How to choose a place for air conditioning in the studio

Where you can put the air conditioner: the choice of the optimal place for installation in a private house and in the apartment

How many times in the summer, when the bake comes, or in late autumn, when the apartment is uncomfortable without heating, we all remember that we were going to install the air conditioner, but our hands did not reach? Agree, in spring summer will come in any way, and if the issue is not resolved, we will again be exhausted from the heat. No ventilation or fans, and in winter the heaters will not save us.

You still need to decide and deal with the issue of choosing an air conditioner with a whole list of convenient functions that will make our life more comfortable. We will help to navigate the sea of ​​various climatic technology, tell me where you can put the air conditioner, and how to decide on the choice of optimal place for installation.

Optimal air exchange in the apartment

According to statistical data, a person spends in closed rooms at work or houses from 16 hours a day, so the issue of ventilation and air update is so important.

In order for a healthy and comfortable microclimate to reign in the house, several steps should be performed:

The correct functioning of the exhaust channels can be checked in an elementary way using a strip of paper, with normal operation, the air flow attracts it to the ventilation grille.»Repulsive” effect signals the presence of reverse traction.

An experiment with a sheet of paper should be done twice: with an open and closed window. In such a simple way, you can find out the reason for the poor traction, a weak flow of air into the room or problems with the ventilation duct.

To eliminate the problem, it is advisable to insert a fan with a check valve. The next step will be the installation of supply valves in metal.plastic windows. In the case of wooden frames of an outdated type, the issue of air flow is solved spontaneously, without valves.

And finally, a final step. For complete comfort, t.e. obtaining coolness in the heat and heat in the frost, climatic technology is established (having previously solved the issue of choosing a model and location of the air conditioner, The effectiveness of the work depends on competent placement).

General rules for using air conditioning

Most of the models are a complete set called “Winter-summer”. What does this mean? In the summer, the cooling mode is set, in winter, on the contrary, the heating mode. Qualitative versions of this household appliance are equipped with a drying function. This is very relevant in rainy autumn or spring days, when there is no heating in the apartment. All this undoubtedly belongs to the pluses of the air conditioner.

There are disadvantages too. Some users are sure that the device will air the room, but the air enters it from the street. It’s not like that at all. No model has a ventilation function. Accordingly, with its help, unpleasant odors cannot be removed. In fact, this is an electric fan that simply cools the air entering there and releases it with cold. In the case of heating exactly the opposite. However, if it is difficult to pick up a cold with an ordinary fan, then you can get sick with air conditioning very soon.

In order not to get sick and completely enjoy the inherent functions, it is necessary to remember and follow several rules that concern air conditioners of any model:

Dust and dirt constantly accumulate inside the device. Be sure to regularly clean it, otherwise we will breathe very contaminated air with microbes.

Serving the air conditioner must be carried out at least once a year. And specialists should do this who will remove the upper part and wash off, adjust all the internal mechanisms. This is important not only for air purity, but also for safety. Still, this is an electric device.

You can remove the top cover and wash the filter yourself. It is easily pulled out. Wash it with ordinary water, then dry well and inserted into place. Do this a couple of times a season of using the device.

In very hot weather, I want to quickly and harder to cool the air in the room, but do not set the mode below 18º. Even if you set the temperature parameter equal to 21-22º, this will be the most comfortable mode.

Be sure to give a respite to your device, and not drive it 24 hours a day. So its life will be longer, and the body will not inflict significant damage. And even more so it is not recommended to fall asleep under the air conditioner.

To save electricity and time acceleration time, do not forget to close the doors and windows. Otherwise, you will cool the air on the street.

Remember that the air conditioner does not ventilate the room. With its prolonged work without ventilation of the room, headaches, malaise, insomnia, causeless irritation may appear. Therefore, be sure to periodically ventilate the room.

A very important point is the correct location of the air conditioner in the room. Firstly, there should be enough free space under it so that nothing prevents the air when distributed around the room. Secondly, it cannot be hidden in a secluded corner, it should hang in the open space.

Types of air conditioners

Electronics stores offer a wide variety of air conditioning models. They differ in the place of installation, color, size, set of functions, and even in shape.

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Window air conditioners. Many will consider a long.outed and uncomfortable device, but nevertheless it is still in use and is quite popular. First of all, attracts at its price. Such models are slightly lower in cost. The design includes monoblock, compressor, evaporator, capacitor, fan. It is also installed very simple. Installation is carried out directly in the window opening, so the size of the air conditioner must correspond to this opening.

Responding to skeptics, let’s say that such an air conditioner has many advantages. Here is some of them:

  • easy installation;
  • high power;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • low price;
  • can be installed even in the country;
  • Long life.

Floor air conditioners. A great option for those who cannot install a stationary version. This type of household appliance is mobile, it can be moved from room to room. Unlike window models, the floor works almost silently. Manufacturers offer air conditioners of different sizes and design, but everyone has the same principle. Consists of a compressor, filter, heat exchanger and fan.

Modern air conditioners are endowed with functions such as, air purification from microbes, automatic start, remote starting. The installation of a floor air conditioner does not take any time, since it does not require a special connection. The main thing is to purchase it, deal with the instructions for use, find a suitable place in the interior. Among the models there are quite stylish options that will fit perfectly into the modern design of the apartment.

Installation of one large air conditioner in the corridor

The option of installing the air conditioner in the corridor also has the right to life! The main plus in such an installation is that the effect of a direct cold flow on people is excluded. But a big disadvantage is that it will be difficult to achieve a “correct” temperature in individual rooms (the exact temperature is very important for health). Each case of such installation must be considered separately. But keep in mind that:

  • The price of one large split is comparable to the price of several less powerful devices;
  • The cost of installing a large “conder” is not less than the cost of installing several small blocks;
  • The blocks of powerful air conditioners are larger, heavy and work louder. When they are located and attached, all this must be taken into account;
  • The failure of the only air conditioner in the corridor will lead to the lack of climate in the entire apartment. Spare parts and repair will most likely cost more;
  • Installation of the air conditioner in the corridor The most difficult and responsible operation. It is necessary to take into account all the nuances:
  • Correctly select the power of the device;
  • take care of the reliable conclusion of the condensate (the output of the drainage into the sewer has its own characteristics);
  • The power supply for a powerful air conditioner is brought from the shield (power options from sockets are no longer suitable);
  • take into account the dimensions and weight of the blocks during installation;
  • take into account the amount of refrigerant for the entire “track”.

Basic rules when choosing an air conditioner location

There are places in living rooms where a person is located most of the time. Let’s call them “rest zones” of a person. These include first of all:

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  • sleeping places in the room;
  • sofas and armchairs in front of the TV;
  • workplace at the computer;
  • dinner table;
  • “Working” zone in the kitchen in front of the set;
  • I will highlight a children’s bed with a separate item.

We are well aware that in most apartments it is difficult to find a place where the “Conder” will not affect the “rest zone” of a person. But in any layout there is the most “harmless” position of the device.

There is one myth. some people imagine that the cold is concentrated at the place of accommodation of the air conditioner (they say, the coolness will be only before the block or in the place where it “blows”). That’s bullshit! If the doors and windows of the room are closed, then the temperature will be distributed evenly throughout the room! Whatever place the room is the interior block “Split”. Only if the doors are open, you may feel that the air conditioner is cooler than in the corridor.

All air conditioners have the opportunity to adjust the direction of air flow. But you must understand that air is primarily gas! He will not be like a stone to “fly” to where you directed it (where the blinds turned it). In any case, the flow of cold air will “dissipate” the room. Of course, the movement of cold air will be felt more directly opposite the block.

If you need a coolness to enter the corridor, then there is no need to put a block opposite the door. With an open door, coolness in any case will “leave” the room. The location of the air conditioner strictly opposite the door can “play” only to a slight extent (the entire flow of air will not fly as a hard object in one direction).

Where is it better to install air conditioning in a apartment

It is not rare to hear such a question. Partially I have already given an answer, expressing my opinion. Namely, I said that it is more efficient to install air conditioning in a particular room, and not in the corridor. So, nevertheless, in which rooms the device is better to install? I will give several recommendations with which you can determine the location of the blocks for a specific case.

“Toroshka” is often three “living” rooms. a living room, a bedroom and a kitchen. We determine where we are the most rest and sleep. I believe that the bedroom in this regard should have priority. Since any person spends almost a third of his life in a dream! If the apartment is also a place of work, then we determine for ourselves where we spend the most time.

The second in priority is calculated by the same principle. If you find it difficult to choose, then I propose to stop at the living room (where we also rest a lot).

After the priorities were determined by the rooms, we take into account our financial capabilities and desires. If you plan to do with one air conditioner, then we put it according to your needs (I recommend in the bedroom).

If the budget allows, then an excellent solution would be the installation of “kondeev” in two main rooms (bedroom and living room, for example). And at the same time it is better to consider a small supply of power. For example, if the living room and the bedroom have an area each for 15 m.sq., then you can put 2.7 kW in each of the nine (although the “seven” in power of 2 kW would be quite suitable for each of the rooms!). This replacement will not cost much more, but in this situation, even in the corridor and the kitchen will “reach” the coolness.

If the money is generally immense, then put the air conditioners in every living room (bedroom, living room, kitchen).

Distance between air conditioning and furniture

For the high-quality distribution of processed air, it is necessary to remove all furniture and any other interior items from the zone within a radius of 1-1.5 meters that may serve as a barrier. Air flows will be reflected from them and return to the device, which will cause it off, since temperature sensors will receive a command about sufficient cooling/heating. Over time, this disables climatic equipment.

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To ensure the correct location in the room, it is advisable not to hang it over high cabinets, elongated computer tables and various shelves. This also serves as a restriction for normal dispersion of circulating air flow.

choose, place, conditioning, studio

The location of the external and internal blocks of the air conditioner relative to each other

The normal installation of the air conditioner in the room involves the small length of the freon route between the blocks of the split system. On average, this value is from 5 to 10 meters.

Firstly, this is important in terms of interior aesthetics. The shorter the connecting highway, the less it should be sewn into decorative boxes that look neat, but beauty does not add to the design.

Secondly, the price of installation of the air conditioner is formed taking into account the length of the freon route. Each excess meter makes a larger diameter of the pipeline for a common meter for devices with greater power, and, therefore, the price will increase.

Where to install air conditioning in the bedroom

In many apartments, the area of ​​the bedroom is 10-14 m. sq. The opposite of the front door is usually the window. “Traditionally” in such a room is a bed, opposite which a TV is installed.

In this case, there are the following options for installing the air conditioner (sometimes called “lateral installation”, since the hole in the wall is drilled from the side of the block, not under it):

  • on the wall with the TV (closer to the wall with the window);
  • On the wall where the head of the bed is located (closer to the wall with the window). If you are interested in a specific distance from the curtains, then read the article where I indicated the distance from the walls and the ceiling to the air conditioner.

If you choose from these two ways, it is more safe to put an internal block over the head of the bed (ceteris paribus). This is due to the fact that the cold stream from the block is less directed down than in a straight line (if the block is put opposite the bed, there will be more likely to get cold air to the berth). But if a computer table is located opposite the block, then you will have to choose the “smallest of evils”.

An equally effective option is also possible. the location of the block “in the aisle” (between the foot of the bed and the TV). This and other cases of placing an internal block are best discussed already on the spot with specialists. Since most of these options require the coordination of specific technical and financial issues.

In order for you to imagine what other options for the location of the Split blocks, I give a link to the article “Scheme of the air conditioner installation in the apartment”.

Some features of installing air conditioners in the apartment

When buying a household split system, it is necessary to carefully think over the nuances of the installation: place, method, time of installation of the air conditioner in a residential building, find out the cost of an acceptable option for mounting climate technology. This is especially true in cases where the air conditioner is installed in the apartment with your own hands. Pre.thought.out little things will not turn into further problems with the installation, if you take care of them in advance.

If the permission to install the air conditioner in a residential, apartment building is received, or it is not required at all, you can begin to determine the location of the split system. The installation circuit of the air conditioner in the apartment depends on various factors. In this regard, you can consider several accommodation options:

How to install air conditioning in a nursery

What risks and features exist when installing the air conditioner in the children’s? On the one hand, there is a risk that in case of improper placement of the air conditioner, he will negatively affect children’s health. Another danger is an uncontrolled inclusion of the device and playing under it.

So, we will try to avoid these risks. In the children’s room, the priority is to clean the air from dust, microbes and unpleasant odors, the supply of fresh air, of course, also. Try to adhere to the following rules:

Install the air conditioner over the children’s bed with strictly horizontal blinds, so that the flow of cold air is not directed down at the children.

Above workplace or playing area with the same direction of blinds. During the child’s classes, the air conditioner is generally better off.

Above the door or on the wall, where the child does not sleep, does not study and does not play.

Do not allow sharp temperature differences in the nursery, adjust the operating mode of the air conditioner yourself.

How to install air conditioning in the kitchen

Do I need a split system here? There are several quite fair objections:

Split system-expensive pleasure. Equipment is bought for sleeping or living rooms. For the kitchen. extra expenses.

Increased humidity, pollution that are characteristic of the kitchen are not the most favorable conditions for the air conditioner.

During cooking, there is often a need to open a window. It is better to turn off the air conditioner at this time. So does it make sense?

But imagine: on the street. heat, the windows of the kitchen go to the sunny side. Cooking near a slab or oven is another test. Here and a thermal blow is not far from. And how much more pleasant it will be to cook with a constant tributary of fresh air. Air conditioning in the kitchen can contribute to the purification and moisturizing of air and even eliminate odors. However, hood He does not replace.

The air conditioning is also desirable in the kitchen. The main thing is not to install it above the stove. Hang over the dining area or at the entrance above the door. Choose a place for the air conditioner so that during cooking, he does not blow in the back. And, of course, the air conditioning in the kitchen requires special care:

choose, place, conditioning, studio

Peel the filters at least 1 time per month using a vacuum cleaner or a conventional dishwashing aid.

Once a year, call a specialist from the service center so that he checks the equipment and refile it with freon.

When the summer ends, prepare the air conditioner for winter. To do this, dry the internal block and set the ventilation mode for several hours.

With proper care and kitchen air conditioning will serve you for a long time.

Where to install air conditioning in the bedroom?

The optimal place for the air conditioner in the bedroom is the wall at the head of the bed, but the device is hung not directly above the bed, but from the side of the bedroom place. In this case, cold air will concentrate closer to the legs of vacationers, and not near the head.

The permissible option is to place the air conditioner so that the cool air goes perpendicular to the sleeping place and passes in the area.

The most unsuccessful options for placing the air conditioner in the bedroom will attribute its installation opposite the bed when cold air enters the heads of vacationers, and opposite the front door, when the block immediately catches the eye when entering the room.

The place near the window is also suitable for placing the air conditioner, but here you need to be extremely careful in terms of selection of curtains. Massive structures will reduce the effectiveness of the device if they violate normal air circulation.

If you could not choose the perfect place, you can pay attention to the air conditioner with a multidirectional air flow. In which case, the lower sash can be covered by directing the cool air in some direction. In any case, it is better not to leave the air conditioner on at night.

Air conditioning in the living room and kitchen

When choosing a place for the air conditioner in the living room, one should be guided by the rules described above, but this, alas, is not always enough. In the room where households and guests gather, how important it is nowhere that the block is as invisible as possible and literally dissolves in the interior. Directing air to sofas, armchairs and a dining table are strictly not recommended.

In the kitchen, and this is usually a very small space, the air conditioner is difficult to fit, especially, given the many dangers in the form of a stove, refrigerator, radiators and columns. If you can’t do without air conditioning, then pay attention to the most compact and corner models.

Rules for the installation of communications

During the installation of the air conditioner for the correct installation of the route for the cooling circuit, a significant time is allocated, due to the factors:

The regulation of the installation of air conditioners in residential buildings is the same as in an apartment building. A distinctive feature-when planning the acquisition of climate device, it is necessary to take into account the availability, the possibility of a ventilation system of the house.

The use of multi-split systems is characterized by suburban housing (one outer block is several internal). Often for ventilation, air purification, a central air conditioning system is used. Private houses can also be equipped with channel air conditioners, which is very convenient to limit in a large building space.

The main condition is that climatic equipment should not create obstacles to the operation of the main ventilation system. Their work is coordinated, complementary functioning.

Incorrect installation of the air conditioner will necessarily affect the quality of his work in the future. The consequences can be serious, often you have to replace a faulty climate device for a new. One of the frequent problems is the leak of the cooling substance through the leaky joints of the pipes. Unsupported in time, it threatens the failure of the compressor, capacitor, and other important components.

Also, the consequence of the improper installation of the air conditioner on the wall of the apartment is the condensation of the condensate from the drainage container to the outside, inside the room (a strictly horizontal location was not carried out).

Ignoring the basic rule of installing the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is fraught with its fall down. At best, he will create a heavy noise during work.

Professional installation of climatic equipment is a prerequisite for its reliable, effective work for a long time.

How to correctly determine the installation site of the air conditioner?

Immediately after the desire to purchase climatic equipment arose, you must definitely decide on the place of its installation in the apartment or in a private house. In many ways, the subsequent choice of the model, a set of functions, etc.D. Having decided on these moments in advance, there is a big chance to purchase equipment that will only delight with its effective work.

We will briefly go through the main, most popular functions of climatic equipment:

It is behind these options that consumers who decided to purchase and install a climate system follow. Having decided on the installation site, the main set of functions can be considered options for models, their differences.

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Air conditioning in the children’s room

It is better not to put the air conditioner in the children’s room at all, since children are especially sensitive to the stream of cool air and can quickly get sick. If the heat got it, and there is nothing to breathe in the nursery, then a mobile air conditioner will be the way out. It can be turned on for a short time and directed the flow of air to the safest place. In principle, if you turn on the air conditioner only when there are no children in the room and maintain the optimum temperature in the room with it, then you can put the split system, guided by the rules written above.

How to fit the air conditioner into the interior?

Choosing the most coming place for the air conditioner is, as it turned out, only half. It is also important so that the block does not stand out much, or better. organically fit into the interior. It is impossible to hide the device behind a decorative panel or screen for reasons described above, but there are several ways to fit the air conditioner into the room space as much as possible:

The second mandatory part of the split system is the external unit, and some rules are also put forward to its location:

However, the company specializing in the installation of air conditioners is liable for the correct installation of an external unit.

Climate equipment is bought and installed not for one, or not even for three years, so it is still worth the selection of the most suitable place for the air conditioner, otherwise you can encounter constant colds and the need to outweigh the internal block, and this is again a stroke of the walls, disorder and a mess and a mess, and this minor repairs.

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