How to choose the size of the lid for the microwave oven

Features, uses

Microwave cover with s is a cloth cape with s sewn into the sides. It performs three functions simultaneously:

  • aesthetic original “design” of devices, emphasizing the taste of the owners, creating a unified stylized solution in the design of the kitchen
  • protective eliminates the risk of mechanical damage to the surface of the microwave: scratches, chips, dirt, dust, splashing water;
  • Practical by covering the microwave with a cover, we additionally solve the problem of storing small items spoons, can openers, whiskers, pins, etc. д. easy to put in side s.

Shape and lids do matter

The taste of dishes cooked in the microwave oven depends not only on the material of the pot, but also on its shape. Electromagnetic waves “work” for food at a shallow depth. up to three centimeters. Choose dishes with this factor in mind, otherwise the food will be heated unevenly, the dish will not cook properly.

The best microwave cooking pot is oval or round, with a wide base and low sides. To prevent the contents from “escaping”, choose a higher rim for baking, cooking cereals and pasta.

choose, size, microwave, oven

Lids are necessary if you plan to cook soups, porridges, vegetables, but only those that have a hole for steam output, as well as special models for microwave. When reheating food usually do not cover the dish or use wax paper, transparent foil with holes.

Lovers of dishes with a crisp will suit a special plate Crisp (included with stoves brand Whirlpool, Samsung).

choose, size, microwave, oven

Judging by the reviews, it turns out perfectly roasted poultry, meat, as well as cakes and cookies.

How to choose the size of the lid for the microwave oven

To this day, manufacturers produce a mass production of universal covers, suitable for most traditional (rounded) toilets, and model, designed for a particular kind.

Each such product serves to provide comfort to the user, preventing water, germs, odors outside the toilet bowl. Why this type of equipment is composed of two independent parts that perform different functions.

Not considering the entire structure should have aesthetic and hygienic qualities.

To make the best choice it is necessary to know that all equipment of the presented type is divided not only by shape, size, but also by a number of other features. This is done because the needs and ideas about comfort of the users are radically different.

  • Standard. designed for adults without special needs.
  • Special. they create for users with disabilities or other categories. For example, there are folding models for travelers.
  • Children’s. this includes small-sized versions, made taking into account the anatomical structure of the smallest users. They even come foldable for easy travel.

All of the above varieties to satisfy people’s needs are further divided according to a number of features. This allows a huge number of aspects to be taken into account, and the future buyer just needs to make the right choice.


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microwave taboos. Microwave safety precautions. Also, how to cook in a microwave. 9 culinary tricks

The microwave oven was patented on October 8, 1945. And since then, we can cook and reheat food very quickly. But some things are better not to put in the microwave.

Microwaves have made our lives much easier and faster. But use them carefully. don’t put things in them that will make that same life very difficult for you, like exploding and dirtying the entire kitchen. This is the lesser of two evils. AiF.How to repair a microwave oven without any technical terms in order not to regret its purchase.

10 Things To Consider Before Buying A Microwave

Metal dishes are not transparent to microwaves. it will ruin the microwave oven. The only exception is an open aluminum tray; you can reheat food in it.

Also do not put in the microwave dishes made of crystal (it contains metals. lead, silver), light glass is prohibited. in most cases, this kind of dishes are made of melamine and can melt in the oven.

The thing is that the paint used for painted dishes often contains metals. If you put a plate with a rim in the microwave, you will see the rim sparkle and glow. By the way, there will be an unpleasant smell, too.

If you cook or reheat, keep the lids off plastic containers. Products in sealed packaging should not be placed in the microwave oven.

Eggs with their shells must not be placed in the microwave. they may explode. Also, you can’t boil condensed milk. In general, you can not heat the food inside any shell. In theory, the contents of a sealed jar should expand from the heat, but the jar itself should not. There’s an explosion guaranteed. By the way, canning jars can not be put even in the open. they are metal.

They can not be heated in the microwave. Good lactic acid bacteria suffer when heated in the microwave, and the kefir and yogurt curdle.

You can’t heat in them. In the first. because metal dishes are generally prohibited, it does not pass microwaves and will spark. And the second one will just melt.

In the microwave honey immediately loses its useful qualities. If you want to return the liquid state of the sugared honey. heat it on a water or steam bath to a temperature no higher than 40 degrees.

A recent study by Australian scientists proved that microwave ovens cause protein molecules to break down faster than just heating in an oven or in a pan. Therefore, it is not recommended to heat foods with high protein content, such as chicken, in a microwave oven.

What utensils you can safely use in the microwave The easiest thing is to go to the store and buy a set of utensils specifically for the microwave. But there is another way. In your kitchen you will surely find a lot of suitable containers. You just need to know which ones to choose.

Your microwave usually has different modes: microwave, grill, convection, etc.д. Now we are going to talk about microwaves. Microwaveable utensils should be transparent to microwaves, have no metal in their composition, not conduct electricity, and be heat resistant.

choose, size, microwave, oven

Any cookware can be pre-tested for microwave use. To do this, take an ordinary cut glass (or any thick-walled glass, but without a pattern) pour water into it, put it in the dish to be tested, and the dish. in the microwave. Turn the microwave on to maximum power for 1 minute. When you open the oven, the water in the glass must be hot, but the dish with the glass in it must not get warm. If it is hot, it is not suitable for microwave use.

How to cook in the microwave. 9 cooking tricks

The microwave oven brings simplicity and speed to kitchens. It is easier to heat dishes with it, and it takes only a few minutes to stew meat or vegetable stew. Cooking in the microwave, although not difficult, but will require certain knowledge and tricks of the hostess. You can find them in our article.

Most of us use the microwave to heat up lunches right in plates or make hot sandwiches. Meanwhile, a good microwave oven can replace several kitchen appliances at once: a convection grill oven, even a steam cooker

It can act like a normal oven or use its microwave function, paired with other functions.

Interesting uses for the microwave

You can sterilize jars in it. And disinfect kitchen sponges and cutting boards. The sponges should be soaked in water with lemon juice, and the boards should be rubbed with a slice of this citrus. In addition, in the microwave you can dry mushrooms and breadcrumbs, thaw dough, heat spices, nuts, to make it easier to peel the husks.

What you need to know to cook in a microwave oven?

Microwaves. penetrate the food from different sides, but to a depth of no more than 2 cm. So for the microwave, it’s better to cut pieces not too big. If you roast/bake in microwave mode, place the largest pieces on the edge of the dish, so they get more microwaves and bake better. When cooking soup, it is advisable to cover it with a lid, but always with a steam outlet. If you put a glass tube in the liquid, it will boil less. Those parts that are on the edges of the plate get more energy, while the middle gets less microwaves. So, the food you are cooking needs to be stirred, if you are baking legs or wings or any other similar pieces, they need to be interchanged and flipped. It is better to salt meat and fish at the very end of cooking so that they retain their juiciness. When cooking eggs, you must take only very fresh eggs and prick the yolks with a toothpick. That way they do not spoil. The dough in the microwave is understood to be higher than in a conventional oven. Therefore, the mold will need to have high rims and only need to be filled halfway. flour should be added to the dough to prevent baked goods from sticking. To prevent food from drying out when heated, you need to cover them with foil or a special lid with a dome.

Microwave mica is an important element that protects the magnetron and waveguide from high temperatures. This dielectric material also prevents them from getting wet. Thanks to the mica layer, the microwaves emitted are evenly distributed in the chamber. The mica sheet deteriorates with use.

A mica waveform cover is a selective filter that covers an opening in a cooking chamber. This allows the microwaves to reach the food, preventing food particles and moisture from getting into the oven’s electronic components.

The microwave lid is shaped like a dome. Depending on the parameters of the microwave, you can choose from different sizes, but most of the models on the market have a diameter of 250-260 mm. There are small holes in the upper part of the product, which allow partial release of steam.

There is one simple but very important rule. do not put in the microwave to heat or cook food in a sealed container. The lid of the plastic container must be ajar.


It protects the inner chamber from splashing grease and food particles.

The interior is much cleaner and the oven is less likely to need to be cleaned.


Very little space inside the microwave oven. And under the lid there is a large concentration of steam, thanks to which heating takes place more evenly.


This is a special case of the fact that it is worth considering.

Inside the microwave oven there is a magnetron which creates magnetic waves to heat the food. There’s a mica plate to protect the magnetron from overheating.

The mica plate is a protective shield. It doesn’t tolerate moisture. The plate deforms because of moisture and makes the magnetron less effective. (Never wet the mica plate!) Thus the cover protects the plate from dripping moisture and grease.

This, too, is a special case of a fact, but it also stands alone. There are some parts of the microwave oven that cannot be cleaned. Or to be more precise you can only wash them by completely disassembling the microwave oven. For example, the grill bulbs that most of you have.

As you can see, in the picture, the grill is protected by a grid, which cannot be removed from the inside and there is no way to get at them to clean them.

When used infrequently and run the grill function, frozen pieces of food start to burn. There will be a strong smell of burning.

Sorry for the slightly dirty microwave in the pictures, I’ve got it.

Microwave is a stand-alone product that can operate without a lid. The lid is only an optional accessory. To use it or not is everyone’s choice.

May breakdowns bypass your microwave and have a good mood!

Size and shape

It is not only the material of which the cookware is made that predetermines its suitability for microwave use. Important factors are the size and volume of the product.

Experts recommend choosing bowls and plates with low sides, but it’s worth taking into consideration the fact that once heated, food increases in size, especially dough for baking.

You can not put in the microwave too large utensils that interfere with the internal rotating disk or do not allow the door to normally shut.

Heat travels faster and food heats faster in small containers. Large microwave dishes take longer to heat up.

Various liquids and drinks in vessels narrowed towards the top also take much longer to heat up. That’s why you should buy wide cups and glasses with flat, not oblique sides.

you have to wait longer to reheat your dinner in a square plate or box than in round or oval containers. The heat spreads more evenly in the latter.

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