How to clean a filter in a Gorenje washer

How to clean the filter of a washing machine

Sometimes a machine gun, after a long and work, can happen in washing machines. a strange failure can happen. the machine does not drain water well or generally refuses to do it. No need to panic and swear on what the light is the manufacturer of the car and the store where it is purchased. Better to think-maybe they did something wrong or did not do it on time?

There is no sense. After all, almost certainly the problem is quite banal and solved by simple actions. You just need to not forget to periodically clean the filters of the washing machine. Almost all owners of modern washing machines heard that they have a filter somewhere.

But not everyone knows exactly how it looks and where it is. Actually, two types of filters are provided in the design of the machine: for waterflows and for its draining. The first filter is located at the junction of the machine with a pouring hose. It is a removable round mesh of plastic or metal.

It is simply removed and cleaned of contaminants obtained from impurities in tap water. But this is actually not about him. In most cases, the word filter of the washing machine means the second option. the filter of the drain pump (often it is called simply drain or drainage).

It is this drain filter from time to time that it is necessary to clean from the formed lumps of wool, fabric pile and large particles or objects (coins, buttons, matches, jewelry, paper clips, etc.).

Its task is not to allow foreign objects to get into the drain pump and make it out of order, as well as protect the drain hose from blockage. After all, the elimination of these malfunctions is much more problematic, and often costly.

Where to look for a drainage filter

It will not be difficult to determine its location. You need to carefully look at the lower part of the washing machine. Usually a special hatch is located on the right below on the right. Open its lid. The coveted filter is hiding under it. If the hatch is not visible. this does not mean that the filter is missing at all.

How to clean filter on gorenje WP60S3/Kako očistiti filter na perilici gorenje WP60S3

In this case, you need to remove the decorative panel located at the very bottom of the body of the washing machine actually near the floor. It is held on latches and can easily be removed with your hands (you can slightly under the screwdriver). The result is the same. under it the filter we need.

Description of the cleaning process

First of all, it is necessary to figure out what this detail is. Outwardly a filler filter looks like a small grid made in the shape of a cylinder. It is this design that captures impurities and garbage contained in water. The bulk filter can hold the smallest particles of metals and dirt, however, over time, the mesh is clogged and poorly passes the water into the washing machine-automatic. Therefore, noticing difficulties with a set of water into the tank, it is recommended to clean the part. The algorithm of actions when cleaning the flood filter is simple.

  • Deanate the washing machine (pull out the network cord from the outlet).
  • Cross the water supply valve into the machine.
  • Put the machine from the wall to get free access to the rear wall of the case.
  • Cover the flooring near the machine with a rag, it will absorb water, which can leak out of the flood hose.
  • Loosen a nut with a rubber seal that holds a bulk hose. It is worth scrolling it from right to left. The hose is attached to the washing room at the top, on the right side.

It is important not to lose a rubber gasket, it is necessary for the subsequent assembly of the machine.

  • Remove the filter valve mesh. It is possible to do this by grabbing the protruding part of the element by the pliers.
  • Clean the filter under running water. If the garbage is poorly washed out of the grid, you can remove dirt particles using a toothbrush.
  • See that an additional filter surface is not installed in the valve. In LG models, a second grid located after the main filter is sometimes found. If you have. clean it too.
  • Put an extracted filter net in your former place.
  • Connect the bulk hose to the body of the washing machine.
  • Tighten the fastener, not forgetting to put a rubber gasket.

It is important to inspect the seal and the nut itself. With strong wear of components, it is necessary to replace the details with new. Having gathered a washing machine and connecting to communications, check whether it was possible to solve the problem with a set of water in the tank.

Do you need an additional filter?

If the pouring filter in the LG washing machine is clogged very often, then excessively hard water enters your apartment. The first sign of increased hardness is a lime plaque formed at the bottom and walls of the daily used electric kettle. To soften tap water, you can install an additional filter element both at the entrance to the apartment and immediately before the bulk hose of the LG machine.

There are several worthy developments to protect household appliances from the formation of scale and plaque on the market. Let’s focus on not a few filtering elements.

clean, filter, gorenje, washer

Geyser 1P. The trunk filtering element designed to install cold water supply on the input of the apartment. The device protects against garbage, clogging and corrosion formations in addition to washing machines, also dishwashers, water heaters, heating boilers and other equipment available in the house.

Как почистить фильтр в стиральной машине

The filter cartridge is not subject to re.filling, and should be replaced after loss of properties.

clean, filter, gorenje, washer

The 1P geyser case is able to withstand pressure up to 30 atmospheres. This indicator is a record among the latest filter elements.

Aquaphor Steron. The filter prevents the formation of scale, improves the effect of detergents, reducing the need for their quantity. Installed immediately in front of the automatic machine. The internal filling of the filter is enough for 300 washes. The filter composition softens water, prevents the appearance of corrosive deposits.

Aquaphor Steron is used exclusively for cleaning technical water.

Understand which filter element is suitable in your case, a regular water analysis will help. Based on the identified data, a filter is selected aimed at fighting “weak places”.

So, if the elji washing in a precipitate of microparticles and impurities on the pouring filter is found, it is advisable to put a main filter element or cleaner at the entrance to the house immediately before washing equipment. Water in most regions is characterized by increased rigidity, so such a measure will definitely not be unnecessary.

Cleaning removed

After removing the drain filter, it is first recommended to rinse it under running water. If there are buttons inside, pieces of fabric, paper or other garbage, it is necessarily extracted.

Since the details will have a large amount of soap and lime plaque, it needs to be removed, ordinary water will not cope with this. To do this, a good sponge with an abrasive layer is taken. For better cleaning, the sponge can be impregnated with any means against scale, a solution for cleaning the bathroom or toilet is suitable. After washing the filter, it is again rinsed with warm water.

After that, the drain pump is necessarily checked, where the filter stood. To do this, it is enough to shine inside a flashlight and, if necessary, extract the garbage in the system. After that, the part is put in place, fixed and the machine is turned on to check it for the presence of leaks.

Despite the fact that experts recommend cleaning the drain filter every few months, when washing down blankets, pillows and similar things, it is better to open the drain system immediately after washing and clean it and clean it. Inside, there will definitely be a large amount of fluff, wool and feathers.

Cleaning without shooting

If there is no desire to extract a part from the system, you can try to clean it without shooting. This can be done in several ways.

Lemon acid

To clean the filter using this substance, you will need:

  • Open a container for powder and fill in it 50-100 g of citric acid, the greater the probability of contamination, the more the substance we fall asleep.
  • Closing the container, select a mode with a minimum temperature of 60 degrees, with strong contamination. 90 degrees.
  • After the cycle is completed, we put a washing machine for rinsing to remove the remains of citric acid.
  • If after one cycle it was not possible to remove all the garbage, we repeat the cleaning until completely cleaned, this will be seen by the transparency of the water inside the washing drum.

Soda dining room

This substance allows you to clean not only garbage, but also remove mold, which is formed not only on the filter, but also inside the hoses.

For cleaning, you need to do the following:

  • 50 g of soda should be filled into the washing drum and into the container for washing powder, you can connect the substance in the same proportions with the powder, so the result will be better;
  • include the maximum temperature and washing duration of at least 2 hours;
  • After completing the cycle, wipe all the open parts of the washing machine, including the powder container;
  • With strong contamination, the procedure should be repeated one more time.

Dining vinegar

When using a substance, the eyes and respiratory organs should be protected. To cleanse, vinegar with a 9%concentration is used.

  • To clean the drain filter of the entire washing machine system of 200-250 ml of vinegar, it is necessary to pour into a tray for washing powder.
  • We turn on the washing mode of 60-90 degrees, which has a duration of at least 2 hours, but not manual.
  • After one hour of washing, turn off the machine and leave for 1-2 hours to uphold. After that, the washing machine starts again.
  • If necessary, several cleaning cycles are carried out.

After using vinegar, it is recommended to extract the filter in any case. Acetic acid perfectly expels dirt from the inside of the system, so there is a big risk that the filter will be even more contaminated if a lot of garbage has accumulated inside the machine itself. After that, it is recommended to enable a machine with a small portion of powder, soda, vinegar or citric acid again.

Whiteness or any remedy with high mlor

When working with such substances, you should be as neat as possible, avoiding its entry into the eyes, respiratory organs and skin.

  • Pour 20-50 or whipping into the tray for washing powder and turn on the mode with the maximum temperature.
  • After 15 minutes of operation of the washing machine, we pause and leave everything for 1-2 hours.
  • After this time, we start the system again for 40-60 minutes. After the cycle is completed, add a few suitable cleaning agents to the powder container and run the machine for 1-1.5 to eliminate caustic smell of chlorine.

These methods are more than preventive, as they do not allow you to remove large garbage. They are recommended to be combined with the main one in order to achieve the perfect cleansing of the entire system.

How to remove?

To remove the filter, which is located in a special compartment, you need to open the lid and turn the mechanism 60 degrees counterclockwise. To simplify the dismantling work, manufacturers applied special arrows to determine the movement of traffic jams. Despite the fact that preliminary removal of water was carried out, you can often observe the flow of dirty fluid, which is in the filter.

After the preparatory measures carried out, you can start extracting a device that is very easy to get and does not require additional physical efforts.

Cleaning instructions

To clean the extracted device from pollution, it is necessary to carry out a number of measures.

  • Removing all large pollution. trifle, hair, pieces of threads.
  • Surface cleaning of plaque using a hard sponge and warm running water. It is strictly forbidden to use abrasive cleaners and boiling water, which can damage plastic and rubber seals.
  • Thorough cleaning of the hole where the filter is installed.
  • Removal of dirt from the surface of the drain pump and pump. The household flashlight that needs to be shone inward will help to be convinced of absolute cleanliness.

It is strictly forbidden to make efforts when screwing the mechanism. Excessive pressure can lead to thread deformation.

Next, you can start connecting water and connecting electric power. Experts recommend the first washing in test mode, which will help identify all problems and leaks. If there were no defects during operation, you can close the panel and tighten all the bolts.

Despite the technical simplicity of cleaning work, experts draw the attention of novice masters to possible causes of water leak during trial washing:

  • Incorrect installation of the device. re.conducting work in accordance with technical recommendations;
  • wear and deformation of gaskets. the installation of new components of elements;
  • Violation of the integrity of the thread. the replacement of the deformed element.

Folk remedies in caring for the unit

Consider the fixed assets used to clean the drain filter, and ways to use them. These are proven effective methods that you can use for the prevention and cleaning of filters with simple tools with your own hands.

The use of citric acid

Citric acid is an affordable and cheap remedy that has no smell.

It is not worthwhile to abuse citric acid, as well as use it at high temperature, as it can damage plastic elements

  • Pour 60-100 grams of acid into a powder container. The amount of funds is determined by the duration of the time during which the cleaning was not carried out.
  • Turn on the device for a full cycle at a temperature mode of 60 or more degrees. The maximum temperature regime is chosen if the machine is highly contaminated.
  • Remove the dirt and residual acids when rinsing. If the machine is not completely cleaned, repeat the procedure.

Upon completion, the filter is cleaned of the remaining raid.

The process of cleaning washing with citric acid is demonstrated in the video:

Cleaning the filter with soda

Soda. an affordable tool for cleaning mold. All the parts on which it forms is cleaned with soda.

  • Soda one to one is diluted with water.
  • In a solution of water and soda, moisten the fabric.
  • Impregnated fabric is wiped with elements with the formed mold.
  • After a few hours, laundry is launched.
  • At its end, the remaining dirt is removed manually.

The procedure can be repeated several times, depending on the degree of pollution.

Using table vinegar

When using it, not only mold and scale are removed, but also an unpleasant odor.

  • 200 ml 9% vinegar is poured into the powder tray.
  • Turn on washing at a temperature mode from 60 to 90 degrees.
  • After filling the car with hot water, a pause is turned on for 1 hour.
  • Continue washing until the end.
  • Clean the filter from the remaining pollution.

Then wipe all the surfaces with a clean dry rag and let it dry.

With the technology of cleaning using vinegar will demonstrate

Whiteness in the struggle for cleanliness

The tool can be attributed to both professional and home. Simple and affordable, it has a pungent odor. Provides high.quality cleaning of the plum filter.

  • In the container for filling the powder is poured whiteness.
  • Turn on the longest time and with a high temperature cycle for 15–20 minutes, put the machine with a pause and leave for 2 hours.
  • Include washing and rinsing.
  • Launch a rinse cycle again.

At the end, the details are wiped dry with a rag.

The use of copper sulfate

This is an excellent, easy to use, accessible, no smell of the product.

Copper sulfate. absolutely harmless to the details of the machine, a remedy for fungus. It can be purchased at a household or markete for summer residents

  • Powder.shaped substance (30 g) is diluted in 1 liter of water.
  • Wipe all the insides of the machine and leave for a day.
  • Start washing with any washing powder.

As in other cases, they include an additional rinse program, and at the end of cleaning is wiped with a dry cloth.

If there is no desire to engage in “dirty” work yourself, you can call plumbing. Professional cleaning will relieve the need to engage in unusual work.

Conclusions and useful videos

How is the process of cleaning in practice and how effective it is, you can learn from the videos below.

Summing up, we can say that the operational period of the automatic washing machine depends on the correct care. Cleaning can be carried out both independently and with a call to the house of specialists. Do it at least twice a year.

Figure out how and how to clean filters is easy. To do this, you need to determine the type of pollution and the type of tool that will help you remove it. Preventive methods available for every housewife are also effective. If you have no desire to clean and wash the washing machine, call those who will do it efficiently and professionally.

There is something to supplement, or there were questions about cleaning the drain and filling filter of the washing machine? You can leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the publication, participate in discussions and share your own experience in removing pollution from the parts of the unit. The communication form is located in the lower block.

What to do if the filter is not removed from the storm filter

If you unscrew the drain filter with ordinary effort, it is better to disassemble the entire pump unit. The reason for its blocking, it may also be an object that has fallen into its cavity, and without removing the pump, it will not work to remove it from there. To eliminate the malfunction, you need:

  • Turn off the washing machine from the power supply and water supply;
  • Remove protective decorative elements and provide access to the drain pump body;
  • Unscrew all the bolts, the nuts and screws of which the drain pipe and the pump are attached to the body of the washing unit;
  • Weaken and give back the clamps of fastening of the drain pipe and the drain hose to the pump body;
  • Remove the pipe and hose;
  • Inspect the filter cavity through the nozzles, and in the presence of extraneous objects, remove them.

In order to remove the stagnant object, sometimes it’s enough just to shake the pump, and the button stuck there or the clip itself will fall through the opening of the pipe. Otherwise, you can use a screwdriver or tweezers.

Why can’t you unscrew and remove the filter

The main enemy of all mechanical parts of the washing unit is water with detergents dissolved in it. During operation, under the influence of temperature, these substances are postponed on the walls of all elements involved in the washing process. This, in turn, violates their work. If the filter elements have not been unscrewed for a long time, salt deposited on the thread of the filter case and the drain pipe can cause their blocking. The part may also not be unscrewed if an extraneous item is between its body and the impeller.

All ways how to open and get a drain filter

To remove the drain filter from the drain pipe, sometimes you can do without removing the pump. If the filter succumbed to unscrewing at least half a turn, you must try to unscrew it “back and forth” with neat movements. If the case is blocked by a scope, then it is destroyed, and then this method is triggered. If some kind of “trifle” interferes, its position in the case may change and the part can be removed.

What to do if the filter proceeds

If a puddle of water has formed from below the machine, then there may be three causes of leaks:

If the gasket has become unusable, it is replaced by a new. In the case of a crack in the lid, you should buy a new one and install it in place. The crack in the case of the pump’s drain pipe leads either to the replacement of the pipe, or to the replacement of the entire pump, if it has a disobedient case.

When performing all work on the maintenance of the washing machine, and even more so, when carrying out the repair, it is always necessary to turn it off from the mains.

In the case of servicing the filter, at least the water supply crane is overlapped. Filters in cleanliness is the key to the operation of the washing unit for many years.

Dishwasher GORENJE DW30 – How to clean filter system, troubleshooting for F11 and F52

Why are filters needed and where are they located

Before cleaning, it should be determined where the filters are in the washing machine and what functions they perform. The filling filter serves as a barrier for rust and other contaminants. Thanks to this small part, the water for washing is rude to clean and is supplied to the tank without large garbage.

The filter that cleanses the water pouring into the washing machine is a small net

The filter looks like a small mesh located at the junction of the pouring hose with a washing machine. The water supply system in most models of equipment is located on the back panel.

The drain filter blocks the path to extraneous objects, pile and garbage, which fall into the tank along with clothes, and protects the drain pump from them. The part is most often located below, behind a small hatch or a removable panel. Washing machines of different brands can have small differences in the location of the drain filter:

  • LG. the filter can be found in the lower part of the left behind the hatch.
  • Ariston, Indesit, Zanussi, Electrolux, Samsung. below the right behind a plastic hatch or a removable panel.
  • Bosch, Siemens. on the right side behind a decorative bar or hatch.

The drain filter should be sought at the bottom of the washing machine, behind a small hatch

If your machine has a vertical load of linen, the filter should be located on the left below the small window.

Filters cleaning: Stages of work

To clean the filling filter, first you should turn off the machine from the network and block the water supply, then unscrew the hose and get the part with pliers.

It is recommended to regularly clean the filter. this will help improve the performance of the washing machine.

If the water is of poor quality, and a preliminary filter is not installed on the water supply, you will find small garbage, rust or sediment on the mesh. You can eliminate pollution using an old toothbrush and ordinary running water. Clean the net well, then rinse it under the crane. After that, you can install the filter back.

The filling filter is located on the back of the washing machine at the place of connection of the water supply hose

Cleaning the filter located in front of the drain pump should be carried out in stages:

  • Turn off the machine from power and block water.
  • Find the location of the desired part (where the filter is located in the washing machine, told above).
  • Open the hatch or remove the panel behind which the element is hidden. You can do this either by moving on yourself, or by moving the lid to the side.
  • Drain the remaining water from the machine. In the drain system, there is always a little liquid that will flow out when the filter is unscrewed. If a special tray for collecting water is not provided in the typewriter, lift a rag under the case, which quickly absorbs the liquid. Many models in the filtration compartment have an emergency hose that simplifies the drain process. you need to lower the end of the pipe into the container and unscrew the plug.
  • Extract the filter. It can consist of one whole part, so from two. plugs and filter. At the end of our article, a video is posted, which describes in detail how to remove the filter on the Indesit washing machine.
  • Clean the filter. Pull all large garbage. pile, wool, hair, small objects. Using a hard sponge, clean the part of the plaque and dirt. After all the actions, rinse the filter under the pressure of warm water.
  • Check the pump and drain compartment for the presence of contaminants. Free the pump from garbage and wipe the wall of the compartment with a damp cloth. It is also recommended to scroll the impeller to make sure that nothing prevents her from spinning freely.
  • Install the filter. This must be done extremely neatly so that the part exactly takes its place in the compartment. In some models of Zanussi washing machines, Electrolux, Whirlpool filter is fixed with a cover cover.

Before extracting the filter from the compartment, you need to arm yourself with a rag so that the water does not spread on the floor

After you figured out how to clean the filter in the washing machine, and successfully completed the procedure, it’s time to check the equipment for leaks. To do this, start the rinse mode and watch the filter lid. If drops of water do not leak from there, then the part is installed correctly. you can close the hatch or install the panel.

Household manufacturers advise cleaning the part at least 1 time every 2-3 months. This will avoid serious contaminants and prevent a breakdown of the drainage pump into which part of the garbage from the filter can fall.

Ordinary modes

Functional “filling” of the Gorenje washer varies depending on the model. Standard programs are available on all machines. A brief description of the options and washing modes is presented in the instructions for the equipment.

It is important to choose the right laundry mode, focusing on the type of fabric and the degree of pollution of the linen. In order not to spoil the thing, you should figure out for which products this or that program is suitable.

  • Cotton. The name speaks for itself, the mode is designed to clean cotton clothes, linen things, bedding and towels. The washing temperature can be adjusted from 20 ° C to 95 ° C. When choosing a program, a complete loading of the drum is allowed.
  • Mix/synthetics. The program is suitable for things sewn from synthetic and mixed fabrics. Ideal for color. The degree of washing is adjustable to 60, the loading of the drum should be half. For example, in a machine for 6 kg of linen, it is allowed to put a maximum of 3 kg of clothing.
  • Handwash. A delicate program was invented to clean delicate, demanding fabrics. In this mode, you can wash linen and wool products, silk, viscose, curtains. Due to the smooth rotation of the drum, things are not deformed. The cycle temperature is adjustable from 20 ° C to 40 ° C. In a full-size machine, it is allowed to load 2-3 kg of linen, in a narrow one-a maximum of 1.5 kg.
  • Wool. Another gentle regime for woolen things and products from a mixture of wool and other fibers. Suitable for washing sweaters, snoods and hats. Water warms up to a maximum of 40 ° C, the minimum. In full.sized washing, when choosing a program, you can load up to 2 kg of linen, in narrow ones. 1 kg.

In addition to standard programs, the Gorenje washing machine has additional modes for special occasions. For example, when you need to refresh things as quickly as possible or treat the fabric from allergens.

Special programs

Depending on the situation, standard cleaning modes may not be suitable. Therefore, Gorenje washings have additional washing programs for special occasions. We will analyze their appointment.

Про стиральную машину Gorenje и чистка системы

  • Fast washing 17. Having launched the program, you can refresh the linen in only 17 minutes. Suitable for slightly contaminated things, helps housewives save not only time, but also electricity. Water warms up to 30 ° C, the loading of the drum should be incomplete. For full.sized machines. 2 kg, for narrow. 1.5 kg.
  • Super black. Washing in this mode allows you to maintain the brightness of black things. The program is distinguished by slow pressing and smooth rotation of the drum. Water temperature. 30 ° C. You can load no more than 2-2.5 kg of clothing into the machine.
  • Quiet washing. You can run the program even at night. Suitable for cleaning mixed tissues of different colors. Water warms up to 40 ° C. Maximum load: in full.sized cars. 3.5 kg, in narrow. up to 3 kg.
  • Against dust ticks. The mode is ideal for washing pillows, blankets and other bedding, overalls. Helps to remove the remains of dead skin from fabric fibers. The water temperature is adjustable from 60 ° C to 95 ° C. Laying no more than 3.5 kg in standard machines, up to 3 kg in narrow units.
  • Baby clothes. Suitable for caring for things of babies, as well as allergic people. The feature of the program is several rinsing cycles. Water heating can be adjusted from 40 to 95 ° C. Complete load allowed by the manufacturer is allowed.
  • Sport. Designed for washing a sporty form sewn from different fabrics: cotton, synthetics, microfolocon. Except is performed at minimum speeds, water heats up to 30 ° C. The maximum allowable drum loading: for standard dimensions are 2.5 kg, for narrow equipment. 2 kg.
  • Antiallergy. The program was invented specifically for washing linen requiring special care. Due to high.temperature processing (up to 95 ° C), all microbes are removed from the fabric, and several rinsing cycles help wash the powder from the fibers. The permissible loading of the drum coincides with the maximum.

Almost all Gorenje washing modes can be adjusted by changing the temperature of the water heating, spin intensity and the number of rinsing cycles.

Understanding what the peculiarity of each of the programs can be ensured by high.quality laundry of things. You can see how much this or that mode lasts, you can on the machine display (choosing the desired function) or in the instructions for the technique.

Remove the filter

How to unscrew the filter in the washing machine we will discuss later. Sometimes it happens that the part for reliability is fixed with a screw. Then, to extract it, we need to first remove the screw, and only then twist. In cases where cleaning occurs rarely, the filter can be unscrewed problematic. If it goes with difficulty, it is important to control efforts so as not to break the handle or the part itself. If the filter sits so tightly that no efforts allow it to extract it, then you can go the other way and get to it from the pump side.

In particularly unfavorable situations, for example, if a scale appeared on the carvings of the part, you can not even twist it from the inside. Then it is easier to take it out with the whole snail. And only then in a more convenient position and with an additional tool to try to gently extract it or break it up by force.

In the latter case, it will be necessary to purchase a new filter and replace the broken. By the way, in the process of power extraction, a snail may suffer. Then it will also need to be changed.

To clean the filter we need to reject the machine, transferring its weight to two hind legs. Then we put a small container under it. It is needed to drain water when unscrewing the filter element. Then slowly unscrew the filter. And water flows into the container.

The extracted part must be carefully cleaned and returned to the same place.

Иногда сор может остаться в отверстии машинки, из которого мы вынули деталь. Highlight it with a lantern or other light source and carefully examine. If any litter is detected, it is worth extracting it and cleaning the hole. Then we install the filter element back and check the washing machine, starting the test washing.

Depending on the model of the machine, you will need to remove different parts of the case. For Ardo, Virpull, Kandy, Elji and Ariston. you can get from the bottom, sometimes these cars do not have a bottom, in other cases it is removable. AEG, Bosch and Siemens need to remove the front wall. Zanussi and Electrolux have the back. You can read more about how this is done in the article “Replacing the pumping pump of the washing machine”. There are also videos of instructions for different models.

Also, if the washing machine simply does not have a filter on its design, you need to open its case and get to the snail. So it will be necessary to check the pipes and the drain pump itself for the presence of a blockage.

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