How to change the wire on the ardo washing machine

How to replace a fork on a washing machine yourself

When there is a need for such work, you should not immediately seek help from the service center. Almost every user of the washing machine can dismantle the failed element and install in its place if it will act in accordance with the recommendations. Instructions on how to change the fork on a washing machine is definitely useful to an inexperienced person who is unable to figure out the wires in order to connect the wires. Almost all household appliances function from electricity through Eurovilka, made without grounding or with it. In the cord, two ordinary veins are replaced by three, which sometimes creates difficulties when replacing a fork. But simple ways of repairing wires exist, and your car will work back in normal mode.

Before opening and replacing Eurovilka, it is recommended to make sure that it has damage. For this purpose, the plug plug is extracted from the outlet, its case is examined by the case and wire. Signs of soot, melting or the smell of burning will confirm the need for repair work.

For work, a sharp knife, screwdriver, pliers will be required for work. The algorithm of action looks as follows:

  • cut off the old element;
  • For a few centimeters from the cord, remove the upper insulation;
  • clean each wire;
  • We twist the internal veins and cut it off so that one centimeter of the non.insulated wire remains;
  • We bend the wire tips with pliers;
  • We examine each wire. A standardly executed cord, as a rule, goes with three wires-blue or blue lead to zero, the yellowish-green is indicated ground, a black, brown or pink wire is removed under the phase;
  • The wires are connected to the new fork, while the “Earth” is displayed to contact in the center.

Как перезагрузить стиральную машину Ardo

It remains to squeeze the cord with a jumper of plastic material so that it is securely fixed in the required landing place. Then re.check the clamps, collect the plug body, twist the main screw.

Features of the connection

Reliable and long.term contact is provided by soldering wire connections using a soldering iron and solder. Do not forget to remove the remnants and protrusions of the solder, and process the rations of the solder with sandpaper. If you skip this step, then contact is disturbed over time, especially when the electrical appliance works at high power.

It is quite possible to do without soldering, putting on the ends of the wiring before twisting pieces of a brass tube, the inner diameter of which is slightly larger than the diameter of the insulation of the wire. Having twisted the wires, the tubes are moved to the junction and compressed in several places using the sidewall.

After that, the gutted wires are tucked back into the isolation of the cable. the cut shell. In this case, the compound isolation is not performed, since due to the shift of the twisted sections of the wires do not contact. The procedure is carried out only when the indentes between twisters are less than 10 mm and require additional coating with an insulating layer.

HOW TO Disassemble and Clean Ardo Pumpsets

After the actions carried out, there was a place to rewind the cable connection with one layer of insulating material, and you can evaluate the result of the work performed. This is the easiest way to connect a fork with three wires. Correctly selecting the insulating material and a segment of the cord, and in addition, gently completed the work, the extended cable will not be able to distinguish from the usual one at first glance. the connection will be almost invisible.

Ardo A1000X.Start!

As a result, it is possible to change the fork on the electrical appliance on the electrical appliance cord in order to be able to operate the equipment connected to electricity.

Обзор стиральной машины ARDO AE1033

Now you know how to properly connect a fork to the wire and, you understand what stages the process consists of. Having familiarized yourself with a simple instruction, it becomes clear that an electrician is not such a difficult thing as it might seem at first glance, and you can handle it on your own at home on your own.


At home, you can fully check only thermal ubble. To do this, you need a multimeter, screwdriver (slotted or torx) and an electric extension cord.

Pre.pull the device from the case. To do this, remove the clamp from the cuff and pull the edge next to the lock. Then unscrew the two screws that attach the lock to the body and pull out. Tighten the chip. UBB is ready to diagnosis.

I work in the field of repair of household appliances. Extensive experience in restoring washing and dishwashers.

Do not forget to de.energize the washing machine in front of these work!

Standard marking of thermal lock: N, l, C. A resistor passes through N and L. These contacts have a certain resistance. The remaining couples in the break. If the contacts are numbered differently, then you can determine by resistance.

Another option is to connect the light bulb alternately to the contacts of the terminal, turn on the smoke and start the program. On the contacts that go to the resistor, the light bulb will lightly light up.

Internal causes

If the door of the washing machine closes perfectly, and the lock does not work, the cause of the breakdown must be sought in the electronic device of the unit.

Luke locking breakdown

Luke lock device (UBB) is a complex mechanism that is responsible for fixing the door closed throughout the washing cycle. The device for a long time is voltage, heats up and in the process of long.term operation may fail. Unstable voltage can also lead to a breakdown of uble.

Following the instructions, it is easy to independently replace the faulty device. The new device can be purchased at the store or ordering on the Internet, the main thing is that the model approaches the machine. Work is carried out in several stages.

  • Disconnect the washing unit from the network. Make sure that the supply of hot and cold water is blocked.
  • Open the door of the machine. Unscrew the three screws with a cross with a cross, holding the locking device inside the unit.
  • Remove the outer spring clamp, which is located under the rubber cuff. To do this, turn the rubber at the bottom of the drum, with the help of a screwdriver, pull the spring to the side and pull out the clamp from the groove.
  • Shift the cuff and grab ubble from the inside. You may have to push the drum to the side a little.
  • Squeeze the latches with which the cover of the device is attached, and free the device requiring replacement.
  • Disconnect the bundles of wires from the castle.
  • Attach the wires to the new UBB, close the lid and install the device in place, combining with holes on the case. Twist the screws holding the device.
  • Install a rubber cuff in place, making sure that its edge went into the groove throughout the circle. Put an external spring clamp (spring at the bottom of the drum).

After these simple manipulations, the washing machine should be connected to electricity, resume the water supply and check the operation of a new door lock device.

Garbage hit in ubble

Very often, a washing machine ceases to be blocked due to garbage that has entered the locking of the castle. Threads, hair, pieces of insoluble detergent, lime and salt accumulated over the years of operation of the unit, prevent the normal operation of the device that blocks the door.

To get rid of this malfunction, it is necessary to remove the uble from the body of the apparatus, clean the gaps and remove the pollution that prevent the normal fixation of the lock. You should also carefully clean the hole in the case located in the place where the castle is installed.

The failure of the control module

Management module is a complex electronic device that is responsible for the operation of the washing machine. We can say that this is the “brain of the machine”. If all of the above reasons are considered and excluded, then the malfunction lies in the control module. The device may break due to voltage drops, water from getting into a fee, blocking contacts, software failure and many other factors.

To analyze the cause of the failure, you will need special equipment. If there is no experience of carrying out such work, do not try to make the repair of the control unit yourself. This expensive device is easy to make unusable, after which it will be more advisable to buy a new machine than to repair the old.

The specialist with the help of the multimeter will conduct a test and decide whether the device is possible or it is necessary to replace it. To eliminate the malfunction, you will need a complete circuit of the block and the machine as a whole. Without a deep analysis, high.quality repair is impossible.

Each owner of the washing machine decides to make repairs on their own or call the master. If the elimination of the breakdown does not require special skills and complex tools, like replacing a loop or installing a new handle, then bringing the device to working condition is quite possible at home. With more serious malfunctions, when it is required to replace parts hidden deep inside the device, for example, replacing UBB or control module, it is better to contact professionals.

We replace the power cord

If you decide to act independently, except for the new electrical wire, you will need tools: screwdriver, insulating tape and knife. Before starting the repair, you need to pull out the old cord from the outlet and block the water supply. Depending on the model of the washing machine, the food wire can go into the body at the back or from below. Using a screwdriver, remove the lid and find the interference filter where the cable is connected. If you need to put the washer to the side, tilt it only in the direction where the powder tray is located.

Most often, a partial disassembly of the network filter and disconnecting it from the body will be required. When you brought the filter to a convenient position, you need to remove the protective pad and disconnect the contacts of the damaged cord, uncovering the terminals. We carry out the connection of the new electric wire in the reverse order. Previously, it is worth remembering or photographing the wiring connection scheme.

Make sure not to confuse the location of the conductors! Phase, grounding and zero are marked in any convenient way. The factory color marking is deciphered as follows: the green shade indicates the ground, blue (blue). to zero, and black (brown). on the phase.

The washing machine does not turn on: what to do?

First you need to check the performance of the outlet, power cord and interference filter. If any element is damaged, we change the part to the new. When everything is regular here, the problem is the burnt control module. In this case, a serious repair or even replacement of the board may be required. You should not do this yourself: it is more difficult to repair the control unit than changing the wire. This requires knowledge and experience with microcircuits. It is better to entrust the diagnosis and repair of a qualified specialist.

What cable is needed to connect a washing machine?

Next, you need to decide on the number of cores. In technical regulations, any modern washing machine has a network wire machine, which means we need to make a grounded outlet for washing. So, we just need to take a wire with three veins: one vein. the phase, the second. zero and the third. the Earth.

Usually, washing machines, for domestic use there are from 2 to 4 kW. power. This is from 9 to 18 amperes. So for a machine, even at 4 kW, an extension cord with a cross section of each of the three wires (phase, working zero, earth) is suitable at least 2.5 square millimeters.

How to choose an analogue and connect

We wrote about the causes and symptoms of breakdown of the drain pump in detail on the page “How to replace the drain pump in a washing machine”. Here we will consider in detail the connection of the pump.

But first you need to choose a quality analogue so that your work does not remain in vain.

The differences between the details are mainly in the type of fastening inside the case:

Electric pumps are connected using chips or terminals. Power can fluctuate from 19 to 20 watts. Also, in choosing a suitable pump, the role of placing contacts plays. wiring can be attached both from the front and from the back.

How to connect a new pump,

Washing machine pump connection diagram

Before installing a new pump, you need to dismantle the old. All washings are arranged in their own way, so there is no unified pumping scheme. The order of your actions depends only on the difference in the design of the machines.

On a note. If you decide to replace the pump yourself, you will significantly save, since you need to pay only for the part itself. The main thing is to do everything right.

Connection of the pump through the bottom

This option is suitable for brands such as Samsung, Indesit, Beko, Ardo, Kando, LG, Ariston and Whirlpool.

On a note! You can replace the pump in the lg brand by

In this case, to install a pump, disassembling the case is not needed. All work is carried out from the bottom. This is considered the easiest option for installing the pump.

  • Deanate SMA.
  • Cross access to communications.
  • Put the machine on the side. so that the drainage pump is from above.
  • You can cover the floor before turning the machine to side, so as not to scratch the paint.
  • If the bottom is closed by the lid, remove it by twisting the bolts.
  • Unscrew the pump. The screws with which it is attached is usually located outside. look for them where the drain valve is located.
  • Take out the detail by pressing it outside.
  • Hold the pump over a pelvis or other container for some time, waiting for the water to drain.
  • Weaken the clamps with which the pipe and the water drain hose are attached to the sewer.

Important! This replacement algorithm is suitable for those cases when both the pump and the snail in collection are changing. If you are not going to change the snail, remove the part without it. To do this, unscrew the bolts that connect the pump to the snail, and replace only one part of this complex.

Connecting a new part consists in returning all elements to the places in the reverse order.

Connection with the removal of the front panel

You have a German washing machine “Bosch”, “Siemens” or “AEG”? Then this option is for you. The bottom is closed in these washing, so you can get to the desired part only by removing the front panel. Do it like this:

  • Removing the panel, remember that the lock is connected to the machine wires. If you are afraid to cut them off, take a picture of the location of the chips and turn off the wiring.

After removing the front wall, you can start installing the pump. The process is not much different from the instructions described above:

Attention! Sometimes you do not need to unscrew the bolts to remove the pump. just try to crank the part in the left side.

After cleansing the distributor, you can mount a new part and collect the washing machine in the reverse order. After the assembly, do not be lazy to launch a trial wash to make sure that you did everything right.

Connection from the back side

Owners of SM “Zanussi” or “Electrolux” is suitable for this installation option. In the vertical machines of these brands, the installation is generally extremely simple. it is enough to eliminate only the side wall.

And the front panel will have to be dismantled in frontal machines:

  • Drain the spent water through the drain filter or hose under the basement.
  • Shift and remove the top cover.
  • Unscrew all the fasteners holding the back wall.
  • Remove the wall and set aside aside.
  • Find in the back of the mounting body holding the side.
  • Remove the fasteners that are in front and at the bottom of the case.
  • Put the panel back and pull it down to remove it.

Installation with the dismantling of the bar

Actual for the owners of the Hans brand. One of the simplest ways: to replace the pump, just move the base panel. A pump draining water is installed under it.

Unscrew and install a new pump, acting on any of the connection diagrams indicated above.

Now you can connect the drainage pump with your own hands without resorting to the services of specialists. Choose the installation circuit according to the brand of the washing machine, buy a new original analogue of the part, and. for business.

How to change the bearing in the smell “Ardo”?

To replace the bearing will have to be completely disassembled by the washer. Some users are scaring away such a volume of work, but if everything is done in stages, the repair will end successfully.

The rapid wear of the internal part contributes to the overload of the drum with linen. The deformation of the oil seal, which protects the bearing from moisture, is also the cause of wear and destruction of the element. These are the signs accompany the breakdown:

  • Strong noise when washing and spinning: creak, knock, clang.
  • Low speed speed, as a result. wet linen at the output.
  • Frequent imbalance. During rotation, the drum hangs, which leads to an imbalance.

You can also open the hatch and shake the drum with your hand. If a large gap is visible between the tank and the drum. the bearing is damaged. To change the part, start with disassembly.

How to disassemble the ARDO machine?

Start with preparation for repair. Take the following tools:

  • slotted and cross.shaped screwdrivers;
  • set of rye and end keys;
  • divorce key;
  • rubber hammer;
  • chisel;
  • spare parts;
  • Lubrication “Litol-24”.

Start by redrawing the water supply valve and pull out the washer’s fork from the outlet. Further:

  • Prepare the container and turn off the communications from the body. Direct the hoses immediately to the container, since water flows from them.
  • Turn the machine with the back wall to you.
  • Having twisted two bolts from the back, remove the top cover.
  • Dismate the rear panel by unscrewing the screws around the perimeter.

So the panels are removed. Now proceed to the dismantling of internal elements. Follow the instructions:

The tank is released behind. Go to Ten. Disconnect the wiring of the heater, twist the central nut (not to the end) and sell the bolt inside. Remove the element from the nest.

Now inspect the upper part of the SM. Under the lid hides a counterweight, which is fixed with a metal plate. Take the end key, unscrew the fasteners and remove the counterweight.

Returning to the back of the equipment, fix the metal flywheel (the wheel on which the belt is attached) with a screwdriver or wooden bar. This is necessary so that the flywheel attached to the flange does not rotate. Using the head of 13 mm, twist the fixing bolt and remove the wheel from the place.

Further use a little trick. Twist the bolts around the perimeter of the tank, which fasten two of its halves. Now you can get one of it with a drum through the back wall without affecting the engine and shock absorbers. Act carefully, because the sharp edges of the case can hurt your hands. Therefore, alternately put forward one or the other side.

At this stage, the disassembly is over. Then you will learn how to install a new drum bearing.

Indesit washing machines: Features of replacing the drum bearing

To replace the bearing in the washing machine of this brand, you need:

To do this, you need a wooden block, which allows you to carefully unscrew the screw that holds the pulley and remove the latter without damaging it.

  • Dismantle the counterweight and spacer bar, which closes access to the clamp and tank cover.
  • Disconnect the heater.
  • Remove the mounts of the bearing node and the grounding bar, and then weaken and remove the clamp.
  • Open the tank cover without throwing the seal.

The screws that attach the bearing node are often offered by the manufacturer excessively long, and therefore they are simply cut. The tank cover should be removed so as not to damage the wire of the temperature sensor. unnecessary work and costs due to his breaks are not needed by anyone.

The nest of the bearing node should be carefully examined. In the presence of traces of rust or garbage, they must be removed, and if leaks are detected, their sources are eliminated. After that, you can proceed to the reverse assembly of the washing machine.

Installation of new details

It remains only to change the bearings with your own hands. First we take the lesser ring in diameter, put the tank with a hole for the drum up and insert the part into the seat. We lower the chisel with a stupid base and tap it with a hammer in a circle until complete shrinkage. After planting a suitable oil seal, lubricate with a special composition and turn over.

The next next in line is the external bearing, which is mounted in a similar way: we lay in the hole and tamp it with blows. After abundantly process the shaft with grease and screw the drum into the tank. It will be useful to walk along the bearing node by sealant.

Now you have to competently make a feedback. Return to the place of the tank and combine together two halves of the tank previously twisted with self.tapping screws. At this stage, we recommend checking the quality of work, scrolling the container to the left and right. If there are no extraneous noises, the installation is performed perfectly.

Next, fix the pulley, tighten the counterweights, attach the heater and connect the two removed sensors. With capillary, be extremely careful. the gas tube is easily damaged by the slightest transmission. At the “finish” you need to put on a drive belt and tighten both covers. Do not forget to “drive away” the machine with a test washing, choosing the shortest mode.


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How to find out that the module is broken?

It is difficult for a person far from the repair of household appliances to understand that it was this spare part that has lost its performance. So that you do not throw your funds to the wind, but bought and replaced the part that has lost performance, you need to identify exactly what was injured in the mechanisms of the machine. You need a diagnosis that a qualified specialist will perform. However, there are simple signs by which you can determine whether you need a new electronic module for HotPoint Ariston washing machines or not. Here are a few of them:

  • No squeezer is carried out. This problem may indicate many defects in the washing machine, but if the error code is not displayed on the display and the unit control panel does not respond to any actions, this is a clear sign of the module defect.
  • The washing machine often freezes. During the launch and during the selection of washing programs, any malfunctions indicate the aforementioned problem.
  • The washing program does not start. You have chosen all the modes, started the start button, and the washing machine is inactive for a long time or does not activate the work at all? Most likely the machine module received any damage.
  • The motor too often changes the speed of rotation of the drum, provided that the program does not provide for this manipulation.

Surely you have already found out that the price of the Ariston washing machine is quite high. That is why it is necessary to accurately determine and say whether the deplorable position of the unit replacement of the described component will correct. Accurate information will give you an exceptionally complete diagnosis of the machine.

Programmer malfunction

What is characterized by a programmer breakdown?

The machine refuses to turn on, but at the same time the power supply is in order.

The details of the programmer can break. The mechanical programmer of the washing machine consists of:

Frequent codes

Modern washing rooms are complex devices in the microprocessor of which are programmed breakdown codes. They appear on the display whenever a failure occurs.

In the most frequent cases, cm of Ardo brand highlight such errors: E00, E01, E02, E03, F2, F4, F5, F13, F14.

The code Reason, problem
E00, E01 Clogging filter, so water does not leave the tank.
E02 The drain is broken during the improper position of the drain hose.
E03, F4 The drain time is increased due to the breakdown of the pump (plum pump).
F2 Temperature sensor failure, heating or electronic module.
F5 Independent drain of water with a machine, incorrect connection of hoses.
F13, F14 Electronic board.

Eliminate breakdowns SM Ardo with our own hands

If the ardo washing machine showed one of the listed errors, repair is possible in almost all cases, except for the last. Although, you can still flash an electronic module if there are certain skills and tools.

Elimination of blockage (E00, E01), replacing the pump (E03, F4) in ardo machines

Having determined the breakdown, decide right away. you will call the workshop or independently fix for. Sometimes you really do not need to pay the master, because it is not difficult to eliminate the failure yourself. If we are talking about suction, then you can handle it without help.

The main location of the blockages is in the drain filter. To clean it, act in this order:

  • Find a small hatch on the front panel below and open it. There is no hatch? Remove the panel.
  • Lay on the floor absorbent rag. the remnants of the spent water will merge.
  • Rotating the valve to the left, twist it.
  • Pull the filter over yourself and take it out of the hole.
  • Rinse it under the tap, remove the wound threads, hair and other garbage.
  • Install the filter in place.

Difficulties may be that the accumulation of garbage is often not only in the filter area, but also in other places in contact with the used dirty water: the plum, pomp and pipe hose. To clean them, you need disassembly of a washing room. If some small item is stuck in the tank, the machine will also have to be disassembled.

Replacing and cleaning the pump (pump) is a more troublesome procedure, but quite real: you just need to be able to handle tools to correctly disassemble, and most importantly. assemble a typewriter.

How to disassemble the washing machine Ardo? You can get to the pump from the bottom (then the car must be put on the side), or by removing the plastic bar. Details cleaning the drain pump is shown in this

If you have decided that to eliminate the malfunction of the washing machine, I need to clean the drain hose, act like this:

Repair of Electronics in Ardo washing rooms (F2, F13, F14)

Speaking about replacing management fees, it cannot be said that it is too difficult. this is a repair of medium complexity. The main problem is that you can always be completely confident that you need to replace the entire module. Often, to return the performance of cm, you just need to repair the fee.

Do not forget that the module is expensive, sometimes up to 1/3 of the cost of a new washer. Often, with a complete breakdown, the owners of the washing machines Ardo decide not to suffer, and buy a new smell.

The repair is so specific that it is not enough to be able to handle the tool, knowledge in the field of electronics will not interfere here. A 100% specialist knows better what to do when a module breakdown. Do not risk an expensive detail, find better a good master.

Important! There were cases when home.made home masters changed a module with a deplorable outcome: after connecting all the sensors and contacts, the new module burned out.

DIY bearings replacement

We will talk about the most complex type of repair: replacing bearings and seals. In this case, you need to make out the car completely, get the drum and not without difficulty to remove the old bearings. Tools and experience are necessary.

If you decide to try your luck and remove the bearings yourself and install new ones, this will help you

Ten replacement (F2) in an ardo typewriter with your own hands

If the washing room stopped warming the water due to the fact that the heater has already worked out his resource or overgrown with a quip and burned down, we will change it.

Buy a new heating element that suits your ardo washing machine (a 800, a 600, a 1000 x, AE 833, TL 800 EX and others) and act according to this scheme:

  • Unscrew the back cover of the body.
  • Arm yourself as a tester and check if there is a voltage on the contacts of the thermoelectric heater. You will quickly find it. the shank of the element sticks out at the bottom of the tank (during the check, turn on the cm in the heating mode).
  • If there is no power, check the temperature sensor. Carry two checks: at the usual temperature and after heating (pour hot water). If the resistance is stable in both cases, the sensor also needs to be changed.
  • Additionally, check if the contacts of the heater relay are jammed (the relay is located at the control board).
  • If there is food, then the heater has burned out and needs to be replaced.
  • To replace, remove the wires and unscrew the bolt holding the heater in the shank area.
  • Slowly shake the heater from side to side and take it out, pulling it to you.
  • Clean the place in which the heater stood. there may be garbage.
  • Install a new heating element by connecting all the necessary contacts and temperature sensor.

As you can see, independent repair is a simple matter if you treat it responsibly. Ardo washing machines are of high quality, and it is a pity to throw them into a landfill at the first breakdown, thinking that the repair will cost exorbitant prices. You can save significantly by fixing the washing room at home with your own hands.

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