How to choose a hair dryer for short hair

Competent choice of hair dryer

Healthy, shiny and well.Groomed hair. The best decoration of a woman. But in order to beautifully lay curls, it is not necessary to spend money on a daily visit to the hairdresser. You can dry and lay your hair at home, but it will be possible to achieve the perfect result only if you choose the right hair dryer. But it is worth considering that the health and beauty of the hair will depend on the quality and capabilities of the hair dryer, as well as the amount of time that will have to be spent on laying.

To choose the optimal hair dryer model, you will have to study some technical characteristics, for example, the power of the device, understand the abundance of additional nozzles and choose the optimal weight and design.

Hair hack requirements

Using a good hair dryer is one of the conditions for creating a beautiful styling. The modern device must be powerful, but at the same time safe, with the ability to choose the temperature regime and adjust the speeds. For ease of use, you should pay attention to light and compact models, ideally folding. In addition, the quantity and variety of existing nozzles is no less important. Wide helps to create a basal volume, and narrow ones make it possible to polish hair on a round brush.

The diffuser available in the kit will fix the curls.

Differences of professional hair dryers and domestic

Professional hairdries are distinguished by a number of parameters that expand their capabilities. Also, the presence of different modes and functions allows you to adjust the work of a hair dryer with any type of hair to achieve a better laying result and without harm to the curls themselves. Professional hair hair dryers have advantages thanks to:

  • High power;
  • The ability to choose from several modes of temperature and air supply speed;
  • Ceramic heater, which evenly heats up and minimizes the ability to dry or burn hair;
  • The presence of useful functions that provide good quality styling and simplify the process;
  • High reliability and long service life.

A long working resource is provided by engines that are indicated by “AC”. They allow you to use a hairdryer almost in non-stop mode. Professional models have thin concentrators, which allows you to well control hair styling by directing the air flow clearly to the necessary place. A long power cord makes a hairdry. Professional wires have at least 2.5 meters, in domestic the length of the cord usually does not exceed 2 meters.

10th place. Babyliss as82e

Babyliss AS82E capable of serving not only hot, but also cold air gets into the top of the best hairdryer. In a set with the device there is a thermostat with a diameter of 38 mm and a nozzle with a soft bristle with a diameter of 20 mm. With their help, you can make beautiful curls and large curls.

You may not be afraid for the safety of your hair, because nozzles with ceramic coating. On the case there is a positional switch with which you can change the temperature and power modes. The device has a power of 800 watts and receives power from the mains with a 2-meter cable.

12th place. Xiaomi Mijia Water Ion

Convenient and compact hair dryer, sparing hair, is equipped with a temperature regime NTC control. Mijia Water Ion is made in a white minimalist style, in connection with which it will perfectly fit into the interior of the bathroom, and the 2-layer coating is pleasant to the touch.

The engine has a power of 1.8 kW, due to which drying of the hair does not take much time. Integrated NTC module guarantees control of the air flow temperature, in order to avoid overdrying strands and scalp. During operation, negatively charged ions are allocated, designed to maintain natural moisture. Ions are formed in a special compartment, which will be isolated from heat, which is released by the engine. In Mijia Water Ion, temperature and power modes are combined, the sensor on the case is sent to the selected settings.

The weight of the device itself is 547 g, therefore it is convenient to use it in everyday life and take it on travel. In the configuration to Mijia Water Ion, there is a nozzle-concentrator, fixed by means of a magnet, which does not fall off during operation and rotates 360 degrees.

  • Compact dimensions of the device;
  • There is a cold air mode;
  • Low noise;
  • Pleasant appearance;
  • High.Quality assembly;
  • Convenient location in the hand;
  • High power.

What to look for when choosing

So, now that we are oriented in the type of gadget, we will find out what parameters you should pay attention to when buying.

Feng power

The air supply speed and the maximum heating temperature depend on the power of the hairdryer. The parameter is measured in watts and is always indicated directly on the case.


  • Small power. From 600 to 1000 watts. Such a hair dryer is not suitable for hair styling, but suitable for ordinary drying. The plus is that with such indicators the curls will definitely not get hurt from high temperature.
  • Average power. From 1000 to 1800 watts. The optimal parameter for domestic use. At such power it will be easy to independently make styling, straighten the curls, twist the strands. It’s good if the model has several speeds and temperature conditions. This will allow you to configure the device for its type of hair.
  • High power. From 1800 watts and above. Maybe in household models, but more often found in professional. A powerful hairdryer must be equipped with regulators. In inept hands, such a device risks damaging the hair, so choosing for yourself it is still better than hair dryers with average parameters.

Number of speeds

Today, even budget models of hairdries have speed regulators. This option is low for low.Power devices, but necessary for devices with a power of 1200 W and above.

The best hair hairs are considered the best with 2 or 3 speeds. Regulators are usually located on the handle in the form of buttons or runners.

At low speed, it is recommended to dry the hair, especially if it is thin and weak. On medium and high, you can make styling, straightening, curl.

Some companies offer models with a large number of speeds (4-6). But as practice shows, there is no need for such ranges, and you should not overpay for them.

Temperature regime

To choose the right quality device for your hair, you should pay attention to the presence of temperature conditions.

In household devices, 2 air supply modes are more common: cold and hot. There may be more temperature switches in professional tools-3-4.

The regulators are also located on the hairdryer and may have the shape of runners, levers, buttons.

Experts recommend choosing a model with 3 air temperature modes:

  • The hottest air allows you to quickly create styling, curls, straighten the hair.
  • The average temperature is safe for frequent operation.
  • Cold air is necessary to fix the styling.

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Additional functions

The best hair hair dryers are equipped with useful additions, such as:

  • Ionizer. Negatively charged ions divide water drops into smallest particles. Microcaples penetrate deeper into the hairs, moisturizing them. Thus, the ionizer prevents overdrying of hair and contributes to their healthy appearance.
  • Ozonator. This addition is used in new generation hair dryers and so far occurs infrequently. The built-in ozonator also helps the water molecules to penetrate deep into the hair, but in addition, it saturates the structure of the hair with oxygen and soldes the scales. A large amount of moisture remains inside the hair, the hair becomes smooth and elastic.

Feng nozzles

The number of nozzles for all models varies. A lot does not mean good and useful yet. Choosing a complete set based on your needs. It makes no sense to buy an expensive model with a huge number of nozzles that no one will use. Consider what nozzles are and why they are needed.

  • A concentrator is a basic nozzle for strengthening and a clear direction of air flow. It is removable and is in configuration of any hair dryer. Needed both for drying and for hair styling.
  • Diffuser is a large round nozzle with “fingers”, which allows you to dry your hair with volume. It is also great for creating light curls.
  • Breece nozzle-used to straighten hair, giving them smoothness.
  • Forceps. Are needed for the formation of curls. Sometimes there are several forceps of different diameters in the set. The shorter the hair, the less should be the diameter of the forceps.
  • Brushes. They can also be of different diameters, shapes, from plastic bristles or natural. Brushes are quite universal nozzles, with their help you can stretch your hair, curl curls, give volume. A good option for girls with short thin hair.
  • Comb. Usually made of plastic, has long wide teeth. Helps create a volume and hairstyles with randomly laid strands. Actual for long hair.

In professional devices, you can find additional concentrators (narrow, round, tubular, etc.) Stayler fenes are with a rotating nozzle, which greatly facilitates styling, but not in the best way reflects on the device itself. The differences in the sets are very significant, and here you need to consider each model individually, given its wishes and the need for a particular nozzle.

How to choose a flan brush: 7 rules

If you want the device to serve you as long as possible and do not harm your hair, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Power is the main parameter that determines the operation of the device that affects the air flow and its heating temperature. Typically, the power of the hair dryers with a rotating brush is in the range from 400 to 1100 watts. Before buying, decide how often you will use a hairdryer and for what purposes? It will depend on this how powerful the model you need to purchase. To give volume and light styling, 400. 600 watts will be enough. And if you plan to constantly dry and curl long curls, then you need to take the device stronger. From 1000 watts;
  • Production material. It is better to choose a hair dryer in which the nozzle body has ceramic spraying. This type of material contributes to a more uniform heating of the entire surface and interacts more carefully with the hair;
  • The mode of operation is the speed of blown air and rotation of the brush. Choose a model equipped with several modes. Then you can choose exactly the one that suits your hair depending on their length and density;
  • Nozzles. Well, everything is simple here. The more nozzles, the more opportunities for experiments with your appearance. Typically, the kit for the flan. The brush includes several round nozzles for different hair lengths, flat brushes for straightening curls and curling forceps for curling. Before buying, be sure to check the fortress of fixing the nozzles on the handle handle. If they stay weak, hang out or departs. It is better not to take such a model;
  • Auxiliary functions are a very important characteristic, as it allows minimizing the harm from the effects of hot air on the hair and facilitates the laying process. Such functions include ionization, the possibility of supplying cold air and vapor.Voltage. With ionization, the hair is exposed to negatively charged particles, which reduces static electricity. As a result, they become smooth and silky. Cold air is used at the end of laying, to fix the result. And moisturizing the ferry helps to straighten the hair and makes it more obedient;
  • Nutrition. There are two types of models. Those that eat from the electric network and working on batteries. If you choose a conventional wired model, make sure that the length of the cord is at least 1.8 m. It is more convenient to use devices in which the wire is made in the form of a spiral. In this case, it will not twist around the handle and interfere with you when working with the device. Models on batteries are convenient on travel and trips, where there is no way to use electricity. Pay attention to whether the charger is attached to the kit;
  • Accessories. It’s good when a plastic container or handbag includes a plastic container or a handbag of the model. This is especially true for models where natural materials were used in the production of brushes. Such nozzles require special storage conditions. Otherwise, the bristles will quickly break and fluff, which will further complicate the process of laying.


Modern manufacturers in the fight for the buyer seek to offer the maximum set of functions even in budget models. For example, today almost all hamples have a function of supplying cold air flow, which reduces the brittle hair. The presence of an air filter has also considered important, which protects the engine from overheating and increases the service life of the device itself. Models of a new generation can not only dry hair in a matter of minutes, but also treat them.

So, thanks to the presence of an air orzon lamp ionizer, the hair looks more healthy and well.Groomed.

The moisture level tracking system can adjust the degree of hair moisture, as well as the temperature of the supplied air. The speed of the air stream becomes less intense as the hair dries up. Some of the functions of the hair dryers are created for greater safety during the use of devices. For example, fixing pads are designed so that the hair dryer does not slide on the surface and does not accidentally fall during operation.

The auto shutdown system automatically cuts off the supply of electricity to the device when we put it on the surface and automatically turns it on when we bring it to the hair.

Review of reviews

It is quite difficult to cover all customer reviews about hair dryers not only because these devices are presented in a huge variety. It is much more important to remember that consumers’ opinion is quite subjective, and what one person likes may not be suitable for another. In the domestic segment of the market, the best reviews are the Babyliss brand products, combining the functions of hairdries and styler.

choose, hair, dryer, short

It is easy to try on new images with them, and the impact according to customers is considered sparing.

In the professional environment, the leader in the number of positive reviews is Dyson. The brand can be called a pioneer in the introduction of new drying technologies. In addition, he pays great attention to the design of his products. Among the budget professional hairdries, Galaxy products are awarded to praise.

It is worth noting that the functionality of models for home use is also a heterogeneous attitude. Among useful options, the presence of a case, drying cold air is noted. Women with young children and those who often go on business trips value the function of silent work of the device.

choose, hair, dryer, short

But the ionization or benefit from the infrared lamp in the hairdryer notices few. In addition, most of the customers are considered an unnecessary nozzle-disfuster, but almost all the concentrators use the concentrators.

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