How to choose a maker for an electric stove

How to choose a decanter for coffee

How could anyone resist the subtle aroma of freshly brewed coffee, elegantly poured into a coffee cup?? There is a special magic in this process, which has fascinated millions of lovers of this drink. To make coffee tasty, you need to know the technology of preparation, choose a quality variety of beans and have some skills. Another important thing that affects the quality of the drink is the coffee pot.

The censer (the real name of this vessel, translated means “burning coal”) comes in different variations of shapes, volumes and materials, each of which has its own cooking characteristics. To know how to choose the right brewpot and what the right brewpot is, read the recommendations about their types and distinctive qualities.

Material can dramatically affect the preparation and taste of coffee. Some can oxidize and release harmful substances, others are difficult to care for, and still others can be expensive.


Copper is ideal for this kind of utensil. It has sufficient thermal conductivity, which provides smooth heating of water and, as a result, an invigorating beverage of high quality is obtained. The only thing to pay attention to is the inner coating. It is desirable that it is made of a food material (for example, tin). This ensures that the cup does not contain any offensive smells or contaminants.


Very attractive looking and inexpensive. They heat up too quickly because of the thin walls, resulting in an insufficiently aromatic coffee. The neck is wide, which evaporates coffee oils without giving off the aroma. They are also fragile.

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Apart from their price, they have no other advantages. The material heats up while brewing coffee and begins to transfer harmful substances into the beverage. In addition to changing the taste, this process is harmful to the body. They are not very attractive visually.

Stainless steel

No harmful emissions during cooking, which is a plus. Highly durable, do not break. Not very attractive from the outside. Has a significant disadvantage. it heats unevenly (the bottom overheats), resulting in burnt coffee and spoiled taste.


Brass brewers have good thermal conductivity. Heated evenly, the ground coffee gradually transfers its taste to the water and the result is a perfect brew. The plasticity of brass enables the creation of tableware of various shapes and designs. Resistant to damage. We recommend using the brass jug regularly to avoid oxidation.


Similar to earthenware pots, except for the fact that after removing from the fire they continue to give the heat to the water, and often make the coffee run away. Fragile, but allows the use of different types of coffee, without losing the aroma and rich taste of the beverage.


Heats quickly and evenly, does not emit any harmful substances. Beverage brewed in a silver carafe, gets saturated, fragrant and incredibly tasty. They look very aesthetically pleasing in the kitchen. Resistant to any kind of damage. However, there is one major disadvantage

Regardless of the material used, do not forget to properly care for and wash it after each use.

The first spoon was made of clay, which was fired afterwards. The inexpensive category of brews are metal and copper brews. Ceramic has been replaced by the ceramic turkey jug for a relatively short time. Ceramic models are popular due to their easy care and possibility of multiple use for different sorts of coffee beans.

The base for earthenware and ceramic cookware is clay. Afterwards bake it in the stove. Clay maker is not covered with enamel. this is the main difference from the ceramic one.

The vitreous glaze over which the ceramic spoon is coated makes it more durable. Thanks to the coating it is easy to wash. Coffee made in a ceramic maker has a unique aroma and taste. The coating protects the clay from oxidation.

Ceramic jesvah does not take away the flavor of the drink, so it is used for different varieties, unlike its metal predecessors.

The drawback of a ceramic teapot is brittleness, slow heating and cooling. Preparing a drink requires a lot of attention. Turning off the gas does not guarantee that the coffee will not boil over. Minus enameled clay high sensitivity to temperature fluctuations. Rinsing with cold water immediately after heating is unacceptable, as well as careless handling.

Purchase price is not in favor of the product of ceramics. Metal analogues are 1.5-2 times cheaper.

How to take care of the ceramic distillery

Taking care of a ceramic jug comes down to three rules:

  • Do not use harsh detergents for cleaning. Strong mechanical impacts must also be avoided. Warm water, mild detergent, careful drying. the basic steps of care.
  • In most cases, washing ceramic turks in the dishwasher is acceptable. But it is worthwhile to read the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • It is strictly forbidden to wash the hot water turkey in cold water. From sharp temperature fluctuations the product can crack.

Induction stove (electromagnetic) works by the physical property of magnetic fields to create a circular current. It acts on the cookware and heats it. Adjusting the power in this type of stoves is done by changing the electromagnetic field. It has nothing to do with the exposure time.

Immediately after switching on, an electric current begins to flow into the coil under the hob. The device converts it into an electromagnetic field. Even if you put your palm on the stove after a while, you can’t feel any heat, because the magnetic circuit is still active. к. The unit is in standby mode.

Here’s everything you need to know about buying an oven or stove

To activate it, it is necessary to put a metal pot on the hob surface, which closes the magnetic circuit. Eddy currents will be generated around the bottom of the dish. In the process of exposure to these forces, the metal molecules begin to vibrate, generating heat. The higher the frequency of the field, the greater the temperature, which, in turn, will affect the contents of the pot or pan.

Review of turkey manufacturers

True connoisseurs of coffee buy exclusive models, made by professionals in a single copy. Such jezzes have a unique design, often decorated with hand molding and drawings. They are much more expensive than those produced on a production scale. If you can’t afford a handmade brewpot, check out the list of the best-known companies that specialize in the production of coffee utensils:

These manufacturers produce high quality models, using only reliable, tested materials. Products undergo rigorous quality control and meet global standards. Choosing any of these companies, you can be sure that the model will last a long time and will delight you with a freshly brewed flavorful drink. Each of the manufacturers presents a wide range of different variants of dishes for coffee, so consumers can choose any model they like.

Operating principle

Home of the turkey is the East. The invention is several hundred years old. A classic pot is a bowl with a relatively narrow neck and a wide base. Coffee is brewed in this order. Pour ground coffee powder into the jug and fill with water. Then place the pot on the stove. The duration of the drink is 10-15 minutes. The evaporation is minimal, so the coffee is not too thick. Thanks to the wide bottom, the device heats evenly. The jug-shaped design creates less foam. Once the coffee is taken off the stove, it is left to stand for 5-10 minutes and then poured into cups. The maker is fitted with a thermally insulated handle, for ease of use.

To buy the best distillery, in addition to the material of the body and volume, it is worth considering the manufacturer. Sometimes there are teasers from unscrupulous brands that position their products as inductive, but in reality it does not correspond to the statements.

Among the major manufacturers that make special jesters for induction stove, the following are popular:

    Gipfel. Products from Belgian manufacturer. A wide range of products allows you to choose the right model for you. All products are made of high quality polished steel. Great variety of capacities. from 390 to 700 ml. All models have wide necks and thick bottoms 6-8 mm. If you want a maker that is tough and has a stylish design, this is the model for you. Price from 1300

  • Mallony mal 600. Double-wall carbon steel model with non-stick coating, which means that the cookware is durable. Lightweight, easy to clean by hand. Bakelite handle is heat resistant, non-slip and has a comfortable length. Functional product. can be used not only for coffee. Volume. 600 ml. Price from 170 The disadvantages are the scratching and odour of the first use. Important to wash after every use. Mallony mal 600
  • Gipfel maree 5574. Non-stick coated stainless steel will last a long time. The handy handle and spout are the main features of this appliance. The dishes are easy to use and care for. The product is suitable for all types of stoves. The classic design will fit in any kitchen. Turkish Mug capacity of 220 ml. Ideal size for a single mug. The disadvantages are that because of the small size some induction plates need an adapter. Price from 900 Gipfel maree 5574
  • Fissman 3310. A steel distillery with a polished surface and a three-layer bottom. Attractive appearance and attractive price appeal to customers. Volume. 550 ml. The disadvantages include the need for thorough cleaning and some electric stoves with glass ceramic coating “do not see” it. Price from 1500 Fissman 3310
  • Frabosk Lola Induction. Practical, comfortable and delicate coffee maker. Steel device with triple-bottomed capsule and non-stick coating. Large-capacity 500 ml machine heats up slowly, but makes coffee for 6 people at a time. Interesting design looks attractive. Some consumers complain that their stove doesn’t recognize the jesus, probably because of the small size of the bottom. Price from 1300

Electric coffee maker: pros and cons, how to choose

Electric coffee maker will cheer you up in the morning. A cup of delicious coffee in the morning, and at other times of the day will not refuse a true connoisseur of this drink. Life has become much easier with the development of technology. Improvements have also affected natural coffee lovers. Electric brewers are used instead of usual brews.

Despite being a new device, it quickly gets admirers. And that’s not surprising. New product is suitable for daily use and allows not to monitor the brew thanks to the automatic switch-off function. “The Smart Turka will set the temperature and turn off when needed. There are more and more models from different companies on the market. Recommendations on how to choose a good model and rating of electric coffee brewers you can find further.

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