How to clean the microwave inside from Gary

Ways to get rid of the smell of Gary in a conventional microwave

Microwave oven is an indispensable device in any kitchen. With it, you can quickly warm up the dish without adding oil or loss of taste, defrost meat, fish and vegetables, and also use it as an oven for preparing simple dishes. This miracle of technology is used regularly, several times a day, so fat, dirt and aromas quickly accumulate in it.

It is about the latter that we will talk in our article. The steady smell of Gary formed in the microwave can deliver a lot of trouble. It is difficult to disable it and all subsequent dishes will absorb it, and lunch is guaranteed to be spoiled.

How does the smell of burning in the microwave appear?

Smell inside the microwave can differently. At the first time after the purchase, fragrances specific for new equipment are worried about.

Next appears the smell of rotten due to rot by the untimely cleaned pieces of food or burning if the dish was overshadowed.

The main causes of odors are improper operation of the device and neglect of its purity.

The role of the microwave as a device exclusively for heating food has long expanded. Now the microwave, and defrosts, and cooks, and fries, and bakes Naturally, it is not always possible to keep track of the quality of cooking, and food can be buried.

Smells also occur due to fat drops that are sprayed along the walls of the furnace. Features of the internal device of the stove make it difficult to thoroughly clean the surfaces.

Since it is problematic to disable the smell of burning from the microwave, even with the door open, the housewives are looking for reliable ways to remove the stuck aromas. Folk methods come to the rescue.

Types of pollution

About the main methods of overcome contamination inside and outside the microwave oven. But sometimes the spot just doesn’t give up. In this case, it must be identified

Fresh fat

This is probably one of the smaller problems that can be at the microwave. If the fat sprayed just, then the only thing to do is to wipe the stain with a rag or sponge with a dishwasher liquid. Fayry will dissolve fat, and there will be no wet space from the annoying spot.

Located fat

This case is already more difficult, but it is still easy to cope with it. You can remove the old fat spot in one of the ways that were listed above. If a lot is tried and nothing helps, that is, two options:

How to Clean Microwave Oven | Cleaning Microwave Easily | Cleaning Dirty Microwave Oven

  • Use ordinary vegetable oil and rub it well with a stain;
  • Sprinkle with slumber and leave for 10-15 minutes, if necessary, repeat.

As you yourself understand, the first option is less harmful, therefore it is preferable. Both methods will save from 99% of stains. If 1% is about your spot, then nothing will help him.

Before the first use

Another conversation. If the technique is completely new. It will be correct to read the instructions for the technique to figure out how to do the right one before the first use.

From experience, we can note that most manufacturers recommend arranging a steam bath of the furnace, and then wipe the surfaces with a soft cloth or rag.

The newly purchased technique has not only a coating of novelty, but also many advertising stickers. The easiest way to remove them using a liquid to relieve varnish with acetone:

  • Put on gloves, moisten a cotton pad in the railway.
  • Moisten the stickers abundantly, but make sure that the liquid does not fall into the holes.
  • Leave for 5-10 minutes and remove the sticker in one motion.

Special funds are also sold against scotch traces. They do a great job with stickers and traces of them.

If there is no fluid to relieve varnish, then ordinary vegetable oil is suitable. The principle of action is the same.


If the microwave is white, then over time it may begin to turn yellow outside. This is in no way connected with the sloppiness of the hostess, but only a consequence of time, ultraviolet radiation and temperature changes. It is noted that high.Quality plastic does not yellow longer.

In any case, there are several ways to get rid of hated yellowness:

  • With the help of a chlorine bleach, for example, whiteness. It is necessary to moisten the fabric in the product, and then cover the equipment with it, cover with a film (or bag) on ​​top and leave for several hours or night. Wipe it dry.
  • With the help of hydrogen peroxide 8-30%. Yes, a copy of the pharmacy will not work. More precisely, it can only cope with minimal yellowness. If the yellow color has appeared strongly, then the product will come in handy. For example, peroxide to lighten hair (it is just 8-30%). The processes on lightening are also quite dreary. First it is necessary to treat the case itself with peroxide, then wrap it with a film or foil and leave it for 12 hours.
  • The third option will not be easier. Soda and washing powder should be dissolved in warm water, and then apply to the surface and leave for the night under a rag or film. After. Wipe dry.
clean, microwave, gary

It also happens that the yellowness appears after a loaf or other food burned down in the microwave. In this case, inside the microwave, you should not use the listed options. It is better to rub the surfaces inside soda. This is an effective and harmless tool.

Unpleasant odor

One of the most unpleasant moments-when someone in front of you fueled fish, cheese or something burnt, as well as with garlic, burning and soot in you. And after that, the burned popcorn also could not be saved. The problem is that the microwave is most often closed and simply not ventilated, so this beautiful amber is also thrown into the following dishes.

But this smell is quite easy to get rid of. The main thing is to know how. We will tell you three options:

  • Mix a stronger aroma. Coffee. It must be pre.Welded, and then wipe it with the surface of the furnace and leave for two hours. It is not recommended to heat up, since there may be spots.
  • To absorb the smell. Salt will help with this. Just pour it into a container and leave it for several hours in a closed microwave oven-the smell will disappear as if magic.
  • If there is no salt, then ordinary activated carbon can absorb the smell. It is necessary to crush 7-10 tablets and also, in the container, leave for several hours or night in the microwave.

To avoid the unpleasant smell of microwaves in the future, do not close the door immediately after warming up the food, but let the a little ventilate. This is especially important to do if the food has burned.


Rust in a microwave oven is very serious: you cannot continue to use such technology! This is due to two points:

  • The decorative layer also plays a protective function, minimizing the negative effect on food.
  • Such a technique can simply sniff, burn or cause a short circuit.

There are only two reasons for the appearance of rust, besides time:

  • Too active care when enamel is literally erased;
  • Insufficient care. For example, food stuck, constantly warms up and violates the enamel.

Regardless of the reason, the result is one. It is necessary to get rid of rust, or rather, paint it with paint. We’ll have to tinker:

  • Disconnect the microwave from the mains.
  • Clean all the holes and compartments so that the paint does not get there.
  • The surfaces are maximally laundered and degreased.
  • We check the enamel for bloating. If any, open them and clean them with a skin.
  • Apply a layer of paint. When it dries, apply the second.


This method will help to remove even the most persistent pollution, but the unpleasant odor will have to be patient. Attention! If the camera of your microwave oven is covered with enamel, we do not recommend using this method too often.

We will need: 1. Water-400-500 ml 2. Vinegar 9%. 2 t.L. Or vinegar essence 70%. 1 h.L. 3. Capacity

How to Clean Microwave Oven in Minutes| Microwave Cleaning Tips| माइक्रोवेव की सफाई कैसे करे

Put the mixture in the microwave and start it at maximum power for 2-5 minutes (depending on the degree of pollution).

Open the window so that the smell will quickly disappear.

When the microwave turned off, we wait 5 minutes so that the vinegar evaporation penetrates deeply into pollution.

We take out the container from the chamber and rinse the microwave from the inside with a sponge, wetting it in vinegar solution.

Then it is necessary to wash the chamber with water from the vinegar solution with water.

Outside, it is easier to clean the stove than inside, since here the spots do not “bite”. But the outer walls can over time change color, yellow. You can return the original whiteness with the help of a chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

To do this, you will need old towels or sheets that are moistened in the solution and wrap the aggregate case with them. So that the product does not evaporate and dry, the microwave is covered with a film on top and left in this form at night. In the morning it remains to free her and cleanly wipe her with a damp cloth.

Before cleaning the microwave inside, it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the following recommendations.

  • You can not wash the inner walls with water or too wet sponge so that moisture does not fall in jail.
  • Do not use melamine sponges that crumble a lot. Small particles that have fallen behind bars can lead to fire.
  • It is also not recommended to use metal brushes and washcloths, abrasive products and products that are not designed for microwave.
  • The enameled walls of the chamber can suffer with frequent use of acid cleaners or from a high concentration, so it is better for them to choose more gentle methods.

A little useful tips

The microwave for a long time stands unclaimed, during which time the dirt is so bored with it that it becomes one whole. The situation with grills is especially acute, since the prolonged exposure to high temperature and boiling, burning fat leaves very persistent traces, which are not easy to wash after cooking after cooking.

Lands for washing dishes are good at washing the dishes well, most importantly, let them brew for about 15 minutes.

Timely cleaning will save time several times and extend the life of the microwave. Of course, nobody is reluctant to clean the oven at once, the dishes should be hot, and after delicious food there is no desire to return to the kitchen, but certain rules must be observed, it is better to make them a habit.

  • After each use, wipe the camera with a damp cloth, regardless of what was prepared in it. Even if nothing spilled and sprinkled.
  • Cleaning should be carried out in a classic order from above-down from the far corner to the door.
  • Wipe the burnt or escaped foods from the cup and stands immediately, without waiting for the timer, after you can continue cooking.
  • Try to cover the prepared dishes with a lid, this will help to avoid spraying fat and settling vapors on the wall of the chamber. Microwave caps are sold everywhere, it will not be difficult to purchase them.
  • Once a week, arrange prophylactic wet cleaning, it is enough just to break without the use of additional funds.
  • Fresh pollution is easier to remove. Fat and food remnants are an excellent environment for the propagation of pathogenic bacteria. They multiply especially well if you use the microwave only to warm up food without the use of high temperatures.

Do not use metal brushes and sponges with abrasive additives, they extremely negatively affect the state of the enameled coating, and plastic may be completely unusable.

My glass

The glass of the microwave on the inside is washed in the same way as the entire area inside the device chamber. Glass outside is cleaned by a means of washing glasses. A purchasing spray or aerosol is easy to apply. He will not leave divorces and quickly remove dust, fat, dirt, traces of fingerprints. If there was no liquid at home to wash the glasses, then prepare such a solution: add 100 grams of vinegar and the same amount of ethyl alcohol to a glass of water. In this mixture, moisten a soft cloth without a pile and wipe the glass thoroughly until clean.

Honight alcohol will help to cope with the washing of glass without a special wiper: in a small amount of warm water, dissolve a couple of spoons of ammonia and wipe the glass from the outside. Salted water will cope with fat traces on the glass. In a glass of hot water, completely dissolve 30-40 grams of table salt. Smell the rag in salt water and clean the glass. Using glycerol, you can create a protective film on the glass. In 30 grams of glycerol add a couple of ammonia drops and a teaspoon of water. Apply this mixture to the glass with a cotton pad and let it dry.

Preventive measures

Prevention of negative consequences is always better than subsequent struggle with them. If earlier many said that a clean plate in the kitchen is the face of a good mistress, today this saying can be attributed to any owner of a microwave oven.

In order to prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odor inside the furnace, it is enough to follow simple rules.

  • Cook and heat the products in a special thick.Walled microwave dishes, which has a glass cover.
  • Do not heat the finished dish, especially if it is a liquid longer than a couple of minutes in an open state.
  • When placing food in the microwave, it is best to monitor the process through the window, since the speed of the microwave oven is many times higher than the similar procedure in the ordinary oven.
  • Do not put paper or cardboard packaging for warming up, as this will lead to ignition. Open fire or sparks can not only lead to a steady smell of Gary, but also ruin the electronic mechanism of the household appliance.
  • If after use in the microwave there are particles of food or a strong smell, then it is better to immediately wipe all the walls with a detergent and leave the door ajar for several hours.
  • Before trying to get rid of the smell in the microwave, it is necessary to carefully clean all the visible contaminated areas.

Important! It is forbidden to clean with aggressive means containing abrasives or chlorine. Strong particles can damage the coating, and chlorine vapors cause an allergic reaction.

Harmful bacteria that multiply on the remnants of food preserved on the walls when spraying, as well as burning smells can ruin any fresh dish. Do not let them stay inside the oven.

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