How to choose the right induction hob

Which is better. An electric or induction hob? Features, differences, pros and cons of

Electric and induction hobs have long become an excellent replacement for gas analogues. However, in order to choose the right model with which it will be comfortable to work, it is important to know about the principle of operation, features, pluses and minuses of various devices.

Functional, ergonomic and stylish hob. The dream of every housewife.

Thanks to the variety of devices presented, customers have the opportunity to purchase a high.Tech and reliable device, which will fully comply with the requirements of experienced consumers.

The only problem is which model to choose: electrical or induction, as well as what their differences.

How it works

Before talking about which of the induction panels is better to choose, let’s figure it out in principle of its work. Under the upper panel of the plate is an induction coil made of copper. That is why the oven is called. Induction. The magnetic coil conducts an electric current, as a result of which a magnetic field is formed that penetrates through the top cover. Under the influence of this field, electromagnetic vibrations are generated in the bottom of special dishes that cause heating.

By the way, the hob is cold, so it’s almost impossible to burn yourself. In this case, only the part of the induction surface on which the dishes stands is heated, that is, the furnace is automatically adjusted to the diameter of the pan. It is also impossible to turn on the stove for security purposes if it does not have a pan or pan, which is very good for economical, but forgetful hostesses.

Some tips when choosing an induction hob

Before choosing an induction hob in the store, decide on its size and number of fireplace. These parameters depend on the composition of your family and food habits. If you live together or prefer to eat outside the home, it makes no sense to spend money on a full.Size device. You will have enough compact surface or even a small table tile enough for you.

Pay attention to the diameter of the burners, their shape and the presence of extension zones. The power of the device, as well as the speed of cooking, depends on this. It will not be superfluous to find out about energy consumption. And of course, choose the right design. And now more about everything.

Panels can be equipped with a different number of firewood

Like ordinary electric slabs, induction hobs can have a different number of firewood. From 2 to 6. Models with 1 burner. As a rule, compact portable plates or the built.In module of the Domino system. Devices with two burners are usually bought for 1-2 people or for giving. Surfaces for 2-3 heating zones are chosen by those who want to save the kitchen space and devote a little time to cook. On such a surface, you can place everything you need without cluttering the interior.

If the family is larger, choose a hob on which there are at least 4 heating zones. Such models are the most popular. You can simultaneously prepare the first and second dish, as well as boil the kettle.

choose, right, induction

If cooking is your hobby, or your family has more than 5 people, purchase a hob with 5-6 heating zones. But keep in mind that there will be quite a lot of free space to accommodate such a technique.

As for the location of the heating zones on the surface, the manufacturers have long moved away from the standards of placing them with a square or rhombus. Depending on the shape of the device, the burners can be located in one row, in the form of a triangle or semicircle. But when choosing a non.Standard location, think about how convenient it will be for you to use the technique. To the dishes standing on any of the heating zones, there should be free access. In this case, the containers located on neighboring burners should not interfere.

Burners can be of different shapes and different diameters

The dimensions of the burners are another important selection criterion. Not only because their power depends on the diameter of the heating zones. The parameter must correspond to the size of your dishes. If the bottom of the container does not cover 70% of the burner, it will not turn on. Standard diameter of induction panels confronts. From 14 to 21 cm. In the most advanced models of the heating zone, they automatically adapt to the diameter of the dishes.

It is better that there are firewalls of different diameters designed for different containers on the hob.

The shape of the burners also does not have to be round. On sale you can find models with square, hexagonal and diamond.Shaped. It all depends on the fantasy of the designer. By the way, the shape of the meaning does not have and carries exclusively a decorative function. Attention should be paid to size.

The designation of working zones is also different. On some surfaces, the burners are highlighted in a different color, on others there are crosses that note the middle of the heating zones, and there are also those in which the entire surface is plain. On the most expensive hobs, even displays are installed along the contour of the burners. With their help, you can immediately see what power the heating area has at the moment and how much is left until the end of cooking.

The size of the entire hob

The size of the induction hob should be ideal for your kitchen set. The minimum width offered by manufacturers is 30 cm. As a rule, these are surfaces with two burners. For a small kitchen. The perfect solution.

If the kitchen is medium-sized, and family members are 4-5, pay attention to the models of 45-60 cm wide, on which 3-4 burners are installed. Five firepower have devices in size from 60 cm. And if the width of the panel is 80 cm, it can fit as many as 6 heating zones.

The thickness of the hobs also differs. It can fluctuate within 40-100 mm. Average indicator-60-80 mm.

Ranks of adjustment of the degree of heating

The main drawback of electric plates is the absence of a smooth adjustment of the degree of heating of fireplace. How are the affairs of induction hobs with this? Of course, you cannot smoothly adjust the temperature. But a large number of temperature conditions solve this problem. In the most advanced models, they can be up to 20. To simplify the use of equipment and install the necessary temperature, choose a hob that will have at least 14 power modes. For a very demanding housewife, 16 modes are quite enough.

choose, right, induction

Rational use of electricity

The energy consumption of the induction hobs depends on the number of firewood and their power. As a rule, if there are four of them, one of them of increased power (up to 3 kW), two. Medium (up to 1.5 kW) and one low (up to 1 kW). Approximately the same indicators have electrical plates with other types of fireplace (halogen, rapid, etc.D.). But there is one “but”. To boil a pot of water on the induction hobs, you will take about 5 minutes. And ordinary electric burners, depending on the type, will need it from 10 to 20 minutes. Therefore, with the same power, electricity costs when using induction devices will be several times less.

Thanks to a high efficiency of useful action, the induction hobal panel allows you to make more processes in a short period of time than its electric counterpart. The efficiency of all models is approximately 90%(in electric plates –60%, in gas. 30%). Almost all the heat released by the heating element goes to heating dishes, and not the surface of the stove and the surrounding space.

In addition, the burner immediately turns off as soon as you remove the dishes from her. When cooking on conventional electric stoves, many first push the pan, and only then turn off the heating. It would seem that these seconds may mean? However, a decent amount may run in a month.

Differences in terms of design

When choosing an induction hob, it should be taken into account and its design. Most devices are produced in dark color, which is perfect for most interior styles. If the kitchen is decorated in country style, you can choose a model in which the burners are decorated with a floral pattern. And for the hi-tech interior, a panel is suitable without designating heating zones.

What to look for when choosing an induction stove

Before buying a kitchen slab with induction burners or a built.In panel, you should pay attention to several basic parameters and functions that distinguish models in terms of heating, ease of convenience and subsequent care. Among them we will highlight:

  • Quantity and shape of fireplace;
  • The diameter and power of the burners;
  • Power adjustment and turbo mode;
  • Recognition of dishes;
  • The presence of heat maintenance and pause function.

Quantity and shape of conferences

In addition to the usual 4 fireproof plates, manufacturers offer a choice of a model with different amounts of the main heating elements, from 1 to 8.

During cooking, more than 2 burners are rarely used, so compact models are becoming more popular. Their use allows you to save on buying and optimizing the kitchen space.

The shape of the heating zones is not necessarily round. In induction plates, they are square, rhomboat, oval or hexagonal. In the presence of the function “Changed heating zone”, two burners can be combined into one large, for example, for heating a wide duckling.

Advanced models can work on the principle of “induction without borders”. Heating zones are located almost on the entire area of ​​the hob. The dishes can be put in any place on the surface, and the stove will begin to work

The diameter and power of the fire

The diameter of the firewood should be selected taking into account the size of the available dishes. There will be no heating if the container occupies less than half of the diameter of the burner. The capacities of fireproofs may differ in the range from 1 to 3 kW. So, on one panel, both low.Power burners and high.Power zones can be used on one panel.

Some models of panels and plates have the function of control of energy consumption: the device adheres to a given rate of electricity consumption.

Power adjustment and turbo mode

All modern models of induction electric plates and hobs can heat dishes at various power. Unlike electric and gas plates, not a smooth, but step adjustment is used here. This drawback is masked by a large number of temperature conditions, the number of which can reach 20.

The presence of a turbo-mode is useful, in which the maximum power is transmitted to one of the firewood. The main option for applying the intensive heating mode is for rapid boiling water. If there is a “boiling” automation function, the heating power after boiling the contents of the dish will decrease without your participation. Management of panels and plates can be traditional. Mechanical, with buttons, rotary levers and magnetic discs. Modern models use the touch control option.

Recognition of dishes

For the safety and efficiency of induction shakes, the function of “recognition of dishes” is additionally responsible. Electronic sensors will determine its absence on the burner and automatically turn off power.

Some models of hobs are even able to “understand” the size of the dishes and adjust the necessary heating diameter and power to it. And if the material of the container is not suitable for heating by induction, the device will inform the user.

Heat maintenance mode and pause function

The possibilities of many plates will temporarily stop the cooking by pause, and continue later. For a family where many return home at different times, the function of maintaining heat will be useful. The food will retain the desired temperature for the chosen period of time.

Is induction in the house safe?

There is a hypothesis that a magnetic field adversely affects human health. And the mechanism of operation of induction plates is not clear to all the townsfolk, so the fears about safety are clear. And this opinion is not without reason: during the operation of the induction stove, a vortex magnetic field is created, theoretically it can be dangerous for people wearing pacemakers, you should take into account these features and consult a doctor. Perhaps you should choose a kitchen appliances without induction.

But manufacturers claim that such a field in their devices is low and not able to harm human health. In addition, vortex currents are limited by the body of the device, and already at a distance of 30 centimeters from it, the exposure to the magnetic field is zero. In any case, the harm from the radiation of the slab is not more than from a mobile phone or computer.

And the allegations that the food prepared on such a hob has harmful properties is nothing more than a myth. Magnetic radiation does not affect the properties, taste and structure of the prepared food, the induction hob in quality of prepared dishes is in no way inferior to the good old gas stoves. And if you compare the pros and cons of these devices. The gas and electric hob is lost in all respects.

TOP-3 Maunfeld induction hobs

Power consumption

The power of the induction hobs depends on the number of firewood and their diameter. The larger the heating zone, the higher its energy consumption. Therefore, although the device is considered economical, it consumes quite a lot of electricity. For example, a standard model of 4 burners is approximately 7 kW (if all heating elements work). However, this happens very rarely.

“Where, then, saving?”. You ask. And it is achieved due to the fact that induction incidence is heated by food or water about twice as fast as electric. And at the same time almost all energy goes to heat the dishes, and not the surface of the device. Cooking takes much less time, respectively, electricity is also saved.

choose, right, induction

TOP-10 rating according to KP

Popular induction hobs made of glass ceramics. At a size of 59.2 x 52.2 cm it has four standard burners. There is also a proprietary Powerboost function, which significantly accelerates cooking or boiling process. The effectiveness of this regime is evidenced by the fact that in it the panel is able to boil three liters of water in more than two minutes. Bosch offers a temperature scale from 1 to 9. The stove accurately recognizes the presence of dishes on its surface. Buyers should know that in high power mode, it begins to significantly make noise. In addition, some users note increased electricity consumption, even when the plate is in standby mode.

Hansa BHI68317

  • Panel Material: Glassramics
  • The total number of firewood: 4
  • Installation: Independent
  • Functions: Timer
  • Switches: sensory
  • Safety: Protective shutdown of firewood, panel lock button, residual heat indicator

The fourth place is occupied by Hansa BHI68317. Hob with dimensions 58×51.9 cm and in a small height. 5.4 cm. For the manufacture of hobs, the manufacturer uses glass ceramics from the German manufacturer Schott Ceran, which ensures safety and reliability. It has 4 heating zones. 2 with a diameter of 16 cm and two in diameter 20 cm. They are located in a checkerboard pattern to ensure maximum convenience. Each of them is equipped with a protective shutdown. To limit the cooking time, a timer is used, which will automatically turn off a certain heating zone after a given time.

The unique function of this model is boiling automation. It provides for the work for a given time at high power, and after. A decrease in the level of heating for prolonged extinguishing or cooking. The model has a Booster function, which briefly increases the heating rate by 30%, and the function of maintaining heat, which allows you to maintain the cooked dish hot. At the same time, the zone maintains a temperature up to 65 ° C, t. E. The dish does not change its taste characteristics and does not burn. In order not to accidentally knock down the settings, the control panel can be blocked. There is an indication of residual heat on the panel, which shows that the surface has not cooled down after disconnecting the heating.

  • Quality assembly.
  • Convenient location of heating zones.
  • Fast heating.
  • The function of increasing power.
  • Maintaining heat.
  • Simple care.

Compared to the previous model, it is equipped with other heating areas in diameter, but does not differ in total power. The panel with good functionality, many protective options is highlighted by the quality of glass ceramics and the presence of an automation function of boiling. 90% of the owners of the model recommend it to buy.

  • Gorenje is a Slovenian company that is one of the leading European manufacturers of innovative home technology.
  • Electrolux is a widely known Swedish brand that produces household and professional equipment with high consumer properties.
  • Bosch is a German brand that has earned the trust of customers from around the world with their highly rented devices.
  • Indesit is an Italian company that is responsible for the implementation of electrical units.
  • Maunfeld is the largest English manufacturer for kitchen technology, whose products are in demand and recognizable in the modern market.

A review of popular induction devices with a different number of firewoods represented by proven brands that specialize in the development of functional technology for home will help to choose the most successful model.

Gorenje it 321 Kr

An easy.To.Operate device with all the necessary options for comfortable cooking.

Miniature hobby induction panel with a simple and convenient sensory type of control for comfortable work.

For absolute use of use, the manufacturer complemented the unit with a function of automatic blocking, thanks to which young children will not be able to change the settings or turn on the panel.

Induction Cooktop: Best Induction Cooktops 2021 (Buying Guide)

The gadget is equipped with two burners of different diameters, the return timeter and the residual heat indicator.


  • Working surface material. Glass ceramic;
  • Switches. Sensory;
  • The diameter of the burner is 16, 21 cm;
  • Work timer. There is;
  • Power consumption. 3680 watts;
  • Dimensions. 30x54x5.4 cm.
  • Laconic design;
  • Self.Control of the volume of the sound signal;
  • Work with a low level of sound support;
  • The ability to adjust the settings;
  • High level of security.
  • The device needs careful purification;
  • The appearance of divorces during cleansing of pollution;
  • The length of the wire may not be enough.

Electrolux EHH 93320 NK

Improved model equipped with an innovative security system for uninterrupted operation.

Improved development with induction heating technology, equipped with two burners and ergonomic sensor switches.

For safe operation, the developer complemented the model with protective locking from babies. It is easy to activate it with one touch.

If necessary, the consumer can suspend the cooking process using a special option.



  • Working surface material. Glass ceramic;
  • Switches. Sensory;
  • The diameter of the burner is 18 cm;
  • Work timer. There is;
  • Power consumption. 3600 watts;
  • Dimensions. 27x49x4 cm.
  • Ease of surface cleansing;
  • The presence of the indicator of the residual heat;
  • Protective blocking from unplanned inclusion;
  • Simple installation;
  • The ability to put the cooking process.

Maunfeld EVI 292-BK

Elegant device, which cannot be dispensed with in a small kitchen.

Electrical equipment from a medium.Soldier segment with two induction burners, indication of the heating stage, automatic shutdown function and diameter detector installed on the surface of the dishes.

When the surface is wetted, all structural elements are blocked, which indicates a high level of safety.

There is also a minute timer, a substantially simplifying food process.


  • Working surface material. Glass ceramic;
  • Switches. Sensory;
  • The diameter of the burner is 17 cm;
  • Work timer. There is;
  • Power consumption. 3500 watts;
  • Dimensions. 26.8x50x5 cm.
  • Ultra.Eergonomic sensory switches;
  • Protective shutdown function;
  • Long warranty period;
  • Authority of the presence of dishes;
  • Ease of cleansing of complex contaminants.

3 burners

The best built.In surfaces for 3 burners according to the reviews and estimates of customers.

Weissgauff Hi 430 B

Multifunctional device for trouble.Free preparation of delicious home dishes.

Three.Grained electric hob with induction technology for heating dishes.

The unit differs in the presence of 9 power levels, a built.In timer designed for 99 minutes, as well as an automatic protective shutdown.

Working areas of different diameters do more convenient work.


  • Working surface material. Glass ceramic;
  • Switches. Sensory;
  • The diameter of the burner is 12, 23 cm;
  • Work timer. There is;
  • Power consumption. 6500 watts;
  • Dimensions. 42.5×49.5x5cm.
  • Modern sensory management;
  • The function of recognition of the presence of dishes;
  • Button for blocking control panel;
  • Wide selection of power levels;
  • Nice design.

Bosch PUC631BB1E

Presentable three.End model, which will be highly appreciated by experienced users.

Characterized by a low level of energy consumption, simple tuning the desired parameters and the ability to independently select the heating zone model.

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