How to choose a pan for glass ceramic stove

Which dishes to choose and use for glass.Ceramic hob

The improvement of technical fillings of various devices quite often makes certain adjustments to the operational process. For example, for glass.Ceramic plates, special dishes should be used, which ideally fully corresponds to the hobs according to certain characteristics. This feature makes many housewives refuse to use old pans, pots, choosing a limited amount of utensils for the kitchen for cooking.

Hobs are presented in the assortment. Clients can choose models:

  • Dependent. Installed in oven cabinets, are located on top of this equipment. As a rule, control elements are placed on the front panel at the top of the oven body. Thus, the surface will not work separately from the oven;
  • Independent are autonomous devices of modern kitchen equipment. The control system is placed on the case panel created for this purpose. Such models do not join large oven. Most often they have compact sizes. Suitable for use in small kitchens.

Installation of an electric dependent slab. Outpatient barrel panel

However, the latter are also not deprived of their advantages. They can stylishly and organically fit into the kitchen set, so the effect of integrity is created in the room, which is so pleasant to lovers of aesthetic perfection. In addition, practice shows that working on such a surface is much more convenient than on an independent analogue.

The independent surface organically fits into the design

For dependent panels, it is important to highlight the shortcomings. If the oven or slab breaks, you can not operate all the equipment. Over, its price, for known reasons, is quite high.

Features of heating dishes

Models with the Hi Light option are available on the household equipment market. During heating, in this case, a special serpentine tape takes part, which is made from alloys of various metals. Such a device of devices and determined the need to use special dishes for cooking. If we compare the principle of the functioning of these plates with standard models, in this case the advantage refers to cast.Iron analogues, where the thermal transmitter option is performed by a component that can heat up as quickly as possible. These plates are combined with slow cooling. We are talking about residual warmth.

The principle of operation of glass.Ceramic slab

What is glass.Ceramic surface and how it differs from a regular slab

Glass.Ceramic plate is a household appliances, which is a type of electrical surfaces. It is made of composite material based on glass and clay. The alloy is also called “Ceran”. It perfectly conducts heat, withstands a lot of weight and strong loads.

Despite the fragile appearance, the surface is strong and durable. The device is more economical than the standard electric stove, because the material from which it is made is faster to distribute heat and cools down. Only the bottom of the dishes is heated, which makes it safe for a person.

Glass.Ceramic and gas stove have no similarities of both external and functional. They are distinguished by source of heat, its distribution over the surface, shape and size of fireplace.

Modern panels are equipped with additional capabilities and sensors, which turns cooking into a simple and safe process.

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That you can’t use

After purchasing a glass.Ceramic hob, it is recommended to carry out a full audit in the kitchen. Some items that at first glance seem strong enough and suitable for cooking may be completely unsuitable for the new stove.

Chips, roughness, uneven bottom. All these defects, even if they are insignificant, will scratch the surface of the panel.

Such damage cannot be eliminated or disguised. Thus, deformed dishes should be immediately thrown away or taken to the country. As for the new utensils, here you need to take into account the features of each type of cooking panels.

Convenient functions of modern glass.Ceramic panels

They differ from electrical counterparts with a perfectly smooth surface and the external designation of fireplace.

Manufacturers offer a wide selection of models that can be purchased depending on preferences: the number of firewood with different heating elements, complete with the oven and a different set of functions.

The plate heats the bottom of the kitchen utensils, due to which subsequently heat is evenly distributed throughout the container.

Tips for choosing a set of enameled pots

Choosing a set of enameled pots is quite simple. Their base is a metal bowl that is covered with vitreous enamel. Durable and practical enamel is applied by immersion.

During external examination on the surface, you can notice two points that remain from the fasteners.

If the manufacturer saves enamel, then covers the bowl with spraying. Such a layer will not last long and is fragile.

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It is necessary to pay attention to the shade of enamel inside the dishes. It should be white, black, gray-blue.

If the manufacturer stains the inner surface in other shades, then this indicates the presence of harmful impurities: cadmium, manganese.

When heated, they secrete harmful substances in food and can be dangerous to human health.

Important! Through chips and cracks in an enameled bowl, toxic substances in the body penetrate and accumulate, which cause irreparable harm to the liver, kidneys, bone brain.

Pan Stuck to Ceramic Glass Cooktop Stove | How To Remove

During the purchase, it is important to inspect the surface of the enamel. There should not be cracks, spots, damage or chips.

choose, glass, ceramic, stove

They testify to the poor quality of the coating. The enamel is applied to products that last a long time, without fluxes.

Types of dishes on materials for ceramic surfaces

Suitable material of dishes for glass.Ceramic slabs is stainless steel products with a double bottom, enameled or cast.Iron kitchen utensils, which is suitable for any models.

Soft metal products, such as copper and brass, are categorically not suitable for operation on the stove, which heats up entirely.

Type of dishes that cannot be used

The ceramic pan has an uneven bottom, so it is poorly suitable for a flat heating surface

How to choose a ceramic dish for cooking on the hob? I’ll tell you which dishes cannot be used:

  • Gas stove. If you used pots for cooking for some time, then the bottom is inevitably deformed due to uneven warming up. In addition, some areas of the surface become rough, which is extremely undesirable.
  • Urea. Any dishes that are deformed should not be used on panel systems. Another important option is products that have the bottom initially uneven. These are primarily ceramic products, although there are other options. Inspect this part to immediately reject everything that does not fit.
  • Dishes with an oenal bottom. In this option, the base can be even, but there are notches or other structure on it. Using such models, you spoil the glass.Ceramic glass for the stove, which worsens the appearance and ultimately does not affect the functionality.
  • Oval bottom dishes. Another variety that is not suitable, since the area of ​​contact with the surface is small and most of the energy is spent in vain. In addition, the cooking time in such a container is much longer.

Why is it important to choose the right dishes

You need to understand what dishes for glass.Ceramic plates are the most preferable, since irrationally selected containers cause certain difficulties in the operation of the product:

  • The lack of the fact of fit to the bottom part of the dishes, as well as to the surface of cooking, can lead to a noticeable increase in the amount of electricity, which, by the way, is currently not cheap;
  • Incorrectly selected pots, pans and ducklings, as well as baking forms heat up for a long time, which increases the cooking time;
  • The kitchen utensils, selected incorrectly, will differ in a short service life, not a high level of strength and low resistance to wear.

In connection with these probable difficulties, it is important to understand which dishes are suitable for glass.Ceramic plates. If an uneven bottom is observed in the kitchen utensils that is operated by you, this can lead to mechanical damage to both dishes and directly the device itself. The incorrectly selected capacity affects the distribution properties of heat inside and leads to a noticeable deterioration in the quality of the surface of the surface.

Ceramic dishes easily passes heat in the Zone zone

Possible problems

Relatively new type of panels. Induction slabs. Heating dishes in them is possible using vortex currents. They are formed under the action of the field of electromagnetic waves. There are many advantages of such plates, but unlike panels with ordinary burners, these can “recognize” the right dishes.

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Features of the slab are associated with the principles of electromagnetic induction. Only thanks to vortex currents will the bottom of the dishes be warm. The heat from the heated bottom will be transmitted to the products, while the surface itself remains a little warm.

If you choose dishes that is not capable of passing electromagnetic waves, the induction process will not be. For example, if it is glass or ceramic utensils, you simply cannot cook food in it. But even the correct stainless steel dishes or cast iron may not be suitable if it does not correspond to the size of the burner. It is important that the dishes cover about 70% of the diameter of the heating element.

For example, a Turku or a small bucket on a volumetric burner simply “will not see”.

Household appliances will not work if it “considers” that the bottom of the pots put on it is uneven. Without ensuring complete fitting, the plate will simply automatically turn off.

Now special magnetic discs have appeared on sale, which are allowed to use with induction plates. You can choose different elements suitable for a specific heating zone. If you put this disk on the element, and only then install the dishes, the stove will work with any pan or frying pan. The ferromagnetic disk is made of stainless steel, it is perfectly even, thick, is not deformed when using.

The method slightly reduces the effectiveness of the everyday device itself, but frees from the acquisition of another set of dishes, for example, if a new one has already been bought, but for some reason it did not fit.

For a conventional glass-ceramic slab, it is worth choosing dishes with a minimum possible percentage of bottom reflection. Thanks to this, the container heats up much faster, the distribution occurs smoothly. The most suitable models with the bottom of a dark matte shade will be. Gloss is able to reflect thermal rays.

If the dishes have a thin bottom, it is quickly deformed, so the recommended thickness is 3 mm. Do not choose models with a too thick bottom, they will heat up for a long time.

If you choose the right kitchen utensils for glass.Ceramic stove, you can extend the service life of the device. Food will be prepared quickly, and energy consumption will be rational.

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