How to check the heater at home

Methods of testing on water heater

First of all, the search for the cause of the malfunction must begin with a check for a current leakage. Usually, if this happens, immediately when included in the network, an RCD or a differential switch and a fishing line for a trimmer is de.energized. The search for the leak is performed as follows:

Disconnect the verified electrical appliance from the outlet;

We disassemble it to access the terminals of the electric heater;

On the multimeter, we insert the call mode and insert the probes into the “COM” and “VMA” connectors;

We first call one contact on the device case, then the other;

Unfortunately, in this way, you will not always be able to detect a breakdown. Quite often, only a specialized tester. a megommeter that checks the circuit with a high voltage reveals this. Minor insulation damage is detected only in this. The multimeter will catch only obvious defects, for example, when the phase conductor touches the zero.

Often, the leak helps to identify the measurement on the on Ten. But I do not advise doing this if you are not sure of your skills to work with electrical equipment 100%.

If you find a leak, the connection between one of the contacts and the case, you need to look for a breakdown site. I advise you to disconnect the supply wires from the electric heater and make a measurement without them. Then you will understand, the heating element or other elements of the power chain is to blame.

If the problem is not detected, we continue the diagnosis:

Building Ten

According to statistics, the heater in the water heater fails quite often. In each fourth case, the owners are faced with the fact that the device does not heat the water, although all indicators, including temperature sensors, and thermal controllers indicate the correct connection and serviceability of all available wires. It happens that the water heater hits the current, thereby enduring people. Sometimes an automatic function is turned off in the device, causing power supply changes, a malfunction and short circuits throughout the wiring of the house.

The result of the appearance of all these problems is the stop of the functioning of the ten and thermostat. In this case, do not immediately throw the device and call a specialist, you should try to check your own heating element for a breakdown. Only the initial knowledge of physics and several tools are needed.

TEN checking rules

Tenas are used at the basis of many electrical devices. Has a ceramic, glass or metal base. Filled with electro.insulating and thermal system. Warm by electricity. Heater breakdown is the main reason for failure.

How to check the performance of Ten yourself?

Checking a completely serviceable multimeter

An important rule before starting work with electrical appliances is to disconnect from power supply. To call the heater, find out the resistance of the electricity (r) of the heater in question. The average indicator is 35 Ohms. instructions on how to call the heater:

  • Disconnect from the network by marling the wires. This will help with assembly.
  • Connect the probes with the contacts. If the readings of the device are 30 Ohms. there is no closure. In a Ten, it is necessary to check each part of the spiral separately, each conclusion.
  • Make sure the integrity of the pipe filler. To do this, select the maximum resistance mode when measuring.

Additional Information! If there is at least some resistance, then the heating element is faulty and dangerous for further use.

Disconnecting all connected wires

Firstly, to remove power terminals and mass, namely the wires of blue, brown, yellow-green colors. Check the serviceability of the wires for the closure and damage. If the resistance is working, it is worth measuring the closure of the heater to the mass. If the indicators move away from the norm, there is a closure in the heating element.

All joints are cleaned

The purification of joints is carried out when diagnosing the heater. In view of the place where the multipramer probes are attached. They are completely cleaned from dirt, lime plaque and rust.

Important! In the case of excessive pollution of the heater with a lime plaque or insufficient fixation of the contacts of threaded terminals, which could provoke burning, it is necessary to clean the metal surface in the places of connection of multimeter probes.

Checking the safety valve

Due to excess pressure, the water and pipeline systems are subject to gap, as well as mechanical destruction. The safety valve is designed to protect. It automatically produces excess fluid and leads to pressure to the normal state. Has a brass coating and a spring mechanism.

When checking, you should pay attention to how excess water is extracted. In normal condition, water drips. This happens when water is heated. If the water flows or does not appear at all. it is definitely a breakdown of the heater.

To eliminate the problem, a crane-trinket is installed. It has a system for draining water from titanium.

Knowing how to check the heater at home, you can save on the call of a specialist.

Testing methods

There are several ways to check the serviceability of the heating elements. First, you need to find out the power of the equipment. It is indicated on the case, in the passport or instructions for use.

Checking a multimeter

Before starting, you should turn off the device from the network, and the wires from the connectors.

Put the multimeter into the range 200 Ohms. Connect the probes to the terminals of Ten.

Indications in case of serviceability should be close to the calculation.

How to check the Ten on the water heater by a multimeter:

Calling with a megammeter

Since it is possible to call the heater with a water heater when leakage to the case is possible only with a megammeter, you need to come to the process with all responsibility. There is an aging of isolation. The leak reaches such a size that when the person’s water is opened, it can hit the current.

Checking the control light

You can find out the serviceability of the heater by a control light bulb. It has 2 one.core wires. At one end they are connected to the probes, the second. to the cartridge. The lamp has a power of 220 W. The phase joins the first wire, and to the second zero from the network.

Checking the tester

When checking by the tester, it should be included in the minimum resistance mode. Attach the probes to the output of the heater. In the absence of short circuit, there will be an infinity sign. Other indicators mean that this heater is not subject to further use.

The most likely causes of tones breakdown

Among the most popular reasons for the failure of heating elements, experts distinguish the following:

  • To the device is supplied too high voltage. As a result, the spiral of incandescent burns out;
  • spiral for various reasons, for example, due to factory marriage, concerns the shell;
  • During the years of operation, the heater body was covered with a thick layer of scale. Heat exchange inevitably worsens. To warm up water to a given temperature, the heater works for hours without disconnecting. Often this leads to burning out a spiral.

It is important to note that regardless of the cause of the fault failure, with rare exceptions, are not subject to repair. It is impossible to extract a spiral and replace it, since the case does not understand.

But before applying to the “Ten Empire” for a new heating element, it is necessary to make sure that the existing is really faulty. All the methods listed below are equally useful for checking the heater in a washing or dishwasher, boiler, heating boiler. Only the shape of the heater and the place of its installation are changing.

How to check the heating element in an electric kettle

Previously, before the production of the measuring procedure, it is necessary to calculate the resistance, which corresponds to the measured electrical appliance. In this case, you should know its power. This indicator is indicated in the equipment of the equipment or on the case. To calculate the resistance, you must first calculate the current passing through the heating element. This is achieved by dividing the power into voltage of the electric network. 220 volts.

After that, the voltage of the network should be divided. 220 volts divide into the resulting current strength. In this case, the value is equal to resistance. This value should appear on the instrument display as a result of the diagnosis of the heating device.

To examine the heating element by the tester, it is necessary to switch the device into the resistance measurement area. Then touch the rod with one tester wire. If an incorrect value appears on the multimeter scoreboard, this indicates a break in the thread located in the middle of the tube.

The resistance in electric kettle of 2000W must correspond to a value of 25 Ohms. If there is no inconsistency from the inside of the tube, then you need to touch the rod with one probe, and the second to the metal pipe. In this case, an infinite designation of the resistance indicator should appear on the scoreboard. If the indication on the scoreboard will be a certain value, this means that there was a short circuit.

What are the fault failures

Regardless of the heating equipment, the heating elements are installed, they are mainly under the influence of general causes of breakdowns on heating elements:

The breakthrough of the nichrome thread in the spiral due to overheating inside the tube. Most often, overheating occurs due to the large thickness of the scale on the surface of the Ten body. When maintaining high heating temperatures more than 70 ° C and poor quality of drinking water in hardness salts (CA and MG). The low quality of the manufacture of tubular heaters also leads to a similar defect.

Element burning out due to an unexpired spiral if it touches the protective case. With this defect and in the absence of grounding of the RCD, there is a high probability of receiving an electric shock by the user.

The shortened heating spiral creates a large warm power. If it is higher than the equipment permissible for this type of equipment, then the protective machine will constantly operate, the spiral will melt, and the heater will fail.

Important! Modern models of ironing, electric ketters and multicographs do not involve the replacement of heating elements, in connection with which this equipment is not subject to restoration.

General principles for checking the serviceability of the heater using a multimeter

The (the heater is a multimeter, regardless of the type of equipment in which it is installed, can be carried out after. how resistance and power will be calculated on it. These values ​​are interconnected. The first indicator is determined by the passport data of the equipment. It is necessary to know it in order to correctly set the test range on resistance. After the accurate determination of the resistance of the heater, it determines its actual power and how much it corresponds to passport data.

Checking the resistance of Ten

Install the power of the heater. It can be viewed in the equipment passport. The voltage for the home network is usually 220 V. After that, you can determine the current strength by a simple formula:

According to the OMA law, you can find resistance:

An example of determining resistance for heating power in power. To do this, after measuring the resistance through the multimeter:

1000 watts. 48.4 Ohms; 1500 watts. 32.27 Ohms; 2000 watts. 24.2 Ohm; 2500 W. 19.36 Ohm.

How to measure the power of Ten with a multimeter

Further, by measuring the resistances on the heating elements by a multimeter, you can determine the actual power, compare it with passport indicators and determine the possibility of such heater to ensure the desired heating temperature and a possible danger of overheating of the spirals.

Examples of calculating the actual power of the heater by the measured resistance by a multimeter: 49 Ohms, the actual power of 987 W, which is lower than the normative 1000 W, the equipment will heat the medium longer;

25 Ohms, actual power 1760 watts versus 1,500 watts, overheating of the element by 17.3 %; 20 Ohms, actual power 2200 watts versus 2000 watts, overheating of the element by 11.0 %; 15 Ohms, actual power 2933 W versus 2500 W, overheating of the element by 17.3 %

Important! When overheating of the heater by power of more than 10 %, the spiral melts may be melted.


For all models of heating equipment, there is a general method for checking the heating elements by a multimeter. This includes mandatory safety measures when working with electrical equipment. Before starting work, all household devices should be disconnected from the power grid with a visual gap. For example, the fork of the supply wire should be removed from the outlet.

check, heater, home

The standard check is most applicable when the water heater is tested for the serviceability of the heater. When it is carried out, you will need to turn off the supply conductors from the heating connectors.

After that, the multimeter is turned on in ohmmeter mode. For the power of heating nodes up to 2.5 kW sufficient limit 200 Ohms. Then the meter probes touch the terminas of Ten. According to the data obtained, the condition of heating elements is analyzed:

  • The resistance corresponds to the calculated indicator. the tubular element is efficient;
  • The resistance equal to 0 ohms is an internal closure of the element, a replacement is necessary;
  • Resistance 1 Ohm, a break in a spiral thread, a replacement is necessary.

Patter of Tenn on the case

This phenomenon refers to the emergency and creates the danger of defeat by an electric current of a person, when touched it to the body, and even when using hot water from the boiler and boiler. This phenomenon is especially dangerous if damaged electrical equipment does not have a reliable grounding line.

In order to check the serviceability, the multimeter is transferred to the “Bulletin” (zummer ”mode. The first probe of the meter is connected to the output of the heater, the second to the body. It is allowed to connect it to the grounding terminal of the element.

If a breakdown is detected, a zummer will sound. The owner of the equipment will have a mandatory replacement of the heater and control of the performance of protective grounding.

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Important! With a breakdown, you will need to additionally measure the state of the isolation of the heater. Why is a mega.ummeter use, with a voltage of 500 V. Measuring probes are connected to the heater and the heater body. The normative resistance must be 0.5 Ohm.

Technology for checking heating plants with a multimeter for various heating equipment

Despite the fact that there are general approaches for testing the heating elements, many heating devices have their own differences caused by the design and working conditions.

Checking the heater check

The electric heater in these devices always has free access, and finding it is not difficult. To check it, you must first calculate the element resistance by the formula. Then you need to put the measuring device in the minimum resistance mode, and then attach the probes to the terminal of the heater and see what data was reflected on the tester board. With a faulty heater, the value of the resulting resistance will significantly differ from the calculated. If the multimeter shows “1” or infinity. the spiral is torn.

You can talk about the presence of a short circuit if the device gives the same indicators when one of its probes is attached to a metal pipe, and the other to the heating element.

On the next video, the process of checking the heater of the electric kettle:

For what purpose is the check is carried out?

Electro.yuhog or boiler is equipment that includes other devices, which one way or another affect the operation of the entire system. These devices are also not eternal, therefore, in the event of a malfunction of the equipment as a whole, the owner should not reduce the reason only to the failure of the heater. Often they throw electric ketrates into the trash because they began to slowly heat water or turn off too often, without bringing water to a boil. At the same time, of course, the burning of the spiral in Ten is implied, although it turns out that the reason is not in the electrical circuit of the node, but in the thick layer of the scale, which covers the entire heater tube. Everything was necessary. to clean the heater from the outside.

Before proceeding with the repair or removal of household appliances to the debris, the heater should be checked to verify its malfunction.

The check will allow you to find the exact reason why the heater does not warm, and only then you can decide what to do with it.

To understand the process of verification, you should know how the heater works and works. Inside the tube, which is simultaneously a body of the device, made of metal, ceramics or glass laid one or more spirals from a material that has a large resistance. When the heater is included in the spiral, the electric current moves, the spiral is heated to high temperature and heats the electrical insulating material laid between the walls of the metal tube and the spiral. Electro insulating material is selected taking into account its thermal conductivity. It should be maximum.

In turn, the electrical insulation warms up the tube, and the tube heats water or air depending on the purpose of the household unit. In all types of modern household appliances, a protective device that protects the heater from overheating is included in the power supply circuit. The specified protective device may also fail, which confirms the recommendation not to rush with the diagnosis of the system until all its devices are checked.

What you need to know before measurements?

If you have a multimeter in stock, you can make a test of a flashed household appliances on your own.

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But first it will be necessary to find a technical passport of a faulty product and find out the nominal value of the power of its heater.

This is important, since for testing the electric heater we need to know the nominal value of its resistance, which is calculated from the formula of the Basic Law of OMA:

where R is the desired electrical resistance (Ohm);

The operating voltage of the home electric network is mainly 220 V. The power of the heater can be found from the passport data of the household device (BT). The value of the resistance is obtained in oms. Now you can start testing an electric heater.

Where is located?

Stirring inside the drum tank, the boiler is most often located as low as possible. This will give water to warm up extremely fast. The power of the boiler reaches two kilowatts. almost like in a powerful electric kettle.

To find the heater, use the following methods.

  • Check the space behind the back of the washing machine. The back wall, which is distinguished by a large area, hides a boiler behind him. This wall is removed easier than the rest (front, upper, lower and side). In the absence of the conclusions of the boiler and the wires suitable for it, in this place you can easily close the lid.
  • It is permissible to shift to the side and look towards the bottom.
  • The drum hatch is large enough to open it, look inside the washing compartment. By turning on the flashlight, you can easily find a boiler. It can be closer to both the front panel and to the back wall.

To check the heating to work, there is no need to pull it out.

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Preliminary checks do not require a measuring device. they are carried out indirectly. Having an idea of ​​how this or that node operates and how much consumes in which the sequence of the device of the washing machine is involved, the exclusion method is easy to determine what exactly is faulty. The heater is determined by the malfunction at the moment when the smell involves heating water. Manifestations of a malfunction of the boiler can be as follows.

  • Too long heating of water. Smell, all parts and nodes work. But water heating to 60 degrees does not occur in 5 (provided that the water from the water supply is ice, washing linen occurs in winter) minutes, and, say, in half an hour. All this time the drum stands still.
  • Hinging to the metal walls of the washing machine, the user feels that he is beating. The device of protective shutdown (RCD) is triggered by turning off the power supply power (only more than 1 milliammper is enough so that the light in the room where SMA works).

If it is impossible to check exactly why the protective shutdown of electricity is triggered, it makes sense to invite an electrician.

Indirect methods of a faulty boiler are determined and otherwise.

  • By the presence of dark points on the outer coating of the heating. This speaks of his breakdown. To remove the scale hiding these spots, use water infused on lemon or orange skins brought to a boil.
  • Run the laundry washing at more than 90 degrees. Track how quickly the meter counts the consumed watts. With a quick reference (for example, 100 watts no more than 3 5 minutes) Tenn works at full power.
  • Try to find a cliff or closure using a control light or indicator screwdriver. As such a light bulb, a gas.discharge “neonus” is used, removed from any heating device that has worked out its resource. So that it lights up slightly when joining the current.pissing contact or body of the boiler, it is necessary to touch its second withdrawal. The cliff occurs, for example, when a voltage jump. With a break in, burning out a spiral section, the smell will be stalled at the heating stage, or the washing cycle will not be launched.
  • Determine if there are bloating, scratches or other damage on the boiler. Often where it happened, Ten is burning out.
  • Luke’s glass is not heated. this indicates cold water.
  • The insoluble particles of the washing powder remained on the clothes, and the washed linen acquired a stagnant smell.

The second and fourth ways are good for those who do not want to disassemble the washing machine before the arrival of a specialist.

The most advanced models of washing machines will display an error code (out of tens of possible according to the instructions), most accurately indicating a specific breakdown, the signs of which are also indicated in the instructions and are “attached” to separate values ​​that are highlighted on the screen.

If there is no display, different modes of blinking, flicker, glow of LEDs may indicate a breakdown.

What you need to know before testing

The tubular electric heating element contains one or more spirals, which differ in high resistance, due to which they heat up when electric current passes through them. In order to avoid a short circuit and other problems associated with electric current, spirals are placed in isolated metal tubes.

Before checking the heating, it is necessary to determine its normal resistance. This is necessary so that when testing you have a standard with which the readings of the device should be compared. Thus, you can easily determine how much measured by the multimeter the value differs from the calculated, and how much these values ​​diverge.

To calculate the normal resistance of the heater, you need to use the formula of the type

where P is the power indicated on the equipment housing. So, if the electric device operates under a voltage of 220 volts, and its power is 1000 watts, the resistance calculated by the formula will be 48.4 Ohms. As you can see, it is very simple to calculate the meaning!

Checking an ordinary heater

Now that you know how to determine the resistance of the heater and why this should be done, you can start directly to the test itself, which is performed in a few steps.

check, heater, home

Before checking the heater by a multimeter, disconnect the heating element from power.

In further actions, be guided by the above instructions for the correct verification:

  • Set the resistance switch on the multimeter into the range, into which the indicator calculated previously the formula is laid.
  • Touch the tester’s probes in turn to each output contact of the tested heating element and the device case.

The following is the decryption of the testner’s testimonies, which are displayed on its display:

  • The resistance is equal to the calculated. the serviceability of the device and suitability for work.
  • Scoreboard shows the value of 0. a short circuit of a spiral inside the tube.
  • The scoreboard shows the value of 1 (or infinity). a break in the heating spiral.
check, heater, home

After the verification procedure is completed, it is necessary to engage in the nickname, which allows you to determine whether an electric breakdown occurs on the body of the device. The call is also carried out using the tester as follows:

If at the time of touching the probes to the contacts, the biblings begins to make high.frequency signals, then an electric breakdown occurs on the device case, which can lead to current damage with serious consequences for health and life.

Determination of the resistance of the heater

In home and industrial boilers, tubular electric heaters also often fail. If the case of the device directly contacts water, then this inevitably leads to a cluster of scale on the surface. Heat exchange is gradually deteriorating and the conditions for overheating are created, as a result of which the device ceases to work over time.

Ten stops heating water, and all the sensors on the device case show the serviceability. If a spiral break off, then the water heater can hit a person with an electric shock, so you need to identify and eliminate the problem as soon as possible. One of the fastest diagnostic options is to determine the resistance of the water heater’s heater using a multimeter.

When checking the resistance, you need to follow several mandatory rules:

  • The device must be disconnected from the network. To prevent lesions of the electric current, it is better to immediately turn off the device from the voltage at the slightest suspicion of a malfunction.
  • All wires are disconnected from the heating element, and the terminals should be carefully cleaned from rust and pollution.
  • It is necessary to check the service of the safety valve.

The resistance of the water heater is checked by a multimeter in the above method. The power value can be viewed in the passport of the device, according to the formula, the main working level of resistance is calculated. If the device shows a similar or close value to it, then the heater can be considered serviceable and look for other reasons for the breakdown. If the multimeter shows 0 or 1, then the heater is faulty and requires replacement with an original or similar part.

When checking, it is important to make sure that the multimeter is working: wires and probes should be intact, there should be no violations in displaying indicators.

Which multimeter can be used

To call the heater to check its health, you can use both a modern digital and an old arrow model of a multimeter. it is only important that the device gives accurate readings. Professional electricians use multimeters equipped with a sound signal in the work: they allow you to find out the result without being distracted from working with an invalid device.

A digital multimeter gives more accurate results, but this is only necessary for professionals. A home master can use even a turnout model. it will determine whether the heating element is ready for use.

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Resistance testing remains the simplest and most convenient way to determine if there is a deviation in the work of the heater. When violations are detected, the heating element changes to a similar part, and the operability of the water heater or other device is restored. To prevent repeated problems, it is recommended to use water softeners that prevent the formation of scale.

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