How to check the fan of the home air conditioner

How to check the compressor of the air conditioning split systems. Diagnosis of repair recommendations

Thanks to the time done by the service of air conditioning systems, their owner can provide their prolonged and impeccable functioning. Saving also saved considerable funds for the repair of equipment. Diagnosis of split systems and air conditioners and regular control over the operation of the device, measuring the noise level, checking the state in which filters are located. Timely lubrication of parts will help establish the defects and correct them before the occurrence of a real, serious breakdown requiring expensive repair or replacement of components.

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How to clean the air conditioner yourself correctly?

To qualitatively clean the home air conditioner, they usually invite a specialist in this matter.

Is it possible to carry out the sink yourself with a minimum set of tools and chemistry?

The master comes, opens the lid, knocks the filter on the knee, hiss a couple of minutes with a steam generator without dismantling the squirrel wheel.

Wins the outdoor with Kerher, spraying all the walls with dirty water (the neighbors will say thank you from below).

Takes his denyuzhki and leaves with the feeling of a fulfillment.

And after a couple of months, the air conditioner again begins to stink and overgrown with mold.

High-quality cleaning of the inner block with all the processes of disassembly and assembly takes at least 2-3 hours. This procedure is not fast and you need to approach it thoroughly.

You should not confuse it with elementary operations of washing air filters, which it goes from force for 10-15 minutes.

In general from words to deed. We will show you in stages the analysis of all nodes and those nuances that you will have to face, and you will already draw conclusions on the basis of this. You can clean it with your own hands or it is better to invite a professional.

Still, after an attempt to independently disassemble and assemble the air conditioner, the number of appeals to a specialized service center increases dramatically)))

Sometimes even detailed video instructions on YouTube do not particularly help.

In extreme cases, with knowledge gathered from the article, you can easily control the work of the master.

Note that it will only be about the internal block, and not about the external!

check, home, conditioner

To safely get to it, except for special.Tools sometimes also requires special.Technics.

check, home, conditioner

First of all, pull out a fork from the outlet and turn off the device from the network.

After disconnecting, let him relax for 30 minutes. This time is not included in the total duration of the repair specified earlier

Half an hour data is necessary to cool the heated elements of the system. Another useful advice to those who will clean the unit not for themselves, but to the customer.

Suddenly he will be faulty. Then never prove that you are not to blame for his breakdown.

check, home, conditioner

So, click the top cover and take out air filters.

According to the instructions, it is recommended to clean them every two weeks. The easiest way is to soap them with something like Fayry and rinse with a sponge under warm water.

Just under a stream of water from under the tap, really dirty nets cannot be washed.

Otherwise, you will get a quest. “How to make out the air conditioner and live on without it”

LG, Samsung and various kinds of Chinese No Name models understand relatively tolerable. But with the Japanese you have to disperse everything to the screw.

Therefore, put one of the family members next to you, so that he writes the whole process on the smartphone camera. This will help very much in the subsequent assembly of the design in the reverse sequence.

Behind the air filter in separate models, there may be a deodorizing element.

This is a thing that is sprayed with different aromas, and the whole room is filled with appropriate smells. We remove him.

We go down below. Open the lower damper and clench it on the sides.

Do not be afraid, it bends very well. Feel free to pull it down the middle and pull it out of the grooves along the edges.

If it doesn’t come out right away, try to scroll it. There may be a “lock” (for Toshiba models), which leaves the grooves in only one position.

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Another damper may be associated with guide blades of air flow. Click on them and from them.

You can not climb a rag into the unit to clean the internal walls of the air conditioner, without removing the damper itself.

Those who want to save time, most often in this way and break the guides of the loud.

We set up the air conditioner before checking

Thus, even one of the listed signs may indicate a lack of refrigerant in the split system, which will be the reason for the call of the specialist. Well, he, in turn, will make the final diagnosis after inspection or verification of the main parameters (pressure and temperature).

Subsequently, we will write an article on how to more accurately determine that the air conditioning is required. It will indicate more complex ways to check the presence of freon.

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And I remind you that it is more reasonable to entrust the study of such a situation to specialists.

How the air conditioning is heated and why it is effective

Thus, it turns out that “electric energy” (when the compressor is operating) is spent only on the transfer of “thermal energy” from the street. For example, to get 2000 W, heat in the room, the air conditioner will spend only 600 W Electricity. Any traditional heaters spend energy not on heat transfer, but on its transformation from electricity. And to issue the same 2000 W, heat should consume 2000 W Electricity.

Why, during the work of “Split” for heating, it behaves not like when working for cooling

check, home, conditioner

The usual work of the air conditioner is rarely doubtful, and you get used to his “behavior”. But as soon as you switch to the opposite mode, questions immediately arise. Not surprising! After all, the inner block periodically calms down !

When you use the air conditioning in cooling mode, the internal unit fan is constantly spinning, and the blinds work in the established mode. In this case, the flow temperature only changes. And when the heating mode is turned on, the internal fan stops when the heat exchanger is cold. There is a reason for this! And then we will figure out why this is happening.

Checking an additional air conditioner fan

To cool the air conditioner radiator and to help the main radiator (it may be relevant with summer heat in traffic jams, and even with a conditioning air conditioner), an additional two.Speed electric fan is provided in the front of the car. Here it must be checked for performance.A little about there is this additional fan. As I wrote above, it is two.Speed. The ability to work in two speeds is implemented using an additional shunt (resistance), t.E:-1st speed-the circuit goes through resistance (resistor 0.5 Ohms, dispersed power 85 watts). This resistor is located on the case of the fan itself, the first speed is intended mainly for cooling the air conditioner radiator and should turn on at each air conditioner (not just buttons on the panel, but when the compressor really turns on). The fan on the 1st speed is also turned on when the coolant temperature reaches 91 ° C, regardless of the air conditioner, the 2nd speed-the fan is connected directly, without resistance. The fan on the 2nd speed is turned on when the temperature of the engine coolant reaches 99 ° C.For each operating mode of the fan, its relay is responsible (K21-1st speed, K22-the second speed). Below I will give the relay location scheme (may vary depending on the year and volume). Personally, I have a relay in an additional box.

The relay is controlled by a temperature sensor, which is located on the main cooling radiator (on the top right in the direction of movement). Depending on the temperature, this three-pin sensor closes the mass in the circuit either at the 1st speed (more than 91 ° C), or on the 2nd (more than 99 ° C). The chain contains 2 fuses F29 (7.5a) and F25 (30a).Check the additional fan you can turn on the air conditioner. If the fan has earned, then you can calm down on this. If the air conditioner does not work for you, then in any case you need to check the operability of the fan, t.To. He can save the engine from overheating. The verification methodology is very intelligibly described on this forum

My fan rotated freely, but refused to work at 1 speed, at the 2nd speed everything worked. Consequently, I came to the conclusion that the resistance had burned out (the relay clicked, when the temperature sensor is closed).I found such a resistor: Bosch air conditioning control unit (BMW E32/E34) 3134503020

Installed, now everything works as it should. To replace this resistor, you need to drop the front bumper.

During the vacation, I didn’t particularly do anything on the typewriter, I just rode and enjoyed))). Well, the brake pad wear error crawled out, which was successfully eliminated by the replacement of all the pads in a circle of new sensors: Check Control OK)

The main signs of a faulty air conditioner:

Before starting to disassemble the malfunctions, we will immediately set the conditions that the air conditioner must be clean! In order not to confuse the concepts of “faulty air conditioning” and “air conditioning requiring maintenance”. The cause of all breakdowns may be contaminants of the air conditioner.

Perhaps all the main malfunctions can be divided into 4 groups, which already indirectly indicate the causes. We denote them like this:

  • The most common case is the behavior of the internal block when “the internal unit works but does not cold”. This feature usually implies that the blocks of the block are opened, the fan is spinning, but no temperature changes in the room occur. At the same time, you must be sure that the air conditioner is correctly configured and operating conditions are respected (for example, the temperature on the street).
  • The second is also a common case when water flows from the internal block.
  • We denote the next case. The air conditioner does not show any signs of life at all (does not respond to the remote control).
  • The fourth case sounds something like this. The air conditioner works for a while, and then suddenly turns off. We also include all other problems (non.Working fans, compressor, etc.).

And now we begin to disassemble all four points in order, but we do not forget that the reason may be ambiguous:

Checking the fan electric motor

Let us consider in detail. How the fan motor is being checked. An example is an electric motor corresponding to the version of household desktop fans.

The photograph shows a small electric motor \ photo \ desktop fan. To state this topic more understandably, the clarification will be accompanied by personal photographs. For the diagnosis of the electric motor.

Diagnosis of electrical connections begins with a preliminary check directly by the device itself \ photo \.

Why is such a check is needed?. The verification is carried out to be convinced that the wires of the probe of the device do not have a gap. That is, in practice, such a malfunction of the device as a wire break in conjunction with the probe \ Metal pin in conjunction with the wire \ is often found.

With a break, \ for a certain section of the electrical circuit \ display of the device multimeter. Shows »Unit”. If the two probes of the device are closed together at the same time \ with the displayed range of the lowest resistance \, the device display will show the zero resistance value. For this example, this will mean that the device acting \ serviceable \.

Ineffective work

This is one of the most common malfunctions, especially noticeable in the hot season. The air conditioner consumes electricity, but does not provide the necessary temperature regime. Possible reasons for low efficiency:

    Flowing air filters. They look like a small flat or drum type mesh under the front panel of the unit, and it is through it that air enters the air conditioner. Filters collect all the dust in the house and protect from it the radiator of the inner unit. It is quite simple to clean them. Remove and rinse under running water, then dry and put it back. The procedure is done once every two to three weeks, and if there is a lot of dust and soot, then even more often. Otherwise, the speed of blowing the radiator will decrease, and it will cease to provide the desired temperature. Violation of the functioning of the cooling system, in turn, will lead to freezing of copper pipelines. After disconnecting, the fierce ice melts and the water is dripping out of the air conditioner. In the case of severe clogging of filters, dirt will penetrate into the drainage system, and the water will flow almost with streams. And all this disgrace can only be cleaned using potent chemistry. Important! The maximum amount of flushing filter is 6-8 times! Then he loses his operational qualities.

This is what a very neglected air filter looks like


The next probable problem is the contactor. This is the part with which the voltage is supplied to the internal block and is distributed between the engine and the compressor. On one side of the contactor should be 220 volts, as on the other side. If the contactor output is 0 volts. It is faulty. You can check this using a multimeter.

Be careful! When checking, use all protective measures when working with electric networks. If you are not sure of something, call the master.

After all the checks, you can say with confidence that the whole problem is in the fan. If the rest of the parts work properly, it is necessary to replace this part. It is better to entrust this procedure to professionals who can do everything efficiently and with a guarantee of work.

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