How to connect a pedal to a sewing machine

The device of the pedals of sewing machines, their disassembly and repair

The sewing machine for many is not only an assistant in the implementation of their creative ideas, but also a device that helps to cope with the overwhelming daily monotonous work of the seamstress. In order for this work to go without interruptions, you need to make sure that all the details of the car are working, especially the pedal.

The pedal scheme for the sewing machine is most often very simple. This is especially true for the detail in which there are completely no electronic spare parts. Most often they are in foot electrical machines. Call them pedals of a rheostatic species. Such a pedal consists of one part. A rheostat that has a large number of graphite records adjacent to each other very tightly. It acts as a switch or switch of an electric drive of a machine.

Unlike conventional switches, pedals with a wire rheostat smoothly and gradually turn on and turn off the sewing machine.

With it, you can adjust the speed of work, as well as change the voltage that is supplied to the machine drive. As a result of this, the frequency of its rotation changes, respectively, the speed of the work itself.

How to repair the pedal with your own hands

At least at least a sewing machine can break. First, an electric motor falls under suspicion. In the absence of the aroma of burnt wires, the cause should be found in the starting mechanism.

connect, pedal, sewing, machine

Reference! You can check the operability of the motor by its direct connection to the outlet.

connect, pedal, sewing, machine


After making sure the engine performance, you should find the type of pedal. You can cope with the repair without the help of others if we are talking about the device of a rheostatic type.

We change the mechanical pedal to electric, or troubles with a sewing machine.

Immediately the idea arose to remake its sewing machine under email.Drive unit. The photo is already with fastening. The mount to the machine was created from metal 4mm cut the corner grinding, cleaned, drilled holes and blew out with a primer

I asked my daughter, where components are sold to sewing machines in our city and quickly gathered on Saturday and go ahead for minibus N8. Upon arrival at the place, Surprais was waiting for me in the form of a weekend. This is on Saturday then.-Profit is not needed. Standed a little and stood up to the stop to wait for the minibus N8. While I was waiting, I turned on the pumpkin with the mouth and understood the store of rubber technology will help us. Twenty driver of the minibus and after 30-40 minutes we stand in front of the store door. He told the seller about his misfortune and he agreed to dig into the store’s law enforcement and find me a rubber ring of 390mm circumference 390mm long. It is not the diameter but the length of the perch. After 10-15 minutes he brought the ring I needed worth as much as 26, it made me happy and 4 rings were purchased

So just in case. The price of a similar belt in the sewing store 160, as they say, feel the difference. Upon arrival home, I rolled out a machine unscrewed 2 screws and removing the top cover, put a rubber ring on the machine drive and email.Motor

Joyful I connect everything and as they say. Grenades of the wrong system “rotation of the motor in the wrong direction in which. Here is the video MVI-4397 you need to somehow solve this trouble. And how all technical people draw the drawing of this cupboard

The idea was to cut all this from 4mm metal, but I simplified everything with a bent of these squiggles from an electrode of 3mm and cooked with each other, the fasteners to the typewriter completed the fiddle of the electrode with the end of the electrode and welded it to it. As a result, it turned out such a product

connect, pedal, sewing, machine

Portable 4 in 1 Mini Sewing Machine with Adapter and Foot Pedal

Speech will be painted after testing. Returning home began to introduce this squiggle

After implementation, a squigging looks like a machine

And here is the very result of the functionality of this squiggle on the MVI-4396 typewriter, the machine signs thanks to this squiggle in the right direction. Here is actually the whole fairy tale of full tanks and well, very rare and minor repairs. I apologize.-For some reason, the video will not be loaded, the son will try to solve this problem with him

The causes of the pedal malfunction

If everything is in order with the wiring, and the machine does not work, then it is the pedal that is broken. If this is an electronic version, then the master will check the fee, if possible will restore its scheme. If it is impossible to recover, it will replace the fee or the whole detail.

In the case of a rheostatic button, a breakdown occurs only in two cases:

  • Long.Term operation. In this case, there is a gradual burning of graphite plates. A thin film of plaque is formed on their surface, which increases the resistance and prevents the passage of electric current. To start the car to work, you have to crush with great effort. The diagnostic sign of an imminent breakdown of pedal rheostat is the loss of a small speed machine. At the beginning of work, it does not smoothly turn on, but breaks down from a place at high speed.
  • Inaccurate treatment. Graphite plates are quite fragile. If the part often falls, then they can simply break and crumble.

When breaking or burning out graphite plates, the repair of the pedal will consist in the replacement of the parts completely. T. To. Manufacturers do not produce these same plates as spare parts, but it is impossible to cut them on their own, t. To. They should be thin, and the material is very fragile.

The machine does not turn on due to power violations

Foot switch is a fairly reliable element. The most common cause of its breakdown in Janome, Juki, Brother, Jaguar, etc. Serves the oxidation of the wiring contacts and inaccurate handling button. Contacts of the electric drive can be oxidized if the car is in the damp room for a long time. In this case, clean them and connect them again.

Often the pedal stops working if the wire is damaged. This can happen if:

  • A heavy object with sharp faces was dropped on him or put a leg with an inattentiveness.
  • When turning off the fork from the outlet, pulled by the cord.
  • The craftsmen had to face the fact that the cord was gnawed at pets.

Repair in this case will consist in searching for a place of damage to the electrical wiring and restoring its integrity. It is not always possible to find a break. In this case, you will have to replace the entire wire completely. It will be more reliable.


The entire structure can be divided into two parts: electrical and mechanical.

The mechanical part consists of two plates and spring. The plank with a cutout under the end.Shaped connected with an aluminum plate according to the type of door loop. Stragged with stilettos with nuts for 3 mm.

I connected all the wires. In this scheme, a dimmer with a terminal is connected sequentially in the gap of one supply wire.

In the lower plate fixed the screw with a nut under the end. Adjusted them in height so that the ending was turned on with a full press on the pedal.

For greater clarity, I added the case from the button.

I fixed the spring, which in folded form performs the function of the limiter and, in turn, does not allow to crush the case of the ending.

Here is such a “frog”- I got an assistant!

Restoring the operability of the pedal of the sewing machine “Veritas

To restore the performance of the Veritas pedal, you need to find out the cause of the malfunction. If it consists in the frequency of rotation of the electrical shaft, then you can apply a coal resistor, a three.Stage discrete resistor. The model remodes from the base and the mobile part. For this, the axis connecting them is removed, and then all the details are removed. Next, ledges are removed. Only languages ​​are subjected to refinement. Their height is reduced using a soldering iron. Then a groove is made in them

Restoring the operability of the pedal of the sewing machine “Veritas”


This includes an electric motor, a pedal-rostate, a drive belt, a protective casing, an electric wire, a cartridge, an electric lamp and a switch. Drill skew on pulleys. Pulleys are located in different planes. For example, the TOUR-2 TOUR-2 engine pulley is not moved to the plane of rotation of the flywheel, while the domestic engine is shifted on the bracket to the right to the right. As a result, overheating of the engine and pedal, burning all contacts, the collector, the breakdown of the capacitor, etc.

Do.It.Yourself power tools for power tools

Part of a drill for fixing wooden bars

Why is this a device for a power tool? The master had a need to make dips. Therefore, he is experimenting to optimize this work. The first thing he encountered. On a drill cartridge for 8. If you make 10 cans, you need a rail of 10 x 10. Trinent thinner, tried. Broke. I decided to make a device for this power tool. There is a bolt m8, for 14. Profile pipe 15 x 15. In the middle of 11. This is a great option. She enters the workpiece well. But the cartridge is eight. If the drill were normal, then it would install a twig for 10 or 11 and scum.

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