How to connect a heating element to the Zota boiler

Zota electric carfield connection diagram

Electric boards are now installed quite often. But in most houses they only play the role of the reserve. As a rule, the main ones are gas and solid fuel boilers, the operation of which is several times cheaper. But sometimes, with appropriate equipment, and electric boiler is used as the main.

How the thermal energy is reduced from the electric boiler? How to connect correctly, which scheme to use?

One most important advantage of this heat generator is known. The best comfort and trouble.Free during operation, and then.

What power is required

How much power will it take to heating a house?

  • It is known that for a well.Insulated house you will need 10 kW per 100 m.
  • For houses built using energy.Saving technologies, such power will already be excessive.
  • But if the box is characterized as “very cold”, then 20 kW will be not enough

For an average house, the selection can be done in this way. 1 kW per 10 m. If in practice it turns out to be not enough, it is economically advisable not to increase power, but to insulate-to change the windows-prove first, then build up a layer of insulation in the attic

Is the electric boiler suitable for constant heating

From the point of view of convenience and reliability, repair cost. Electric boiler is the best heat generator. Problem in the cost of electricity. It is unprofitable to heat it at the daytime rate.

The second problem is in the power output to the object. Will it have enough for full heating of the house?

Well, if 15 kW of three.Phase power supply is allocated 380V. Then you can install a boiler with a capacity of 12 kW, another 3 kW will go to household needs.

But if the power of 220V and the acceptable power of the boiler is only 4 kW, then it can only be considered as an emergency option to support heat in case of failure of the main. Or for heating in the off.Season, at a cheap tariff, but such schemes will be discussed later.

We connect electricity. So that it does not light up

In order for the electric boiler to work without problems, first of all, it must be correctly connected to the power supply. Various models have their own characteristics. But all factory units are equipped with an electrical circuit connection diagram and instructions. These documents are executed exactly.

The following in all options remains the following.

  • The use of cables of a certain type with copper veins of the corresponding section.
  • Connection only with whole segments of cables, happiness are not allowed.
  • The inadmissibility of use for constant turning on/off the circuit breakers of the automatic (wa) and other protection. If the boiler is not equipped with a switch, then such a device is installed in the circuit additionally.
  • The use of electrical protection. The relay of current leakage to the Earth (a protective shutdown device) and the maximum current protection (circuit breaker automatic). These two devices can be combined in one case, and a differential automatic.

Oven Heating Element. Continuity Test

What cross.Section of the veins and the type of protection will be needed

Most likely, the manufacturer will give comprehensive recommendations for the selection of electrical conductors for connecting, and for the choice of the type of differential machine gun.

Nevertheless, you can use the following table, which shows the characteristics of cables and electrical protection depending on the power of the electric boiler. Here are data for three.Phase power supply 380 in.

For a boiler of 12 kW, with a three.Phase diet, you will need a VVGNLLS cable, which includes 5 copper conductors, each of which has a section of 4 mm kV. As well as AB with a shutdown current of 25a, an RCD with a differential current of 30 mA.

Connection scheme

General circuit schemes are given in the drawings. For power supply three.Phase 380V, and two.Phase 220V.

But the principle is one. The phases are protected and, if necessary, are disconnected by a differential automaton (protective shutdown and maximum current protection).

Scheme Connection of TEN COALL

Boilers, which are most often used in everyday life, have small power. Up to 15 kW, since it no longer allows you to connect energy supervision. Such units can be equipped with tenas designed for power supply 220 in. At the same time, they are connected to a three.Phase 380V network according to the “Star” scheme with a common zero.

The diagram shows 3 heating elements designed for work on the 220V network, which are connected to three phases 380V. For example, 3 heater of 4 kW each, give a total electric power of 12 kW. With this connection, the work of each heating element is possible regardless of the neighboring. T.E. It is possible to choose a power mode of 4, 8 and 12 kW.

The connection of the heating elements and automation of a particular electric boiler is displayed in the electric circuit attached to it, which should be executed.

If the shades are designed for a voltage of 380V, then they turn on between the phases along the “triangle”.

How the protection of the electric boiler works

The device of protective shutdown (leakage relay) compares the current strength of the phase passing through it. These values ​​in the normally-working scheme will be approximately equal. But if the damage appears (the shell of the cable lived, the consumer is destroyed, for example, the fragmentation of the shadow and the water in the case), or a person touched to the current-bloating part, then a current leak from some phase will appear. And between the guides the difference (differential) of the current strength is formed. In this case, the relay will turn off the network for a very short period of time. The shutdown time is small, through the human body, the current force of current does not have time.

The circuit breaker automatic (maximum current) is triggered when the specified current is reached in the circuit. For example, with a short circuit between the phases. In this case, the protective relay does not work, since the currents of the currents in phases will be equal. But the maximum current protection will turn off the network and prevent ignition of electrical devices and conductors.

Zota PU EVT I1 support forum:

After heating to a given water and air temperature, the automation is turned off, according to the instructions after cooling at several degrees, the automation turns on everything again, but this does not happen.What to do ?Change the units or ? The panel was bought in 2012 and number 55689.Thank you in advance !

Hello! Tell me, please, how can you start the relay without a control unit (with another control control device for water temperature), t.E. Where the other device can be connected (at 220 in the device)? Zota Pu EUT I1.

Good afternoon! Upon reaching the temperatures set by resistors, all power relay is not triggered and the hets are not disconnected. In this case, the red LED “heating” goes out. Replaced the fee with the relay, the problem remained. Over, the problem is not constant, rarely but the disconnection sometimes occurs sometimes. Tenas are turned on as it is up to the displayed temperature. There is no desire to change the electronic control fee. Maybe someone can tell you which element can be replaced.

Good afternoon! Zota Lux 9 boiler, began to work unstable and rebooted, found out that the 12V power supply is faulty (capacitors swollen) on the control board, ordered a similar one, but for now delivery, I connected 12V to the outbreak of power supply. In this case, the boiler turns on, but the error “H-5” does not leave (by the water level sensor). There is definitely water, there is pressure. How to get around the water sensor?

How to connect to the A88xm-a home theater LG LH-T6547? They answered me at one of the forums as follows: “On Coaxial Audio, or Optical Audios on almost any motherboard”. The question arose of how to withdraw these connectors from the motherboard to connect a home theater to them? I agree that LG LH-T6547 (Home Cinema). This is an outdated device, but it works and there is a desire to use it further. What (the same) options are there to connect ASUS board to a home theater. Please tell me. Here is the rear view LG LH-T6547.

Hello, I have the following problem: Zola Pu EUT and 1 solid, the fuel boiler supplied heating when the machine was turned on, after some time the machine cuts down. Tell me, please, what’s the reason, maybe someone has come across?

Set a demands of Zota boilers

The most popular model is left to today the Zota 6 kW economy. This is a fairly simple model that is installed on the wall, controlled using the remote control (bought separately). The boiler can function both from a single.Phase and three.Phase network. The difference of Zota 6 is economy in three.Speed power adjustment, electronic control and overheating protection. If desired, you can equip a heating system with warm floors. The power of the model is suitable for heating an area of ​​60 m².

No less popular boilers are Zota 7.5 suite, zota 9 suite, zota 12 lux. The power of the models is indicated in numerical indices of the listed boilers. All options are intended only for heating, equipped with electronic control. Built.In programmers are available. Independent diagnostic and security systems. Models can also be connected to warm floors systems and indoor thermostats. Perhaps the control of the GSM module.

Modifications with a capacity of 7.5 and 9 kW can function from single.Phase networks, while the Zota 12 kW luxury electric shock operates only from a three.Phase network. The reason is high power consumption.

It is impossible not to mention the zota electric boat, reviews of which are always only positive. Precisely, this is a mini-knitting model Zota 12 μ. It is designed to heat houses and buildings with an area of ​​up to 120 m². A small boiler room has programmers, a security group. Circulation pump and security systems. Functions from a three.Phase power supply network. In more modern models (after 2012) there is the possibility of using GSM.

Popular models of Zota boilers

Zota 6 ECONOM electric boiler is a good option for heating private non.Gas houses of small area.

The leader in popularity was the Zota 6 Econom electric boiler. This is a fairly simple model, focused on wall installation. Management is carried out from the remote control, acquired separately. The boiler can operate both from a single.Phase and three.Phase network. Distinctive features. Three.Stage power adjustment, electronic control, overheating protection. It is possible to work with warm floors. The capacity of the boiler is 6 kW, the maximum heating area is 60 kV. M.

The list of top models includes Zota Lux electric boats. These are Zota 7.5 Lux, Zota 9 Lux and Zota 12 Lux models. The capacity of the boilers is indicated in numerical indices of the presented models. They are made according to a single.Circuit scheme and equipped with electronic control. On board there are programmers, self.Diagnosis systems and security systems. Boilers know how to work with warm floors and indoor thermostats. It is also possible to control the GSM channel.

Our list of popular models included a mini-knitting zota 12 mk. Power 12 kW allows you to heat houses and buildings with an area of ​​up to 120 square meters. M. The device is equipped with a programmer, security group, circulation pump and security systems. The boiler works from a three.Phase electric network. In models released after 2012, it is possible to connect GSM modules.

Connection of electric boiler heater

In the previous article, I talked about connecting the ZOTA electric shock control unit. 12 to the house of the house, now, to complete the installation, it remains to correctly connect the wires to the heater (tubular electric heaters) of the boiler, which are located separately in the heating elements block. The heat exchanger.

As we have already found out earlier, the tubular electric heaters are designed for a voltage of 220 V, so the connection to the three.Phase network is performed according to the Zvezda circuit. Other possible options for connecting Ten Elekhokotlov, as well as information on how to determine which scheme is suitable for you, are presented here.

Since the power of the heating element is quite high, it is very important that the connection of the supply wires with them is as reliable as possible. Therefore, I advise you to strictly adhere to the next scheme of fastening the wires to the terminals. Presented in the instructions:

connect, heating, element, zota, boiler

When you connect the phase wires to the outputs of the heaters, you must first wind the nut M4, then the washer is placed, after which the tip-ring of the supply wire is put on, then the washer comes again, after which the spring washer is the grover, and then everything is clamped by the m4 nut.

Zero wire is tightened with a bolt M8, in the opening in the jumper between the contacts of the heater, as shown in the image below:

Now, when phase wires and zero are connected to the heater, the hull of the connected wires to the heat exchanger hets remains to ground. For these purposes, the Zota boiler has a bolt on the left of the heater block, to which the ground conductor is connected.

By the way, be sure to read our article, which shows the structure of the hets, their main types and areas of application.

Protective ground can be taken from the grounding terminals of the control unit, or you can use a separate conductor of an additional potential equalization system (DSUP).

The connection of the electric boiler is completed on this, it remains only to install the protective casing on the heat exchanger unit.

A few more words should be said about the sensors of the temperature of water and air, their purpose and location.

On the front panel of the control unit, there are two regulators with marking. “air” and “water”.

Each of them has its own graduation, the numbers indicated on it are the temperature in degrees Celsius.

Thus, you can set the required temperature of the coolant. The regulator “water” or air temperature in the “air” room.

The principle of operation here is as follows, as soon as one of the indicators set by these regulators is reached, the electric boiler will turn off and turn on again when the indicators fall.

Thus, the work of the boiler is automated, it is enough for you to set the necessary values ​​and turn it on, then the boiler will work autonomously, supporting heat in the house without requiring your participation.

Now I think it is clear why temperature sensors are needed. So, for example, a water temperature sensor is installed directly in the heat exchanger, in which a seat is provided for such a case.

Or, as an option, you can simply attach to the heating pipe:

Now the temperature of the coolant is controlled using a sensor and the boiler will work until it reaches the established level.

The air temperature sensor works similarly, it is installed in the room and measures the total temperature in it. Electric boiler, will perform the heating of the coolant until the temperature in the room where the sensor stands will reach the desired level.

Electric shows of various types, models and manufacturers often differ in internal layout, the presence of certain elements, automation systems, etc.D., But at the same time, the general principle of laying the electrical wiring, the choice of the type and cross.Section of the cable, protective automation, and the connection remains unchanged.

I hope this instructions for connecting an electric shock to the mains will be useful not only when installing the Zota boilers of the Econom series, but also of any others.

Функционал контролера котла ZOTA PONY (Часть 2)

connect, heating, element, zota, boiler

Be sure to write your questions, additions and Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the article, even if you are faced with the problem when connecting another company to the electric boiler network. Often it is your Комментарии и мнения владельцев that allow you to supplement articles, correct inaccuracies, make them more useful.

Connection of an electric boiler control unit

Remove the insulation from the introductory supply cable and proceed to the connection according to the following scheme:

IMPORTANT! Before connecting an electric shock to electricity, be sure to de.Energize the network!

We connect the working zero (blue and blue wire) to any of the two terminals with the marke “X2”, they are united by a jumper and there is no difference in which the wire is placed in of them.

Protective zero or sound (yellow-green wire) must be clamped with a screw. The “x2” terminals to the right, it is marked with a ground sign.

To do this, I recommend relieve insulation from the grounding wire and turn the copper core into the rings o, as shown in the image below:

Only then tighten this ring with a screw. Thus receiving a safe connection and reliable contact.

It remains to connect phase wires to the terminal of the three.Pole circuit breaker installed in the boiler.

The levers of this automatic machine are independent, they are not united by a common jumper, which allows you to steer a step by the power of the electric boiler.

This works as follows, each of the poles of the circuit breaker is connected to its phase wire, which then goes to its heater.

The total power of the electric boiler consists of the amount of capacities of the heating elements in the heat exchanger, if we turn off one of them with an automatic circuit breaker, the productivity of the boiler drops a third of the maximum.

The Zota electric boiler has chosen 12 kW three steps, respectively, each 4 kW, the boiler can operate with a capacity of 4-8-12 kW, this is a very convenient way to adjust.

When connecting an electric boiler to a three.Phase power supply, the phase alternation procedure is not important, so you can connect the phase conductors to the boiler machine gun in arbitrary order. But I would advise you to adhere to the rules by which the colors lived always follow in alphabetical order:

Now that the electricity is summed up to the control unit, we connect it to the heat exchanger, the cable from the supply kit.

I have already said that the direct heating of the water in this model of the boiler is carried out in a separate block, now we will connect the electronic control unit with the heating elements unit. The heat exchanger.

Please note that on the one hand the cable veins are squeezed with standard tips. This is to connect to the control terminals of the control unit, and on the other, there are tips in the form of a ring. This is to connect to the contacts of the heater.

Blue core must be connected to the “X2” terminal in the electronic control unit, where we have previously connected the zero food wire.

The remaining three veins, two black and one brown, are connected alternately to the contacts of the electromechanical relay. As shown in the image below:

The connection is carried out precisely through the relay, and not directly through the terminals of the three.Pole circuit breaker, in order to be able to automatically adjust the operation of the boiler. Here the air and water temperature sensor comes into operation, from the supply kit.

On the control panel. The front side of the electronic control unit, there are regulators that set the air temperature. “air” and water temperature. “water”, when the displayed indicators are reached, the boiler will automatically turn off, such an algorithm of operation is possible thanks to the relay.

Sensors also need to be connected to the computer. For this there is a special block of terminals with the marking “X1”.

Using the connection circuit, we connect the wire terminal from the sensors as follows to this block.

The blue wires of the sensors are combined and connected to the middle terminal. We place the red water temperature sensor in the left terminal, and the air temperature sensor in the right. The sensors themselves must be placed outside the electronic unit.On this connection inside the ECU is completed, it remains to connect the plugs from the ECU board with the front panel and install it in place.

Scheme Connection of TEN COALL

Boilers, which are most often used in everyday life, have small power. Up to 15 kW, since it no longer allows you to connect energy supervision. Such units can be equipped with tenas designed for power supply 220 in. At the same time, they are connected to a three.Phase 380V network according to the “Star” scheme with a common zero.

The diagram shows 3 heating elements designed for work on the 220V network, which are connected to three phases 380V. For example, 3 heater of 4 kW each, give a total electric power of 12 kW. With this connection, the work of each heating element is possible regardless of the neighboring. T.E. It is possible to choose a power mode of 4, 8 and 12 kW.

The connection of the heating elements and automation of a particular electric boiler is displayed in the electric circuit attached to it, which should be executed.

If the shades are designed for a voltage of 380V, then they turn on between the phases along the “triangle”.

connect, heating, element, zota, boiler

Features of products

Like any manufacturer, Zota has its own modifications. Among them there are more common models of electric boilers, and there are those that still could not find their grateful user.

The line of boilers

There are six modifications of boilers of this manufacturer. Four of them are quite common. These include:

Zota Smart electric boards are an electrical heater option that performs its function by installing a special heater. Power in comparison with the last model of this device is much smaller.

Thanks to such built.In devices, the owner of the electric boiler has the ability to use a heating system, the pressure in which is up to 6 atm.

Such a model of boilers is distinguished by the presence of a connection with the Internet, automated systems, completely depending on weather conditions. You can also use the Internet when managing a boiler.

The economy option provides for a remote device control unit. You have the opportunity to install such an electric boiler in that part of the room where it is necessary. The boiler control panel functions in the likeness of a magnetic starter.

From the very name of the device for heating the premises, it is clear that on its acquisition and use you can save. This is expressed in the fact that Zota Economy electric boiler uses a little energy when working. This is due to the fact that various steps of transmission are provided in the electric boiler. All of them work automatically, which simplifies the use of an electric boiler.

Electric boiler Zota Prom is provided for installation in the floor covering. These are devices that are used exclusively for household premises. An electric boiler is able to produce about 9 cubic meters of heated water for one hour. The device is equipped with a modern control unit, convenient autonomous programs are built into it. The device is fully focused on working as a separate station, in the absence of human intervention.

Electric boilers Zota luxury

Zota Lux electric boiler is distinguished by the fact that its composition contains an additional security system. She reliably protects the equipment with sudden voltage surges. You have the opportunity to manually set the necessary power.

If necessary, you can at any time connect two contours to the electric boiler. It is very convenient that when connecting you will not need absolutely no additional reinforcement to adjust the device.

Electric boilers of this series have many advantages:

  • Devices are low, they are also small enough in size;
  • You can easily change the heating blocks using ordinary keys, access to them is open;
  • Thanks to the features of the work, the performance of boilers of this lineup is very high;
  • It is possible to connect a two.Phase counter;
  • The ability to reduce energy consumption using a special pump;
  • Sound equipment;
  • Independent diagnosis of possible malfunctions indicating a specific problem on the screen;
  • The ability to save selected settings in the user menu.

This modification is the most popular among the other three. With such an electric boiler you can use both at home, and in the country, or in another room with proper comfort.

Service of Zota boilers

Proper operation of boiler equipment implies periodic maintenance of Zota boilers. In order for Ten to work for a long time and properly, it is recommended not to allow the use of water with increased rigidity. Otherwise, an electric heating element may be covered with a scope and lose warfare.

The Catalog “Heat” contains all the models of heating elements for Zota brand boilers. In order to choose and buy the necessary heater, use the information on the product page and one of the convenient ways of buying (online or offline) in any store “Heat”.

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