How to choose a thermostat for a gas boiler

Rohal thermostat self.Learning for a gas boiler

The DT90 series thermostat of the DT90 series with a large convenient residential complex is designed for atomatic temperature regulation in heating systems of private houses and various residential premises. It can be used to control a boiler, circulation pump, an osky valve, an electric heater, etc.D. DT90 has a simple user integer and a large display, which displays the current room temperature.

Principle of regulation: self.Learning algorithm based on blurry logic (tpi)

  • Turned off / on duty (freezing protection)
  • Economical (ECO). Only for DT90E1012
  • Automatic (job work)
  • Settings

The advanced self-learning TPI-regulation DT90A1008 uses a self-learning algorithm for latitudin-mulse regulation with “blurry logic” (Fuzzy Logic.

This form of regulation is better than a traditional pi-regulator, t. To. It has a faster reaction and the best maintenance of the established state.

This algorithm works equally well in a wide range of applications and ensures the conservation of energy due to accurate regulation and minimum temperature deviations from the installation.

The improved self.Learning algorithm adapts to the surrounding conditions and provides accurate temperature control at minimal energy costs.

Honeywell DT90A1008 Housing Housing Housing Hood thermostat was created to ensure comfort with the possibility of saving in modern heating systems.

Its large display and simple buttons make DT90 very easy to use.

Energy efficiency is achieved through the use of modern TPI-regulation. Applications include the control of a gas or liquid.Fuel boiler, floor heating, electric heater and zone regulation system.

Thanks to the modern appearance and set of valuable features for the user and installer, DT90A1008 sets a new standard for non.Programmable room thermostat.

Why do you need a remote thermostat

First of all, it is necessary to install a thermostat due to an increase in the efficiency of a gas boiler. The principle of operation of the device is based on reading not the temperature of the coolant, but the intensity of the heating of the room. The sensor is tuned to the optimal for the owners of the apartment or at home, the temperature parameter.

If, the heating in the room exceeds the established limit, an automation signal is given, turning off or reducing combustion intensity (depending on the device) of the gas burner. After cooling the room, a repeated signal is supplied to the resumption of the boiler operation.

The device of the remote thermoregulator is more efficient than that of the heating sensor built into the heat generator.

In addition to efficiency, the installation of a thermostat gives the following advantages:

    Comfortable heating of the premises. The room is supported in the room, in automatic mode. The device works, taking into account the ambient temperature, independently changing the intensity of heating. As a result of the changes, the rooms maintain a constant temperature.

Is it profitable to put a thermostat when heating from a gas boiler

Connecting a room thermostat to a gas boiler reduces gas consumption by 15-20%. Weekly dependent programmer, reduces gas costs by another 5-10%.

When deciding on the feasibility of acquiring a thermostat, it is necessary to take into account several points:

    The cost of acquisition and installation. The cost of buying a premium class sensor will amount to about 5 thousand. Installation will cost within 1-1.5 thousand.

Electronic wireless indoor thermal installation for a gas boiler of heating, for one season gives saving at least 6 thousand. For a house at 100 m². Full payback of the installation, is observed after 1 year of intensive operation of the device.

The choice of a room thermostat for Aliexpress from China

At the AliExpress trading platform, at first glance, many models of indoor thermostats for a gas boiler are offered. But, after a careful study, you understand that most models are analogues under different brands.

Considered two options: model with control buttons on the case and with touch buttons on the screen. The choice made in favor of buttons on the case. The buttons will not have to be used often. So comfortable and cheaper.

A room thermostat with Aliexpress from China, the BGL02-5BB model-an electronic two-position programmable regulator, allows you to set up a temperature of one week with the possibility of combinations of six different time intervals.

Thermostat, the BGL02-5BB model, supports the function of protecting the heating system from freezing with a decrease in the temperature of the room to 5 ° C.

The size of a hysteresis can be set in the settings. The minimum hysteresis /- 0.5 o C.

The body of the device is made of high.Quality plastic with a glossy surface. The printed circuit board looks neat, covered with protective transparent plastic on top.

The package was delivered by Chinese and Russian mail 18 days from the date of payment of the order.

Cons, disadvantages of the thermostat with Aliexpress

There is no function of controlling the discharge of the power battery 1.5 in., AA 2 pcs. I did not pay attention to it when choosing a device. It is to blame. Although there are enough batteries for more than a year of work. I change them before the start of the heating season. There is no problem.

When manipulating the buttons, the screen backlight turns on. If the screen is located above the eye level, then the image on the screen becomes poorly visible. Place the device on the wall as expected, at an altitude of 1.5 m. If you look at the illuminated screen from top to bottom, then everything is clearly visible.

The thermostat box has one sheet with instructions in English. The instructions do not have any indications of the model, brand of thermostat. Instructions in some points does not correspond to the thermostat model.

Complaints about the non.Compliance of the instructions of the device models are often found in the reviews of buyers on AliExpress.

How to choose a room thermostat

Devices are wired or wireless. The wires are connected by a temperature sensor with a gas boiler cable. Installation of the device requires additional work: you need to post the walls or partitions to lay the wires. If there is a need to replace the thermostat with a more powerful one, then the old wiring may not approach it, it will also have to be changed.

Wireless thermostats are associated with a gas boiler using a radio signal. The device includes two parts: one is mounted at the boiler, the second in the room. There are a radio channel between these two parts, through which control signals are transmitted. The maximum distance between the parts can be different: from 20 to 100 meters. It is necessary to take into account the thickness and material of the walls, ceilings or partitions between them.

The settings of the parameters are made on the room part of the device. There are buttons or touch display for this. Wireless devices are more convenient: they are easier to install, preparatory work is not required for installation, if you wish, you can change the location of the sensor. In addition, such devices are usually compact, it is easy for them to find a place. But there may be disadvantages in the work of wireless models. First, there are interference in radio signals. The connection is also violated when the battery is discharged.

choose, thermostat, boiler

Programming or installing the desired parameters is carried out in different ways. The thermostat can have a mechanical handle with a scale, but electronic models with a display on which you can choose all kinds of indicators are more popular. You can set it up with ordinary buttons on the control panel or sensory. Directly on the display.

When choosing, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Wired or wireless joints between parts of the thermostat;
  • Mechanical or electronic control;
  • Power from a network or batteries;
  • Additional functions;
  • Compatibility with a gas boiler;
  • Price.

Additional functions include the possibility of forcibly disconnect the entire system, hours with a week or daily setting, backlight, air humidity sensor. There are table or wall models. The latter are designed for built.In or overhead installation. They may look like a conventional switch or have a more original look.

Types of thermal controllers for boilers

The main difference between thermostats is multi.Sensitive sensors. Some are installed on the heating pipe, others inside it, and others are mounted on the wall. Some are designed to measure the air temperature, and the second. The coolant.

The choice of the model of the thermostat depends on:

Many modern boilers are designed in advance for connecting thermostats to them. Over, the manufacturer of the boiler equipment immediately in the technical passport prescribes all the nuances of this installation.

If an electronic model of the thermostat is selected, it is best to give preference to the most effective. The one recommended by the boiler developer

Ideally, the thermostat should regulate the operation of a directly heating device, that is, the supply of fuel into it. This is the most effective in terms of saving a combustible connection scheme. The energy carrier in this case will be burned exactly as much as the heat is required.

But such a thermostat will be installed only on a gas or electric heating unit. If the boiler is solid fuel, then the thermostat with a mechanical valve, which is already mounted on the pipe, will help adjust the room temperature to adjust the room temperature.

The regulators installed on batteries are designed to block water supply at too high temperature in the room or in the coolant. In this case, the boiler stops working a little later, when his own temperature sensor is triggered inside, preventing equipment overheating.

Group #1: Mechanical

The work of the mechanical thermal attemptor is based on a change in the characteristics of the material when its temperature changes. This is easy to execute, budget, quite effective and completely independent of power options. It is intended for installation on the pipes of the water heating system to adjust the flow of coolant.

A classic example of a mechanical thermoregulator is a device with a needle valve (constipation) and a thermogol-sylphone

As a temperature reacting to changes in the substance in mechanical thermostats, they are used:

When heating the fluid, the gases expand, which leads to their pressure on the stem of the locking valve. When the temperature is reduced, they are compressed, the constipation is returned back, and the heated water again flows through the pipes into heating radiators.

The thermostats on the battery are characterized by poor sensitivity and a large error of adjustment. They work only with an increase in temperature by 2 or more degrees. Plus, over time, the filler filler loses its characteristics, the numbers on the installation handle of the required temperature parameters and real degrees begin to disperse.

choose, thermostat, boiler

Such thermostats have quite large sizes. The vast majority of them are designed to measure the temperature of the water in batteries, and not the air in the room. Often accurately adjust them as the owner of the house wants, it is difficult.

choose, thermostat, boiler

Group #2: Electromechanical

These thermostats work on similar principles with purely mechanical analogues. Only as a heat.Sensitive element is a metal plate used here.

When heated, it bends and closes the contact, and when cooling, it returns to its original position and opens the chain. And already through this circuit there is a signal to the burner control unit.

The electromechanical thermostat requires a power supply, it controls the flow of coolant with valves or burners in the boiler through electrical signals

Another version of the electromechanical thermostat is a device with a sensor in the form of two plates from different metals. In this case, the thermo.Sensitive element is installed directly in the furnace of the solid fuel boiler.

At a high temperature between the plates, the potential difference occurs, which affects the electromagnetic relay. Contacts in the latter either open up or close. As a result, turning on/off the boost of air into the combustion chamber occurs.

Group #3: Electronic

This type of thermostat for hot water boilers belongs to the energy.Dependent category. Such devices have a remote thermal attemptor that monitors the temperature in the room, and a full.Fledged control unit with a display.

For electric boilers, such thermostats are a mandatory addition. Without them, electric heaters will work without stopping, heating air or coolant too much.

Electricity operating boilers and boilers in the vast majority of cases are equipped with thermostats at the factory

There are two main elements in the electronic thermostat:

The first measures the temperature, and the second controls it and gives signals to increase/decrease the supply of thermal energy to the room. The sensor can send an analog or digital signal to the controller. In the first case, the thermostat is similar in terms of capabilities with a mechanical analogue, only greatly exceeds it exactly the measurements of temperature indicators.

Digital thermoregulators are the pinnacle of the development of these devices. They allow you to regulate the heat supply by a pre.Staged algorithm. Plus, you can connect much more sensors located both in rooms and on the street.

How to Choose a Thermostat | Spec. Sense

Many electronic thermostats have the ability to control through IR port or cellular communication. This allows you to adjust the room temperature not only with a room in the room, but also from anywhere outside it.

For example, still leaving work, you can send a signal to heating indoor air to comfortable parameters, and by your arrival the house will please with comfort and warmth.

Electronic devices designed to automatically adjust the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the coolant are a mandatory component of heating systems in smart houses. With their device

Purpose and characteristics

In order to rationally use energy resources and ensuring comfortable temperature in the room, the heat transfer of the boiler unit has to be constantly adjusted in accordance with the weather on the street. Previously, this operation was conducted by the user manually, which caused some inconvenience. Thanks to technical progress, the solution of this problem today is assigned to the thermostat. Automation is responsible for maintaining the temperature regime in a given and comfortable range for consumers.

Top 12 Problems/Mistakes when Installing or Replacing Thermostats! HVAC Tips!

The threshold of the operation is the main characteristic that the regulator has. In most devices, it is installed at a mark of 0.25 degrees. With a decrease or increase in temperature, at least a quarter degree, the device will turn on or off heating.

Advantages of installing a thermostat:

  • Comfortable operation of the heating system.
  • Energy saving due to timely shutdown (about 30%).
  • Minimizing the risk of emergency as a result of overheating (freezing) of the system.

It is important that the service life of the thermostat is significantly extended due to work in a sparing mode.

The boiler thermoregulator with an electronic table

Features of connection

There are 3 standard connection schemes for a thermal attemptor to a heating boiler. This is:

The first two options do not reduce the flow of the coolant flow. Unlike the third. In the latter case, the thermostatic valve somewhat complicates the flow, thereby increasing the hydraulic resistance in the system. This must be taken into account. Since the pipes are designed for a certain limit pressure.

To avoid an accident, it is necessary in advance. Even at the design stage. Include all thermostats mounted on pipes and radiators in the diagram. In addition, it is recommended to install a temperature sensor in front of the battery using bypas. With its help, the flow will be redirected to the reverse highway in an unheated form. Due to which the energy resource will be saved.

Choosing a device

Thermoregulator is not the most expensive, but not cheap. A large number of brands of these devices from various manufacturers are presented on the modern market, so you can choose the required device, both in terms of characteristics and functionality and cost.

If the main criterion for you is the cost, it is better to dwell on the wired electronic version. Such devices are technological, differ in a good response, and their reliability does not depend on oxidizing terminals, which often sins the mechanical indoor thermostat.

If, when choosing for you, the savings of energy resources are crucial, and with them in the near future and your own funds, then a programmable device should be purchased. Such a thermostat, which includes and disconnects strictly into the clock set by the owner, reduces the temperature in the rooms when there is no one at home, and can significantly reduce heating costs. Programmable devices, as a rule, have several weekly and daily modes.

Programmers allow us to simplify and optimize the operation of the heating system, therefore it is necessary to carefully look at them not only at them, but also at boilers for energy.Dependent heat supply.

If the repair in the house has already been made, and there are no desire to post the walls under the channels for the wires, the choice in favor of a wireless thermostat with the air temperature sensor is obvious.

Wireless programmer with air temperature sensor

When buying, you must definitely consult a specialist and independently familiarize yourself with reviews from one or another models of devices.

Many boilers also recommend buying a thermostat of their brand, explaining this by the fact that the installation and installation of the device in this case will be much faster and easier, and control over heating equipment will be more reliable. For example, for the Baxi gas boiler, it is necessary to purchase the thermostat of the same brand. In practice, various devices do not conflict with each other in any way and no problems with their mutual connection and subsequent work do not arise.

When choosing a thermostat, it is necessary to take into account the area of ​​the room in which it will be established is no less important and the range of desired temperatures.

The price of the simplest devices is about 40. Despite the fact that the cost of devices is quite high, we must not forget about saving funds in connection with a decrease in gas consumption. The thermostat will pay off itself in the near future.

How to connect and install

It is easy to connect a room thermostat to a gas heating gas boiler. To do this, you need to have a minimum set of a working tool and adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer of the device, as well as listed in the device attached to the device, intuitive instructions.

Step.By.Step connection instruction on the example of the Auraton wireless thermostat consisting of an electronic head and a standard regulator:

  • Fix the receiver near the heating boiler;
  • Install in a special compartment of the power elements;
  • Remove the lids from the upper and lower part of the installed thermostat;
  • Mark on the wall surface of the location of the fasteners;
  • Drill holes, insert dowels and screw the receiver with screws;
  • Connect heating equipment to the control terminals of the receiver;
  • Observing safety precautions, connect the power wires to the nuts of the receiver.

Thermostats that are equipped with receivers are associated. Separately implemented devices need to be mating, therefore, in this case, you need to initiate by pressing the left button, which is held until the green LED flashes.

After about 120 seconds, the receiver independently returns to normal operation mode. The button is also pressed on the regulator until the radio transmission symbol is tanned. The correct completion of the mating is characterized by the absence of blinking a green LED and the transition of the device to the operating mode.

The regulator is installed on the wall, in the presence of free circulation of air masses, far from heating devices and household appliances. Direct rays of sunlight should not fall on the device. Subject to the installation rules, the thermostat will work as long and reliably as possible, and will also help to significantly reduce heating costs.

Installation tips

  • It is best to install a thermostat for a gas boiler in the coldest room. Already regulate the temperature in other rooms from it
  • Do not put thermostats in the kitchen. There is the most inaccurate measurement
  • Do not put near windows and radiators so that the measurements are as accurate as possible
  • Do not put too low to the floor and too high to the ceiling

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