How to choose a hob and oven

The main types of hob

So, the hob, which is installed above the oven, is called dependent. However, here the control is positioned in such a way that the oven protrudes slightly forward. If the cooking panel is installed separately from the oven, and it has an automatic system, it should be called independent. In this variation, the oven leaves the usual position and moves to any angle in the kitchen. For example, a cabinet can be built in above the table, under it or in any other cabinet. It is usually preferred to take devices in the form of free components, since this kind of configuration may allow to make an embedding of the oven at the breast level, which is sufficiently comfortable. Do not have to regularly make defigns for pulling out and installing food in the oven.

Other characteristic features of dependent and independent working surfaces are completely the same. But it should be noted that the variations of the device, called independent hobs, are very diverse. So, which surface is right to choose: gas, electric or combined. Tell further.

Rating of the best electrochannels

Consider three models of panels with four heating zones that have earned positive assessments from buyers.

Machine from glass ceramics with hi-light burners. Comfortable touch switch allows easy touch to customize work. The number of functions in such an inexpensive technique surprises. There is: timer, auto power, indicator of residual heat, protection against children. Total power consumption. 6.6 kW.

choose, oven

The top of the device is also made of glass-ceramic with tape tena (power. 7 kW). Two sections provide the possibility of expansion, so that there will be no problems with the selection of the diameter of the pan. In addition, there is a built-in sensor for the presence of dishes, a timer, shutdown when the fluid and the ability to block the switching. Plus, the technique independently conducts the status diagnostics and reports faults.

Attracts primarily stunning white design. Power is 6300 W. The glass-ceramic surface is equipped with Hi-Light burners, two of which have expanding zones. Useful options: automatic boiling, shutdown timer, automatic shutdown, residual heat indicator, child protection and self-diagnosis of faults.

How to choose an embedded cooking surface and a brave cabinet

In the late 90s and early 2000s, built-in appliances were an unaffordable luxury for most consumers. On the shelves of “LCD shopping”, it was usually located separately from another “white” technique, emphasizing the status of goods. At the same time, the model range was modest, and the were rapid.

Nowadays, the built-in cooking panel or the oven has become the first need for almost every kitchen, the price range has become more democratic, the range of models has grown significantly, the functionality of the technique has increased.

In addition, more and more consumers prefer to “building” for the following reasons:

  • Easy Installation
  • space saving
  • Huge variety of colors and styles
  • absolute freedom and independence of the arrangement of appliances, the ability to completely design the kitchen space to your taste.

Choosing built-in appliances for your kitchen is quite simple, but first you need to determine the location of the hob and cabinet if the kitchen is planned in a new building or the set is changing. This will allow you to design the location of the hood and sockets for connecting the “installation”.

Also a very important point is the number of burners on the hob. There can be two, three (often glass-ceramics or induction), four or even five. It is necessary to choose here based on expediency: for a large family you should not take a panel with two burners, and for one you should not take with five.

Built-in or freestanding oven?

Built-in gas oven is the most popular option. And this is not surprising. the choice of models is very wide. This technique is particularly convenient. it can be installed in a kitchen set, as a result of which the device will fully fit into the interior.

Built-in gas ovens, like electric ones, are dependent and autonomous. The former are quite rare. Their peculiarity is that they can only be located under the hob, since the control panel for both devices is common. Anyone who chooses this installation option will have to look for compatible modules for a long time. In addition, if the cooking panel comes out, the oven will not work either.

Among the advantages of dependent models, it is worth noting a low cost and full compatibility in terms of design with a cooking surface. Cons. a small selection of models and rather modest functionality.

Freestanding ovens are preferred. You can place them however you like. For example, raising higher, so as not to be tilted constantly in order to put or get a baking sheet.

Built-in models are installed in a niche specially intended for them. Since the device heats up during operation, a technological gap for air circulation should remain between it and the walls of the furniture. Many manufacturers of gas ovens equip them with a system of tangential cooling, that is, a special fan that blows the walls.

If you want to buy a freestanding gas oven, it will not be easy to realize this intention. The gas desktop oven is also a rather rare product in stores. An appliance that meets both of these criteria cannot even be called an oven in the full sense of the word. This is a tabletop stove with a baking chamber and a small two-burner hob.

Similar devices are manufactured by Gefest. The device has dimensions of 40 x 55 x 40 cm, is equipped with a baking sheet and a grate, and even has a gas control system. Oven volume 19 liters. Such models are usually purchased for summer cottages, as they have the ability to connect to bottled gas.

How to choose volume and size

Popular sizes of wind cabinets are equal to standard dimensions of kitchen furniture 60 × 60 × 60 cm. Their volume is about 50-70 l. For small kitchens and 1-2 people, narrow ovens with a width of 45 cm and a volume of 30-45 liters are suitable. For those who bake cakes to order, it is going to prepare a ram of foot or turkey whole wide cabinets with a volume of more than 70 l. To choose an oven, measure the exact size of the niche in which you will build it.


As a rule, narrow, 45 cm. For small kitchens and 1-2 people. Small selection of models compared to standard.


55-60 cm width. For any kitchen and family of 2-4 people. The most common option.


Up to 90 cm width. For spacious cuisine, family from 5 people, professional chefs, mini bakeries. Meet even less often.

The height of the oven also matters. There are compact models with a height of 35-45 cm, the microwave oven is usually built into them. Cabinets with a height of 90 cm are usually divided into 2 independent chambers in which you can parallel the biscuit biscuit and grab a turkey.

Additional details

These details help in the process of creating culinary masterpieces.

Spit provides uniform frying of a bird or a piece of meat. Due to the constant movement, the crust is obtained even, and the excess fat is not absorbed into the product, and drips into a baking sheet. However, in the presence of a powerful convector, the spit becomes not such a necessary part: the food on the lattice, with a good power of blowing, it turns out the same.

Thermospope helps to follow the preparedness of food. It sticks into a dish and tracks the temperature change inside the product. As soon as it reaches the set limit, an audible signal sounds or the oven automatically turns off.

The chamber divider is installed so that two different dishes can be cooked at the same time. The separator allows you to set your own settings for each of the compartments and completely isolate the compartments from each other.

Design of modern ovens

It’s not just functionality and specifications that matter when you’re choosing an oven. Design is far from the last place among the criteria influencing the purchase of this household appliance. Even if the device is built-in, its front part with the control panel still remains visible, so the aesthetic component is very important.

By design, modern ovens can be divided into two broad categories: modern and retro. Retro ovens fit most classic and rustic interiors. We will pay special attention to this direction, and now let’s talk about modern design.

This option is more versatile and almost win-win. Instruments are characterized by minimalistic design and mostly classic color scheme. Shades of white (beige, “ivory”, “Champagne”), black (“anthracite”) and gray colors (silver, “stainless steel”) prevail. Brown is also considered a classic option, but it is much more difficult to fit such an oven into the interior. Kitchen design with a brass cabinet can be made much more interesting if the device will contrast with the rest of the equipment and furniture facades, but not all are solved for such a step.

The main details of the design of modern ovens are accessories and controls. The latter can be mechanical or sensory. Mechanical switches have a simple ergonomic shape, painted in the color of the device or chromed. Sensory panels look at the interiors of High-tech. By the way, the models made in this style, sometimes doors are not equipped with handles and are opened by pressing the button.

A large influence on the design of embedded ovens has a surface material. We will talk about the options offered by manufacturers a little later.

By type, wind cabinets are divided into two types:

Gas oven

Gas oven works at the expense of the burner, which is in its lower part. Such a model will suit you if there is access to gas supply in the room. And also when choosing a gas oven, pay attention to the material and design, as uniform cooking depends on this. Otherwise, food will be well brought up from below, but remain raw top. The advantages and disadvantages of the gas cabinet include:

  • Energy saving;
  • Reliability and durability;
  • The presence of all important functions: frying, baking, quenching, baking;
  • Low cost.
  • Lack of temperature regulator;
  • The need to additionally buy a thermometer (if the oven is used often);
  • No additional functions;
  • Need a good hood.

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Select the gas cabinet only with the presence of protection function in the event of a gas or gas leak.

Electric oven

electric oven

Electric brass cabinets are distinguished by the fact that the heating element is located not only at the bottom, but on top, as well as on the sides. This means that in order for the dish to turn out raw, you need to try hard. Oven reluctantly propagate and. You can also choose an electric oven and install it in any room, even if there is no central gas supply. When choosing the best electrical oven, it is worth considering the advantages and disadvantages:

  • Multifunctionality. there are not only ordinary modes, but also special programs for cooking;
  • Ability to set temperature and time;
  • Safety, since there is no open flame, as in a gas oven;
  • Several heating elements.

Selection Options

Now let’s take a quick look at the main parameters. Read more about the characteristics you can read in the material about the choice of the oven.

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There are dependent and independent models. The first are sold complete with a cooking surface and have a common control panel with it. Independent are set separately and can be placed on a significant distance from each other.

When installing on the removal from the cooking panel, many wonder: whether the exhaust is needed over the oven or you can do one? As practice shows, if the right hood is chosen, then it will completely cope with the removal of odors from both devices.


There are three main sizes available for sale.

  • Full-size are characterized by the following parameters: width from 60 cm, height 60 cm.
  • Narrow characterized by the same dimensions, only the width is reduced to 45-60 cm.
  • Compact differ is the same as full-size, value, but less in height. 45 cm.

The depth of all devices is the same and about 55-60 cm.

During installation, it must be taken into account that there must be free space around the device for proper thermal insulation.


With frequent use of such equipment, electricity bills will inevitably increase. To save and save heating speed indicators, choose 2-3 kW aggregates.

Energy efficiency should have the designation not lower than A, but preferably A, A or A. Such samples are more economical.


Responsible for the convenience of adjustment. Traditional option. rotary switches. Everything is simple, reliable and clear.

Considered more modern version with buttons and sensor. They are equipped with a display, which shows all the commands entered. But such a system breaks more often and requires more detailed acquaintance with the instructions before starting operation.

There are also combined solutions. Here, the main functions are adjusted by rotary levers, and additional settings can be set by conventional or touch buttons.


Immediately I hurry to upset you: Kitchen technicians, which fully serves itself, does not happen. In any case, you will have to take part in this case, that’s just the degree of your costs will be much varied.

With manual cleaning, relying will only have for the strength of household chemicals and their hands. The steam (hydrolysis) system simplifies the task a little by pre-treating the surface with steam.

Catalytic cleansing involves the presence of a special enamel coating that breaks down fat. However, the top cover and door do not have such a layer and you will have to tinker with them.

The pyrolytic system provides for the heating of the camera at very high temperatures, when all the contaminants turn into soot. Will be able to smear it from the bottom. and ready. But such pleasure will be hurt.


Instruments can have many built-in functions. In my opinion, the convection fan, grill, timer and child lock are necessary.

All other bells: steamer, microwave module, spit, thermospace and other are absolutely optional. Although everyone has their own opinion.

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The wider the list of possibilities, the higher the price tag.


Pay attention to the presence of telescopic guides. They roll up baking tray to the whole depth of ahead, and you do not have to “begin to” in a hot chamber.

For the stove, located next door to the fridge and dishwasher, it will be useful to the presence of a tangential system. This is a fan that cools the outer walls so that the headset and appliances do not heat up.

Bulb inside must be halogen. Although they cost more, they last longer.

Think in advance which is the best way for you to open the door:

Watch the video for expert advice on choosing a good oven.

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