How to calculate the power of an electric boiler for a home

How to calculate the power of the heating boiler

The basis of any heating is the boiler. How true its parameters depend on how correctly it will be the heat in the house. And in order for the parameters to be correct, it is necessary to calculate the power of the boiler. These are not the most complex calculations. At the level of the third class, you will only need a calculator and some data on your possessions. Cope with everything yourself, with your own hands.

You can calculate the power of the heating boiler in several ways


The comfort of staying in the living room in winter is determined by the temperature of the air and its humidity. First enter the temperature value that you plan to maintain at home. You can see the temperature of the coldest five days in SP 131.13330.2012 Construction climatology, t.To. It is attached to the climatic zone.

As a coolant transmitting heat from heating radiators, the air serves. It is logical that the power of heating equipment largely depends on what volume of this air must be heated and then maintain its constant temperature.

Dependence of the power of electric boilers on the coolant

This is what the heat accumulator looks like for the heating system.

Another factor that affects what electric heating boilers (their power) should be a coolant. What exactly can affect the result:

The last factor is completely indirect, but, nevertheless, it also changes the picture as a whole by several percent, but the volume of the coolant is a very significant indicator. Suppose you are the right way (see how correct above) you made the calculation of the power of the boiler, but did not take into account that the heat accumulator is installed in your circuit. This reservoir contains a lot of liquids. In each case, its volume is considered separately, but on average at least 300 liters.

To heat one liter of water by one degree per hour, 0.001 kilowatts of energy will be required.

The boiler heats the water to the level you set, take 40 degrees. At the first launch, the temperature of the coolant will be minimal, about 20 degrees. Когда он нагреет теплоноситель до той степени, что обратка достигнет выставленных сорока градусов, агрегат отключится. Either the external thermal attemptor will turn off the heater when the specified temperature is achieved in the room, it all depends on the model and “brains” of the apparatus.

For example, in your system, in addition to the heat accumulator, it circulates another 100 liters of the coolant, in the amount of 400 liters. In order to heat this volume of water, the boiler will require 9.6 kW of energy, taking into account that the heater efficiency will be 97%. Heating time depends on the power, if it is not enough, then the boiler will not turn off at all. In addition, when calculating the power of electric heating boilers, you must take into account the characteristics of the coolant. So, for example, in antifreeze, thermal conductivity is 15% lower than that of water.

Calculation of the boiler power by area

It is very simple, because it provides that for heating each 1 sq. M need to create 100 watts of heat. True, the formula has a more complex appearance:

Where s is the area of ​​the house ,

K is a coefficient that determines heat loss depending on the air temperature outside the window. For regions in which in winter the air temperature does not drop below.10 ° C, it is 0.7. It is clear that it grows as degrees decrease outside the window. For every 5 ° C it becomes more than 0.2. For regions in which thermometers show in winter.35 ° C, K is 1.2.

If you need to heat a house that has an area of ​​115 square meters. M and is located in a zone where the minimum winter temperature is.20 ° C, then in it you need to install an economical electric boiler with a capacity of 1151,1100 = 12 650 W = 12.65 kW.

This calculation is very simple, but it is not always correct. This is because many factors affect the loss of heat. In this case, he is fair for the house that has:

  • Windows with a double.Glazed window and an area of ​​not more than 30% of the area of ​​all rooms;
  • Average thermal insulation (wall thickness is 2 bricks length, a heater with a thickness of 15 cm);
  • Cold attic;
  • Rooms whose height is 2.5 m.

The external walls are not taken into account here. This is because even with 1 such wall the corrective coefficient should be 1.1. For 2 walls it is 1.2, 3. 1.3, etc. D.

That is, for heating the aforementioned house, you need to use an economical heating boiler with a power of 12.651.4 = 17.71 kW/h. It is clear that it is better to take a device that can give out 20 kW/hour.

Calculation of the power of an electric boiler

Heating of a private house with electricity is always a fairly costly task. The correct choice of electric boiler power will allow you to get comfortable living conditions and significantly save electricity.

An incorrectly selected electric boiler with small power will work constantly, without turning off, and during severe frosts it will not provide you with the necessary heat. Too powerful boiler will just consume a large amount of electricity. Using various calculation methods, you can perfectly choose the power of the boiler. There are complex calculation methods taking into account hundreds of different parameters, but in order to determine with the initial numbers you can use simpler methods.

The first way is the easiest. In practice, it was found that for heating 10 square meters of a private house, a boiler capacity of 1 kW is required. That is, for a private house with an area of ​​160 meters, at least a boiler with a capacity of 16 kW is required. The boiler with a minimum power value does not always cope with its tasks. Especially if there are severe frosts in your region, then add a supply of 10-20 percent to the boiler power. Thus, it can be approximately assumed that an electric boiler with a capacity of 18-19 kW is required for a house with an area of ​​160 m. This is a very approximate power calculation method. It does not take into account the degree of insulation of the house, the number of windows, doors. And most importantly, this method does not take into account the height of the ceilings.

The second method is more accurate, since it is based not on the area, but on the volume of the heated room. According to heating standards, it is believed that for heating 1 cubic meter of the room, 40 W boiler power is required. If we assume that the area of ​​the house is 160 square meters, and the height of the ceilings in the house is 3 meters, we get the following data: 160 x 3 x 40 = 19200 W. That is, a more accurate calculation showed that a boiler with a capacity of 19.5 kW is needed. You can choose a boiler model with the required power here.

The third method of calculating power provides for accounting for heat loss due to windows and doors. For each window in the house, you need to add 100 watts of power to the boiler, to the front door. 200 watts. That is, if the house has 7 windows and 1 front door, then you must add 0.9 kW to the boiler power. You can also take into account the coefficient of the region. Depending on the place of residence (southern or northern regions, it can be from 0.7 to 1.9). In the case of severe winter frosts, it is necessary to add up to 20 percent of the power. In addition to all this, you can calculate the area of ​​the windows, the thickness of the walls, the degree of insulation of the house, etc.D.

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Such complex calculations, taking into account dozens of different parameters, do not make sense to independently and should be entrusted to professional companies that are engaged in the design and installation of heating systems. If you need to buy an electric boiler, then it is enough to roughly calculate its power to decide on the price and model. A large assortment of the most wounded models of electric boilers (both 220V and 380V) is presented on the site]] Centrosnab.Com.Ua]].

What is the power of the electric boiler

The power of the electric boiler is understood as a value that includes several indicators at once: the area of ​​the room, climatic power and heat loss coefficient. Of all these values, general calculations are formed. The final figure will show what characteristics you need to purchase a boiler.

The equipment itself consists of the following elements:

Initially, the liquid coming from the pipes is pumped through the reservoir and enters the water heating device. The water heater regulates the temperature independently and stops working at the right moment, when the water has already completely heated. The speed of this process is affected by the power of the boiler.

This indicator depends on how the coolant is cooled quickly. In this case, you need to take into account the energy that is spent on heating objects in the room, since a significant part of the heat passes to them.

General calculations are made according to the following formula:

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SD KZ 1.25

How an Electric Boiler Works

SD. The area of ​​the heated room;

KZ. Climatic power;

1.25. Degree of heat loss.

Heating calculation in a private house. What needs to be calculated

To make a calculation of heating of a private house, it is necessary to calculate the power of the heating boiler, determine the number and placement of radiators, take into account a number of factors from the weather, to thermal insulation and the material of the manufacture of pipes and the boiler.

Keep in mind that the comfort of living in the house will depend on this process, since your calculations will directly affect the quality of heating. In addition, these calculations are the basis of the laid budget for installation and further operation of the entire heating system. It is at this stage that you will have to decide how much money you will spend on heating your home in the future. Starting to calculations, it is important to remember the climatic conditions in which your region is located and the conditions in which the house will be operated.

How to reduce electric energy costs

Now you have learned how much kilowatts the electric boat consumes and, perhaps, made their calculations. It will be useful to learn about the methods and methods of reducing electricity consumption even at the calculation stage:

  • Improving work on changes in temperature avoids temperature jumps in various rooms and reduces electricity consumption. They are used for this. They enable the owner to reduce or increase the heating force in any period of time. The amount of energy that goes to consumption largely depends on the temperature outside. Naturally, the lower the air temperature outside the window, the greater the consumption.
  • The results of the calculation of flow and cost are affected by the type of accounting and the use of a mixed heating method. It is clear that the daily distribution of loads between consumers of energy is different. As a result, to maintain the desired temperature indicator, it is logical so that the boiler functions at night (from 23.00 to 6.00), that is, when energy consumption begins at a minimum and other prices.

On a note. The maximum load values ​​can be observed during 8.00 to 11.00 and from 20.00 to 22.00.

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Multi.Tariff records make it possible to save about a third of financial expenses. It is possible to achieve better effectiveness in the functioning of the boiler by applying discharge circulation equipment. The pump is mounted in the reverse network and minimally limits the contact period of the walls of the heating unit with a hot heat carrier. Therefore, the use of the source of heat released becomes a longer. It is good to save electricity costs by adding a functioning boiler a device for heat from other raw materials. In addition, this will reduce the consumption of gas, fuel oil, coal or other selected energy source.

How much an electric boiler consumes. The owner’s review

Therefore, the consumption of electricity by the boiler can be optimized. But you need to make efforts to this.

Cons of heating electricity

The main disadvantage of using electric boilers for heating a private house is a high probability of disconnecting power supply. This usually happens during natural disasters and accidents on the power line. Especially often, such troubles arise in the winter season, when the heating operation should not be interrupted for a long period of time.

Given the large power consumption by such devices, to ensure the backup power supply of the heating system using batteries is almost unrealistic. You can solve the problem only by connecting powerful generators that are expensive and consume a large amount of gasoline or diesel fuel.

If you need to connect a powerful heating installation, then, as a rule, such boilers feed from a three.Phase electric network. Therefore, if in the settlement there is no way to connect a voltage of 380 V, then for a large private house heating with the help of electricity will be inaccessible.

An important disadvantage of using electricity is the high cost of electricity, which only increases every year.

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