How to clean the iron from the scale correctly

Cleaning an iron from scale by improvised means, how to prevent the appearance of scale: step.By.Step instructions, recommendations on use

The technique does not stand still and every year more and more goods for home, equipment appear on the market, but the iron is always the most indispensable technical assistant for any housewife, but, unfortunately, it requires careful care.

With frequent use inside any iron, no matter how good and unique the company is, scale is formed. It destroys the device from the inside, reduces the duration of its use and the quality of ironing. Modern irons have various functions that help get rid of scale, but what to do with simple, “unwound” ironing? There are many means for this.

It is important to remember that the iron needs suitable care, as for any technique. He needs timely cleaning from scale and use of specialized means. Also, the scale sometimes remains on the sole of the iron and spoils things. There are one hundred percent methods that will help to cope with the problem, but each solution has its own nuances that we must not forget about.

How to clean the iron from Nakipia folk remedies?

The reason for the appearance of the scale on the internal walls of the iron equipped with a vaporization function is a hard, saturated water, which is used during ironing. To solve this problem, many models of irons provide for the possibility of self.Cleaning. Therefore, before proceeding with the cleaning of the device, it is worthwhile to carefully study the instructions attached to it.

Effective folk remedies for removing the scale formed inside the device include:

Carbonated mineral water with a hydrogen indicator PH below 8 units, that is, having acidic properties:

clean, iron, scale, correctly
  • 200 ml of fluid is poured into the unit;
  • Turn on the iron, having previously set the steam formation mode;
  • They hold above the sink or bath, pressing the steam emission button until the water completely evaporates.

This method is unlikely to help if the scale has accumulated a lot, but its use after a year or two operation of the equipment is appropriate and very useful.

  • 1 cup 9 % solution is mixed with 1 liter of distilled or defended boiled water;
  • Fill the tank of the device with liquid;
  • Include vaporization function;
  • For several minutes, an unnecessary piece of fabric or an old towel is ironed;
  • Turn off the device and leave in a horizontal position until it cools completely.
  • 25 g of powder is dissolved in 1 glass of defended boiled water;
  • Pour the composition into the unit reservoir;
  • Put the steaming mode on the on the included device;
  • Release a stream of steam several times until the liquid evaporates.
  • After cleaning with acid solutions, pour clean water into the apparatus and it is completely evaporated.

Solutions of vinegar and citric acid can not be poured inside the iron, but instead apply the boiling method:

  • The composition is poured into the baking sheet with high sides;
  • 2 sticks are placed on the bottom to ensure a gap between the base of the unit and the surface of the baking sheet;
  • A cooled iron is put on top, watching that the fluid level reaches the plastic elements of the device without covering them;
  • The baking sheet is heated on the stove, bringing water to a boil, and then left for cooling;
  • The procedure is repeated 3-4 times;
  • Through the drain hole, pour the liquid in the tank of the iron;
  • Rinse the inside of the device with clean water and leave until completely dry.

To remove the scale from the outside:

A solution of citric acid is moistened with cotton tissue;

Place it on the working surface of the device;

After that, the sole is wiped with a clean cloth, and the residues of the scale from the openings for the output of the steam are removed with toothpicks.

How to clean the iron at home

At home, remove the scale from the outer surface and internal elements of the iron with the help of:

How to use chemical cleaners

The most common are German means, which include organic acid, water and anti.Corrosion substances (Topperr, Bosch, Filtero 605).

  • We prepare a solution of water and agents in a ratio of 3: 1.
  • We heat the iron at the maximum temperature.
  • Turn off.
  • Put the device horizontally and leave for 2 hours.
  • Pour the product, and wash the iron 1-2 times with water.
  • Before ironing, we check by ejecting the steam purity of the iron.

Special liquids from scale cope perfectly with its removal from the surface of the iron

The most affordable cleaning method is citric acid

  • 2 h. L. Pour citic acid into half a glass of hot water.
  • Drink soft tissue in this solution.
  • Attach it to the holes on the iron.
  • After a few minutes, remove the fabric and turn on the device, and clean the holes later with ordinary cotton sticks.

To clean with citric acid, the iron inside, make a solution of 25 g of powder and 200 ml of water.

  • Pour the solution into a water container and turn on the iron on the maximum temperature.
  • Wait for re.Turning on, and when the device turns off for the second time, release steam. Heated solution in the form of steam will fall into the channels and soften the scale.

Citric acid is the most popular assistant in the fight against a bit

Rusting rust vinegar

This method perfectly removes the rust from the sole of the iron, but has several disadvantages:

Heated sole slightly iron the fabric moistened in a solution. It is important to take care of ventilation of the room.

Cleaning vinegar is not the safest way, but effective when it is necessary to remove rust

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Removing a scale and a pile from the sole of the iron is easiest with salt. Pour a thick layer of salt on paper, heat the iron to the maximum and several times, pressing slightly, draw on the salt litter with an iron.

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How to clean the iron from soot and burned fabric: 9 working methods

One of the effective ways to clean the iron at home is to use the paracetamol tablet. Turn on the device at full power. Когда он сильно нагреется, прижмите таблетку к пригоревшему участку на подошве. Under the influence of heat, it will turn into a gel and dissolve the cargo. At the final stage, wipe the surface with a damp cloth, and then a paper towel. Repeat the procedure until the abrasion is completely removed. Be sure to put on a heat.Protective mitten.

To cleanse the sole of the iron from the car, mix a couple of tablespoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of water. Wipe the surface thoroughly, excluding the ingress of pasta into the steam holes. If suddenly the mixture still hit the steam exit, be sure to clean it with a cotton swab. Take the habit of regularly clean the steam holes with these accessories.

Moisten a napkin in vinegar and put a household device on it. Leave for 30 minutes, and then wipe the sole. She will look like new. This method of cleaning the sole of the iron is especially effective if traces of corrosion have already appeared on it.

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Skeptics will not believe that the newspaper helps to clear the iron at home, but nevertheless this method works. Heat the device to maximum temperature. Sprinkle the newspaper abundantly with salt and stroke it with circular movements.

Add vinegar to the water tank

A good way to clean the holes for the supply of steam is to fill out the reservoir with white polydistilized vinegar (1/4 cup) and water (3/4 cup). Then put and break the old unnecessary towel. Dirt will leave the steam holes with vinegar.

If there are scrap spots from hard water on the iron sole, remove them with a melamine sponge. Wet the “magic eraser” and wipe the surface.

Moisten a cotton pad/cotton wool in varnish removal. Put on a tack and draw a disk on the hot sole of the iron. Ideally, do this on the street so that the air in the apartment is not filled with toxic pairs of acetone.

The chips of laden soap will help clean the ceramic or steel sole of the iron from fresh. Dissolve it in warm water. Then wet the rag and wipe the surface with a soap solution. Dry thoroughly. Then heat the household device and again apply the soap mixture for 20 minutes. Remove. Use a tack or a thermal protection mitten.

Toothpaste contains delicate abrasive particles that carefully clean the sole of dirty traces. Apply it to a warm surface, wipe and clean it.

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Fur Peace cleaning

The following means are used as an additional cleaning of the holes for the release of steam on the sole of the iron.

Special pencil

To clean the holes, you can use a special pencil. Pour water into the iron, rub the surface of the iron with a pencil, heat the device, and then release steam using an unsuitable piece of fabric. The procedure should be carried out in a well.Ventilated room, since the cleaning process is accompanied by a sharp unpleasant odor.

This method can only be used to clean external holes, getting rid of the scale in the reservoir, the pencil will not help. At the end of the procedure, the surface of the cooled iron is thoroughly wiped.

clean, iron, scale, correctly

Lemon juice

How to clean the iron from scale, if there is no special pencil? Cleaning holes for the release of steam outside can be using lemon juice. Dilute the juice with water in a ratio of 2: 1, moisten a cotton wool in the resulting solution and wipe the holes on the sole of the iron. Then clean the holes from lemon juice, releasing steam from the device. Try the iron on an unsuitable piece of fabric.

Do not forget to thoroughly wipe the sole of the iron after cleaning

How and how to clean the iron from the inside from the scale at home

If household chemicals were not at hand, and there is absolutely no time to go to the store, effective folk methods to help you help. In each house there is definitely one of the following:

clean, iron, scale, correctly

Well, a table vinegar accumulated inside will clean the iron from the scale of the scale. If you have 9%, then it is diluted in a ratio of 1: 3 with water and poured inside the tank. Then the device must be heated as much as possible, pressed several times for the release of steam, while placing an iron above a steel shell or basin. Pour the solution into the reservoir 3-4 times until a clean liquid without traces of dirt is merged into the sink.

Before cleaning the steam iron from the scale inside, analyze the possible degree of its pollution. If you have been using the equipment for a long time and have never cleaned the tank, you should resort to the right method of cleaning using the same vinegar, but not with the bay of the solution inside, but placing the sole in it. For this:

Put wooden sticks on the bottom of the baking sheet or pans, put the iron on them in the same way;

Pour water with vinegar so that it covers the sole;

Turn on the stove and wait for the fluid boiling, turn off;

clean, iron, scale, correctly

Give the iron and cool liquids (30-40 minutes), remove the device, clean the holes and sole.

Fill out the tank with clean water, heat the iron to the maximum, release steam after heating, holding the device horizontally above the sink.

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Citric acid copes with salt deposits perfectly, it will also remove the scale. Prepare an aqueous solution. To do this, take 200 ml (glass) of clean water and dilute 25 g of citric acid in it. Wait for the complete dissolution of the granules. Gently pour the resulting solution into the tank and turn on the device to the maximum. After the device is heated and automatically disconnected, shake it carefully and release steam several times, holding the iron sole down above the sink or other capacitance. Be careful, the steam is very hot and it will come out with jerks with deposits.

Surprisingly, the mineral water is also effective in removing the scale. When heated, mineral water enters into a chemical reaction with a scale, while transferring it into soluble salt (calcium bicarbonate). The mineral water is poured into the reservoir, the iron is hot and then, holding its sole down above the sink, the steam is released along with the pollution.

With small lime deposits, ascorbic acid can be used, which is rubbed into small crumbs, dissolved at the rate of 1 tablet per liter of water. The resulting composition is brought to a boil, cooled and poured into the iron, after which the device is turned on for maximum heating and produced steam, holding the sole down over a wide container.

How to remove a scale inside the iron?

It is necessary to deal with lime deposits correctly, and it is worth starting this activity from the first day of using an electrical appliance. There are many ways to clean the steam iron from the scale, starting with the function of self.Cleaning and folk remedies and ending with special liquids.

Self.Cleaning function

Some manufacturers of steam ironing devices supply them with the function of self.Cleaning. The owner of such a technique will be easy to carry out the procedure for removing the scale. For example, you need to perform only a few consecutive actions to remove the elements of salts from the Tefal iron:

  • Stroking linen, turn off the electrical appliance and pour water from its tank.
  • Pour fresh water again into the container.
  • Turn on the device in the mains and install the maximum temperature regime on it.
  • After the temperature sensor goes out, turn off the ironing apparatus from the network.
  • Take the iron to the kitchen or the bathroom. Further actions will need to be carried out above the sink or washing.
  • Open the ironing device and remove the anti.Core rod from it.
  • Press the self.Cleaning button. At the same time, the pairs with powerful jets will exit through the holes in the sole outward, and along with the steam from the inner container, scale particles located inside the holes will fly out.
  • Release steam several times, shaking the device slightly.
  • Insert the anti.License rod back and install the electrical appliance on the support.
  • Turn on the drying technique (while it will sew and produce steam).

In this way, at least once a month we clean the iron from the scale. Remember that its sole heats up greatly, so do not put the device on the ironing board until it cools down.

Folk remedies

There are several folk recipes that allow you to save the electrical appliances necessary in everyday life from salt sediment. Thanks to the properties, split the solid deposits formed due to hard water, some foods can quickly remove the scale in the iron and are often used by housewives as cleaning products.

The most common means in the fight against salt sediment is an aqueous solution of three.Axle carboxylic acid, or citric. The tool is prepared as follows:

  • Take 2 sl.L. White crystalline powder and dilute them in 200 ml of water.
  • The tool for cleaning the iron from the scale is poured into the iron of the ironing device and heat it to the maximum temperature.
  • Turn off the electrical appliance from the network and shake it for 1 minute.
  • Put an old towel under the ironing apparatus or carry it to the sink and press 2-3 times on the pair button.
  • The solution is drained after the electrical appliance cools.
  • The cleaning procedure of scale with citric acid is repeated 2-3 times.
  • After rinse the tank, boiling distilled water in it.

You can also remove salt scale vinegar. For the solution, you will need 1 liter of liquid and 200 ml of a 9%product. Cleaning is carried out in the above way.

Some housewives not only clean the iron from the inside with these two means, but also use mineral soda water. It is filled with a tank, heated to a maximum, and then perform the same actions as with product solutions. After the end of the cleaning procedure, the tank does not need to be washed the tank.

They also use folk remedies in order to remove the scale in the holes through which steam is poorly thrown away. They, having dipped a cotton pad or stick into solutions, clean the sole of the iron. Not only products are used as assistants, but also hydrogen peroxide, toothpaste. These funds are good in cases of strong salt deposits on the outside and in the steam holes of the electrical appliance.

The procedure begins with the fact that the sole and the upwards clogged with the outer holes of the cold iron are lubricated using a cotton pad, sticks or toothbrushes with paste or peroxide. Then they turn on the household device and, heating it, iron the old natural fabric (linen or cotton). After that, the device is turned off and waited for it to completely cool. The sole is washed with a solution of water and soap, the purified surface is wiped with a damp cloth, then a dry cloth.

How to effectively clean the iron at home, tells the video in more detail.

Special tools

If desired, you can use Philips and Tefal Teflon and Tefal Teflon or Cross.Ceramic surfaces specially designed for these purposes: pencils, fluids.

Pencils do not contain abrasive materials and are well suited for external cleaning. This inexpensive tool for irons resembles a school chalk or a paraffin candle in the form of a rectangular bar. To use it to clean the surface of the electrical appliance from the scale, you need to turn on the device to the network, heat to a temperature of 135 ° C and disconnect again. By placing an ironing apparatus on an old towel, take a pencil in your hand and wipe the steam holes and sole with it. The pencil melts and flows down with a scope.

We get rid of the iron of salt elements until the outer surfaces are cleansed, periodically erasing the molten particles of the pencil and pollution with a cotton handkerchief or rag. At the end of the procedure, you need to release steam. After that it becomes easier to iron, and the surface remains clean for a long time.

You need to know how to get rid of scale in the iron with a liquid. Special solutions purchased in stores are poured into a cold household appliance with water (ratio 1/3: 2/3). Then the ironing apparatus is included in the network and heated. Turn off and, putting it in a horizontal position, wait 2 hours until the product will work. Then the liquid for cleaning the irons is drained, the tank is washed with water. Pure water is poured inside the tank, the iron is heated and pressed on the steam supply button. After that, the sole is wiped with a soft cloth.

Is it worth disassembling the device

Both specialized and folk removal of scale removal inside the iron do not require its disassembly for spare parts. All methods are effective due to high temperature and vaporization. Dismantling may be required if not a single attempt to remove the scale from the iron did not give results. However, in this case, it is better to contact a specialist, perhaps there is a malfunction of the device. Prevention of the appearance of scale

Timely prevention of the formation of deposits on its smooth surface and internal elements will help to avoid a breakdown and extend the life of an iron. The latest models are already equipped with special water filters or anti.License rods that prevent the appearance of scale.

If there is no specially provided protection, it is recommended to clean the iron on 2-3 months on 2-3 months. You should also adhere to such rules:

It is worth noting that cleaning the iron from the scale at home is a simple matter. The main thing is to observe the frequency and not to launch excessive pollution. Then the home assistant will regularly serve for many years.

Review of Marina Nikonova:

“I always clean the iron only with citric acid, I do not like all kinds of chemistry. Very effective, fast and harmless. I have been cleaning once 2 months, my iron has been served for 10 years, and still as a new one ”.

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