How to choose a water heater with a shower

How to choose a water heater that does not disappoint

There are electric and gas water heaters. The latter are usually called columns and rarely put because of a bunch of requirements for rooms. Therefore, we will focus on the first. They are divided into flowing and cumulative.

Flot water heaters

They are based on a spiral heater, enclosed in a small heat exchanger. The device turns on when the tap is opened and instantly warms up the water passing through it. After closing the mixer, a special sensor disconnects the heater.

In budget models, the heating temperature is adjusted hydrically, due to the decrease or increase in pressure. The larger the stream, the faster the water passes through the heat exchanger and, accordingly, manages to warm up less.

Really hot water can be obtained only by reducing the pressure to a thin stream.

Expensive proto.boards boast of an electronic control mechanism and heating elements with variable power. Such devices allow you to configure the temperature regardless of pressure. True, it will still be less than the boilers.

Accumulative water heaters

These are containers with a heating element and thermostat that heat up water to a given temperature. Often they are called boilers.

The thermal insulation layer makes the tank like a thermos, and once heated water remains a hot day or more. Unlike proto.paints, the boiler does not work instantly: depending on the volume for primary heating, it takes from 40 minutes to 2-3 hours. But then the water is heated as it consists, and there are no more delays.

Evaluate the availability of free space

This is probably the most important parameter that directly affects the choice.

Large storage water heater for 200 liters and an Electrolux flowing heater

The least space is occupied by running water heaters. The most compact versions in size almost do not differ from the usual mixer. Wall models are comparable to the dimensions of hand dryers.

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If free space is completely cut, your choice is a flowing water heater.

Due to the water tank, boilers have more impressive sizes. 10-15 liters miniature models can be placed under a sink or in a locker, but devices with a volume of 50-80 liters resemble medium sizes of a barrel. Such occupy almost the entire wall and may not fit in a small bathroom.

What is the advantage of running water heaters?

When we prepare about water heaters, we most often imagine a boiler with a large funded capacity. a tank that contains heated water. The running models do not have such tanks, this is a device with very modest dimensions. With it, you can heat not accumulated, but running water.

over, its transformation into hot occurs almost instantly. Adjusting the pressure of water, you can simultaneously change the degree of its heating.

An electric flow water heater is a compact device that does not take up much space, but effectively solves the problem of hot water

The principle of operation of the flow heater is simple. A tubular electric heater (TEN) or spiral is located inside a small box. This heating element is washed with a small amount of water. As a result of this contact, heat transfer occurs. water becomes hot.

If the water speed is increased, its output temperature will decrease. And with weak pressure, it becomes hotter.

  • Water heats up quickly, you will not lose time to wait;
  • The device does not need the installation site: it is compact;
  • Its operation can significantly reduce electricity costs: water becomes hot exactly when the need arises in it, it does not need to be periodically warmed up;
  • This device is much cheaper than a heater equipped with a large storage tank.

It is not difficult to purchase such a device, it is much more difficult to make a choice among a wide variety of devices of this type. Not only domestic, but also foreign producers specialize in creating these models.

The market of Thermex, Electrolux, Ariston, Garaterm, Gorenje and others is widely represented on the market.

Such heaters are produced in different modifications. To avoid mistakes, you should focus well with water heaters and know what parameters can play a decisive role for you, and which you can simply not pay attention to.

This is how one of the models of a running water heater in Thermex trademark looks, which is popular with a large number of users

What should be the power of the device?

The power of the device depends on how soon the water reaches the temperature we need with its help. Agree, the correct selection for this parameter is very important. To determine the needs for the power of the device, you need to know what goals it will be used, as well as the approximate volume of water, which at the same time has to be consumed.

We are going to buy a shower device, but it can be assumed that the water heated with it will come in handy in both the kitchen and for other hygienic procedures.

An approximate picture of the consumption of heated water can turn out this:

  • Consumption in the kitchen: at 45-55ºС at a speed of 3-5 l/min;
  • Using a shower: at 35-40ºС at a speed of 4-8 l/min;
  • For hand washing: 35-36ºС at a speed of 2-4 l/min;
  • For the adoption of the bath: 37-40ºС at a speed of 8-10 l/min.

To calculate the power of the future electric flow water heater for the shower, a special formula is used:

where the following designations are used:

  • P is the power in the kW necessary for the water heater;
  • Q is the number of liters of water passing per minute through the device;
  • T1. the temperature of heated water emerging from the device;
  • T2. temperature of cold water included in the heater.

For example, we determine the power of the shower device. The average speed of fluid through the heating device is 6 liters per minute. The temperature of comfort for taking a shower is 40ºС. If you imagine that winter is in the yard, then the initial temperature of the water included in the heater will not be higher than 5ºС. By substituting values ​​in the formula, we get p = 6x (40-5) x0.073 = 15.33.

With the power of the flow heater of 3.7 kW in one minute, you can heat 2.2 liters of water, and with a power of 24 kW, at the same time you get 13 liters of hot water already

It turned out that the power of the water heater we need should not be lower than 15 kW. Of course, we took the maximum temperature, because in the winter, not every user will arrange lower indicators.

When using a heated liquid for a number of targets, as we have outlined, you need to calculate for each direction of expense and focus on the maximum results obtained.

However, you can apply even a simpler calculation method if the temperature of the water at the output is taken by 35ºС. The productivity of the device can be calculated by a simple division of its capacity by two.

Suppose we want to buy a device whose power is 16 kW. With the same initial data on temperature (35 and 5 degrees Celsius), it will pass 16: 2 = 8 liters of water per minute.

If the device is used at several points of water clearance, then the required power of the device must be doubled by half, taking into account the fact that we will take as the basis the maximum of the results of calculation of power.

But it should be remembered that if you purchase a device for the home of the old development, the flow heater cannot have power above 3.5 kW. Otherwise, you can burn wiring or fuses located in the stairwell shield. To prevent this from happening, the issue of installing the device with a specialist from the management company should be discussed.

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powerful 8KV-36KW devices are installed in suburban cottages and modern residential complexes, but, again, after consulting with a specialist who is able to evaluate the capabilities of your electrical equipment.

What power heater to buy?

Given the principle of operation of the heater, running models are usually made very powerful. For example, the “weak” consumes 2 kW. Energy consumption directly affects the temperature and speed of water heating. The more powerful the device, the faster it heats the water, which means that it can give out its larger amount (the desired temperature).

Although much depends on the manufacturer, on average, such a dependence of performance on the power of the device can be distinguished:

  • 3 kW. 1.5. 1.9 l/min.
  • 4 kW. 2 l/min.
  • 5 kW. 3. 3.5 l/min.
  • 6 kW. 4 l/min.
  • 7 kW. 4.4. 5.5 l/min.
  • 20 kW. 10 l/min.

Also, when selecting the power of the device, it should be taken into account the section of the wiring in the apartment. So, for example, wiring with a cross section of 2.5 mm 2 will withstand a load of up to 5.5 kW (this is a maximum that is better not to allow). Therefore, for devices of greater power, you will need to use a 4 mm 2 cable. If your apartment or house has an old wiring with an aluminum wire with a cross section of 1.5 mm 2. then putting a flower heater is more powerful than 3.5 kW generally cannot. At the same time, some powerful devices require a three.phase connection to a voltage of 380 V, and such a network is not in every house.

What performance is needed?

As we have already said, performance largely depends on the power. However, this indicator is written in the characteristics to the heater, so you do not need to calculate it by some formulas.

It is important that the productivity of the device corresponds to the productivity of the water clearance point. In an article on the choice of a pumping station, we cited a detailed table with water consumption for each point. Here we only indicate that for the washbasin, the consumption on average is 10 l/min, and for the shower 12 l/min. Of course, finding a fiber heater with a capacity of 10. 12 l/min is very difficult, and its power will be very large. What to do then? You can take a device with a capacity of 5 l/min, but at the same time the output temperature will be smaller than the manufacturer stated. For example, by connecting the Timberk Whel-7 OSC Ignorant Heater, we get a performance or 4.5 l/min with a water temperature at an output of 60 ° C or if we open a tap to a maximum of 9-10 l/min at a temperature of 40 ° C. 40 ° C is a completely normal temperature to wash the dishes or take a shower.

By the way, if you need water only for domestic use (for example, in a seasonal cottage), you can buy a heater combined with the mixer. It is cheaper, and it does not take up space at all.

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In many models, you can preinse the temperature of the water so as not to regulate it manually.

What affects the price of technology

The running water heaters are seemed to be simple, but there may be a big difference between their models, which is also reflected in the cost. So, for example, a Chinese heater without any electronic excesses can cost only 2-3 thousand. And technically more advanced devices of stamps such as Stiebel Eltron, Electrolux or Vaillant can cost several tens of thousands. What differences can be between cheap and expensive models?

Types of running water heaters


Closed water heater is always under pressure from the water supply network. Such models can be used to supply water for several points of water. When choosing a running closed.type water heater, ask what material the flask is made of, in which water is heated, what pressure it can withstand. So, for example, Stiebel Eltron uses flasks made exclusively from copper, which are not afraid of corrosion and are resistant to high pressure (designed for maximum pressure of 10 bar). Find out a possible temperature range in which the water heater is able to work. As a rule, this is a water temperature from 20 to 60 ºС. Some manufacturers offer water to 75–80 ºС, but not everyone needs such boiling water from under the tap and it can be unsafe.


Open water heater. Ignorant. The water supply in it is regulated by the tap at the entrance, and the heated flows freely (through the watering can or surge). Heating is turned on only after opening the water supply tap. Accordingly, devices of this type are connected only to one water supply point.

The compact dimensions of running water heaters make their hidden installation possible, for example, under the washbasin countertop

A curious variety of water heaters are models built into water taps. It can be both kitchen mixers with a water heating function and kitchen dispensers for boiling water (the latter are equipped with a small tank for water, which is placed under the countertop). Thanks to the dispensers, you can quickly and conveniently prepare hot drinks, such as coffee and tea, as well as, say, sterilize the bottles for baby food or wash off the restful foods from the dishes. Similar models were presented by high.class equipment manufacturers (Dornbracht Water Dispenser and Grohe Red systems), and mixers with the water heating function have now appeared in the assortment of Chinese manufacturers, they can be purchased in just 2-3 thousand.

The Grohe Red system instantly heats the water to a boil, which allows you to quickly brew tea and accelerates the preparation of other dishes.

Hot water. When you press the lever on the tap for drinking water, boiling water is immediately supplied from it (with a temperature of 93 ° C)

Rating of the best boiler water heaters

For heating water, heaters of different types are used. Each of them describes.


The equipment warms the liquid passing through it, which is supplied to a special flask. Heating occurs very quickly. There is no need to install a tank-drive, so the device is compact. Temperature adjustment is carried out by reducing or increasing the pressure of the water jet. The design is simple and maintainable.

Distinguish between two types of running heaters. The first works with the help. Electric appliances below 8 kW can be connected to a conventional outlet. But their performance is small. If the consumption is large, they put several of these low.power devices or one, but powerful. In this case, you will need to stretch a three.phase power fishing line for a trimmer to it.

The second type of heaters works with a gas burner. She warms up the pipe through which the liquid passes. It is effective and cheap, since gas is much cheaper than electricity. But to install such equipment, a special resolution is required from gas services. It is not always possible to get it.


The equipment is a supply tank into which its heating device is built. The volume of such a device can be different: from 15 liters and more. It depends on the purpose of the heater. In any case, it constantly has a supply of water heated to 65-85 ° C. Heat loss is minimal because the body of the tank is made by the type of thermos. For the same reason, heating costs are relatively small.

Heating can be carried out in two ways. Based on this, the equipment is divided into two types. Electric devices use heating elements. over, their power is relatively small, no connection to a three.phase line is required. Economic electricity consumption, provided that the automation monitoring the heating is established.

There are gas water heaters. They work with gas burners connected to main or liquefied gas. For them you need a specially equipped room and permission to operate from gas services. Gas equipment is cheaper in operation.

Both drive options are produced in wall and flooring. The first option is always smaller in volume.

Indirect heating drive

It is a supply tank that does not have its own heating source. Most often, it is built into the heating system, where it warms up due to the operation of the heating circuit. It can work with different sources of heating: a geothermal heat pump, a heating boiler, a vacuum solar collector, t.P. The main thing is that their power is enough for an effective heating of the drive.

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TOP of the best water heating systems

We have prepared the rating of the best water heaters. To make it easier to navigate, they divided it into groups by type of equipment.

The best water heaters for 50 liters

This group includes small-volume drive devices.

Thermex Solo 50V

This is an electric vertical water heater for wall-mounted installation. Tank. round, water supply is supplied from below. Equipped with high.power tube heating. Heating the full volume to 75 ° C per hour. Control. mechanical type, there is protection against overheating and a safety valve. Tank. stainless steel. The device can be connected to several points of water.


Budget electrical appliance with a useful capacity of 1.5 kW. This allows him to warm up a full tank to 75 ° C a little more than an hour and a half. Corps. round, takes up quite a lot of space. Installation is assumed on the wall, orientation. vertical. Moving the main pipe. from below. The electrical appliance is protected from overheating, equipped with a check valve and safety valve. The capacity from the inside is covered with enamel coating.

Ballu Bwh/S50

Electrical equipment of the accumulative type with mechanical control. The advantage of the model is a flat body. Thanks to this, it is compact, it will fit even into a small room. The internal tank is made of stainless steel with increased mroma and nickel. This reliably protects him from corrosion. The device works from a conventional outlet. Installed on the wall in different versions: can be oriented horizontally or vertically.

Zanussi Zwh/S80 Orfeus

Budget model of a vertical installation with a lower eyeliner. The maximum heating temperature is 75 ° C. It takes more than four hours to warm up the full capacity. He has a round case, mechanical control. The equipment is equipped with dry inclusion and overheating protection, a safety valve. The inside of the tank is protected from corrosion by enamel coating. The model can work with several points of water.

Electrolux EWH80 Interio3

Powerful water heater with a stainless steel tank. Warm up to the maximum 75 ° C in two hours. A good solution for those who are looking for, which storage water heater is better to buy for a family of two or three people. Corps. round, elongated. Installation. wall.mounted, options are possible: horizontal or vertical orientation. This is an additional plus model. There is a convenient accelerated heating option.

choose, water, heater, shower

Thermex IF80H

Electrical appliance with a useful capacity of 2 kW. Heating the full tank in two hours. Flat design allows you to mount it in a small bathroom. Installed on the wall horizontally, it has a lower connection of the pipeline. Designed to work with several water.divided points. Tank. stainless steel. Management. electronic. Built protection against freezing, overheating, dry launch. There are additional options for accelerated heating and self.diagnosis.

Additional functions

Of course, the main function of a water heater of any type is water heating. But additional options make the process of using the device much more convenient for the user.

If finances allow, you can choose an advanced model with such options as:

Display. on which useful information about the settings and condition of the boiler is displayed.

Remote control or compatibility with gadgets. Agree, it’s great if you can turn on the water heater through your smartphone at work to take a shower after a busy day and not wait a few hours until the water heats up.

The thermometer controls the temperature in the tank and, if necessary, regulates its level.

Advanced electronic control is more convenient than mechanical. It is it that allows you to set different operating modes of the unit.

Hydraulic control responds to the user’s actions and triggers heating as soon as you opened the tap with water.

Antibacterial purification fights pathogenic microorganisms.

Overheating protection and freezing prevention mode protects the water heater from breakdowns and helps to cope with external aggressive factors.

The location of the tank

By installation method, all water heaters are divided into the following types.

Vertical. The most common models in which the heater has a tank below, which helps to maintain water in a heated state longer. Their main minus is the need for a sufficient free place to install and connect to the water supply.

Electric vertical storage water heater Edisson ES 30 V with a water tank for 30 liters is complete with a special mount (hook) for hanging on the wall.

Horizontal. Unlike vertical, they look more compact and can be installed under the ceiling. Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting a slightly lower heating rate and temperature changes when water supply, which is due to a large area at the top of the tank for mixing water.

The Garaterm Origin 50 H SLIM electrical horizontal storage water heater with a 50.liter tank has compact dimensions and high power (1,500 watts).

Combined. Such tanks can be installed both vertically and horizontally. The main thing is that with a horizontal version of placement, the cold water supply hose is strictly below, and the conclusion is from above.

How to choose a normal water heater. Instructions for those who do not like to wash with a basin ⁠ ⁠

Скоро лето, а это значит, что некоторым достижениям цивилизации надо будет сказать «пока-пока!». Отопление уже начинают отключать, скоро дойдет очередь до воды. Брр. Если вы понимаете, что нет сил больше терпеть — срочно читайте статью. Пикабу и Ariston рассказывают, как не облажаться с выбором водонагревателя, какие они бывают и как сделать так, чтобы он служил вам верой и правдой много лет подряд.

Calculate how many liters of hot water you need (humanities, calmly!)

Perhaps the most important point when choosing. We buy a boiler, sacrificing money and a place in the bathroom. And I want him to deliver only joy and comfort. If in the middle of the reception the shower begins cold water, the question arises: why all this? Saving in volume. definitely not. If everything rests on money, it is better to buy a water heater with a large volume, but without unnecessary bells and whistles than a small one and with a digital display.

To understand what you need. evaluate how much water you use. To do this, answer the questions:

Hot water is turned off from May to the end of August. for 10 days, but other cities were less fortunate: you have to have fun with buckets for a month. Water shutdown graphs are already being published (looking here): just drive a request in the search engine, add your city and 2019.

If you live alone and prefer a shower, a 30 liter boiler is quite suitable for you. And if the family is large, then the minimum acceptable volume is 80 liters.

Of course, you can install a flowing water heater (like this): they take up very little space and heat the water faster. But there are significant disadvantages: water heats up to only 40C, consume a lot of electricity, plus not all apartments for them are suitable for electrical wiring.

Lifehack: One person for taking a shower requires 20-40 liters of water. This will also help in the calculation of the tank volume you need.

They figured out the volume. But another difficulty arises: the more capacious the boiler, the longer the water will be bask. What to do?

One of the features of accumulative boilers is to heating water time.

For example, a 50 liter boiler heats 1 hour 56 minutes, and a boiler per 100 liters. 3 hours 52 minutes. This is a very long time, so a dilemma arises by itself: and what is generally better. quick heating or large volume? And after all, I do not want to sacrifice either one or the other, in the 21st century we still live. Fortunately, manufacturers of household appliances always think about how to make life easier for mere mortals. If you want the water to warm faster, there are two options:

First option: Buy a water heater with a wifai. Remember the epic history of the picabushnik @zmey2k, which was accidentally blocked by a boiler? Yes, we are about this type of water heaters. By the way, everyone was already fixed there.

Let’s go back to the case: for a fig, in fact, to the water heater Internet access? And everything is simple: wi-fi = remote control. If the boiler has such a function, then you can control it using an application on a smartphone, wherever you are, and program it for any time. For example, you are sitting at work in July. Soon go home, on the street heat, people nearby for the hundredth time complain about turning off hot water. And here you take out your phone from wide shorts, go to the Ariston Net application, turn on the water heater and voila. on the way home pops up “shower is ready!””. And you can also program the boiler for heating water in the early morning. right to the rise. At night, electricity is cheaper, a little save.

Second option: buy a water heater with accelerated heating. We remember that the usual heating time is 50 liters. 1 hour 56 minutes. A boiler with an accelerated heating function does this in 1 h 10 minutes. Hour of savings! Also a good option.

Often from the purchase of people’s water heater is stopped by the idea that they are all bulky and ugly. I don’t want to spoil the appearance of the bathroom. And if at the same time the bathroom is also small. buying a boiler even seems to be an unrealizable dream. But, in fact, everything has changed a long time ago.

Today, boilers are not huge cylindrical gidders (although there are such), but also compact models with a beautiful design. over, compactness does not mean a small volume. For example, the depth of the body of the ABS Velis Evo Wi-Fi water heater is only 27.5 cm, while the volume can be up to 100 liters. And the appearance of this boiler was developed by a designer from Italy. Not ashamed to show my mother’s son to my son!

Tips To Buying A Water Heater. Ace Hardware

Another feature: we are used to the fact that water heaters are attached vertically. This can also be inconvenient, especially if the bathroom is small, and there is little free space. Universal water heaters come to the rescue: they can be fixed both horizontally and vertically. The boiler is really possible to even place horizontally right under the ceiling. Just make sure that the distance from the water heater to the ceiling is at least 10 cm. this is a mandatory requirement of safety precautions.

Important! Universal boilers by mistake can be hung in the wrong side. Remember: in the correct position, the tap with cold water is below. And the most important thing: in any position, the boiler must be installed exclusively on the supporting wall. You don’t want a huge chan with boiling water to fall on you?

Learn about additional buns of water heaters

We already realized that modern water heaters are able to slightly more than just to heat water (a boiler with Wi-Fay, Karl. ). And what chips are still?

Some water heaters have a Shower Ready function. What does this mean? There is a special indicator on the digital display of the boiler, which will light up when the water in the boiler will be enough for the first portion of the shower (40 liters of water will heat up to 40C). When the water in the tank is enough for the next portion, the second indicator will light up and so on. So you can not wait for the complete heating of the water (if you have a large volume of the boiler), but immediately start water procedures.

What to look for when choosing a heater

What to pay attention to when choosing a cumulative heater? First of all, the dimensions, configuration and tank material.


The volume of the tank is recommended to be selected depending on the number of users. For one owner, perhaps a boiler with a volume of 30 or 40 liters is suitable, for a family of two or three people, they recommend choosing a tank 60–80 liters, and for large families it is better to safe and buy a boiler with a tank of 100 liters or more. Of course, it all depends on the tastes and individual addictions of the owners. Someone likes to take hot baths, and someone will completely arrange a cool shower.

When calculating, it should be borne in mind that the boiler is able to produce water heated to a temperature of 60–70 ° C; accordingly, if you dilute hot water cold to an acceptable temperature of 35–40 ° C, then, say, out of 100 liters, as a result, it will turn out about 200 liters.

4 options for spaciousness

  • 10-15 liters. Small water heaters, designed for short.term use. As a rule, their main scope is the kitchen.
  • 30 liters. Water heaters with a capacity below the average. It is possible to use them in the kitchen and in some cases in the bathroom, if the user is only one (and without special complaints).
  • 50-80 liters. Medium accommodation water heaters, a universal version, can be used everywhere. The bathroom is good with a small number of users.
  • 100 liters and more. Large volume water heaters provide a high level of comfort, but difficulties may arise with the placement of models of such sizes.

Dimensions, shape and weight

Too voluminous storage water heater, unfortunately, takes up a lot of space. Say, a 100-liter boiler with a case of a traditional shape is a vertically standing cylinder with a diameter of about 0.5 m and about 1 m high. The placement of such a water heater can be a serious problem, especially if you take into account what weighs the device filled with water, about 130-140 kg, not every wall can withstand it.

To simplify the task, manufacturers offer different modifications of devices, in particular boilers with a flat tank. This form is more complicated in manufacture and therefore more expensive, but the flat case is easier to place in conditions of lack of space. In addition, the flat case gives a lower load on the elements of fasteners, on which the water heater is suspended to the wall. Another option for solving “Problem with placement”. water heaters with the possibility of horizontal installation (cylinder or flattened case is mounted so that the axis of symmetry is directed in parallel to the ground level). This modification of the boiler can be placed high under the ceiling or, for example, above the front door.

The most popular are driven water heaters for 50 and 100 liters; It is believed that such a volume will ensure the needs of a family of three people.

Body and protective coating

The internal tank of the water heater can consist of black steel covered with enamel, or stainless steel. All internal tanks are, so one of the main criteria when choosing a boiler is the reliability of the tank. To find out how to independently make the tank, alas, it is impossible. Indirectly, this can be estimated at the warranty life. The guarantee for enameled tanks is usually from 1 year to 5–7 years (7 years very rarely). The warranty life of the tank of stainless steel is 5–7 years.

As experience shows, the appearance of the device is not so important for buyers, for the most part models presented in stores have a white or steel building.

Other parameters

What else should be paid to when choosing an electric heater of the accumulative type?

Maximum temperature

Typically, storage water heaters are designed to produce hot water with a temperature of 60 to 85 ° C. You should not chase too much behind high rates: it is known that the scale is formed at a water temperature exceeding 60 ° C. Therefore, it is good if the water heater provides an option to adjust the maximum heating temperature: by setting it, say, at the level of 55 ° C, you are guaranteed to protect the tank from the formation of scale. RCD

Serves to prevent electric shock during breakdown of the water heater. RCDs are available in many models Ariston, Electrolux, Ballu, Polaris, Timberk and some other manufacturers.

Half power

Mode providing for the operation of the heater half from maximum power. This option is useful, for example, in the case of using powerful (about 3 kW) water heaters, creating a large load on the network.

If the free space of the house does not allow to place the water heater of the desired volume, take a closer look at models with increased heating power of up to 3 kW. they can minimize breaks in the receipt of the shower by family members.

Freezing protection

Useful option for our climate. If the water temperature in the water heater decreases below a certain limit (for example, up to 6 ° C in the Vaillant Elostor Veh Basis model), automatic freezing protection will immediately turn on, which will hen the water to 10 ° C.

In the lower part of most models are the input (blue) and output nozzles.

How to extend the life of a water heater

The magnesium anode is located in any electric water heater and serves to protect the water heater from corrosion. When heated, hot water emits active oxygen, magnesium, as a more active metal, attracts this oxygen to itself, preventing it from oxidize the internal walls of the tank. During operation, the magnesium rod inside the tank is constantly destroyed. For enameled tanks in the operating instructions, the regulatory replacement of this element is usually spelled out every 2-3 years (the price will be from 150 to 1500 or more). In stainless tanks, the magnesium anode is usually designed for the entire service life.

You can extend the life of a water heater with the help of preliminary water filtration. To do this, a cartridge filter is placed in front of the input pipe of the device, for example, based on polyphosphate backfill. Such filters are specially produced for water heaters and washing machines, their cost is 2-3 thousand.

The main characteristics of the running heaters

As we have already said, flowing electric heaters are much more compact than boilers, but their capacity will be significantly higher. And therefore. for their installation, you need to carry out a separate electric fishing line for a trimmer, as well as install a separate machine. Well, in many houses and apartments (where there is no sufficient reserve for input power), install a similar heater and does not seem to be appropriate at all: in the worst case, it will “knock out plugs”, in the best one will be able to work only in the absence of another load (t. e. With the teapots turned off and other powerful electrical appliances).

Eldom Betta 6.5 kW electric

The principle of operation of flowing water heaters is reduced to washing the heater with thin jets, which manage to warm up to the required temperature. Electric flow water heaters produce hot water in an unlimited volume and bring it to a hot state almost immediately after turning on. Real operating experience shows that to provide hot water no more than two points (for example, a kitchen and shower), a prototype type option will be the easiest solution (of course, if there is no goal to save on electricity consumption). However, for normal operation, sufficient pressure is needed. at least 0.4 atm. For household needs, 3-6 kW of power is enough in the kitchen, and it is better for a shower and bath to focus on 8-11 kW.

Unlike the accumulative heaters (boilers), which operate from a conventional single.phase power supply of 220 V and 230 V, many running water heaters (especially models whose power exceeds 8 kW), allow connection to 220/380 networks in networks. If possible, the choice of three.phase voltage will be more favorable, in which the load is evenly distributed into three phases.

The main characteristics of the running heaters, thus, are the power and volume of water, which the device is able to warm up per unit of time. This parameter is indicated in the documentation and looks like a parameter like “4 liters per minute”. The second important parameter is the maximum water temperature that the device can issue. This parameter is also indicated in the instructions (as a rule, it does not exceed 60 degrees).

Many heaters are equipped with a stream limiter that does not allow to serve too much water (so that the device has time to heat water). But with weak pressure, such a limiter can cause the of the flow sensor that activates the heating. And therefore. when buying such a device, it will be useful to check whether the pressure of water in the water supply corresponds to the established standards. You may have to install an additional pump.

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Finally, we mention that flowing heaters, like boilers, can be equipped with an electronic control system that significantly increases the comfort from the operation of the device and allows you to much more accurately regulate the parameters of the device.

In general, choose an electric heater for a house or cottage is quite easy. The fact is that the choice is largely limited by such parameters as the method of water supply (central water supply or pump), pressure (pressure) of water in pipes and the capabilities of the electric network. Many devices are automatically not suitable for certain parameters (they will be too powerful or require labor.intensive preparatory work).

It is not surprising that many opt for the simplest solution that requires a minimum of effort when connecting-installing the usual storage heater-bealer of a suitable volume. Proporal heaters are much less popular (largely due to increased load on the electric network). However, in the case when the installation of the heater is planned at the repair stage, they may be the optimal solution, since they allow you to get hot water immediately, without preliminary expectation.

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