How to clean the krups coffee machine from scale

Cleaning the coffee machine with a tablet. Which nodes must be regularly cleaned, how many times a month

The composition of clean, tasty water includes certain minerals and trace elements: calcium, magnesium, glandular, potassium, chloride compounds. When heated, they form lime plaque, which falls into coffee with white flakes and makes it tasteless, and in the finale threatens with corrosion of internal elements. The surface of the scale is porous, and microorganisms and bacteria quickly begin to multiply in it.

The maximum plaque forms calcium dissolved in the aquatic environment, so the process of cleaning the coffee machine from scale is often called decalcination.

Determine what has come for cleaning the coffee machine from scale by the following signs:

What is coffee machine decalcination

Hard water contains a large amount of calcium salts. They form a loose film on the walls of the coffee machine, which joins the salt of other metals contained in the water. Decalcination is the process of removing salt plaque.

The mechanical removal of scale with cleaning pastes containing abrasive particles causes serious harm to the elements of the coffee machine, can lead to serious breakdowns. Therefore, for decalcination and cleaning of coffee machine from coffee oils, special compounds containing substances that soften and remove the layer of scale.

The composition of coffee beans has vegetable oil, which when heated goes into a liquid form. After cooling, drops of oil become thicker, accumulate on the internal elements of the coffee machine. Over time, like any other oil, it becomes slide, giving coffee an unpleasant taste.

Line of care

The most effective way, how to clean the coffee machine. Capsule or usual. Is the use of professional chemicals safe for health. They include organic acids that affect lime deposits and dissolve them. After their use, all parts are washed with clean water.

In the line of coffee machine care products:

  • Powder products;

Почистване на кафеавтомат KRUPS при светеща CLEAN индикация (4к60)

  • Solutions for decalcination;
  • Universal scrap and oil plaque tablets or different for individual functions.

Powers and solutions can be used every month for prevention, and use tablets a couple of times a year to completely remove pollution.

Folk remedies

It happens that the machine gives a signal about the need, that it is necessary to conduct decalcination, and the necessary funds are not at home. Then you can use citric acid, dissolving it in water and the bay in the container before cleaning. Citric acid is weaker than a mixture of acids in professional means, so the flushing procedure must be launched 3-4 times.

clean, krups, coffee, machine

Vinegar is also used to wash the parts of coffee machine. The used solution is also poured several times back to remove the scale efficiently.

Constantly using folk methods is not recommended. The best option is the alternation of chemistry and ordinary citric acid.

clean, krups, coffee, machine

Scrap and oil tablets. Composition and principle of action

The manufacturer produces two types of coffee machines. From scale and cleansing. The former of the first includes acids, as they are able to dissolve the lime layer. The composition of cleaning tablets includes substances based on soda that can dissolve oil coating, that is, vegetable fat.

The strip tablets are dissolved in water, and then poured into the container, after which the water enters the corresponding nodes and rinses the scale.

Clean the coffee machine from sediment, fats and oils

Cleaning pills do not dissolve, but are laid entirely in the compartment for ground coffee, the liquid from which is directed to the coil block and cleans it. If such a compartment is absent, the tablet is placed on the filter, and if the hob is removable, it can be washed with soapy water without pills.

Krups coffee machine cleaning the tablet takes a little time. A maximum of 10 minutes.


Instructions on how to clean the krups coffee machine with a tablet:

  • Turn on the coffee maker and press the button to go to the service menu.
  • Activate the cleaning function. At the same time, the appropriate indicator on the display licks.
  • If universal tablets are used that need to be dissolved, then a liquid is typed in the container and 1 tablet is laid. If cleaning is used, then it is laid in the compartment for ground coffee.
  • After the cleaning process begins, it will take place in several stages, each of which lasts 8 minutes.

If a signal appears on the display that it is necessary to add water and remove the liquid from the pallet, you need to fill the container again to wash off the remnants of the chemicals. After that, the coffee machine is ready for use.

How to clean a coffee machine. Auto.Cleaning

The cleaning process becomes much easier if there is a built.In self.Cleaning function in the technique.

  • Remove the remnants of coffee from the tray and coffee grinder.
  • Pour hot water into the tank, fill it completely to the maximum mark.
  • Add special cleaning products for coffee machine. Close the lid.
  • Turn on the “Auto cleaning” mode and wait for its end.
  • After disconnecting the equipment, you need to wash it yourself. Pour clean water and select the usual coffee cooking mode. Repeat the procedure 2 times.
  • Then prepare the drink, but do not drink it. This coffee is prepared only for cleaning purposes.

Advantages of capsule coffee makers Nescafe Dolce Gusto

Interior design expert, as well as the head of the fabric sale salon

Coffee machines for coffee in the capsules of Neskafa Dolce densely are very convenient to use both at home and in the office. They do not require constant cleaning. Just throw off the used capsule.

Thanks to a removable capsule nest in a coffee maker, the ability to burn is excluded. The same design is different for cups, which simultaneously acts as a capacity for drops.

An important advantage is the ability to independently adjust the fortress of the drink. This is especially true in the office or a large family, because the tastes of everyone are different. Nescafe Dolce Gusto cars work silently, they are characterized by low energy consumption and efficiency in general.

With the help of coffee makers, you can prepare a wide list of drinks: delicate latte, fragrant cappuccino, strong espresso, as well as cocoa and tea.

All devices look stylish, modern and neatly. They fit into the interior of any kitchen or office.

Cleaning KRUPS Espresseria Auto Pisa EA815070 with capsule

In addition, coffee machines are compact and can save space. With them you can cook stunningly tasty and fragrant drinks, in fact, without taking part in this process.

While you are going to work, do household chores or solve important issues in the office, the coffee maker will make the perfect coffee taking into account your tastes.

Features of work with capsule machines

The capsule coffee machine like Dolce Gusto can be cleaned using special decalcinants adapted precisely for this type of household appliance. They work with such decalcinators as follows:

  • The capsule is opened and placed in the car in the same way as the usual coffee capsule. After that, the equipment is launched into work.
  • Then remove the foam formed during the cleaning.
  • Details of Dolce car gently gently rinsed. After that, you can immediately start preparing a new portion of coffee.

The entire cleaning process in such machines using special capsules takes an average of 2 minutes. If there are no such capsules at hand, you can clean the machine yourself with other means, you only need to use specialized decalcinators for this purpose so as not to damage the equipment.


In order not to appear unpleasant odor, you need to regularly clean the cappuccinator from milk fat. He mainly settles on the walls of the tubes. With a removable compartment for milk, cleaning is easier to do, since you can visually evaluate the presence of a fat layer. With built.In models, it is necessary to use professional tools and clean with the frequency recommended by the manufacturer.

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