If ink must be removed from a thick paper sheet, then for this purpose it is permissible to use paste to brush teeth. The creamy mixture is applied to contamination with an unnecessary brush. Paste efficiency can be enhanced using baking soda. Both ingredients need to be applied to the brush and clean the ink pattern.

Some manage to get rid of traces of a ballpoint pen in a rather unusual way. To do this, put a damaged sheet under the sun’s rays. Ink gradually disappear due to the effects of UV radiation. However, traces may remain at the scene of the inscription if it was made with pressure. You can remove them using a regular iron.

Is the pen difficult?

The device of the handle handle of the washing machine is quite simple. There is no electrics and electronics inside it, this is a mechanical part. So, unlike other faults of washing machine, replacing the handle is quite possible for the home master. The element consists of a spring, a hook made of metal, a pin and pellets made of plastic.

Attention! In most cases, a pin, pedal or spring breaks.

The door handle works as follows. There are special grooves on the inside of the hatch case, into which a metal pin is inserted. On it, in turn, a plastic pedal is installed on the spring. They are connected to a hook directly opening and closing the door. When there is a pressure on the pedal, it shifts the hook, due to which the hatch opens.

assemble, handle, lanet, washing

We extract and disassemble the desired element

The disassembly of the machine “seizure” of the drum is completed. Naturally, the tank cannot be cut with bare hands. the design is reliably protected from depressurization. In order not to damage the “shell”, it is necessary to clarify the material and the method of connecting the tank tank.

Most of the Bosch washer are produced with collapsible plastic tanks, so it is easier to disconnect them. To lay out the tank, it is enough to loosen the fixer brackets or unscrew the bolts around the perimeter. In the first case, we act with a screwdriver or knife, in the second we get an electric screwdriver.

If the shaft does not lend itself, then you need to lubricate the joint of WD-40 and repeat the procedure after 15 minutes. After the drum will leave the tank and will be ready for the subsequent repair of the bearing unit or other planned manipulations.


It is good to be able to independently repair household appliances, but even better when it does not break. Timely prevention will help to avoid breakdowns of a washing machine. It includes regular filter cleaning (especially drain-once every 2-3 washing) and drain pump, lubrication of bearings of bearings. So that the scale does not form too intensively, you should install special filters on the tap system. Provide your Bosch machine with proper care, and it will last you for many years.

We suggest watching a video on the topic “Repair of Bosch washing machines. how to replace bearings”.

Found a mistake? Select it and press the buttons:

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The first officially patented washing machine was made of wood and was a box with a frame filled to half with wooden balls. Inside, the laundry for washing, the detergent and with the help of the lever moved the frame, which, in turn, forced the balls and wipe the linen.

The expression “soap opera” (“soap”) did not accidentally arise. The very first series and show, whose audience made up women, were broadcast on television at a time when housewives performed cleaning, ironing and washing. In addition, to attract spectators to screens on the air, advertising rollers of detergents were often scrollful: soap and powders.

There are a variety of balls that are used in the washing machine. Antistatic will not give the fabric to stick to the body after washing, balls with special loops will “comb” the villi and prevent the appearance of the rollers, and silicone with pimples will not allow fluff when washing outerwear washed.

History is known when the kitten fell into the drum of the washing machine and, having passed the full washing cycle on the Woolen things program, got out of the unit whole and unharmed. The only nuisance for the pet was an allergy to washing powder.

For washing small things on the road or hotel, it is convenient to use a regular plastic bag. Socks or tights are kneaded inside the tied package with water and a small amount of detergent. This method allows you to pre.soak things and perform washing without damaging the fabric and without spending a lot of powder and water.

Washing machines equipped with functions “without ironing” or “light ironing” can wash underwear and at the same time practically do not crush it. Such an effect is achieved due to a special approach to squeezing. it is performed at low speeds, with large pauses, and a small amount of water is preserved in the tank.

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