How to choose the right cooktop to the worktop

choose, right, cooktop

All the nuances of choosing a gas stove hob

The built-in natural gas cooktop is an ergonomic, compact and up-to-date solution for modern kitchens. In addition, these devices are highly economical, because the gas burners installed here heat the products very quickly, while having all the necessary adjustments and creating an even heating.

The best modern solutions have unique burners with 2 or 3 rows of flame, which significantly reduces the time for boiling water and cooking. And for cooking with minimal heat, burners with concealed flame can be used, which allows you to evenly heat the entire surface of the dishes.

In addition, the gas hob is almost always equipped with an electric ignition. it requires a one-time connection to the mains, but then you can use the stove without matches.

But to know how to choose a built-in gas hob, you need to decide on several factors at once. Take into account the size of the device, the surface material, the type of burners, as well as what functions you will need exactly when cooking.

Choosing the grate: steel or cast iron

The cast-iron grate is quite strong and stable. Does not change its shape under the weight and prolonged heating. Difficult to care for on a daily basis, because it has a porous structure. Careful, it cannot be washed in the dishwasher, as it can get rusty. Cast-iron grids are harder to care for and are more easily adhered to. Try to choose a panel with separate grids to burners, so it will be easy to clean.

Enameled grids are cheap, easy to clean thanks to their smoothness and low weight. Due to its smooth surface and low weight. During long-term use, the enamel-coated dishes lose their attractiveness, become deformed, and deflections can appear on them, causing the dishes to become unstable on the surface. Also consider the fact that steel grids are not as stable as cast iron.

choose, right, cooktop

Variety and manufacturers

Among the wide range of different brands that produce cooker hobs, you can find models of many colors. Thus, all variants in white and black are considered the most popular, because they are the most versatile. Such hobs, namely induction, gas and electric, can be found in the following brands:

As for colored hobs and models with textured patterns, they should look for Gefest and Zigmund Shtain. In a large range of red. Kaiser, Korting and Kuppersberg, brown. Gefest, Hotpoint-Ariston, Bosch and Beko, copper. Zanussi, Ricci, DeLonghi.

Material and design options

On the materials used for the manufacture of hobs depends not only on its design, but also on how to care for them.

The most budget-friendly coating is enameled. It needs careful care, as the enamel can quickly lose its attractive appearance.

A stainless steel panel would be a very rational solution. Be careful, it is more difficult to cause damage, on such a panel will be noticeable all traces of use, even the traces of fingerprints.

Glass ceramic models will be the least demanding in maintenance, will look stylish and modern, suitable for any design decision in the design of kitchens. They quickly heat up and cool down, and what is important, the heating is done only in the burner area. But be careful, they are very fragile, they can easily be broken or scratched. Try not to allow any liquid to come in contact with the burner.

Cooking hobs can have diagonal edges and framing, but in this case the care of them will be more difficult, grease and dirt can accumulate in the holes, but such a frame will prevent run-off liquids outside the frame.

Which cooktop to choose

For single people and small families living in a house with a tiny kitchen, the Domino two-burner hob is the right choice. Gas or electric. depends on the ability to connect to the utilities.

A family of 3 to 5 people living in a house without a central gas supply line, the suitability of the electric stove with 3 to 4 burners. If you’re looking for a budget option, get a glass ceramic panel with halogen “burners”. If you want to reduce cooking time and cut electricity costs at least somewhat, it is better to splurge on an induction model under tempered glass.

For private homes in the suburbs, where you might have power and gas supply interruptions, the purchase of a combi hob is the answer. A cheaper option. an enamel top with 1-2 cast-iron pancakes. If you want something more aesthetic, use the same enamelware or stainless steel with glass-ceramic inserts. you can hide the halogen burners underneath.

You have a spacious kitchen and you like to cook? Feel free to buy a 5 or 6 burner hob. If you have a gas mains connection, it’s the choice. In other cases, you will have to limit yourself to the electric. The main thing is that it should have extended heating zones for large pots and pans.

  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • The main principle of induction: the cookware is heated directly, and the glass acts as a supporting working surface
  • Resistant to mechanical impact
  • Resistant to chemical attack
  • Food on the induction cooktop doesn’t burn as quickly and is therefore easier to clean
  • Aesthetic appearance

The number of burners and dimensions of the stove

Standard appliances for 4 burners are characterized by a width of 50-60 cm. Includes one large and one small burner and two medium-sized burners. Such equipment is common because of its versatility.

In addition to the square or rectangular arrangement, there are devices where the heaters are mounted rhombus. This way the apron gets dirtier and the fumes are better removed by the hood. But if the dishes are on all the slots, reaching for the farthest one is not very convenient.

What’s the best kitchen worktop?

For small kitchens, where cooking is rare, a two burner model with a width of 25-35 cm is the best.

choose, right, cooktop

Those who want to both save space and not lose functionality should look at models with three heating zones. Here, much depends on the placement of burners:

  • In instances with a square field width does not exceed 44-45 cm;
  • In versions where the flame sources are lined up in a boomerang row, the size will be 70-75 cm.

Corner constructions are also designed to cut out extra centimeters.

For true connoisseurs of home food there are objects with five and even six elements of different diameters. Of course, such modifications require more space on the countertop and take 75 to 90 cm.

The depth of all installations does not differ much and is 50-60 cm. The only exception is single-row narrow appliances.

The sizes of the hobs

The hob is particularly popular thanks to its ergonomic and stylish design. It is easy to use and harmonizes with any interior design. But in order to acquire technique as beautifully suited to the overall style of the kitchen, you need to determine the dimensions in advance.

It is also important to consider all the other technical characteristics of the surface.

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