How to choose a pan for an induction stove

The rating of the best pots for the induction stove in 2021

These plates consume a minimum of electricity and allow you to cook dishes with maximum comfort. They do not need complex care and are completely safe. Many have already guessed that we are talking about induction hobs. Today they can be safely called. A good choice for modern cuisine. It remains only to choose the best pan for the induction stove in 2021! Our rating to help you!

It seems that it seems that so difficult to buy a pot? I went to the store or on the marketplace, chose the most beautiful model and happy went home or continued to purchase. But unfortunately, such spontaneous and rash expenses can turn into disappointment and inedible food. So that nothing like this happens, we bring to your attention the criteria for choosing a good pan for the induction hob.

  • Magnetic bottom. You can check this property in several ways. The first. If, the pan is modern, then it will have a special icon reporting that the model is suitable for an induction stove. The second method is “grandfather”. To attach a magnet to the dishes, if it is drawn, then feel free to use this kitchen accessory.
  • Thick and perfectly even foundation. The thickness should be at least 5. 10 mm, otherwise the dishes will be unevenly heated and can lead to unpleasant embarrassment in the process of preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner. The metal plate of the bottom (anti.Deformation disk) should be perfectly flat, this will provide a complete fit to the induction panel and increase the heat transfer from the plate to the pan. In other words, it will increase the efficiency of work and extend the service life of the product.
  • Marking. The designation is applied to the bottom of the product and suggests that the base is made of ferromagnetic alloy.
  • Diameter of the bottom more than 12 cm. Do not ignore this parameter, since the hob may simply “not notice” the utensils and refuse to interact with it. Fans of strong coffee welded in a miniature Turk will not be able to prepare this fragrant drink on induction.

There are additional selection criteria, such as the presence of a lid or not heated handles, wall thickness and style solution. These parameters also play an important role, but in principle they depend only on individual preferences and requirements of the owner to the product, and we have prepared a list of the best companies that produce pots for induction plates of decent quality and from various raw materials.

Is the dishes suitable for induction stoves

The easiest way to make sure that the pan and the pan will heat up on the induction panel is to pay attention to the recommendations of the manufacturer. The necessary for you is the one with the symbol of the spiral with the inscription Induction. If the packaging is lost, bring the magnet to the bottom. It is attracted. It means that the capacity contains ferromagnetic alloys, therefore, suitable for use on the new plate.

Bottom thickness-at least 2 mm. The subtle is easily deformed, since the plate heats up very quickly and cools down. As a result. The effectiveness of the hob will decrease. An unpleasant side effect may appear. An unpleasant whistle when cooking.

Diameter of the bottom. Most induction plates have the minimum is 12 cm. With a smaller panel, it will simply not heat up. With a larger, the spiral will not heat the edges, which will affect the quality of the dish.

choose, induction, stove

The number of layers of the bottom is a factor, a little less important. Actually, the layer can be one, but be sure with ferromagnetic material. Better. Of course, multi.Layer. Different types of metals in it complement each other. Aluminum is responsible for the heating rate, the outer layers of steel. For the uniform distribution and preservation of heat.

Requirements for dishes

Ideal dishes for induction plates are recognized as pots and pans made from modern high.Quality metal alloys, complemented by anti.Stick coating. All the utensils available in the house first of all should be examined on integrity, the presence of fat plaque, and scale. Unsuitable dishes can be used if:

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It is recommended to check the remaining inventory for ferromagnetic properties (sticking the magnet) or take the cottage.

Only certain types of dishes are suitable for induction plates


The most important indicator for induction dishes is a two- or three-layer thick bottom (5-10 mm), which has a flat surface (to increase the area of ​​contact). If this parameter does not comply (the bottom of the pan will be thin or deformed), the efficiency of heat transfer will be minimal, so cooking will take much more time. The thickness of the walls of the dishes in this case is not important.

The diameter of the bottom of the purchased inventory should also coincide with the size. If, for example, put a small bucket on a surface with a diameter of 26 cm, there is a risk of electromagnetic radiation. Accordingly, all family members must be informed about the rules for using technique.


High.Quality pots (stewpan, buckets), ketrators and pans are made of alloy and aluminum alloy, whose service life is unlimited. Cast iron dishes can also be used for an induction stove, but heavyweight containers should be placed carefully. In addition, a special porous structure of the walls of the material, the uneven bottom reduce the rate of heating, so the dish is prepared longer. The enameled cast.Iron pan for the induction stove is considered optimal. In addition, some manufacturers give many years (up to 25 years) a guarantee for their products.

If the hostess prefers high.Quality enameled dishes, you should carefully examine it for the lack of cracks, chips, lime plaque. An old enameled pan when heated on an induction stove is often deformed, bursts, makes a whistling sound and can scare households. The correct option is a specialized enameled dishes for induction plates, which has higher wear.Resistant properties.

An important indicator of good dishes is the presence of ferromagnetic properties. This is checked by any magnet by applying it to the bottom part of the pan from the outside, it must stick.

  • Thin aluminum or copper pans (will not heat up);
  • Ceramic dishes without magnetic properties;
  • Glass or phaory containers (have a low heating coefficient);
  • Stainless steel dishes with an admixture of nickel (due to the high probability of allergic reactions).

Conditional aluminum, brass or copper dishes are considered conditionally suitable. However, due to the low content of magnetic particles, it will be very slowly heated. The exception will be a container of enamel, aluminum or glass having a magnetic bottom.


This is the most useful accessory for owners of ultramodern plates. It is a round steel disk combing an induction panel with “inappropriate” utensils. The adapter is installed on the heating area, the desired container is placed on top of it, while glass or ceramic dishes should be heat.Resistant.

Home utensils, which do not contain ferromagnets, will perfectly heat up on induction in the same way as special if this adapter is used. For the convenience of operation, the disk is equipped with a handle, which can be disconnected during cooking. When using an adapter, it is recommended to follow some rules:

  • The size of the disk must correspond to the diameter of the bottom of the dishes (adapters with a diameter of 14 to 30 cm are presented on sale);
  • It is unacceptable to leave the device without dishes on a working stove;
  • It is forbidden to use a wet adapter.

The adaptation perfectly complements the combined furnaces (induction, combined with electric), easily solving the problem of newly.Made users on a smooth transition to the use of modern technology. And the wide variability of value (from 1,500 to 3500) allows you to choose the best option for your kitchen.

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Inappropriate dishes without an adapter on the induction stove, it will not work out due to the lack of magnetic interaction between the surfaces.

How to use a stainless steel pan for an induction stove

Even taking into account the fact that stainless steel dishes are recognized as suitable for induction, you still need to check its bottom with a magnet. The composition of the material can have different alloys, so it is better to double.Check. Stainless steel dishes are in almost every kitchen. She is loved for lightweight, even a pan for an induction stove for 20 liters will not weigh much. Other pluses:

  • The material does not damage to useful food elements;
  • Does not create a danger of oxidation of food;
  • Durable;
  • Allows you not to take out food after cooking, but to store right there, in a pan;
  • Very handsome.

The beauty of stainless steel easily deteriorates from any touch, drops. Therefore, the care of such a pan will not be easy that it can push away from the acquisition.

The nuances of the choice

Before making a purchase, you need to figure out which pots are suitable for cooking on induction plates, and which should be set aside. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to completely replace the kitchen utensils, since, most likely, in the cabinets in the kitchen there is a pair or three dishwashers suitable for glass ceramics with induction.


Advanced housewives assure that only stainless steel dishes are suitable for induction panels. Argued by the fact that the containers are magnetized. This is not entirely true, since stainless steel, depending on the percentage of the components in it, may not attract the magnet.

It is better to say this: for induction, any models whose alloy contains ferromagnets is suitable, but preferable:

Steel products value for corrosion resistance, excellent appearance, durability, strength, ease of operation. “Minus”. Burning food when cooking, but this is easy to avoid, strictly observing the temperature regime.

Cast iron pots (subject to proper operation and care). “eternal”, harmless to health, warm up evenly. The dishes prepared in them are delicious, with a unique aroma, which makes the dishes an unconditional favorite.

Disadvantages: fragility, large weight. One careless movement. And the surface of the plate can be damaged.

The widespread opinion that aluminum, glass or ceramics are not suitable for induction is only partly true. If special components are added to the bottom of such products, there is a marking “Induction” or an icon with the image of spi elements, then feel free to buy a glass or ceramic set you like.

Do not discount the sets of iron enameled pots already available to you. They cook perfectly on induction panels, but on one condition. If there is an evenly thickened day.

Utensils with recesses in the bottom (and such often occur in dishes with enamel coated) on the panel cannot

A pan for an induction stove should have a thick base.

Parameters. From 0.6 cm, and better if 1 cm or more. The condition is prerequisite precisely for the bottom, since it comes into contact with the hob. The walls of the case of the dishes can be thinner.

With a smaller thickness, heating occurs unevenly, placed on the plate of a pan, a stewpan or bucket begins to make noise and buzz. This not only slows down the cooking process, but also leads to deformation of the lower part of the containers.

Another important condition is a perfectly smooth and even bottom, tightly adjacent to the glossy surface of the plate. If irregularities are found in the saucepan, it is not suitable for induction, even if he magnetizes.

So carefully check the kitchen utensils. Both new and old. It happens that a long.Purchased set of pots and pans in terms of its technical parameters approaches sophisticated tiles, and with a supermined, but with a concave ceramics, a resignation will have to be “resigned”.


When using any plate, and induction is especially important, uniform heating of the dishes when cooking is important. It is provided due to the properly selected dishes. The diameter of the containers should be at least 12 cm so that the bottom takes about 70 or more percent of the area of ​​the burner.

In a number of hobs, a diameter requirement is at least 8 cm. Accurate data depends on the model.

Now the panels are distributed with the function of automatic determination of the diameter of the containers, which is very convenient.

Experts advise acquiring wide, but low pots. Due to more effective and uniform heating, dishes are prepared faster due to more effective and uniform heating.

Adapter disk

If there are many different types of dishes in the farm, but not a single set is suitable for a hob with induction, then it makes sense to purchase a special disk (adapter). Its task is to combine kitchen utensils with a hob. The disk successfully copes with this function.

When choosing an adapter, take into account the following:

The use of the disk allows you to cook on the panel in the dish that is not suitable for induction (due to material or diameter).

Disadvantages: cooking time increases, since the adapter is first warming up, and only then the dishes. The disk is a temporary option, it is still better to purchase suitable pots and pans.


When purchasing an induction stove, many begin to think about the purchase of new dishes that is suitable for this option. But you can use the existing dishes in the kitchen.

To do this, it is enough to find out pots, frying pans with ferrimannetic bottom. At the same time, special tools are not used. A small magnet is enough. It is applied to the bottom of the dishes. If it is added, then it is suitable for use. But if not, then it cannot be used.

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Brokes with ferrim a bottom: cast.Iron, iron, enameled.

But glass, aluminum, ceramic faor, copper containers are prohibited from using on plates operating from magnetic field energy.

Когда имеющая посуда не подходит, то нужно приобрести необходимый вариант в магазине или заказать через интернет магазин.

In order not to make a mistake in choosing, it is necessary to follow several tips.

  • The bottom of the bottom of induction dishes should be at least 12 cm. This allows for the optimal area of ​​contact of the bottom with the heating surface.
  • The bottom thickness does not exceed 6 mm, but is at least 2 mm.
  • On the furnaces it is necessary to use containers with a flat bottom without bends, depressions.
  • When choosing a container for furnaces, pay attention to the icon in the form of a horizontal spiral. It means that the dishes have a ferrimestial bottom.

Dynamics of price for induction stove

Model 2021 Type of dishes disadvantages Bottom thickness, mm Yandex.Market
Woll Concept NCSET001 kit There is no small pan or bucket in the kit 7.5 Go
Zwilling a. Henckels Cube 66500-000 kit sparing washing Go
Nadoba Maruska 726618 kit Handles heat up in the covers 5.2 Go
Rondell The One RDA-563 kit one cover includes 5 Go
Woll Diamond Lite Induction 1524DPI pan The handle is difficult to dress eight Go
WMF Profi Resist 1756286411 pan Mark coating Go
Hurman-Classic 110350 VSMPO pot Thin hands 6.5 Go
Rondell Mocco pot You can not use metal accessories 3.5 Go
Rondell Vintage RDS-353 Steven Only manual washing 6.4 Go
Staub Hexagon Steven There is no cover in the kit Go
Gipfel Victory 1365 ladle The handle heats up eight Go
Nadoba Mineralica ladle cannot be used in the oven Go

Buying a set of dishes is saving money and time in 2021. Products made in the same style will perfectly fit into the interior and will emphasize the excellent taste of their owner. Many well.Known manufacturers produce separate lines of dishes designed for induction plates. The best of these sets are presented in our ranking.

Woll Concept NCSET001. 8 pr. Silver

The professional model of this brand personifies the highest quality and unsurpassed comfort, as well as the pleasure of using. The excellent taste of dishes is combined with energy economy and health benefits, since the finished food contains a minimum amount of fat.

Successful equipment will allow you to implement your favorite recipes and master new culinary creations. The dishes have unique multifunctional lids and modern handles that do not heat up when used on a hob or in an oven.

Material steel
Bottom thickness, mm 7.5
Peculiarities washing in a dishwasher, use in the oven, an uninhabited handle, a cover in the kit
Equipment Bucket: 2.5 l; Poster: 3.4 l, 5.8 l; Steven: 4.8 l; 4 covers
Price, ₽ 28 632
Find in the store Yandex.Market

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Rondell Flamme 5.7 l

This dishes will be a great solution for a large family. Volumetric pan allows you to cook a large amount of food. The case is made of strong stainless steel, which ensures the practicality and durability of the dishes. Thanks to the unusual design of the lid, you can conveniently and easily drain the water.

The pan is equipped with soft and pleasant to the touch with silicone handles, due to which you will not need a tack. The inner surface has a liter mark, which is very convenient if it is important to observe the correct proportions when cooking. Thanks to the special technology of the three.Layer bottom, the dishes evenly distributes heat, holds it for a long time, has anti.Stick properties. It is as simple as possible in care, washing in the dishwasher is allowed.

Material of dishes Steel
Lid Glass
Bottom Multi.Layer, paid

Great pot, stylish design, large volume. All that is needed for a large family. Over time, no spots appeared on the surface. Sometimes mine in a dishwasher also withstands perfectly, does not deteriorate. I recommend to everyone.

Mallony Marmo-20 3 l

Three.Liter aluminum pan has a four.Layer, anti.Stick, marble coating. The glass cover fits tightly to the surface of the dishes, thanks to the silicone rim. Comfortable handles are equipped with silicone inserts, so they do not heat up and provide comfort when using.

Material of dishes Stamped aluminum
Lid Glass
Bottom Multilayer with marble coating

The price of this pan is just a fairy tale for such an awesome quality. The aesthetic side of the dishes is also important for me, therefore, I am glad that it is stylish, beautiful. The walls and the bottom of it are thick, heats up evenly, holds heat. Cool, I advise.

Appetite Dream 1MC181P 3 l

The pan has an enameled coating. The surface is resistant to dietary acids, does not interact with food, does not absorb odors, does not distort the taste of food. The basis is not deformed, which significantly extends the term of use of dishes. Thanks to energy saving technology, the food warms up quickly and evenly, the heat is held on the surface for a long time. The steel cover has a metal rim for a tight fit.

Material of dishes Steel
Lid Steel
Bottom Enameled

Cute pan at an affordable price. I have been using it for six months, still delighted. Nothing sticks to the bottom, it is laundered easily.

Mallony Bak-S-03 2.8 liters

The pan is made of stainless steel. On the two short bakelite handles on. The bottom of the dishes is single.Layer, a glass cover is provided in the kit. The pan can be washed in a dishwasher.

Material of dishes Steel
Lid Glass
Bottom Single.Layer

Good, inexpensive pot, with a purchase is happy. She is light, beautiful, but sometimes food is burning for her.

Nadoba Maruska 2.6 liters

Dishes made of stainless steel of high quality. The cover is made of heat.Resistant glass and has a metal rim for a denser fit. In addition, there is a built.In colander on the lid, therefore, it is convenient to drain water through it.

Convenient metal handles have a folding structure, which saves space if necessary. The inner surface is equipped with marks indicating the volume. Suitable for washing in a dishwasher.

Material of dishes Steel
Lid Glass
Bottom Multilayer, capsulated, aluminum

How to save the surface of the hob

In order to maintain the primordial appearance of the panel, you need to select special dishes without flaws. The surface of such a slab is perfectly smooth and even. Let it not require specialized care, but do not neglect the careful operation.

In order to maintain the primordial appearance of the panel, it is necessary to select special dishes without flaws.

choose, induction, stove

Exclude the use of metal scrapers and brushes so as not to damage the plate. Do not use abrasive substances when cleaning. And of course, avoid serious blows that provoke chips on the induction panel case.

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