How to change the belt on a washing machine

Is there a point in self-repair?

If with household appliances on “you”, and before similar repairs were not engaged, it is recommended to invite a specialist who will eliminate the problem and provide a guarantee for the further operation of the machine.

To inspect the washing machine in advance and try to diagnose a breakdown is capable of any user. After discovering the problem, you will be left to decide whether to seek help or try to cope with the problem yourself.

Applying to the workshop is different in its advantages:

  • The warranty period is defined for the work;
  • The replacement of elements of the set, if necessary, will be carried out with identical analogues;
  • the experience of the masters will be beyond any doubt.

How to change the belt in a washing machine

Breakdowns of automatic machines require repair. Some malfunctions can be repaired yourself from the comfort of your own home. Do not know how to replace the belt in the washing machine? About this we will tell in the publication. When torn off, the element can snag other components that need to be inspected. All you need is to follow our recommendations.

Washing Machine Repair. Replacing the Drive Belt (GE Part # WH01X10302)

Before the repair, you should buy a new pas. Samsung lineup (Samsung S1021, S803J, S821 and others) is equipped with a yellow Italian strap Megadyne 1270j3. How to replace the part if you don’t have a similar one? The black pass 1270j4 is suitable. it is less stretchy, which will complicate the installation process a little, but the system will last longer, thanks to the additional “brook”.

Before the procedure, disconnect the CM from the power supply, communications, move it away from the wall. For work you will need a screwdriver, a strong cord. Availability of assistant will save time and effort.

How to put the belt on the washing machine:

  • Remove the top cover by unscrewing the fasteners.
  • Dismantle the bottom panel. it’s easier to get to the mechanism.
  • Disconnect the old passik and its remnants from the pulley and motor. the wound pieces can snag the wiring, damage the insulation.

How to tension:

  • Tie a sturdy cord or attach a wire to the pass.
  • Lower the part to the shaft over the top, hooking it onto the motor pulley. It is easy to reach by tilting the front of the machine towards you at 30-40°. The tank will move out of the way and allow access to the drive. If you’re working with an assistant, he or she can hold the attachment and make sure it’s correct while you pull the attachment onto the pulley wheel.
  • Pull up, put it on the pulley of the drum, turning it clockwise.
  • Make sure the pass is centered in the track, firmly anchored.
  • Remove the auxiliary cord.
  • Done! All that remains is to reassemble the machine and run a test wash.
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We hope you were able to change the part yourself. so you’ve saved about 1,000 on calling a handyman. You will be convinced of the simplicity of the repair by watching

To avoid damage in the future, make sure the CM is installed evenly, correctly, without misalignment. Don’t overload the drum. it will protect the new belt from stretching.

How to put a new belt on your washing machine

The problem of installing a new belt in a washing machine is so urgent that I had to publish this article. At masters on repair everything is brought to automatism, and at the untrained person often there are questions and complexities. The first thought that comes is that the belt is short or defective. But this is not the case. We are talking about installing a brand new belt. Let’s note that it concerns not all cases.

Why won’t the belt fit??

Keep in mind that most washing machines do not have belt tension adjustment. The new belt, unlike the old one, is not yet stretched, and therefore a considerable effort must be made to install it. It often seems that the belt is too short and it is impossible to put it on. Here’s how to make this process easier.

How to install the belt easily?

Unplug the appliance from the mains and remove the rear cover of the washing machine. First, inspect the engine drive pulley to see if any fragments of the old belt are still on the pulley. photo 1). If this is the case, you need to remove any excess. Next, pull the belt first over the engine pulley and then over the idler pulley of the pulley. Here’s the most important part. If you can’t get the belt on, you can pull it to the drum pulley with 2 plastic wire ties. If there are no ties, it is possible to wrap it tightly with masking tape or adhesive tape. After you have fixed the pulley of the drum turn. The belt should install completely, only afterwards bite off the plastic ties with side cutters. After installation, the new belt is tight as a string and this is considered normal. Look from above (vertically) on the pulley of the drum, the belt should be in the middle of its side surface. The photo shows the installation process for the Bosch WMV1600 washing machine. This is the model where you have the most trouble. This is because the top of the drum pulley is covered and the clearances between the housing are very small. And holding the drive with your fingers at this point is quite problematic.

The main cause of belt damage

The drum drive belt is subjected to considerable stress and friction. High speed driving pulley speed is quite high and can reach 10 000 rpm. Not surprisingly, over time, the belt wears out, gets stretched out, and eventually tears. Of course, there are other causes of damage, but these are special cases. There are two basic materials of which the belt is made and they differ in color. rubber (black) and polyurethane (light yellow). And it has been observed that polyurethane ones are the ones most prone to wear and tear.

How to put the belt on the washing machine LG

To replace the belt yourself in LG equipment, you need to unscrew the bolts from the back of the housing and remove the fixing cover. This requires a Phillips screwdriver. After that clean the pulley from the old element.

To remove the old belt, pull it to the side and turn the pulley. It is very common for the old element to tear or slip. It has to be found and removed from the machine housing.

After that put the new belt on the engine and then on the pulley. To install the new element on the pulley you need to pull it over the pulley and then turn it. After all these manipulations, make sure that it has fallen exactly into place and pressed tightly against the groove. Rotate the pulley to make sure that the repair is done, correctly.

If everything has been done correctly the fixing plate can be put back in place and secured with the retaining screws.

How to tension the belt?

If the belt comes off once, you just need to pull it over the pulley. This task is not technically difficult, but it requires a certain amount of skill and physical strength. The next procedure is how to put the belt in place:

  • Disconnect the SM from the power supply. Turn off the water. Disconnect the hoses. drain and fill.
  • Put the machine in the middle of the room. so it is convenient to work. Turn the machine with its back towards you.
  • The loose element is stretched over the engine pulley. Turning it counterclockwise, try to put it on the drum wheel. It is best to do it with two people. Let the helper rotate the motor pulley, and you tighten the belt, acting with both hands. Tightening the belt in some models is difficult. If the manufacturer has not equipped the machine with a special tension adjustment, you have to apply force.
  • After the installation is complete, spin the pulley of the drum. the rotation should be tight.
  • Place the panel, slide the washing machine in place, connect to the network and other utilities. Check the operation.

Expert tips

One of the most frequent factors of belt buckling is an increased load, in this connection, to increase the life of the product, experts recommend to control the weight of the laundry loaded in the drum and try not to exceed the maximum load of the washing machine.

Refer to the manual and all appendices of the machine for the necessary measures (rather than throwing them away immediately after installing the unit). With proper operation the machine will serve you for a long time.

And one more thing. as a rule, with normal use, the belt of the washing machine drive can withstand 4-5 years of use. Therefore, the recommendation. it is desirable to buy this important element in advance, so as not to carry out urgent works afterwards.

How to replace a washing machine belt

How to change the belt on an Indesit washing machine, see in the video.

Instructions for replacing the part

You can change the belt on your Vestel washing machine yourself. When such a breakdown is not necessary to call a master. no special knowledge and tools are required. To tension the rubber band, it is important to adhere to the instructions and follow the described procedure. In fact, difficulties may arise only with the tensioning. The new belt is quite tight, and to put it on the pulley, you will have to “sweat”. However, a few tips can help you cope with this little difficulty as well.

If the belt has come off for the first time, and it is not damaged or stretched, you can try to put the rubber band in place again.

When the belt falls off for the third time, you need to buy a new part and put it on. To understand whether the rubber band is in place, and in what condition it is, you should:

  • de-energize the equipment by unplugging the power cord;
  • Close the valve responsible for the water supply;
  • Move the “home helper” away from the wall to gain access to the back of the case;
  • Disconnect the fill hose and drain hose;
  • unscrew the screws that hold the “cover”, remove the top panel and put it aside;
  • unscrew the self-tapping screws around the perimeter of the back wall;
  • remove the back plate.

Now you can see if the rubber band is in place. If it has popped off, it is necessary to lift it off the floor. Then measure the circumference and compare the measurement with the number on the marking. When the power belt is more than 20 mm from its original size, it must be replaced. Buy a replacement belt for a Vestel washing machine should be based on the model and serial number of the equipment. Also help in finding a counterpart can markings that are on the old rubber. To change the belt you need to

  • put it on the shaft (of the electric motor);
  • Put a rubber band to the pulley of the drum, pull it on the “wheel”;
  • One hand to hold the strap, the other. to scroll the pulley to the left;
  • Put the rubber band back on completely.

Of course, it’s much easier to put the drive belt together. However, if you do not have an assistant, you should not get upset, even with your own hands you can tension the rubber band in a few minutes. Having completed the work, check that the belt is firmly seated on the pulley. The drum wheel should rotate with tension. After confirming that the repair was made properly, reassemble the machine housing, securing the back and top panels in place. Next it will be necessary to connect the filler hose and corrugator for drainage, open the stop valve and run the test wash. The machine must be empty. If the drum spins normally, then the belt replacement is correct.

How to fit a Difficult Washing Machine Drive Belt

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Change the belt

To change the belt yourself, we need to get to the back of the machine. Then it is necessary to unscrew the screws that fix the cover on the back of the washing machine body. To do this we need a simple Phillips screwdriver. When all the screws are out, we remove the cover and the pulley is exposed. If the old belt is on it, remove it. To do this, pull it to his side, while turning the pulley. If the belt has slipped or torn, it is in the housing. It has to be found and removed.

Then we take the belt that we want to install. Put it on the motor first, and then on the pulley. To put it on the pulley, you have to pull the belt first on part of the circle and then turn it. Then check that it fits into the groove. Then turn the pulley several times to make sure everything is working properly.

And after that you can put the back cover back in place, tighten the bolts and do the test wash. As you’ve seen by experience, the whole process is quite easy and doesn’t require any special skills.

If you do not have a belt for replacement, it can be purchased at organizations engaged in repair and maintenance of household appliances. How to find them? The easiest way to find such an organization in a big city is to use the internet. Yandes, Google, and other search engines can help you find what you need.

This failure has its own causes. And it is better to know in advance the list of possible causes, which will lead to such malfunction. This is how you can prevent a second breakdown.

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