How to connect a Haier refrigerator to the phone

How to connect a phone to Haier TV?

Open the network settings on the TV and turn on Miracast. On the smartphone go to “Settings” → “Screen” → “Wireless Monitor” and turn on the function. Select the TV in the list of Miracast devices found. The image from the smartphone will appear on the TV screen immediately after connecting.

To display the smartphone screen onto the TV, use one of two methods:

  • Go to your smartphone settings. Find the item “Connected devices”. “Translation”.
  • Open the curtain and click on the icon with a square (a phone or wave can also be drawn on it, like a Wi-Fi icon).

The warranty of warranty service and information for the owner of the product. 2

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Safety instructions. Eight

Re.Overwhelming doors of the refrigerator. Fourteen

Removing and installing the internal components of the refrigerator. 27

General recommendations for products storage. 31

Storage and freezing of products. 33

Functions and assignment of the control panel. 35

Model control panel with AFD, CFD index. 40

Functions and assignment of the control panel with AFD, CFD index. 41

Model control panel with AFL, CFL index. 46

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Features of the refrigerator from division. 57

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Haier HB25FSNAARU: Cleaning and Use of the Ice Generator

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Haier 195 L 4 star Fridge | Review, Installation & Features | Best Single Door Refrigerator Summer

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Distinctive features

The function of quick frostoxystem guarantees a ultra-suffering freezing, for example, when loading the freezer with new products, and allows you to better maintain their nutritional properties.

Shelves adjustable in height to change the height of the installation of shelves allows the most efficient use of the refrigerator space.

Durable glass shells are made of hardened non.Slip glass, resistant to scratches and easily wash. The edges of the shelves are equipped with plastic sides that prevent the case of fluid.

Automatic defrosting of the refrigerator occurs automatically after a certain in-Turned time, without the need to turn off the refrigerator from the network.

Automatic regimatomatic maintenance of the optimum temperature in the refrigerator, depending on environmental conditions, optimizes the energy consumption.

Haier Refrigerator Demo 256 L Bottom Mount Freezer

A hinged shelf for a bottlecorginal shelf for bottles allows you to store bottles in a horizontal Polo-coat, without taking space on the main shelf.

Warranty services and information for the owner.

Warranty services and information for the owner of the product

All products intended for Hayer groups. LTD. For sale in the territory, made taking into account the condition of the operation in, passed the corresponding certification for compliance with GOST. To be convinced of this, we ask you to check the presence of an official growth of growth on the product that confirms the certificate of this product in the certification system GOST R.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, we convincingly ask you to carefully study this instructions for operation, warranty conditions and verify the correctness of filling out the warranty coupon. At the same time, the serial number and name of the purchase model of the product you should be identical to the warranty coupon. It is not allowed to make any changes, corrections. In the case of incorrect or un-filling the warranty coupon, immediately rely on the trading organization.

The manufacturer establishes and provides the service for the consumer for 36 months from the date of transfer of the goods to the consumer and carries the GA-radical obligations within 12 months from the date of the products of the goods to the consumer.

Detailed information on the conditions of warranty service, contact phones and addresses of authorized service centers are set out in a warranty coupon filled when buying a product in a store.

Morosyl refrigerators meet the requirements of regulatory documents:

GOST R 513.Eighteen.Fourteen.1-2006, p 513.Eighteen.Fourteen.2-2006, p 513.17.3.2-2006, p 513.17.3.3-99, GOST R IEC 60 335-2-24-2001

In accordance with the Decree of the Government 20 of 16.06.97 Hayer Corporation sets an office service life for household appliances pre-submitted for use in everyday life-7 years from the date of production of the product. I take into account the high quality, deals and degree of product safety, the actual life can significantly exceed the official. At the end of the service life, contact the authorized Hayer Service Center for preventive work and obtaining recommendations for further operation of the product.

Is it possible to connect iPhone to Smart TV?

The first method suitable for all these models is through the HDMI port. In addition to the HDMI cable, you will need a hub Lightning Digital AV adapter. Immediately after connecting the phone and TV, setting occurs automatically, you only need to confirm actions.

How to broadcast the iPhone screen on Android TV

  • Select your TV click on the picture to increase.
  • Click “Start” to start broadcasting on the selected Android TV device. To begin …
  • Start broadcasting on the picture to increase

Wireless ways

In addition to wired methods of connection, there are wireless ways. They are much more convenient, since they do not require connecting wires. The user does not have to buy additional headsets in the store, spend money on them. It is worth considering in more detail each option.

Wi-Fi Direct

If the Wi-Fi Direct option is equipped with a phone and haier, then you can use this modern technology. This is one of the most practical and simple ways to create a connection between the TV and the phone, as a result of which to connect one device to another. It is worth noting that without creating a local network it is impossible to carry out this manipulation:

Now you can broadcast any image from the phone.


This is another technology. In general, Miracast was created on the basis of Wi-Fi Direct, but at the same time the developers made additions for convenience. For example, you can create 3D files. You can also display a large volume content:


This method is especially popular for Apple phones, but at the same time you can install on all devices. First you need to install Apple TV on the Haier TV. By the way, this method is very suitable for connecting the phone to use musical content. Often include music with it.

To begin with, we are convinced that the iPhone is connected to the network, and there is Apple TV on the TV. After that, on the iPhone we open the control point and select “Repeat of the screen”. So you can easily and simply reproduce content, turn on the music.

connect, haier, refrigerator, phone

Creating a DLNA network

For remote phone access, you can use DLNA technology. It is that the TV and the phone must be connected to one network. You need to activate the function on the TV, then open the gallery and select the required file. Dahla go to the menu and select the player. Tap on the name of the TV.

Sensoring control panel. Haier AFT630IX operating instructions

The USB Inte Wee can be directly connected to an out-of-wing disk for downloading updated programs, getting pictures or filling a video of files; It can also be connected to a hard disk of a mobile television cover, but for this it is necessary that the hard disk has enough memory, otherwise it will not function normally.

Note: when the USB integration is connected to the external disk, you should wait for a while, then after completing the system identification, you can carry out the following operation; If you do not make this, this will lead to a malfunction in work.

Information display of the refrigerator

After the operations are completed in the main menu, an energy-saving screensaver will appear through a minute; If you do not work with the screen, after 2 minutes it will automatically fall. When the door is open or the display is activated, the screen turns on, and you can use it again to go to the main menu.

When the refrigerator door is open for more than 3 minutes, a warning signal that will turn off immediately after the door closed. If you touch the display to turn off the signal, but the door will remain open,

The sound signal will turn off. But the warning sign of the Bu-Tod to stay on the screen until the door is properly closed.

Когда температура морозильного отделения повышается до определенного уровня, звучит сигнал предупреждения. After you touch the display, the sound sig-sig will disappear, however, the icon about the exceeding the temperature on the display will burn until the temperature drops to the desired level.

Press and hold the mechanical key in the lower right part of the display for 3 seconds, the display panel will switch, will not respond to presses and the refrigerator will stop the work; Press and hold this key again for 3 seconds, the display panel will light up and the refrigerator will resume work.

Когда на дисплее отображаются символы E или F, это зна-чит, что существует ошибка в работе холодильника. And even if the refrigerator continues to work normally, you should consult a specialist.

Features of the freezer

Features of the freezer

The freezer department is intended for storage already

Frozen products to freeze small

The number of products, as well as for the preparation of ice

The temperature of 18 ° C is necessary for freezing and storing products for a long time. At this temperature, microorganisms are stopped.

As soon as the temperature exceeds 10 ° C activates the activity of microorganisms, which leads to a faster damage to products. For this reason, if the products were thawed, they can be frozen again only after cooking to avoid the negative effects of microorganisms.

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