How to clean white stains on a glass ceramic hob

You can find glass ceramic cleaners like Cilit Bang, Sanita, Shumanit, and others in the household cleaners section of any store. They are good because they are widely available and inexpensive (relatively), but they are much less effective than professional glass ceramic cleaners. However, it is still useful to have them in your arsenal. for daily cleaning and removal of weak dirt.

However, if you want to make it as easy as possible to keep your glass ceramic hob in order or to clean a very neglected glass ceramic hob, then we advise buying a professional cleaner from the manufacturer (not necessarily the manufacturer of your hob). The price of any professional cleaner is high (from 500 ), but once you try to clean your stove, you will not be able to give it up.

You can buy glass ceramic cleaners in hypermarkets and online appliance stores (M.Video, MediaMarkt, etc.).

In the video you can see a review of Electrolux glass ceramic hob cleaner.

  • Sprays are handy for removing grease and dirt from the entire surface of a glass ceramic hob, and pastes and creams come in handy when you need to remove particularly stubborn local dirt around the burners.
  • Tools that contain glycerin or silicone can restore the shine of the glass ceramic hob and make future cleaning easier.

As mentioned above, glass ceramic stoves should be cleaned as soon as you get them dirty. But sometimes you don’t have the time or energy to clean it right away, and over time it completely slips your mind to wash it. During this time, the dirt can harden a lot and be almost “unbreakable”. In addition to the above methods to help you quickly remove dirt by dissolving them, as a heavy artillery against stale dirt will help scraper with metal blades. Take it and very gently scrape over the dirt, then wipe the cleaned area with a sponge or cloth with detergent, so that the coating remains perfectly clean.

Only use metal scrapers, since plastic scrapers are not suitable for cleaning surfaces at high temperatures. they melt quickly.

Regular hob cleaning

Clean glass ceramic surfaces regularly The more often you do this, the better the product will look. The easiest routine cleaning is as follows:

How to Clean a Ceramic Hob (& GET RID of Scratches!)

  • Wet the cloth with warm water, apply dish gel and spread it over the stove. Leave it on for half an hour, but don’t rub it. Excessive force can leave small scratches on the surface.
  • Rinse everything out thoroughly with water. Use a glass cleaner at the end to make the surface shine.
  • At the end, gently but thoroughly wipe the panel with a microfiber cloth, which will result in an attractive shine and no streaks will be left.

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If there are persistent or serious stains on the hob, you need to use more substantial and effective methods.

How to keep your oven clean

We should immediately note that this stove is very functional and easy to use, but, unfortunately, it is too vulnerable to various types of damage. It is very visible to the slightest fingerprints, dust, not to mention oil and accidentally spilled liquid. To avoid making cleaning your cooktop a real hassle, try cleaning it daily after cooking. In this case you just need a sponge or a microfiber cloth and a cleaning agent. housewives often use windscreen and glass cleaners for this purpose.

The following rules should be followed when cleaning the hob:

  • Always disconnect the electrical plug from the electrical outlet before cleaning. These stoves have a touch pad, and to avoid accidentally turning on the burners while cleaning and getting burned, so that there is no short circuit when you come into contact with water, it is better to protect yourself and those around you;
  • Do not clean the panel until it has cooled down (burns to the skin of your hands can occur, moreover, cracks can form on the ceramic glass);
  • Use a special cleaner designed for cleaning glass ceramic surfaces;
  • Do not use hard sponges, knives, brushes or other objects that can damage the surface;
  • After cleaning it is necessary to dry and polish the panel with a soft cloth.

Never wait until the surface of the glass ceramic hob is very dirty, it is better to remove the stains immediately, thus you will save a lot of time and effort when cleaning.

To avoid scratches on the plate, use cookware with a flat bottom, without cracks and chips. Otherwise, it will be impossible to get rid of scratches on the surface of the stove.

To clean glass ceramic hob from white lime scale, use table vinegar. Dilute it with water, in the ratio of 1:1, apply it to the stove, wait a few minutes and wipe it with a damp sponge. This product is also suitable for the daily care of the stove.

Rainbow marks are quite difficult to remove. You can try to remove them with baking soda, which should be moistened with water. Soda is not an abrasive cleaner and must not damage the glass ceramic. A good option is to use stainless steel cookware, the base of which has several layers.

Special products for cleaning vitrified clay cookers

Most ceramic tile manufacturers offer an additional range of care products.

For example, Elektrolux makes stove cleaning gel (250 ml bottle costs about 750) and a plastic scraper (300-450) which can be purchased with the purchase of household appliances.

Corresponding names can also be found in household detergents.

Name Manufacturer Contents, ml Price,
Topper Spain 500 446
Cillit Bang Portugal 200 250
Poliboy Germany 200 213
Dr. Beckmann Germany 250 249
Unicum Russia 500 200

If you don’t have a product on hand, use a commercially available mirror cleaner or a magic cure.

How to Clean Glass / Ceramic Stove top with Natural Ingredients | Clean Burnt stove top |No Chemical

How to choose a cleaner

When choosing a household cleaner for glass ceramic hobs, pay attention to the form of the product. Powders should not be used on ceramics.

When inspecting the area, recommendations should be taken into account:

  • The cleaner should have a soft consistency, work sparingly, gently dissolve dirt.
  • Aggressive products that damage the coarse surface, cracks, streaks and smudges are left behind.
  • Do not use chemicals designed for oven cleaning. They contain ingredients that corrode ceramics.
  • Search for a product with silicone. It creates an invisible protective layer, adds shine and removes stains.

HOW TO CLEAN A GLASS STOVETOP / CRAMIC simple, effective and sparkling clean // KITCHEN CLEANING TIP

Important: choose products marked “for glass ceramic”.

What and how to clean your stove: a wonderful decoration without consequences

Since their introduction, glass ceramic cooktops have become serious competitors to conventional gas and electric stoves. Glass ceramic looks very stylish and expensive, and with proper care will last for many years. Take care of such equipment must be carefully, otherwise it will quickly lose its presentable appearance. How to clean a glass ceramic stove, and what products can and can’t be used?

Why glass cooktop gets dirty

The cooking process is not always perfect. Oily splatters from frying potatoes or baking pancakes and blobs are practically inevitable. Coffee in a pot or milk put to boil can run off, and if a young cook is in the kitchen, the cooktop gets dirty with everything from small pieces of vegetables and their peelings to sprinkled spices or flour.

Important! Untimely cleaning leads to irreversible damage to the hob.

A dirty cooktop is not only an aesthetic problem or a discontent of the household. Stuck dirt will begin to stick and new layers of food residue will stick to it, no matter how carefully you use the appliance. Dirt will continue to accumulate and the stove will lose its attractiveness and practicality.

Comparative table of the best products for cleaning glass ceramic panels

Able to cope with any kind of dirt, does not irritate the skin of your hands, helps remove even stale grease stains.

Removes stains and stains that are not difficult to remove, but cannot remove dried-on stains, contains large amounts of silicone oil.

Helps remove fresh dirt fast, contains no strong chemicals, so hand skin irritation is minimal.

In addition, you can meet the recommendations, what else to wash the glass ceramic hob, except specially designed means. This includes glass and mirror cleaners. They are used to improve the appearance and luster of the panel.

How to clean a glass ceramic hob with special products

The cleaning of the glass ceramic hob requires the appliance to be disconnected from the power supply. This is important for two reasons:

The next step is to wait for the surface to cool down completely. This caution is not only to prevent burns.

The general algorithm of the cleaning process of glass ceramic is described in the following scheme:

  • It is recommended that the surface be moistened with a soft cloth or sponge;
  • on places of stronger dirt or grease stains it is required to apply a cleaning agent and hold for a certain period of time;
  • By means of a soft sponge it is necessary to thoroughly wipe the surface of the hob;
  • If the dirt is particularly bad, the cleaning procedure will need to be repeated;
  • After that, the rest of the cleaner should be completely removed from the frying pad with a damp cloth and wiped dry with a towel on top.

To clean stubborn stains after milk, sugar or other burnt products you need to put a cleaner on the surface of the stain, leave it for about half an hour, and then use a scraper.

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