How to care for an ultrasonic humidifier

Rules of Use

To keep the unit working properly, use your humidifier according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Study the technical instructions and follow the 3 basic conditions:

  • The power must be appropriate for the size of the room. Appliance with insufficient capacity will not serve a large space. Too powerful a device in a small room will create a “steamy bath” effect.
  • Windows should be closed when humidifier is operating. Ventilation from the outside will reduce the moisture level, increase the unit’s operating time and energy consumption. Preferably operate the appliance with the doors closed so as not to put additional strain on the appliance.
  • Use a humidifier in winter and summer. Air conditioning and heating dries out the air, which is not good for your health.

Do not leave the appliance on all night long. in this case, you will have to close the windows. And without fresh air rest will not be full.

Where to put

It is important to install the unit correctly to use a humidifier without damage to furniture, appliances, books and pictures. Observe these conditions:

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  • distance from floor level of 50-100 cm, in this case the steam will get into the space, not condense on the covering;
  • distance from heat sources not less than 0.3 m, otherwise the moisture will evaporate immediately;
  • The device should be placed on a flat surface, without tilting, offset from the edge, so as not to overturn and fall down;
  • the place of installation should be out of the reach of children.

Manufacturers recommend placing the humidifier in the central part of the room.

In order to prevent overwatering, the apparatuses are not put:

Manufacturing companies produce low-powered silent humidifiers for infants, with air purification from microbes and allergens. Use of the device in an infant’s room should be discussed with a pediatrician.

How to Properly Clean an Ultrasonic Humidifier — Perfect Aire

How to turn on

Allow the unit to stand for one hour at room temperature before turning it on for the first time.

Start the steam unit in this order:

Turn on the ultrasonic humidifier step by step:

  • Place the cartridge in the water the day before plugging in.
  • Fill the tank, close the lid, connect to the body.
  • Install the atomizer on top.
  • Press start, set operating parameters.

To start the classic unit, proceed as follows:

  • Install the filter in the water tray, assemble the cabinet.
  • Fill and close the tank.
  • Place a container on the bottom of the unit.
  • Switch the appliance on, adjust the mode.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the operating manual.

Optimal use

Adjust the unit’s functions according to the regulations for humidity:

  • for people, pets. 40-60%;
  • For appliances. 45-60%;
  • For furniture, books, pictures, parquet, wallpaper 40-60%;
  • for indoor flowers. 55-70%.

The normal level of humidity in the living space is 50%.

When adjusting the mode and duration of uninterrupted operation, consider such factors:

  • Time of year. Unit can run 24 hours a day in winter and summer heat. Spring, fall, rainy weather. intermittently.
  • Model Features. If a hygrometer is built in, the unit will shut off after reaching the set parameters.
  • Frequency of airing. If you open the windows more often the humidity drops.
  • Appliance performance. Low-power device needs to run longer.
  • Indoor plants. they need higher humidity levels.

The functions and modes of operation are described in detail in the manufacturer’s instructions.

How To Clean a Humidifier | Clean With Confidence

The world and technology are evolving, the demands on our environment are changing, more and more indicators are becoming important. Earlier people mainly paid attention to the temperature readings, bought fans, heaters and air conditioners. Today the approach to the evaluation of air has slightly changed, users began to care about the purity and humidity of inhaled. That is why there is a growing demand for devices that allow you to assess and regulate the microclimate in a room: humidifiers and dehumidifiers, manometers and barometers, dosimeters, weather stations, air purifiers and others. These devices allow us to live a better and comfortable life, but they need to be maintained, otherwise all the benefits of their work is negated. We suggest dwelling on air humidification and devices performing this function in more detail.

Human health, well-being, state of skin and mucous membranes, etc. depends on the humidity indicator.д. Also the level of humidity in the room affects the state of wooden furniture, flooring, decor elements, plants, and other details. Current fashion trends. Healthy lifestyle, taking care of your body has led to the fact that more and more people are buying useful devices. One of the most popular because of price to quality ratio are humidifiers Ballu.

Traditional device

The principle of its operation is based on taking in air from the room, running it through humidified filters and ejected outside with the help of fans. Accordingly, the “weak point” of these models in terms of contamination is that dust particles and microorganisms settle mainly on the filters (cartridges) and the walls of the water tank. “Cold” method of humidification does not involve bringing water to a boil and, therefore, pathogenic organisms, viruses and fungi are not destroyed.

If there is water left in the humidifier after it has been switched off, the process of microbe multiplication and slime formation continues. When you turn it on, all this “critter” will fly into the atmosphere of the apartment.

Also untreated filters contain a lot of bacteria deposited on them, not always beneficial for humans.

Consequently, this type of climate control equipment requires daily maintenance in the form of:

  • draining the water after turning off
  • Washing the tank, filters and internal surfaces with a soapy solution to remove slime and settled dirt
  • Regular disinfection (once or twice a month), which consists in treating the device with special disinfectants (chlorine) or hydrogen peroxide

Cleaning the ultrasonic humidifier

Make a vinegar solution from 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 2 liters of water.

Pour the solution into the humidifier tank. Close the tank lid and allow to stand for 30 minutes.

Drain the tank after 30 minutes, rinse it with clean water and leave to dry out without a lid.

Disconnect the base of the appliance from the power supply. Pour water into it, add 1 tablespoon of vinegar and leave it for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes clean the spray membrane with a cotton swab, drain off the water and rinse the base with clean water. Make sure no water gets into the fan opening

Learn how to take care of your Crane humidifier by watching this

Chemical disinfection methods

Bacillol AF is suitable for rapid disinfection. No fragrances or toxic additives (formaldehyde). The product is well suited as an antiseptic. It can be used to treat surfaces made of wood, metal, plastic. Do not apply the disinfectant to the filters of the humidifier.

Users also like Silvester. This spray is suitable for treating the most diverse objects. In order to disinfect the humidifier, apply the product to the device after the cleaning treatment. No need to rinse. When the surface is dry, it needs to be wiped down with a clean cloth.

SumerSil is used for disinfecting the humidifier. The concentrate is ideal for treating after you have got rid of a thick layer of plaque. It can be diluted with water before use.

The purpose of Suaseif is to polish various objects and to use it even in cases where the use of alcohol is contraindicated. It is sold in bottles in stores. Odorless product. It contains no phenol. It is suitable for pre-cleaning.

IMPORTANT! Suaseif can destroy microbes in just 2-3 minutes. Good for acrylic, aluminum and rubber surfaces.

A household appliance can be cared for with the use of a product such as Suanios Lemon Fresh. It contains no aldehydes or phenols. Rubber, plastic and metal surfaces are treated with this preparation. The product only needs a few minutes to dissolve any dirt. It also stops mold from forming. Suanios Lemon Fresh does not irritate the skin. It does not rinse off when used.

What you can’t clean the humidifier

Not all products are suitable for cleaning appliances. Some compounds can ruin the appearance and functionality of the device. Prohibited detergents include:

  • products containing chlorine;
  • Aggressive acids in high concentrations;
  • Alcohol-based solutions;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • Products with essential oils;
  • Gasoline and kerosene;
  • solvents;
  • Toilet cleaners, etc.д.

Weakly acidic products, if used incorrectly, can also adversely affect the performance of the humidifier. To avoid ruining your appliance, follow the recommendations for use.

Why there is white residue on furniture when using humidifiers, is it not dangerous to health, and how to avoid it?

White calcium deposits appear when using ultrasonic air humidifiers that do not have a cartridge against calcium: tiny particles of calcium together with the water mist enters the room. Direct danger to humans such a sediment is not, but some studies show that in constant contact with the mucosa of the respiratory tract of the child (if the device is in the vicinity of the crib) are likely to occur complications such as asthma, allergies, pneumonia.

To avoid such mishaps, it is better to use other types of humidifiers in children’s rooms. types of humidifiers, such as air washer, which does not form calcium plaque in the room, or if you have already purchased an ultrasonic humidifier, pour only distilled water into the device that has no foreign impurities.

Simple ways to clean an ultrasonic humidifier membrane


If you take care of your climate control unit, it takes care of your health. Cleaning your humidifier membrane is easy. A well-maintained, properly functioning device will create a normal air environment in the home.

The reason that the humidifier gets dirty, laid directly in the principle of its operation and depends on the model purchased.

Steam humidifiers, for example, operate on the principle of gradually boiling water, resulting in steam, which, when combined with dry air, increases the humidity level of the air. But in the process of such boiling all the salts, minerals, which are in the liquid, appear on the inside of the device in the form of a thick lime scale.

Such pollution is detrimental to the device and affects its performance.

Ultrasonic humidifiers have a different principle: water is broken into small droplets by a special membrane. The atomised water mixes with the air and the air is humidified. This mechanism, however, deposits all salts not only on the walls of the device itself, but also on the surrounding furnishings.

Mechanical air cleaner works on the principle of converting water into steam with the help of special cartridges and a fan. Mineral salts stay inside the device, rendering it unusable.

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