How to clean your fridge so it doesn’t stink

The appearance of mold inside the refrigerator is associated with high humidity and storage of spoiled food. Mildew appears even in refrigerators with no frost system. To prevent mold from spreading, don’t put bad food in your fridge. Try to reduce humidity by covering pots, pans and containers holding liquids with lids.

  • Household chemicals. Use a cleaner that does not contain abrasives. Carefully read the instructions for use of the composition. Make sure you can clean your refrigerator with it. After you’ve used the cleaner, rinse your refrigerator thoroughly several times.
  • Soda and vinegar. Get rid of mold quickly with baking soda and vinegar. Clear the refrigerator of food. Place shelves in the bottom of the tub or basin and pour the baking soda solution over them. Get a stiff sponge or brush. Clean the refrigerator, rubber bands, trays, and soaked shelves of mold with baking soda. Remove residual soda solution with a clean, wet rag, rinsing constantly in clean water. Then wipe everything with a dry, lint-free cloth or dry it with a hair dryer. Clean the pan with baking soda by pushing the refrigerator away. At the end of the procedure, use 6 percent vinegar to rid the surface of mold. Vinegar will dry on its own.
  • laundry soap. An ordinary household soap can quickly rid the fridge of mold. Dissolve soap grated on a coarse grater in warm water. Wash the shelves, trays, then the entire compartment and the pan with a sponge soaked in a soapy solution. At the end, wipe with a clean, damp cloth, rinsing constantly. Mildew cannot stand laundry soap.

Getting rid of the rotten smell from your fridge

Even when you follow all the rules of marketability, the smells of different foods will intermingle. How to avoid it? Buy containers or cling film. Cover each pot tightly with a lid.

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Unfortunately, in some cases it is extremely difficult to get rid of a musty smell. Exercise patience. You may have to try a lot of different recipes before you have one that’s right for you.

Stage of preparation

At this point, you need to:

  • Turn off the power to the appliance, i.e. unplug it from the socket;
  • Remove any food from the refrigerator and pinpoint the source of the foul odor;
  • Remove all removable items. shelves, racks, drawers;
  • Begin the treatment using the selected remedy.

Remove the strong rotten smell with folk remedies

Cleanliness in the refrigerator is extremely important, as it is a guarantee that the number of harmful bacteria will not increase, provoking the emergence of unpleasant flavors. The following time-tested recipes will help you forget about the musty smell in your appliance forever.

  • Soda. One of its many benefits is that it kills germs. Prepare warm water in which you will dissolve two tablespoons of powder.
  • 9 percent vinegar (table vinegar). Prepare its solution with water (1/1), treat the walls, removable parts. At the end wipe and dry.
  • Lemon. You don’t necessarily need the fruit itself, citric acid will also work. For the solution you need to squeeze the juice of a lemon or take a bag of acid. If we use vodka, we will get a disinfecting effect.
  • Manganese. The worst smell comes from chicken eggs, and the worst part is that it’s very difficult to eliminate. Manganese will save the day. First throw out the expired eggs, then wipe the chamber with the solution. This option is also good for the freezer.
  • Ammonia alcohol. You need one liter of water, where we add one or two tablespoons of ammonia. Wash and dry.
  • Beer. With the help of this foamy drink you can eliminate even the most persistent smell of fish, in the fight against which many means have proven powerless. Soak a sponge in beer and wipe the surface of the refrigerator, paying special attention to the place where the fish was.

Using household chemicals

Many of us are skeptical of folk remedies, preferring to use household chemicals. In this case, you need to choose means only proven manufacturers, so as not to run into dangerous to health compositions. The fridge is where our food is, so it’s important not to spoil it. Read the composition of the selected product. You can try them:

  • A preparation that is used to wash dishes;
  • Wet wipes designed specifically for refrigerators;
  • Special sprays with natural ingredients.

When choosing a cleaner, smell it. It is better if its smell is neutral. After all, sometimes a strong chemical aroma mixed with existing odors will only make things worse.

Of all the remedies listed, the most effective are sprays. They can eliminate even the most persistent fragrances. Their disadvantage is the high cost.

How and what you can wash the fridge inside to eliminate the smell

Usually kitchen appliances are washed regularly. But there are cases when no one deals with the house for a long time. For example, the owners have received an invitation to work abroad or have gone on an extended vacation. Then there may be an unpleasant odor in the cold room. The main thing is to find out the cause and eliminate it, and on how to wash the refrigerator so that there is no smell, you will learn in this article. If you don’t understand any of the methods, use the following video.

How to Care for your Refrigerator

An indispensable appliance in the home requires special care:

  • Follow the defrosting and washing instructions: clean at least once a month and defrost when the ice is about 4 to 5 mm thick.
  • Do not defrost in hot weather, it will take longer to get cold again.
  • Periodically clean the outside condenser with a vacuum cleaner, brush or damp cloth.
  • Allow ice in the freezer compartment to thaw naturally. You can speed up the process by putting hot water inside. Fragmenting the ice with a sharp object can damage the evaporator.

Remedies for Fridge Odors

Unpleasant smell in the refrigerator appears often. You can solve such a problem by using one of the following remedies:

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Lemon juice

The cleaning solution is simple to prepare. Squeeze the juice of one lemon fruit into the water prepared to wash the insides of the refrigerator. After treatment, the unpleasant odor is removed and some of the dirt is washed away. After working with lemon juice, it is not necessary to rinse it with clean water afterwards. Let the smell of lemon remain inside the refrigerator.


Table vinegar has gained respect among Russian women, because it belongs to the universal means. It is good for cleaning dirty surfaces and effectively removes unpleasant odors. To prepare the working solution it is necessary to mix vinegar and water in equal proportions. Then soak a cloth in the solution and wipe the inside of the fridge. Repeated wiping of the same surfaces is performed using a rag soaked in clean water, and then the third time using a dry rag.


Plastic parts in the refrigerator emit an unpleasant odor for a long time. It is possible to eliminate them with ammonia. To do this, a piece of gauze is soaked in ammonia solution and wipe the internal surfaces of the household appliance with it. There is no need to wipe dry afterward, just leave the refrigerator door open to air out the odor.

How to eliminate odor in your refrigerator

New refrigerator sometimes has a technical odor. According to the manual, the household appliance must be rinsed before operating and loading with food. Wash off the factory and store dust inside, and wipe the outside with a soapy solution wipe dry.

Long storage of perishable food. The first thing to do is to find the source of the unpleasant odor. It can be rotten: cabbage, greens, onions or garlic, opened cans of canned salads. To avoid further unpleasant odors, you must remove all spoiled food from the refrigerator.

Spilled and dried liquid. Grease stains from pans, spilled liquid further becomes source of odor. It’s easier to remove it before it gets too sticky, than to wait for a long time to remove the dried-on food leftovers.

Placed foods are not sealed in separate containers. When foodstuffs are stored open, a strong, specific smell is produced: smoked sausage, fresh meat or fish. To eliminate it, you need to revise it, put it on a separate sealed tray or cover it with plastic wrap, thus preventing the odor from spreading.

Electrical appliance malfunction in the refrigeration system. Fresh food goes bad very quickly, it means that the refrigeration system is malfunctioning, you must urgently contact an appliance repairman.

Drain tube or drain hole between the freezer compartment and the refrigerator is clogged. Water drips down the tube along with particles of defrosted food, this often causes the tube and the opening to become clogged. Carefully remove the tube, rinse under running water, clean the drain hole with cotton swabs.

Lack of proper systematic wet cleaning of the refrigerator. There are two types of defrosting: with or without the “no-frost” system. No-frost appliances do not require any special defrosting. This kind of refrigerator is simply wiped down because it has no ice. The second type must be defrosted once every 3 months, which has a good effect on the operation of the refrigerator.

Preparing to clean your refrigerator

Before washing the refrigerator, it must be prepared for this procedure. First of all, the appliance is unplugged, after which all stored products are removed from it. The drawers are emptied. All ready meals and food in the package are carefully inspected. Those that are past their sell-by date or have gone bad are discarded.

Frozen foods are preserved for the cleaning period. We recommend the use of foil-lined polyethylene, which is an ecological and environmentally friendly insulating material. Wrap food wrapped in ice packs beforehand in the refrigerator.

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All ice and snow is removed from the freezer before cleaning it. Do not use a sharp object to break ice from the walls. Do not use hot water immediately inside the camera, as the sudden temperature drop can deform the surfaces. A container with boiling water should stand on a wooden plank. It is best to spray hot water evenly over the surfaces with a spray gun. Your refrigerator will thaw in a few minutes and frost will fall off very quickly.

Once the unit is defrosted, remove the shelves, containers, egg racks and other components, after which the refrigerator is ready to be cleaned.

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How to Start Cleaning Your Fridge

Before loading food again, place an odor-absorbing cleaner on the refrigerator shelves.

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If you clean regularly and monitor the shelf life of products, you will not have to think about how to get rid of unpleasant odor in the refrigerator.

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