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TOP 10 best epilators for women according to customer reviews

In this rating, we decided to present you the top of the best epilators of 2022. We have collected the 10 most interesting models for 2022. When compiling a top, I drew attention to such characteristics as the width and type of head, power method, number of nozzles and equipment.

Smooth skin without unwanted hair for a long time is now not a dream, but reality. You no longer need to suffer with long.Outed machines or tolerate painful depilation. Buyers are offered hundreds of different epi.Forming devices, but how not to make a mistake with the choice of an epilator? In this rating, we collected the 10 best epilators for 2022. For convenience, we divided the top into two groups. Tweezers and photo epilators. The rating was compiled based on a detailed analysis of characteristics, popularity, prices, as well as customer reviews. The ruble exchange rate is changing daily, so I recommend that the current price watch the links left in the description and in fixed Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Table of participants in the rating of epilators for women 2022

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DIY Hair Removal at HOME #WithMe using BRAUN Silk Epil 9 EPILATOR Review Part 2NEVER SHAVE AGAIN!

Tips for using the device

To work with any device requires skills and experience, even if it is a simple epilator. It is important to observe some points so that the procedure does not bring discomfort.

You should always process the head of the model with means of which contains alcohol. This will avoid the inflammatory process. It is recommended to perform this procedure both before and after hair removal.

It is best to perform the procedure after taking a hot shower. So the pores will be open, and the process will become easier.

Philips Series 8000 Bre730

Battery Epifarator for dry and humid hair removal. This is a disk epalator with 32 ceramic discs that capture the hairs well. Completion: a razor head, a nozzle-grinding, a pile for processing the feet, a nozzle for sensitive areas, a nozzle for optimal contact, exfoliating a glove, a cover, a standard cover, a brush for cleaning

TOP-3 best epilators for the deep bikini zone

Approach the choice of an epilator for a deep bikini with special attention. The device should not pull the hairs and pinch the skin, a variety of nozzles are very desirable to increase the comfort of use. High.Quality models are quite expensive, but the results show good.

Braun 9-990 Silk-Epil 9 Skin SPA SENSO SMART

An innovative device from a well.Known brand supports Senso Smart technology. The epilator has a special sensor that controls the force of pressing the skin and allows you to remove even the shortest hairs in the intimate area. A variety of nozzles are delivered with the device. Massage, trimmer for grass and limiter, brushes are provided for cleaning. The device has illumination of the working area.

Rowenta EP5660

Inexpensive, but high.Quality epalator has a good equipment. The manufacturer offers with it a peeling nozzle, a massager, a limiter, a trimmer for grass and a razor head. The floating working part of the device exactly follows the bends of the body and removes small and thin hairs. There is a backlight in the model, a cover for storage and carrying is provided. The epulator works for a socket, so it does not have to constantly charge it.

Panasonic ES-ED23

The popular Wetdry epalator allows you to carefully remove unwanted hair from the bikini area even with very sensitive skin. Equipped with a non.Standard floating head with 48 tweezers and backlight, can work directly under the shower due to the moisture.Resistant body. Switches between two speeds.

The epalator maintains autonomy for 30 minutes. After using the device, it is advisable to immediately put on exercises.

Methods of anesthesia

You can try unpleasant sensations from the procedure using one of the following painting methods offered by modern epilators.


For this, an additional nozzle is used, previously frozen in the freezer. Clinging to the skin during the procedure, it dulls the pain.


Additional nozzle is pre.Frozen. The device has a blowing system of air, the flow of which, passing through the nozzle, is cooled.


Light massage effect due to the built.In massage brush.

I tried an Epilator Hair Removal Device for 3 WeeksMy Experience, Results, Will I Continue?

Stretching system (precision nozzle)

An additional nozzle is also needed here, which fixes and slightly stretches the skin, which allows you to easily pull out the hairs, while not experiencing severe pain.

None of these options can negate the pain. They only dull it to varying degrees. But any of these methods minimizes the risk of irritation and rashes on the skin after the procedure. Therefore, the advantage of devices with such functions is obvious.

How to choose an epilator?

If you do not know the elementary foundations, you can become a victim of a consultant in a store who will advise not the cheapest and not the most suitable model for you. However, you can take far from the best epilator yourself.

Briefly and in the case we talk about how one epalator may differ from another.

Principle of operation

Depending on how to get rid of unnecessary hairs, epilators are divided into the following types:

  • Pineta epilator. The device head is equipped with several tweezers with short paws. The number, as a rule, ranges from 20 to 40, they are located in a checkerboard pattern. The more tweezers, the faster the procedure can be carried out and the less the risk of leaving somewhere the gap, but the soreness increases. Therefore, many models provide functions of cooling and massage. It is better not to save on these options, but the additional nozzles that limit the tweezers area and allow the use of the epulator in the area of ​​the bikini and armpits can be useless, since not every girl will withstand such an execution;
  • Disk epalator. The principle of operation here is identical to a tweezer epilator, only the hairs are not pulled out, but the discs. When working, the head of the epilator rotates, and the discs approach each other, capturing and pulling out the hairs. This is a more obsolete technology, but such epilators are cheaper than tweezers. Many girls admit that with the disk model the epilation procedure comes out more painful, but there are models with systems that reduce the level of pain. Disk models are more often than tweezers, break the hairs, and also with them more the risk of hair growing.

The tweezers and disk epalator pull out the hairs with the root, and for 1.5-4 weeks (for some) you get smooth skin. Then the onion is restored and the hairs grow, the procedure is repeated. Ending the hairs, to put it mildly, is not very pleasant, there is a risk of growing up, but you can save on the salons and do not have to use a razor every day. The devices are relatively inexpensive, easy to operate, have a long service life, because many girls believe that the epilator is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair.

  • Laser epalator. Such devices are used in beauty salons, but there are already analogues for home use. They do not pull the hairs, because the pain is minimized. IR rays act on the bulb, hair stops growing, but to achieve a result, you will need several sessions and certain skills. You also need to make sure that you have no contraindications. Ideally, using such an epilator is better after you have carried out such procedures in the cabin. Minus of home laser epilators. High cost and lower efficiency in comparison with professional devices;
  • Photo epilators. Affect the hair bulb with photothermolysis, allowing you to forever get rid of vegetation. Why buy an epilator that will need a limited number of times if you can go through the procedure in the cabin? The answer is so cheaper, even despite the impressive cost of photo epilators. You can buy a device, carry out the required number of procedures, and then sell the device, losing only the difference in the cost of the new and used model. The photoepalator acts only on growing hair, t.E. Some time after the procedure, hairs may appear somewhere. This means that the follicles who previously “slept” were activated. It is worth repeating the procedure.

We will talk about the most traditional devices. Tweezers and disk. They are easier, safer and most effective to use at home, and they cost cheaper.

Tweezers and discs can be made of metal or ceramics. The metal is cheaper, but ceramic elements do better with thin hairs, without breaking them, and they do not cause allergies.

The number of tweezers or disks ranges from 20 to 50. If the hair grows densely, it is better to take a model with the maximum number of “pinch” elements so as not to stretch the procedure in half a day. If you are lucky to have thin rare hairs on your legs, then a cheaper model with a small amount of tweezers/disks is suitable.

  • Soreness of the procedure;
  • A longer procedure in comparison with most other methods;
  • Noise;
  • The hairs can be broken down, can be missed, but if you choose the right model and do not take the cheapest device, the result should be almost perfect;
  • So that tweezers or discs can pull out the hair, its length should be about 3-5 mm;
  • There is a probability of hair growing;
  • There may be swelling, red dots, redness during the day.

Other choice parameters

In addition to the principle of operation, it is worth considering the following parameters:

  • Source of power. Everything is simple here: a network, a battery or both. The last option is maximally convenient, but less often found. At home, the epilator is always ready for use, since you can get near the outlet, and on a trip or, for example, in the bathroom you can do without a wire. It will be necessary to charge the device regularly, the battery time is 15-60 minutes. It is important to pay attention to the duration of reloading. There are completely road options that work on batteries. These are products, if you need maximum independence from the network;
  • Moisture protection. If you have a low pain threshold, then it will be more comfortable to perform hair removal in the bath or in the shower. In this case, take an epilator with moisture protection. Although it costs more, it will last longer, since it is not afraid of spray, which sooner or later fall on almost all devices. Such epilators protected from moisture can be used along with foam or shaving gel, which improve slipping;
  • Number of speeds. Budget models often have only one speed, in more expensive 2-3. At a higher speed, you can epilate, for example, legs in order to quickly finish the unpleasant procedure. Tender areas are better to process at the lowest speed;
  • The design of the head. A rigidly fixed head copes well with even surfaces (for example, legs), but armpits, knees and other areas with a more complex relief is conveniently processed with a sailor with a floating head. The head can be attached to the body or removable. The second option is more convenient in terms of care. The head can be removed, washed well and disinfected;
  • Anesthesia system. There are almost all models. It can be cooling (receptors freeze and lose sensitivity), massage (receptors are “distracted”, you relax, and the pain is not felt so much), blowing (as in childhood, when mom was worth a wounded place) or skin pulling;
  • Backlight. If in the bathroom or where you usually carry out the removal procedure, the lighting is good, then the backlight is an unnecessary addition. Often dull light is a real problem. You suffer pain, and the next day on the street it turns out that the result is far from the perfect. In this case, the backlight built into the head of the epilator will help you. No hair will hide!
  • Equipment. The minimum is the epalator itself and the brush to clean it. Additionally, there may be a case for a device, a mitten with a gel (for pain relief), various nozzles. The latter are intended for more convenient processing of various zones (bikini, armpits, point), as well as nozzles-britches, trimmers for grass, nozzles for peeling, etc.D. The nozzle for the bikini zone has fewer tweezers, sometimes the nozzle is performed as a limiter that closes part of the working tweezers. The point nozzle is well suited for removing hair on the face and for plucking the hair missing during hair removal. A trimmer nozzle can be used to create intimate hairstyles. Peeling nozzle will get rid of keratinized particles, which prevents hair survey.

What to pay attention to when choosing a device?

The epalator is a device that can make the life of any girl, but it should be carefully chosen as men of their electrical appliances. The criteria should be paid attention to when buying are the following:

  • Type of nozzle;
  • Source of power;
  • High.Speed modes;
  • Number of tweezers;
  • The weight of the device;
  • Device shape;
  • Noise level;
  • Additional functions and nozzles.


The epilator has two types of nozzles, namely:

It should be noted that devices with a ceramic type of attachment are much less injured by the skin, as well as more effective. The cost of the device with metal tweezers is lower than with ceramic. There are several reasons for this, one of them is that the device with a metal nozzle can break off, and not tear out the hairs from the root. This reduces the quality of hair removal. Also, over time, metal products are blunting, but ceramics retains its properties.

Source of power

An important factor is the power source of the device. It can be 3 types:

If the device works only from the network, it is not always convenient and handy, since the sockets are not always located in the necessary places. Such devices are suitable only for legs depilation, since there are no problems to get to this zone. You should choose devices with the longest cord to use the device comfortable.

Devices with a battery are able to work without recharging from 15 to 40 minutes. It is best to purchase models with a charge time no more than 1 hour and a time of work without recharging for about 30 minutes. This time is enough to comfortably perform the hairs removal procedure.

When buying combined models, you get the opportunity to use the devices by connecting to the outlet, or on the battery charge. They are quite convenient when hair removal, or to take with you on travel.

Speed ​​mode

When the device has more than one speed mode, this is practical. After all, after prolonged use of the epilator in the hairs, the structure changes, they become thinner and soft. That is why it is convenient to choose the speed for a more efficient removal of hairs.

It is more convenient to have several speeds, since at the same speed, which is a fairly high tool captures hard hairs, but thin can skip. For this reason, it is recommended to buy an epilator with two speed modes.

Number of tweezers go discs

The amount of time spent on hairy removal depends on the number of tweezers. It also affects painful sensations. If the model has 12 tweezers, then this will reduce pain, however, the same skin area will have to be epilized several times. There are devices with the number of tweezers in 48 pcs, this will make it possible to pass only once on the skin, but the pain will be much stronger. It is for this reason that you should carefully choose the epalator if you have a low pain threshold.

The number of tweezers can vary from 12 to 60, the effectiveness and level of pain depends on it. The number of 32 pcs is considered optimal.

Weight and shape of the device

Before purchasing, you should hold the device in your hand, you should be comfortable to keep the device. This is not a decisive choice factor, however, you should use the epilator with convenience. The model should not be light, but should not strain the hand. Buttons should switch well.

Noise level

Attention should be paid to the level of noise. It is best if the device is not noisy, then it will be much more comfortable for you to carry out the hair removal procedure.

Additional functions

Some models have built.In nozzles that have both cooling and massage effects. They allow you to reduce pain during procedures and make it more comfortable. To some epilators in the kit there is a mitten, which has a cooling element.

It is also necessary to treat the skin with cold to relieve irritation after performing the procedure.

Some models and manufacturers have nozzles in the kit for the epilator. This allows you to cover more opportunities to remove hairs from the body. There are special nozzles for the bikini zone that will cause less pain. On sale you can find devices that can be used in the shower, or which have a backlight function.

Some models can go with additional nozzles in the kit. This allows you to complete more procedures. For example, there may be a nozzle for pulling the skin, which makes pain less pronounced. With massage nozzles, it is not recommended to purchase a device, as this can cause additional discomfort.

Models can also have various heads, there are several types:

The floating head allows you to remove hair from hard.To.Reach places, due to its mobility. But with a stationary, this will be done quite problematic.

7th place. Braun 5-500 Silk-Epil SensMart

Our rating could not do without an inexpensive and good epilator for all zones with the original click adjustment technology that is optimal for beginners. Braun 5-500 is made in a compact ergonomic case, which is convenient to hold in the palm of your hand.

A reliable design of the head in the form of 28 micropincets made of metal guarantees the effectiveness of the process. Braun 5-500 compared to wax captures the hairs in length 4 times shorter, ensuring the smoothness of the skin for up to 3-4 weeks. The floating removal head makes the procedure easier and effective. Included to the device is a charger, nozzles and brush for cleaning. Braun 5-500 is equipped with 2 high-speed modes and 3 interchangeable heads (for hair removal, massage and better contact with the skin). Using Sensosmart technology, the product will delicately respond to touch, which is extremely important for beginners. With the original technology of Micro-Grip, hairs are removed with the root.

The BRAUN 5-500 works from the lithium-ion battery, which operates with a full capacity for 30 minutes. It takes about 60 minutes full charging. The model weighs 176 grams and has compact dimensions (5.5×12.5×3.5 cm). The configuration also includes a convenient case for storing and transporting. The moisture.Proof rubberized design allows you to use the epilator in the water and separately rinse the heads.

  • 2 speed modes;
  • Reliable battery (enough for 40 minutes);
  • Moisture.Resistant body;
  • Sensosmart technology;
  • Sufficient equipment;
  • Rubberized handle;
  • Massage nozzle;
  • Pressing force indicator;
  • Ease of use;
  • Simplicity of care;
  • Effective backlight.

Rating of the best electric epilators for women for home use of 2022

Electric epilators usually cannot be used directly in the bathroom. But for dry hair removal, they are very convenient, as they work from the network for an unlimited time.

Braun 3410 Silk-Epil 3

One of the best epilators from the 2022 network is equipped with a system of 20 tweezers. Equipped with backlight, supplied with nozzles for the bikini zone. In the process of epilation, vibrates and reduces painful sensations.

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