How to build an outdoor oven with your own hands

This design is heavier. so has built-in elements and additional attachments. Therefore, to erect it, you must first of all think about building a foundation. You do not need to make it too massive and to arrange a deep foundation pit for it, but you cannot do without it if you want the oven to serve for many years and not to collapse in case of a slight sinking of the soil.

Layout of a garden stove with an expanded set of functions

How to Build a Pizza Oven

The diagram shows a slightly different version from the photo. But it also has a stove and barbecue grill. The diagram affordably shows what each of the rows of a complete stove looks like. Based on the proposed drawing and following the recommendations, it is quite possible to do the work yourself.

Features of metal stoves

Metal determines the performance of heating units. Because its thermal conductivity is much higher than its thermal capacity, this material does not store heat well. Metal quickly absorbs thermal energy, heats up and soon cools down. If you take into account this property, you can assemble a fireplace from metal with your own hands in such a way that with a minimum degree of heating to achieve high values.

Homemade metal stoves, depending on the features of the design, function in different ways:

  • Chamber. These devices are actually the usual “burzhuyka,” the first examples of which appeared a couple of centuries ago, but they required a large amount of fuel. Later their design was improved by placing in it the grate with an ash drawer, shortening the chimney to 2,5-3 meters and insulating it. The peculiarity of the unit is that it is self-regulating. at full heating capacity of the chimney is not enough for the output of flue gases, as a result, there are whirls in the furnace, completely afterburning combustion products. Only then the gases are able to pass through the chimney. Since at the outlet of the chimney their temperature is about 100 degrees, there is no condensation. It is cleaned from soot once a year. The efficiency of such furnaces reaches 60%.
  • Ducted. They have one knee instead of the complex labyrinth of gas pipes. It separates the combustion chamber from the afterburning chamber. The burner opening on the hob or the adjustable air restrictor supplies secondary air for afterburning of the flue gases. Since this process is carried out in one place, the efficiency is 70-80%. The productivity of the furnace is high and the efficiency of operation does not depend on the strength of the draught or the size of the chimney. Since the main heat is generated in the afterburning compartment, the unit is used in two modes. the flame and continuous burning. They use different solid fuels, and the power is not regulated by the amount of wood or coal burned, but by turning the chimney restrictor. Chimney cleaning should be done every few years provided that the stove is used properly. It is desirable to make the afterburner in heat-resistant steel, in the shape of a trough. The body is made of normal steel, which is at least 4 mm thick, and the cooking surface of cast iron or thick 8. 10 mm steel. It is desirable to make the stove removable, because over time it will need to be replaced, as it will burn out.
  • Hooded. Long-burner stoves work in the smoldering mode, which makes it possible to make the heat emission period longer. It can range from a few days when using wood and from 10 to 30 days for hard coal. If we use a simplified diagram of such a stove, the fuel will smolder directly at the surface where the oxygen enters. In the pyrolysis process the fuel splits into volatile components, which rise upwards and burn in the bell, providing 60% of the heat. In order to increase this indicator, a gas jacket can be placed on the furnace, where the gases will burn down. As practice shows, as a result the efficiency of such a stove can reach 80% and sometimes even more. If the choice is made in favor of this unit design, it is necessary to remember some nuances. Despite the fact that such an iron stove for the house can function on different solid fuels, the greatest effect of its work is achieved with the kind of its kind, for which it was originally intended. In this case the fuel used must be dry, and it is not recommended to load it up to the moment of complete combustion of the previous charge. There is always a lot of toxic condensation in the chimney of long-burning stoves, so you must create conditions for safe drainage. To make the body of the unit, you can use a large gas cylinder or a used iron barrel.
  • Oil pyrolysis. They are known as waste heaters. This economical option is very popular with self-taught stove builders. The principle of operation is simple. Pour the exhaust into the tank, then ignite and supply oxygen through an air throttle, as a result, combustion will not be strong, but it will be enough to evaporate the oil fuel. The exhaust vapor flows upward into a compartment in the form of a tube with peorized walls through which air enters. In the combustion process, the vapors are sent to the afterburner with a baffle, which holds nitrogen oxides in a certain temperature zone until they decay and begin to release heat energy.

The use in domestic conditions of units functioning on the exhaust, according to fire rules, is prohibited, so they are not found on sale. Usually such a metal street stove is installed on the homestead or summer cottage plots.

Building a brick outdoor oven with your own hands

Stationary braziers come in many varieties. Such constructions can be made of almost any non-combustible materials, and the appearance of each brazier is strictly individual. In recent years, braziers made of metal have become very popular: this material is ideal for creating fancy designs that can perform the functions assigned to them. Except for the erection of such a construction requires either experience in welding work, or the help of a qualified specialist, who will certainly take a decent amount of money for his services. But made with their own hands brazier can also be a great example of handmade. Examples of homemade outdoor grills can be seen in the photo. “Fireplace stove with their own hands. installation by the rules.”.

Stone is considered an excellent building material for the grill. it is effective and very reliable, but its price is often too high. over, when working with unhewn stone, the process of building a charcoal grill will slow down several times, and even a professional can not guarantee a high quality result. But bricks are suitable by all parameters: it is quite light, has good strength characteristics and is quite cheap. It is best to use red clay bricks that have been fired: such bricks become fireproof and almost not afraid of high temperatures.

Brick stoves for dacha on firewood: the best poryadovki and step-by-step guide on construction

Most of the domestic dacha settlements do not yet have the ability to connect to centralized communications. Of infrastructure, it is good if there are paved roads and electricity lines. In such circumstances, the construction of a brick oven for dacha on firewood will help to solve an important problem: to provide thermal energy for heating rooms and cooking.

We have selected for you the schemes and poryadovki the simplest stove structures, with the laying of which a novice master can cope. With our help, home craftsmen can easily learn the basics of difficult, but extremely interesting activity of a stove builder. Flawlessly built structure will please both the owner and the household.

In addition to a detailed description of the masonry technology of brick ovens, we provide valuable recommendations on the selection of materials for the construction of units. In the article meticulously prescribed meaningful details and the smallest nuances. To help independent stove-makers attached schemes furnace designs, serial instruction, photos and video tutorials.

build, outdoor, oven, your, hands

The stove in the street with their own hands

Any owner of a private house is trying to equip his site so that everything looks beautiful and practical. The interior design of the yard most often includes such an element as a stove, because the presence of this design will not only allow you to arrange a barbecue in any weather, but also, in case of power failures, cook food. Making an outdoor oven with your own hands is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. In order to implement this simple task will need only tools, a suitable location and material.

Design features

Such a design can have either one or two hearths. It consists of:

  • An inner firebox to make the fuel;
  • A worktop for cooking (optional);
  • outdoor cooking surface;
  • A fireplace. a special compartment in which to store fuel for drying (optional);
  • Grate space. can be combined with an internal furnace chamber.

Pay attention! The bigger the furnace chamber, the larger the dimensions will be in the design itself and, accordingly, the greater will be the functionality. But remember that heating a stove that is too large will take a long time, as well as cooling down.

Types of outdoor stoves

When choosing a model outdoor stove, there are many factors to consider, chief among which is the purpose and performance of the product. It is necessary to summarize the taste priorities of all residents of the house and their possible guests, and then make a decision. In addition, you need to assess your construction skills and financial capabilities, so as not to stretch the construction for several years.

Russian stove

Russian brick oven outdoors looks beautiful if it has the appropriate size surroundings. It is necessary to think in advance about the arrangement of the site with tables and benches. It is mandatory to make a canopy, because from the wetness of the clay between the bricks becomes soft.

Russian oven can be used for cooking, frying and smoking. If you think carefully about the configuration of a removable cooking plate, the hearth is suitable for cooking kebabs.

Since the structure is not designed for heating, it is covered with thermal insulation materials on the outside. The finish should be durable and waterproof. Depending on the size, 2500-3500 bricks are needed to build the oven.

Stove with a cooking plate

This is a simple design, not remarkable for originality and functionality. Choice in favor of the hearth of cooking type is made in those cases, when the cottage is visited occasionally to work in the garden and vegetable garden, and the stove is used to heat food and water for taking a bath.

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The best option is to use thick steel or cast iron for assembling. The top of the hearth is made wide and flat for easy placement of dishes. Extending the functionality of the boiler is carried out by welding on the edges of the body metal plates for drying clothes. To ensure that the product does not fall prey to scrap metal hunters, it is made in a portable version or welded to embedded in the foundation tabs.


This is a classic that is associated with life in the private sector. Brazier is made as a rectangular container. On the bottom side there are holes for the air inlet, and on the top edge there are slits for the skewers. Metal thickness of at least 6 mm is used in the production, to withstand the strong heat coming from the coals.

The base of the structure can be in this design:

Despite the fact that the summer grill is originally designed for cooking kebabs, it can be successfully used for cooking in a cauldron, pot and frying pan. For this, stands are made and fastened to the upper part of the hearth. This simple solution makes a small product functional, replacing the complex and cumbersome kitchen complexes.


Barbecues are characterized by their simple design and versatility. You can cook, smoke, bake and roast in the wood hearth. The body is made of bricks with a fireplace at the bottom and an area on the top for cooking utensils, grates, skewers and spits.

To make such an outdoor oven from bricks with their own hands is not difficult. It looks great against the background of the Finnish house, as well as next to the structure from the bar. You can improve the functionality of the construction by making shelves for food and dishes.


The stove is made of refractory bricks or stone. Ready-made structure has the shape of a jug and looks quite exotic, without spoiling the design of the site. Some craftsmen use an iron barrel for making tandoor by coating the inside and outside with several layers of clay. To cook various dishes, not only the neck of the vessel is involved, but also its walls, on which the cakes are put.

The cauldron is placed on top of the various supports, grates and other devices are stacked. Thermal processing of food in the tandoor occurs due to the heat released from the heated walls of the.


Competently and tastefully built fireplace performs the functions of heating, roasting and decorating the site. In most cases, such facilities are placed in enclosed gazebos. Over the firebox is installed grate, which serves as a stand for dishes, grates and skewers. Fireplaces are made of stone, brick or metal with the following facing by a decorative material.

Hand tools

The set of necessary tools is also assembled in advance. It should consist of:

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  • Angle grinder 230-ca;
  • Grinder angle 125-ca (not required, but desirable, so as not to move the circle and cup);
  • An extension cord with a tee (so that you don’t have to switch outlets);
  • The level of 80 cm;
  • level of 30 cm;
  • Metal rulers 1 m;
  • tape measure 3m;
  • masonry trowel;
  • ordinary hammer and rubber mallet;
  • a mixer with an attachment for preparing mortar or a drill with adjustable speed;
  • buckets for mixing mortar;
  • Soak tanks for soaking bricks;
  • Hand rags and bricks;
  • concrete mixer (although you can also mix it by hand);
  • shovels.
build, outdoor, oven, your, hands

Types of outdoor stoves

There are many outdoor stove projects that have been successfully implemented by private property owners.

  • Barbecue. Quite popular and widespread option. Open fryer with an arch. Provides a removable or pivoting lid to create the proper conditions for smoking foods.
  • Fireplace. The backyard hearth can perform not only a decorative and heating function. It can be used to cook fish, meat, vegetables on a grill and skewers. A small fireplace fits perfectly into any interior.
  • Brazier. It’s a classic without which it is impossible to imagine a homestead. Using metal overlays, you can modify the open roaster into a cooktop and hearth for a cauldron.
  • Oven with a stove. Simple and versatile. The product is distinguished by its compactness and functionality. Versatility is achieved by selecting the right stove. Thanks to the removable rings, the surface can be used for braising, stewing, cooking and simmering.
  • Russian oven. Massive and complex structure, but also the most practical. It has both fire and smoke, an oven and a cooking surface. You can cook, smoke, roast in the hearth. When installed in the yard is used thermal insulation of the walls of the structure.
  • Tandyr. With the external simplicity of the clay hearth has a great functionality. In addition to traditional lepeshkas and pilaf, it can do almost all dishes of Slavic cuisine.

When planning your work, you need to objectively assess the features of the site, your capabilities and needs.

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